Words that Changed The World, with Jeremy Irons and Carey Mulligan

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For 15 years, Intelligence Squared has vigorously championed the spoken word. The finest speakers from across the globe have come to our stage - to argue, to move, to persuade and change minds. Their speeches epitomise the vital role that public speaking plays in our lives. To celebrate the power of oratory, we held a major event which will showcase how great speeches have swayed the course of history and demonstrate how, more than ever, we need them to help define our values and who we are.
Barack Obama’s director of speechwriting, Cody Keenan, shared his experience of helping craft the presidential speeches that moved the hearts and minds of millions around the world. Alongside him was be Philip Collins, Tony Blair’s former speechwriter and Times columnist, whose new book argues for the importance of speeches in protecting and promoting democracy. With Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis in the chair, Keenan and Collins unpacked the tricks and techniques that have been used by the most brilliant orators down the centuries and which are still working their magic today. Bringing this all to life were star actors Carey Mulligan, Jeremy Irons, Jade Anouka and Simon Russell Beale, who will perform extracts from remarkable speeches - some familiar, others that will surprise - from different continents and eras.
What is it about a great speech that can give voice to people’s intense but unarticulated feelings? What is that special alchemy of words and personal charisma that makes us as susceptible to dangerous demagogues as to the morally uplifting oratory of a Mandela, a Martin Luther King or a JFK?
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Intelligence Squared
Intelligence Squared 28 hari yang lalu
Did you enjoy this talk on the world's greatest speeches? Then check out our video about letters that changed the world - idshow.info/watch/luMEjKFt5Qk/video.html Letters include those from Michelangelo, Catherine the Great, Sarah Bernhardt, Rosa Parks, Virginia Woolf, Alan Turing and Leonard Cohen. Some are inspiring, some unsettling, others express foreboding and despair. Many celebrate love and sex. A cast of performers, including Young Vic director Kwame Kwei-Armah, rising star Jade Anouka, Dunkirk actor Jack Lowden, and West End star Tamsin Greig, brought the letters to life on stage.
Eve Moore
Eve Moore 12 jam yang lalu
EWE the peephole
laconja1 Hari Yang lalu
I came here because of Jeremy Irons, but Jade Anouka, blew me away. Wonderful program 👏👏👏
Barbara Maj
Barbara Maj 7 hari yang lalu
the veiled racism in their message is frightening. Beware of good-natured communists bearing wordy gifts.
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 7 hari yang lalu
Critical Race Theory is a slap in the face to Reverend King.
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 7 hari yang lalu
Kennedy's "Moon Shot" speech didn't seem to convince Obama of anything in particular. Doesn't speak well of either of them, unfortunately.
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 7 hari yang lalu
I'm waiting for them to quote Margaret Thatcher as the Cold War was ending -- "This is not the time to go wobbly." I guess I'll keep waiting.
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 7 hari yang lalu
"There was little any one speech was going to do, to move policy." That's because Obama didn't really resonate with Americans. If persuasive oratory is the way democracy is done, by your admission here, he really wasn't very good at it.
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 7 hari yang lalu
"The extinction of your way of life" -- America faces that now, with Critical Race Theory. Racial revanchism, the punishing of generations innocent of racism with such a spiteful and hateful way. The destruction of institutions -- first academia, then churches (who are fighting even as the British were fighting) -- now industry and the government itself -- we are seeing that even now. The Long March through the Institutions is real. It's easy to rewrite Churchill's "Finest Hour" with that in mind, and the resonance is perfect. We are waking up, and we will win. The "broad sunlit uplands" of a truly colorblind society, unstained by envy and revenge, will be our future -- not the dark and brooding tribal nihilism, street riots, and institutional collapse under the banner of "Critical theory". Ulysses Simpson Grant had a reputation as a man of low character -- a drunk, by all accounts, who cared nothing for the "fuss and feathers" they preferred. The Washington elites wanted him fired. Abraham Lincoln, on the other hand, said, "I need this man. He fights." If you're wondering why elections favor someone today that elites hate, it is simply tens of millions of Americans looking at Cultural Marxism and saying those six words. "I need this man. He fights."
Jim Luebke
Jim Luebke 7 hari yang lalu
Lincoln, Churchill, Shakespeare. Obama really doesn't belong in that company.
Jorge Uoxinton
Jorge Uoxinton 8 hari yang lalu
First class gathering of great historian speakers.
JM Cee
JM Cee 9 hari yang lalu
Obama was an amazing speaker and performer. Unfortunately, he was a horrible and divisive President. Perhaps this whole piece would have been more professional if you all just focused on talking about great speeches and how to best use the English language to persuade and move people emotionally without the constant partisan digs and snarky personal comments about our current President. Must you childish people always sprinkle your personal politics into every conversation? Must every gathering of you pseudo-intellectuals be packed with Derangement Syndrome. "The Clan is now marching without hoods." Seriously? The nerve of you.
William Minamoto.
William Minamoto. 13 hari yang lalu
Yes We Can..Hear it back masking..is repeated I love you Satan..That’s why Obama wanted it...
William Minamoto.
William Minamoto. 13 hari yang lalu
You all are dreamer deep state trash good by...Peace Be To this House
Croccy C
Croccy C 14 hari yang lalu
These clowns have nothing to shout about, 30+ years since anything of worth, toads
Paul Matthew G.
Paul Matthew G. 16 hari yang lalu
That jack azz still trying to push climate change,.lol,.It's ALWAYS changing,,.You CAN'T stop it,.Idiot
Gita Choksi
Gita Choksi 16 hari yang lalu
Jeremy Irons is the ultimate narrator! None can compare when I first heard him recite INVICTUS at the Earth summit 28 years ago. Sadly I'm unable to find it
Mars Boyo
Mars Boyo 17 hari yang lalu
On the battlefield I can't imagine a spitfire like Elizabeth would have spoken with such quietude. She would have spoken loudly, severely and authoritatively.
Mars Boyo
Mars Boyo 17 hari yang lalu
Obama would have read it better!🤣
Mars Boyo
Mars Boyo 17 hari yang lalu
Still struggling two years after this filming! No trump speech! SMH. 🤔
The Defector
The Defector 18 hari yang lalu
"Looking around and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see: If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.
yard rail
yard rail 18 hari yang lalu
I would have been happy to listen to Jeremy Irons read all the speeches. No need for anyone else on the stage.
Mars Boyo
Mars Boyo 17 hari yang lalu
Heh, heh! Yeah!
rose bud
rose bud 19 hari yang lalu
Host is horrible, not at all engaging with the actors
rose bud
rose bud 19 hari yang lalu
Will Don.
Will Don. 21 hari yang lalu
No - Intelligence to the nth degree! What a superb, riveting and important discourse. And still relevant for our present "Interesting" times.
T.P. McKenna
T.P. McKenna 26 hari yang lalu
The clues in the word 'speech', ie. words which are spoken and Carey Mulligan's renditions do her speeches no justice. She may as well have phoned them in.
John Wofford
John Wofford 26 hari yang lalu
Another vehicle for extolling liberals and disparaging Trump.
Tomás Villadiego
Tomás Villadiego 27 hari yang lalu
12:56 to 23:10
Angela Ponce de Untiveros
Angela Ponce de Untiveros 27 hari yang lalu
Esto es ase dos años pero nunca me pagaron yo cuando mas nesecite nunca me.pagaron nada estaban abogados en robar mi dinero en hacer.sus enpreasa mientras yo trabajaba duro y eso no es justo todos sus empresas son mias y todos estas personas nunca me informaron recien estan poniendon estos videos para que se enteren y eso no vale en que me ayuda a mi esto en nada yo fui utilisada por youtube sabia muy bien lo que estaban haciendo con mi reproducciones y no es broma yo quiero pedier 2 abogados en derevho internacional para hacer una auditoria de.mis cuentas y que me abonen yo tengo mi familia enferma donde tengo que estar pidiendo en los hospitales publicos mientras otros gosan de mi dinero que yo e ganado con mi esferso y no para que ortros se lleven a manos limpias eso es maldad quiero mi dinero dunaves pero todo
KTVK online
KTVK online 27 hari yang lalu
Christine Fleming
Christine Fleming 28 hari yang lalu
Words! Statesmen, Leaders, Politicians should write their speeches themselves. Then it is more likely that the people get to know better what they think and what's behind there smile. As we had to face in history in my home country Germany, they can teach people to be monsters or they can encourage for good. Fact is in the end:The action speaks louder than words. All intelligent and passioned speeches will not change the world if people keep judging and pointing out to others instead of taking a good look at themselves and sweeping their own backyards. No nation is without guilt. Let's listen to wise speeches, take the good examples out and put them into practice by helping, encouraging respect and love our families and neighbour's no matter what ethnic, social or religious backgrounds they have! And not pointing weapons at others, or worse use them to hurt or kill! All lifes matter! We are all sitting in one "boat" : Our planet Earth, our home. Instead of wasting billions in space let's invest it in cleaning up, acting more conscious by using recources like water, soil, plants, metals etc.. Let's do it! We can, if we really want!
Brenda Giesbrecht
Brenda Giesbrecht 29 hari yang lalu
I wonder what Cody would say today in answer to the question about Churchill's "Finest Hour' speech, given the USA's situation on the eve of the 2020 election.
josef x
josef x 29 hari yang lalu
Rebecca Chan
Rebecca Chan 29 hari yang lalu
The US is a government of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.
Kathleen Everitt
Kathleen Everitt 27 hari yang lalu
Only if you allow it. The US needs your vision, your dream, your mind.
PD Albertyn
PD Albertyn Bulan Yang lalu
GROOT woorde.Laat my dink aan Churchill se antwoord op "Who is the greatest statesman ever?" "Too modest to answer."
Joseph Summerfield
Joseph Summerfield Bulan Yang lalu
Simon Beale is a ham, about as charismatic as a limp lettuce!
x iLeon
x iLeon Bulan Yang lalu
Great speeches - poor readings (with exceptions). If only actors were not the peacocks they are and tried to communicate the speech instead of their ego...
Sarfaraz Siddiqui
Sarfaraz Siddiqui Bulan Yang lalu
And Iraq was left a better place than it was …? The land of Abraham and the garden of Eden
Robert Pembroke
Robert Pembroke Bulan Yang lalu
Letter to the Lareby Farkle Family Foundation Lareby, i heard you my Sun in the bells of Shenandoah. At the time i was watching the horse Mister Ed talk to the old Bay Root in Beirut as Beowulf sat on a sea ledge with the boot of his Sicillian mistress firmly on his hand. It encouraged me to shape my spaghetti into a side saddle on the kitchen plate. Don't bang your pinata near me luv. Signed Simon Templar Secret Agent 86. URL affix encryption preferred now. Project complete. Narrative fragmentation only of transient value in Hobbesian sovereign definer hallucination;) Sabin vis a vis Sabean polio vaccine association
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie Bulan Yang lalu
Not only Tramp....or MLK....but Amerika as a nation....NEVER done ANYTHING for the sake of improving the condition of people....the main reason amerika's done anything is and has always been GREED!!
gnupf Bulan Yang lalu
Embarrassing. Get an american to do american speeches. Jeezus!