Hannity: Another blatant lie from Joe Biden

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Biden wants Americans to believe that he can beat COVID-19 if you elect him president. #FoxNews #Hannity
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Matthew McNerlin
Matthew McNerlin 12 jam yang lalu
It is a hard question to answer, as he cannot remember the question
David Luster
David Luster 2 hari yang lalu
Liar liar pants on fire! 👖🔥
Anna Moore
Anna Moore 3 hari yang lalu
Come on man! LMAO 😅
Talica Tinai
Talica Tinai 3 hari yang lalu
Mr. Joe Blidon does it again .
Linda Fox
Linda Fox 3 hari yang lalu
Come on man
Nick Tiganus
Nick Tiganus 3 hari yang lalu
Who lie go to jail but Biden make promises and pay to every body disgusting what do the DOJ on taxpayers money to American people
Nick Tiganus
Nick Tiganus 3 hari yang lalu
He lie for 50 years and now too but they call promises but DOJ lie for him or investigate Trump for him they do not lie
Myron Helton
Myron Helton 4 hari yang lalu
Every single one of the people at the Biden rally said that all republicans are rich stingy buffoons, every single one of them cant be wrong of the 2 that showed up at the Biden rally.
Joy Watkins
Joy Watkins 4 hari yang lalu
Joy Watkins
Joy Watkins 4 hari yang lalu
Eunice Rudolph
Eunice Rudolph 4 hari yang lalu
What does the red in place of E
PassionCommonSenseAnd 4 hari yang lalu
Wayne Gourdine
Wayne Gourdine 4 hari yang lalu
This is what you get when dealing with the Left
Wayne Gourdine
Wayne Gourdine 4 hari yang lalu
Right! If you're not opposed.. you're for it🤔
Jeanne Davis
Jeanne Davis 4 hari yang lalu
If Biden wins it will be because of MAIL FRAUD FOR SURE. The Dems are determined enough to do just that. I have to admit I’m totally convinced that might just happen. I wish I could get rid of this thought because I swear it’s causing me anxiety.
Chris Violago
Chris Violago 5 hari yang lalu
TRUMP 2020! 🙏🏼❤️🇱🇷
Colarte516 5 hari yang lalu
Rellom 5 hari yang lalu
Americans can be happy that they have Rupert Murdoch.
Philip Prokop
Philip Prokop 5 hari yang lalu
Biden needs medical help.
Philip Prokop
Philip Prokop 5 hari yang lalu
Biden is va crook.
Charles Whitman
Charles Whitman 6 hari yang lalu
Biden lied about the affordable cares act he said you can keep youtmr drs. It ended up costing propke more money and yes the lost their drs. The thing (the afford cares avt) is a disaster i know that if the dems win everything on election people then will be overv100 thousand women will lose their jobs in the medical ins industry the dems won't medicRe for all so private ins such as blue cross blue shield Oman alot others will no longer be in business
Debbie Bannister
Debbie Bannister 6 hari yang lalu
Hannity is a liar, how would he know a fact, that is all Trump spews, who cares what this racist has to lie about !!!!!!
Mureed Nassif
Mureed Nassif 6 hari yang lalu
Fucken ashole media trying to tarnish Trumps image & removing my post of the blog. But it's clear that the media is fucken bias & support the weasel Biden. But look up the disadvantages of Obama care & you will know why Trump wants to introduce a better healthcare system. But most people love Trump & know he is a better leader. Biden is trying to play the sympathy card, by saying 5000 children were separated from their parents. But Trump shut him down & said why should we let criminals & murders at the cost of the American people. These people use this technique as a loop hole to enter the US. Biden you are a transparent weasel. Biden also wants to start a war with North Korea by calling their leader a thug which can cost millions of lives. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Surii Gomez
Surii Gomez 6 hari yang lalu
Creepy criminal SaleOut joe is a BIG LIAR.
Tao W
Tao W 6 hari yang lalu
Biden: Come on. I am not lying, just cannot remember things I said way back.
Richard Imon
Richard Imon 7 hari yang lalu
I am getting sick and tired of the old, babbling, lying, liberal piece of crap! His family should be banished from the Earth! Hunter belongs in prison with his buddy and his dad needs to be brought to discipline!!!
yaboiddeng 7 hari yang lalu
Trump did everything he supposed to do and more to keep Americans safe. Biden and CNN are fake news.
55 ostar
55 ostar 7 hari yang lalu
That is why he is in his basement this man know what he doing
pi namaste
pi namaste 8 hari yang lalu
All these guys were sent to Canada to learn the nonanswer from the king of nonanswers Justin Taterhead Trudeau.
Roxana Nazar
Roxana Nazar 8 hari yang lalu
Republicans make me sick!!!
Helen Buckmore
Helen Buckmore 8 hari yang lalu
Biden's are Chinese citizens thats why they're know about COVID AHEAD... Theyre receiving billions of hidden money..Americans needs money Give us some of those money becsuse it belongs to American people..
Rosa Velasquez
Rosa Velasquez 8 hari yang lalu
You Biden fuera !! Es un mentiroso el su familia deben la justicia!!!!
Bill Broderick
Bill Broderick 8 hari yang lalu
biden is a sell out to our country
Jocelyn Stephenson
Jocelyn Stephenson 8 hari yang lalu
He is a pathological liar
ben nuckols
ben nuckols 8 hari yang lalu
Carmen Ortiz
Carmen Ortiz 9 hari yang lalu
I’ll love it. trump train trump 2020 he’s the man.
Yelena Gindes
Yelena Gindes 9 hari yang lalu
We all know that democrats trademark is Lying and facts Twisting.
Jack Parsons
Jack Parsons 9 hari yang lalu
Just curious why you don't mention trumps blatant lies he utters every day?
Mike L
Mike L 9 hari yang lalu
david e.h
david e.h 9 hari yang lalu
i find amazing that in 47 years no one has taken joe deer hunting
marco daffue
marco daffue 9 hari yang lalu
this person is a fool, where's the shame. Interesting experiment, what would it take for him to speak the truth. whats the breaking point.
Este Graff
Este Graff 9 hari yang lalu
Biden doesn't need to have a working mind. He will simply be Obama's puppet thereby is only saying what Obama tells him. Wake up America, vote for Biden is a vote for Obama. He had eight years destroying our country but he isn't done with his plans.
Darshnik Deep
Darshnik Deep 10 hari yang lalu
Sean vs Hitchens was the best debagte ever
Cathy Seavail
Cathy Seavail 10 hari yang lalu
47 years Biden, how many times nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?? Trump......3 TIMES IN 4 YEARS!! STUFF THAT IN YOUR PIPE! VOTE IN PERSON/ VOTE TRUMP, LETS MAKE IT A LANDSLUDE!! Show the SWAMP We the American People ARE THE OWNERS OF OUR COUNTRY!
Suzie Wheeler
Suzie Wheeler 10 hari yang lalu
Wait till we have obama on trial Where's my staff
Moses2018 11 hari yang lalu
Uncle Joe is not the right man for America...
Ntsako Marete
Ntsako Marete 11 hari yang lalu
Trump for the future!
RONNIE MATTHEWS 12 hari yang lalu
Trump 2020 Allahuakbar
Tim Watson
Tim Watson 12 hari yang lalu
Vote out DemonRats and RINOs November 3rd - Trump 2020 -> MAGA -> KAG!
Sharon Lynn
Sharon Lynn 13 hari yang lalu
This is it, you'll never see it in it's full comedic reality! I have cried myself in tears in laughter and my family too to this nosensical fact! Pay attention it will not be presented this way again. What is coming is far darker and angrier. They are not human but the uprising of the HYBRIDS. They do exist.
Martin Centeno
Martin Centeno 13 hari yang lalu
A liar musf have a good memory...Biden Being sleeping joe cannot remember. What he said
Elvira Parrott
Elvira Parrott 13 hari yang lalu
Don't vote Biden, your little girl is not safe ,Biden sniff hair desgusted
julie brtek
julie brtek 13 hari yang lalu
More listing to News why Defund The Police. Take look this month more Drugs coming in America. Sure Joe don’t want wall. Let’s have more Drugs in America more person all ages will die. Time Americans people need stand Up to are President Trump.
You’re Beautiful
You’re Beautiful 14 hari yang lalu
I just want a president who doesn’t believe we had airports in 1775. ✌🏼
Ken Elliott
Ken Elliott 16 hari yang lalu
The Truth Is Coming Out!!! 🤔❤️🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex 69
Alex 69 16 hari yang lalu
I’ve never seen such biased media
paulie dee
paulie dee 16 hari yang lalu
Paulie dee: "Nan, I just have one question for you." Pelosi: "My name is Not Nan. You can call me House Speaker Pelosi, or Madame Speaker Pelosi or ..." Paulie dee: "But I just want to know ..." Pelosi: "Don't interrupt me while I'm speaking! We now have 13 Justices on the Supreme Court and look at the great job they're doing. We now have Justices: Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and 👹. They are just as fair minded as Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. We're so lucky." Paulie dee: "But I just want to know ..." Pelosi: "You're doing it again. As long as you see my lips moving, shut up. In their Wisdom and Pursuit of Justice and Equality, we now have made every illegal alien that is here longer than 3 months a citizen. And they are entitled to all Benefits, which includes voting. Also, you can no longer bear arms, but water guns are still legal. That bondage to freedom, the wall, is being torn down. And abortion is now legal up until the ninth month. It's about time! And even Christian hospitals have to perform them, or they will be shut down. Do you hear that Sisters of the Stupid. I don't have to pretend to be Catholic anymore. And I'm considering laws that will Not allow people to argue with the House Speaker or President Harris." Paulie dee: "CAN I JUST ASK ONE QUESTION ..." Pelosi: "Why are you shouting? Are you stupid! My lips are still moving. I'm going to make a note of it, and tell the Justices from now on, that anyone that SHOUTS at me, will be arrested. I don't know why I didn't pack the Supreme Court before. What was I thinking. And where is your Mask." Paulie dee: "Can I pretty please, your highness 🌷🌷, just ask ..." Pelosi: "No! Stop being rude. Alright, stop crying, you big baby. You can ask One question. Speak!" Paulie dee: "Is it true that if you are an illegal alien, and you're here for just one month, and can't speak English, and live 50 miles from your job, that you get a free car?" Pelosi: "Yes! That's an investment in our work force. Have you been here illegally for a month and live more than 50 miles from your job and don't speak English. Do you qualify?" Paulie dee: "Yes! Come on kids, lets go get our brand new car." 👴🙋🙋‍♂ 🙎🙎‍♀
comoloco247 18 hari yang lalu
Come on man Get real joe.
comoloco247 18 hari yang lalu
You proved your point very well. Joe Biden is a lier
Dorina Wilson
Dorina Wilson 19 hari yang lalu
Changing voters law and rules is control and manipulation of the voice of the American people. Don't be fooled. 🇺🇸
Peter Müller
Peter Müller 20 hari yang lalu
Lynette Hipwell
Lynette Hipwell 20 hari yang lalu
Both Biden and Harris lie with impunity because we have a press that doesn't report the truth. Biden is an old crook with close ties to China. He made "MILLIONS" through "The People's Republic of China" along with his son Hunter. My question is, "Why isn't the press and the American people all over this story?"
look up dancing israelis
look up dancing israelis 20 hari yang lalu
Look up Dancing Israelis.
j Miller
j Miller 21 hari yang lalu
A fly landed on Pence's head. Where I'm from, flies love B.S. (Bull Sh_t) They smell it from a football field away. Just saying.
Christine Vasquez
Christine Vasquez 21 hari yang lalu
Another lie from Tromp every time he open his mouth because he lie about coronavirus when it came out in February so who is a liar now hannity joe
Linda Garrett
Linda Garrett 21 hari yang lalu
Harris didn't win anything. All I can say is I pray that president trump get reelected. For our country. Watch Harris and pence debate. I hope that the American people truly look at her as a person. She act like is a joke. That how she would treat this country.
iris mortimer
iris mortimer 21 hari yang lalu
iris mortimer
iris mortimer 21 hari yang lalu
biden is a lyng stupid fool !
Little women give good head
Little women give good head 23 hari yang lalu
He's not going to answer. Cause he's a nut like Biden
chicken coop
chicken coop 23 hari yang lalu
Katie Pena
Katie Pena 24 hari yang lalu
That was a good news report, they don't want people to hear that kind of news report👍👍🔥🔥
Katie Pena
Katie Pena 24 hari yang lalu
That right Donald Trump our president call his back side out. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bunch of liars.
Michael Borgese
Michael Borgese 25 hari yang lalu
tammy kramer
tammy kramer 25 hari yang lalu
How can any sane person vote for Joe?
Gabagoolok 26 hari yang lalu
Joe Dirt is the swamp.
Tina Fetty
Tina Fetty 27 hari yang lalu
What a weasel that Walrus. A definite set up on national TV fox.Your fired. !!!!!
Ben Stafford
Ben Stafford 27 hari yang lalu
Let Hannity do all the Presidential Debates. He is more Qualified
Walter Beckmann
Walter Beckmann 27 hari yang lalu
Hannity, did you know that in this moment there is a Pandemic in the US? Biden is doing the right thing. By now Trump has Corona, see, I was right.
Jack Mock
Jack Mock 27 hari yang lalu
Typical Democrat, dodging questions and lying.
Lily Amelia.S
Lily Amelia.S 28 hari yang lalu
Judy Bachmeyer
Judy Bachmeyer 28 hari yang lalu
The Washington examiner on 9-26-2016 reported that Biden called service men and women “stupid bastards and a slow bunch at the UAE speech that Jill Biden also attended. There is a film if you type in date and Washington examiner. Jill Biden was smiling through the whole speech.
Judith Wall
Judith Wall 28 hari yang lalu
I think Donald felt sorry for him at times. He watched concerned until Biden started cursing him and calling him names and being rude and nasty, that's when Donald punched backed!!! Lol I don't blame him hey a nasty old man! He's in the early stages ages of dimentia it seems? Sorry talking about debate last nite. Is that true that they are not going to make him debate anymore because o supposedly Donald was mean to him? It was the othervway7 around. He called lDonald everything in the book! I didn't don't see why Donald even wants to come back
Judith Wall
Judith Wall 28 hari yang lalu
Judith Wall
Judith Wall 28 hari yang lalu
Sorry...I was talking about the debate last night. Is that true that jus
Craig Antoniuk
Craig Antoniuk 28 hari yang lalu
Yep a massive covid killer gathering. Fake president with morons.
aflatoon niki
aflatoon niki 28 hari yang lalu
Do You Remember??? When Trump closed America's borders Democrats said it was racist They told us to hug the Chinese .Democrats idiots
Timothy Cobb
Timothy Cobb 28 hari yang lalu
Why isn’t anyone from Fox talking about how much Wallace was a joke?
Overloaded 29 hari yang lalu
Well I found the Trump cult of personality. Leave it to Hannity to cultivate it.
Brad Waltz
Brad Waltz 29 hari yang lalu
Joe Biden is a stupid bastard.
AKHWJ3ST Bulan Yang lalu
The liars mantra is stick to your story no matter what.Even in the face of truth, stick to the lie. They think if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth.
Adriana Ticas
Adriana Ticas Bulan Yang lalu
Hennisty el si ubiera sido mejor q jon biden. Pero ya estarde pero alomejor en 4 yearmore. Pero esta nacion nesecita un precidente bien. Con mucha energy para saber llevar este paiz. Q quieren entrar. Sin permiso
鄭子祈 Bulan Yang lalu
Christine Vasquez
Christine Vasquez Bulan Yang lalu
You are liar every time you open your mouth because Tromp paid you to lie puss
Steve Donald
Steve Donald Bulan Yang lalu
203,000 + Dead so far from the China19 virus on pace track too break trumps 2 million lie.Then averaging around 1000 + dying daily for the past 6 months with no end in sight, it will get worse not better like trump is lying were rounding the corner. You will know someone who dies from it if you keep trusting trump and his. Trump didn't cause the virus China is too blame ,however what has trump done too resolve, his reactions too the crisis pandemic, his policies total failure, terrible procedures, and his actions too stop the virus have been utterly horrible he is the cause and effect of where we stand now. But after the fact his horrible policy towards the virus has caused this mess he has dropped the ball on the virus. That's why I'm voting for Biden just because of trump's flip flop spin twist and turn tactics about covid19. Trump hides in a bubble no one can get 6 feet near him without a mask on or being tested yet he let's all his supporters stand shoulder too shoulder spreading it too each other. Trump just uses his supporters for media tools if he cared about you people he would tell you too do what he does avoid people he is scared of the virus more then Biden is because otherwise why doesn't he get close too people if it's no big deal the way he projects his supporters too act, how blind and low IQ are you people too not too see geezers wow unreal? Trump politicizing the virus Herd Immunity is what trump has done He has stopped doing anything about the virus as you can clearly see he barely talks about it anymore. Trump is letting it run its course. If trump stays in office 10 million will be dead from covid19 by the time we have herd immunity. As you can tell trump is doing nothing too contain the virus so watch it grow like a wildfire and 2 million he said will never happen will be here very soon so if you waste your vote for trump and your loved one dies from this disease you can look in the mirror and blame yourself. Trump is a habitual compulsive hypocritical liar he lies daily he doesn't give a crap about you. So if your for trump then you are the same way no moral values, no ethics, and you also can't be trusted period bottom line end of story. And if your too blind or ignorant too catch all his lies then i feel sorry for you, wake up!Lies , lies lies trump taking credit for the great Obama Biden economy that he inherited are economy was seeing records and was great that's why Obama served 2 terms because the economy was so bad huh trump ? Stop lying too the American people with false propaganda claims.There is 350 Mill in USA so the end number in a few years will be well over 2 million trump claims he saved with his day 1 assessment of 15 cases soon too be zero and then his other lie of I saved 2 million people from dying duh is the pandemic over yet? Far from over years away from being over, so too claim his victory lap so early again and again is proven false. Trump is just riddled with lie after lie and you stupid ignorant people still buy into his load of crap everyday?Trust me he doesn't give too craps about you people or any trump supporter you know. He is just using all you pawns as publicity human moist dirt robot's for TV advertising. To make America see a bunch of people at his rally's which creates a band wagon effect fallacy that he uses as free media blitz warm fuzzy buzz too make other people wanna vote for him, ignorance is bliss people get it together
D Santi
D Santi Bulan Yang lalu
Fun Fact : Take the year 2020 % 303303 (Biden number ) = .00666 👿.
Quan Le
Quan Le Bulan Yang lalu
Biden looks like a pathetic old man, but I think he will eat Trump alive. That or America will go down in flame
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Bulan Yang lalu
It was easy. Stop denying it in public and fact check Foxnews. Probably would have this thing beat!!
lou orlando
lou orlando Bulan Yang lalu
Vote in person. Voting by mail is fraught with fraud. Remember Stalin's warning about elections. It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people counting the votes who count! Biden is gonna get swamped (pun intended!) by Trump on November 3rd. Gotta pray that's the case so that the Dems' plan to jam the ballot box with faked up mail in votes won't have an effect.
O.k.man.Power up
O.k.man.Power up Bulan Yang lalu
Joe Biden said he's zionist !!! If you don't believe me just write to youtube "BIDEN ZIONIST" and you'll see thousants videos proofs with biden who said himself he is a zionist!!! please share that ! BETTER CALL HIM BITEN NOT BIDEN !
Yuvelka Martinez
Yuvelka Martinez Bulan Yang lalu
Wake up America. Joe clearly has dementia. Is this man who we want as the commander shift? I don't think so. Trump 2020👏👏👏👏
TERRESA TEEJAY Bulan Yang lalu
Well Hannity, it is obvious that you, and your network viewers are all under the HYPNOTIC control of trumpty-dumpty DUMB-DUMB. . .you are a stepford-trumpster. WOW. Your ability to think independently is gone. You and others like you are suffering from what occurs when you allow a mere human being to become your IDOL. Aren't the "evangelicals," supposedly, more GOD-fearing than Democrats? NOT☺😇. Perhaps, you and the other evangelical republicans skipped over the Holy Bible scripture that instructs, and warns you about IDOLATRY. Yet, your behavior confirms that trumpty-dumpty DUMB DUMB is your IDOL. Because no matter what trump does, or says, you all continue to blindly follow him like zombies in a trance. WOW?
•Z•A•H•R•A• Bulan Yang lalu
I want that Ron Klain locked up!!!!
Victorio Buntan
Victorio Buntan Bulan Yang lalu
Hannity is another Trumps puppet!
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