DaBaby & Roddy Ricch Make Powerful Statement In “Rockstar” Performance | BET Awards 20

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DaBaby & Roddy Ricch perform “Rockstar” at the 2020 BET Awards. #DaBaby #RoddyRicch #BETAwards #BETAwards20

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jaysone boy
jaysone boy 12 jam yang lalu
❤️❤️Black lives matter.❤️❤️ Im Georges Floyd.
Janiah Carr
Janiah Carr 12 jam yang lalu
Did a police do that to you Dababy that is wrong like how i am black and white i kinda grew up in the hood you would say and the hospitil and their was people in the hood who did bad things for the wrong reasons and when i am able to have socal media i will make a statement and IF U SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING
20kHoney 12 jam yang lalu
Rip For all of the people died of rascim
Alexa Sloley Smith
Alexa Sloley Smith 12 jam yang lalu
I cried the whole time watching this omg, this was the most powerful statement i've ever saw
You Tube01
You Tube01 13 jam yang lalu
All lives matter ✝️🛐
Naui Diver
Naui Diver 13 jam yang lalu
Blacks are upset because they didn't get to kill George Floyd first.
Christon Reneau
Christon Reneau 13 jam yang lalu
Moment of silence for the one that pass away
Shanika B
Shanika B 13 jam yang lalu
Edoardo Zerini
Edoardo Zerini 13 jam yang lalu
Jordan Battle
Jordan Battle 13 jam yang lalu
Damn 3:22 got me. That action says a lot. It's dope to because there are very few officers who don't suit up; or take their suits off pre/mid-protest to talk to us protesters with respect. Actually talking us not abusing their authority. As well as seeing no color but another human being who has a heart. That's dope right there.
DarkKnight 13 jam yang lalu
I’m white, but I’m still standing against racism, can’t everyone go against racism
GameHunter 2.0
GameHunter 2.0 13 jam yang lalu
Anyone that is racist should be locked in a room and not fed
Renould P
Renould P 13 jam yang lalu
Riccardo 13 jam yang lalu
BROWARD CHAZ 14 jam yang lalu
Why do people give him backlash because of this it's a meassge that's to powerful to understand ✊🏾we all matter but right now black lives matter
For The Love Of Noise
For The Love Of Noise 14 jam yang lalu
Over 10,000 cops watched this video.
RushIn 14 jam yang lalu
Really strong message
empty 14 jam yang lalu
it is ALM
Ruban RATNAM 15 jam yang lalu
Peace for love life
Kristen Kidd
Kristen Kidd 15 jam yang lalu
Black life's matter guys ✊💚
SamuraiPlayzz 15 jam yang lalu
Hearing that kid speak at the end made me cry, this world is so fucked bcz of these racists
Dino_ Onid
Dino_ Onid 15 jam yang lalu
I can’t believe we live in a world that still discriminates.
Marquis Greer
Marquis Greer 15 jam yang lalu
helpm the cats 88
helpm the cats 88 15 jam yang lalu
People need to realise that some black people (I'm not racist) are racist too.
Tati’z_ world
Tati’z_ world 15 jam yang lalu
The ending had me crying😔
CLAP FORxFUN_YT 15 jam yang lalu
I just watched an add. You better remember me for the rest of your life for giving you money.
Ash Juin
Ash Juin 16 jam yang lalu
Sin d,accord music lan red banm yn like
Ash Juin
Ash Juin 16 jam yang lalu
Dababy tre dope
Shozeh Tutorials
Shozeh Tutorials 16 jam yang lalu
Very powerful cried at the end 😭😭😭
Shozeh Tutorials
Shozeh Tutorials 16 jam yang lalu
Very powerful at the end I cried 😭😭😭
Armani Barre
Armani Barre 17 jam yang lalu
The end broke my heart😢😢
Nash Booger
Nash Booger 17 jam yang lalu
Some people need to realize that not just white lives matter not just black lives matter but all lives matter
ali najmi
ali najmi 17 jam yang lalu
"I look to a day where people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content to their character" -Martin Luther King
John doe
John doe 17 jam yang lalu
Trash song by trash rapper's.
Rnbsoccerstar7 17 jam yang lalu
William Heyward
William Heyward 17 jam yang lalu
Gotta appreciate videos like this......hats off to them let your voice be heard til they hear us....blm....it's us against racism all us....together we stand...love you all
crazy K rules
crazy K rules 17 jam yang lalu
Wow peolpe really give this a thumbs down
Angel Borquez
Angel Borquez 18 jam yang lalu
Yall get treated on how you are yall say all lives matter or is it just black lives
New Gameo
New Gameo 18 jam yang lalu
All of you need to register and vote !!!
Glo god Tay
Glo god Tay 18 jam yang lalu
The cop cars was burnt in Brooklyn 😭🤣
fan 01
fan 01 16 jam yang lalu
Fun fact, protests are only occurring in democratic states. Let that sink in.
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 18 jam yang lalu
This ain’t a performance, it’s the 2nd music video. They just put the track over Baby and Roddy singing smfh
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar 18 jam yang lalu
Is it seth in the kitchen or for the kitchen
jesus rivera
jesus rivera 18 jam yang lalu
I can’t go back to the original version after this one.. this one hits hard
Stijn De Boer
Stijn De Boer 18 jam yang lalu
Im white but my mom is black and my dad is white and when i walked outside with my mom one day a cop told my mom to step away from me because i didnt have the same skin tone as her and he put me in the car and asked my mom to show her passport and my birthcertificate wich she didnt have on her bc who tf has a birthcertificate in their purse and then my mom pulled out her phone and called my dad when my dad showed up the cop let me go back to my mom and im so mad that people are still confused about interracial couples .BTW My mom was just a shocked and she cried a litlle but she fine now .
PixksYT 19 jam yang lalu
When he said “Daddy love you” that’s to his daughter
Tamia Spio-Garbrah
Tamia Spio-Garbrah 19 jam yang lalu
who cried whilst watching this cuz i did
Chance Sartor
Chance Sartor 19 jam yang lalu
Y’all go listen to ybn cordaes and H.E.R’s bet performance 🔥
the king of memes
the king of memes 19 jam yang lalu
One of the best songs baby
the king of memes
the king of memes 19 jam yang lalu
Amina Siidi
Amina Siidi 19 jam yang lalu
Roberto Laratte
Roberto Laratte 19 jam yang lalu
The intro give me lots of goosebumps WTF.😮😮
Erica Stewart
Erica Stewart 19 jam yang lalu
🙌🙏 so pump on this song.2020 #1
Livarus GTA
Livarus GTA 19 jam yang lalu
Unclean version?
abdullah 78
abdullah 78 19 jam yang lalu
Play this in fast speed
Unicornz Exist
Unicornz Exist 20 jam yang lalu
The ending to this video is so heart breaking...
Tanya Bryant
Tanya Bryant 20 jam yang lalu
Stervenies Fenelus
Stervenies Fenelus 20 jam yang lalu
I probably watched the beginning part like 5 times
Mohammed Adem
Mohammed Adem 20 jam yang lalu
I don't thought there is still racists in first world like us. Come on grow your ideology up. Diguest that.
Lionel Pipkin Jr.
Lionel Pipkin Jr. 20 jam yang lalu
Dababys manager: how much truth do you want in this video Dababy: YES
Jesus Vasquez
Jesus Vasquez 20 jam yang lalu
I don't know u
Aferdita Berbatovci
Aferdita Berbatovci 20 jam yang lalu
Black lives matter
Shimada 21 jam yang lalu
All lives matter, lets stand together to defeat this problem
Giavanni Hawkins
Giavanni Hawkins 21 jam yang lalu
Yeeeeees this a great song 😄✊🏾BLM
Teona Robinson
Teona Robinson 21 jam yang lalu
Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Dieng
Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Dieng 21 jam yang lalu
It's very important to me
Bentley Vaughn
Bentley Vaughn 21 jam yang lalu
All lives matter
Durban Gqiilaza Entertainment
Durban Gqiilaza Entertainment 21 jam yang lalu
This song is really wack, Roddy just needs attention with this racism thing. Black lives matter my foot.
Kritz Plays
Kritz Plays 21 jam yang lalu
Is anyone gonna ignore the fact they everyone only looks at dababy in this song and not roddy?
BXBMETON 21 jam yang lalu
He was in the same position George Floyd died
Sam Mcnallie
Sam Mcnallie 21 jam yang lalu
It isn’t only white people racist Black people are racist to whites to. If it was a white man who got killed by a cop no one would care. Stop all violence and lets all come togetherness Isn’t it funny all this makes us forget about COVID isn’t it funny that cop and George floyd were best friends and worked together for 18years.
Baddie Channel Lí
Baddie Channel Lí 21 jam yang lalu
Antoine Aniwanou
Antoine Aniwanou 22 jam yang lalu
Too cool one love
Joy chapman
Joy chapman 22 jam yang lalu
And not all cops are bad
Spxcey FN
Spxcey FN 22 jam yang lalu
Jasmine James
Jasmine James 22 jam yang lalu
Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson 22 jam yang lalu
Black lives matter ✊🏿🔥
Kedreto 22 jam yang lalu
I need a feature and a video with da baby ASAP somebody make that happen
4:44 AM BEATS 23 jam yang lalu
Black panther party LoL 1:14
Nassir Graal
Nassir Graal 23 jam yang lalu
Only people who didn’t come from tik tok can like this!
AqUA_zt K
AqUA_zt K 23 jam yang lalu
Back lives mater
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