BTS Performs "Dynamite" | 2020 MTV VMAs

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BTS performs "Dynamite" at the 2020 Video Music Awards.
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Mario Chavez
Mario Chavez 14 jam yang lalu
elisa ccencho huarancca
elisa ccencho huarancca Hari Yang lalu
bts es agradable y siempre deja recuerdos
Stream DYNAMITE 2 hari yang lalu
bts is so amazzing
D SANDIP KUMAR DORA 2 hari yang lalu
Hong Nguyen
Hong Nguyen 2 hari yang lalu
Yes thanks you 💜❤️
HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama
HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama 53 menit yang lalu
Jungkook steal the spot🤩
민트코Min teu ko
민트코Min teu ko 53 menit yang lalu
넘 귀엽잔어어어ㅓㅓ
-{INFINITE97}- 56 menit yang lalu
Choose! Awsome or Amazing?
Dam al-hana Bahbouh
Dam al-hana Bahbouh Jam Yang lalu
Dam al-hana Bahbouh
Dam al-hana Bahbouh Jam Yang lalu
Dam al-hana Bahbouh
Dam al-hana Bahbouh Jam Yang lalu
박정의 Jam Yang lalu
세상에... 너무 아름다워요. 숨쉬는 것을 잊을 정도로 몰입해서 봤어요.
Janice Sumantri
Janice Sumantri Jam Yang lalu
i saw takumi aldini
musdalifah darmanto
musdalifah darmanto Jam Yang lalu
I love jimin
Marcuz Bernard
Marcuz Bernard Jam Yang lalu
bts pls mi a fan of you
khin hlaing
khin hlaing Jam Yang lalu
khin hlaing
khin hlaing Jam Yang lalu
홍미진 Jam Yang lalu
Hira Boro
Hira Boro Jam Yang lalu
Love you jungkook 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 BTS From 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Rosefel Cadangdang
Rosefel Cadangdang Jam Yang lalu
Samantha King
Samantha King 2 jam yang lalu
So is there a female in this group but she sees herself as a male ?
Shalah Rahim
Shalah Rahim 2 jam yang lalu
All those boys are really really Handsome
MOON :3 2 jam yang lalu
MOON :3 2 jam yang lalu
stache 2 jam yang lalu
ok so im not much of a fan of bts but i really like this! kpop is really getting the best of me (in a good way)!! i use to think it would be bad because of some of the stan twt community posting fancams everywhere.
KEVIN BUCHANAN 2 jam yang lalu
This kinda sound like Bruno Mars style...funky🤔
Isaque Fernandes Mota
Isaque Fernandes Mota 2 jam yang lalu
I heard this used to be in UNO or it is still there ?
Jianne Brielle
Jianne Brielle 2 jam yang lalu
this is their first full english song. im so proud omg 🥺
Iresha Damayanthi
Iresha Damayanthi 3 jam yang lalu
I am not a fan but I love this very much Cause the dance and also the way they tell the song is very lovely 😍👌
dairuko Itzsu
dairuko Itzsu 3 jam yang lalu
Damn bighit really forgot to put a vocalist in this group
Keith Laruga
Keith Laruga 3 jam yang lalu
Is it just me or jk is wearing his suit from boy with love?? Wat!!!
해기 3 jam yang lalu
라이브 겁내 잘허네!!!! 오마나
Today is Wendy
Today is Wendy 3 jam yang lalu📍
Today is Wendy
Today is Wendy 3 jam yang lalu📍
Today is Wendy
Today is Wendy 3 jam yang lalu📍
Nnenne Olivia
Nnenne Olivia 3 jam yang lalu
Angel Habon
Angel Habon 3 jam yang lalu
Im not a fan but when jin sing like a girl thats what i like
Roxy Malana
Roxy Malana 3 jam yang lalu
BTS!!! ILL SUPPORT YOU GUYS EVEN IF YOU WIN OR LOSE!!! OUR FANDOM IS OUR FANDOM AND IF WE LOSE THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!!!! BORAHAE i dont want to add an emoji lol count this as 1billion views
Kim Ellie
Kim Ellie 3 jam yang lalu
xez fn
xez fn 3 jam yang lalu
not my cup of tea but congrata
Roxy Malana
Roxy Malana 3 jam yang lalu
Love it!!!!!!! Borahae!
Toshi 3k
Toshi 3k 4 jam yang lalu
Y’all heard them say this is gay or am I hearing things
Red Lyrics
Red Lyrics 4 jam yang lalu
Im not fan of kpop but i love ,dynamite,love scenario,goodbye road,just one day
Eric Fernandez
Eric Fernandez 4 jam yang lalu
iam fan for BTS i love the song😁
Star Lights Echo
Star Lights Echo 4 jam yang lalu
Saranghea BTS💜
cali camero
cali camero 4 jam yang lalu
A. Gwenada
A. Gwenada 4 jam yang lalu
They were born to become a performer no wonder their stage presence is amazing!
Angelinabindi7w7 UwU
Angelinabindi7w7 UwU 5 jam yang lalu
Nadie absolutamente madie Todos cantando ingles. Yo en el traductor buscando :"v
Gabriela MC
Gabriela MC 5 jam yang lalu
por que BTS
Linda sakan Sakan
Linda sakan Sakan 5 jam yang lalu
Sabrina Vaughan
Sabrina Vaughan 5 jam yang lalu
Gotta love V and his Gucci
Rebekka Lou
Rebekka Lou 5 jam yang lalu
Can someone tell me who is who in this clip? They are all amazing!
Rebekka Lou
Rebekka Lou 4 jam yang lalu
Absolute legend! Thank you!! 🥰
소나기리 4 jam yang lalu
00:04 from left : Yoongi ,Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Rm, V, J hope
Adrian Mtz
Adrian Mtz 5 jam yang lalu
Like si vienes de FORTNITE 🤟
최희정 6 jam yang lalu
너무 좋아용
aesmaeilig 6 jam yang lalu
Beatriz rodrigues De siqueira
Beatriz rodrigues De siqueira 6 jam yang lalu
I do not speak english 😭😭😭😭😭i Love you bts ❤❤❤❤💋kiss
Richard Madrid
Richard Madrid 6 jam yang lalu
Do half of these moves count as theft since half of them are from michael jackson
희선이 6 jam yang lalu
울 방탄이들 라이브 쩐다....ㄹㅇ
이서연 6 jam yang lalu
너무 좋아요
Afroja Srabo
Afroja Srabo 7 jam yang lalu
Best Boy Band in the World
PLATPOORM 7 jam yang lalu
Damn their styling Has me on the floor. ACTUALLY they're all so stunning im entranced
Lorena Castro
Lorena Castro 7 jam yang lalu
Muy profesionales, me encanta
ItsLewisLADC 7 jam yang lalu
Bogardllionaire 7 jam yang lalu
2:41 that melody ooooooooo wooooh im freezing damn
jaja droga
jaja droga 8 jam yang lalu
jaja droga
Eri Liz
Eri Liz 8 jam yang lalu
Artemesia Walker
Artemesia Walker 8 jam yang lalu
jhope looks different
Shreya Yembarwar
Shreya Yembarwar 9 jam yang lalu
Does anyone know the song playing at the end ? After the performance is over ?
Te S
Te S 9 jam yang lalu
J-Hope forehead!
Nica Capuano
Nica Capuano 9 jam yang lalu
The Best of the Best!!! Love them 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tiffany Novero
Tiffany Novero 9 jam yang lalu
Bts so coool reeees
Balausa Nazarkhankyzy
Balausa Nazarkhankyzy 9 jam yang lalu
Kian Kilgallon
Kian Kilgallon 9 jam yang lalu
Bts Fortnite
DiamondMen Gaming
DiamondMen Gaming 9 jam yang lalu
Who else was an army ever since No more dream to Dynamite?
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia 9 jam yang lalu
Did anybody she Jin he seem like her was tired and dizzy😕
Alex solomon
Alex solomon 9 jam yang lalu
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gemtomo 10 jam yang lalu
You can in some ways hear Jungkook's smile in his voice when he's singing Dynamite. Like he's happily singing to himself. It's perfect for this bubbly song. Such a smart emotional singer.
하둥둥 10 jam yang lalu
하 지민.섹시
katllen martins
katllen martins 10 jam yang lalu
katllen martins
katllen martins 10 jam yang lalu
Young ❤
Vincicletus 10 jam yang lalu
they need to change hair colour to look different, funny
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 10 jam yang lalu
(English Sub) BTS Gave a Speech at 1st Youth Day Ceremony🎆 제1회 청년의 날 기념식, 방탄소년단 연설 영문자막 버전.
Donna Troy
Donna Troy 10 jam yang lalu
Okay I’m not really into k-pop but I think I’m in love with the one with bleach blonde hair and the blue tie🤣 what’s his name?
silje 8 jam yang lalu
jimin ^^
JB Walton Jr.
JB Walton Jr. 11 jam yang lalu
Pretty good!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Check out more Content in comments. ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 10 jam yang lalu
imagine how hard it would be to sing and dance at the same time still they can pull it off
Brussel Gaming
Brussel Gaming 11 jam yang lalu
So some of us can agree that we aren’t into bits but this song is great?
Chase Sabillon
Chase Sabillon 11 jam yang lalu
F them
ruby nrt
ruby nrt 11 jam yang lalu
jimmin voice is like girl
Jordan Palacios
Jordan Palacios 9 jam yang lalu
Because her voice is tenor
Hamida Mudabbir
Hamida Mudabbir 11 jam yang lalu
J-hope has changed a lot in my opinion But he looks so cute JK.V.RM.JP.JM.JIN.SUGA I love you💜😭
Fariha Naaz
Fariha Naaz 11 jam yang lalu
Love this Song soooooo much ...bts rock
Ariana Pantoja
Ariana Pantoja 11 jam yang lalu
Saw the dance and song was on fortnite
김자정 12 jam yang lalu
3...??? C...u...h...
Jisoo 12 jam yang lalu
I would have passed out after this choreo
Jisoo 12 jam yang lalu
This performance is AMAZING! I keep coming back to watch again and again! So happy!
Mikuo Hatsune
Mikuo Hatsune 12 jam yang lalu
They sound tired or have a baby cold but they still perform so cute 😂🥰❤
Mikuo Hatsune
Mikuo Hatsune 10 jam yang lalu
@Ariana Pantoja im not either i was trying to say it more cute so i added emojis 😂 I'm just clarifying what i meny for anyone else who comments under me 😂
Ariana Pantoja
Ariana Pantoja 10 jam yang lalu
@Mikuo Hatsune oh no I'm trying not attack u just clarifying
Mikuo Hatsune
Mikuo Hatsune 10 jam yang lalu
I'm not saying anything bad but i know in Korea they sometimes over work artist they still have great vocals and perform on point and they cute but I'm just saying they sounded sleepy 😂 either way it was beautiful 🥰
Ariana Pantoja
Ariana Pantoja 11 jam yang lalu
I think you'd confusing their breathy live vocals for cold oh no that's okay it's not
Jisoo 12 jam yang lalu
They sound fine to me?
Hasina Shimul
Hasina Shimul 12 jam yang lalu
99% *RM* 99% *JIN* 99% *SUGA* 99% *J-HOPE* 99% *JIMIN* 99% *V* 99% *JUNGKOOK* 100% *ARMY* 1000% *BTS*
Yoricko Yeo
Yoricko Yeo 12 jam yang lalu
V just perfection!!
Andrea Paola
Andrea Paola 12 jam yang lalu
Isaac Guajardo
Isaac Guajardo 13 jam yang lalu
Ok this is good
Mawitea Cherput
Mawitea Cherput 13 jam yang lalu
imagine how hard it would be to sing and dance at the same time still they can pull it off
Star glitter
Star glitter 13 jam yang lalu
Love That Song SO Much And The Dance Moves Are Dynamite!!! I Am Addicted...GREAT Dancers, Singers, ENTERTAINERS Period!!...Replay ...
LELEPONS ARMY 13 jam yang lalu
I live here
Aminath Leem Nazeer
Aminath Leem Nazeer 13 jam yang lalu
I used to have a negative thoughts on bts and kpop but this song really proved me wrong omg i love this song!🔥
Aminath Leem Nazeer
Aminath Leem Nazeer 2 jam yang lalu
@jogja kitchy ofc!💓
jogja kitchy
jogja kitchy 11 jam yang lalu
Aminath Leem Nazeer thankyou for giving their music chance!🤗 one of the member, suga, once said that if you listen to bts’s music without prejudice, you’ll enjoy it. So thankyou and enjoy^^
BTS Mocha
BTS Mocha 13 jam yang lalu
I have this on my tv and I only watch it because of this btw if you want to watch this on ur TV and you have the VTM full video skip to 40 somthing dynamite will be there
Birgit Weigelt
Birgit Weigelt 13 jam yang lalu
This is so brilliant. Could watch it the whole day. Brilliant song and the performance is amazing. I'm in a good mood then. Thank you BTS