Off-The-Grid Tiny House & Stunning Syntropic Food Forest Gardens

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Living Big In A Tiny House

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In this weeks episode, we venture to the beautiful sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of New South Wales to visit a spectacular off-the-grid tiny house on wheels, situated amongst stunning syntropic, regenerative, food forest gardens. For anyone who has dreamed of going off-the-grid and escaping to paradise to grow food and live simply, this is a video tour you will want to check out!
This amazing tiny house is situated amongst wonderful syntropic gardens. Similar in many ways to permaculture syntropic farming is a form of dynamic regenerative agricultural forestry which uses a systems thinking approach to create an abundant, healthy, natural food forest. Focus is placed on formation of healthy soil biology and establishing microclimates so that food production and agriculture is synchronised with regeneration of the land. Super cool stuff!
Equally as impressive as the gardens is the amazing off-the-grid tiny house on wheels. The home is solar powered with abundant rain water collection. A composting toilet helps to reduce the homes water consumption. Beautifully designed, there is abundant outdoor living space so that Anthony and Kirra can enjoy year round indoor / outdoor living.
I hope you enjoy the full video tour of this incredible tiny home! To find out more about Anthony and Kirra's tiny house and regenerative agriculture adventures, be sure to follow them on Instagram: little_house_in_the_woods_
You. can also find out more about Anthony's work in plastic waste reduction via his website:
Anthony and Kirra are currently raising funds to build an Educational Centre for Regeneration & Resilience. Check out their campaign here:
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Living Big In A Tiny House
Living Big In A Tiny House 5 bulan yang lalu
I'm absolutely in love with the gardens around this home. After visiting Anthony and Kirra I started learning more about syntropic agriculture and I'm so excited about the possibilities it presents. It's always so inspiring to meet people who are so focused on solutions instead of problems. We as humans have such a great ability to be a regenerative force on the planet and it's so nice to be reminded of that. I hope you all enjoy the video tour of this beautiful off-the-grid home and regenerative garden. Love Bryce & Rasa
Voedselbospad 10 hari yang lalu
This one is our absolute favorite as we want to start our own foodforest as well. Such an inspiration!
Randle McMurphy
Randle McMurphy 2 bulan yang lalu
I love the idea of a composting toilet, it makes perfect sense for the people in Australia, would love not to have plumbing problems alone
Debra Cottrill
Debra Cottrill 3 bulan yang lalu
I don't mind the loft
Living In A Tiny House
Living In A Tiny House 3 bulan yang lalu
Just loved it!
Yvonne Hyatt
Yvonne Hyatt 3 bulan yang lalu
Living Big In A Tiny House Bryce wish the both of you could talk to the poorest communities and give some positive ideas , maybe to the White house😊 Rasa the music is great , it bring peace to me when I am not calm .
Hobetto 13 jam yang lalu
Just to note, in my country you have to pay to the confederation responsible for the river near you for collecting the wain water. Even in my location, where I live in a dessert where rains 5 times each year.
Rymonda Cabatuan
Rymonda Cabatuan 14 jam yang lalu
Lynne Cahill
Lynne Cahill Hari Yang lalu
Bryce you really do ask all the right questions! By far you are my favorite tiny home your guide!!! If you lived in NJ we would definitely be friends!!!
MAYAH UMMI Hari Yang lalu
i want to leave in such a place but 1km away from the city
Moxie Vita
Moxie Vita 2 hari yang lalu
I love that kitchen dresser on the deck. Super. I'm totally building this Tiny. Especially those stairs towards one end of the room. Super! And then there's the permaculture/ syntropism ... love love love! Congratulates Bryce for this awesome channel, and congratulations Anthony and Kirra for creating this lovely home!
MERCATOR PR merc 3 hari yang lalu
This buy far the best tiny house living i have seen , we should all be inspired to live this simple but spiritual way of living in harmony with nature not against her, They have built there Ghar Shanti sanctuary, pure bliss.
Kathy Cameron
Kathy Cameron 3 hari yang lalu
I really appreciate and enjoy your tiny house videos! You are a blessing to this planet. 💖
Floy Oran
Floy Oran 4 hari yang lalu
Grace Le Rose
Grace Le Rose 5 hari yang lalu
I love this way of living !!! Nice couple!
juanita arbelo
juanita arbelo 7 hari yang lalu
conscious energy
conscious energy 8 hari yang lalu
my dream life
EB 13 hari yang lalu
What a beautiful paradise they’ve created here. It’s gorgeous and has warm loving energy ✨✨✨
shazain 13 hari yang lalu
My dream house
Shannon Watever
Shannon Watever 16 hari yang lalu
This is probably one of my favourites. Not due to the size or style but because of how the owners have remained so true to what they wanted from the home..
bee young ae
bee young ae 18 hari yang lalu
Tatiek Klop
Tatiek Klop 20 hari yang lalu
Lekker casava.
Lapis Lazarus
Lapis Lazarus 21 hari yang lalu
THIS. I think it's my favorite, most ideal I've seen. The super modern, sterile tiny houses don't feel like a home.
suraj lama
suraj lama 21 hari yang lalu
My best tiny house environment till date 😍😍😍
Azul Infinito
Azul Infinito 22 hari yang lalu
This is the true life of dreams .Let us all go tiny and plastic free .Beautiful episode as always
Tina bintbina
Tina bintbina 23 hari yang lalu
Its awesome! Fantastic house and surroundings.
Darrek Thorn
Darrek Thorn 23 hari yang lalu
This might be my favourite home I've seen on the show so far. Beautiful in every way.
Raj Vyas
Raj Vyas 24 hari yang lalu
The most beautiful house I have seen so far, fallen in love with It.
Anthony Grundy
Anthony Grundy 25 hari yang lalu
Great video as always but please can you stop saying “can you talk to me about .....”. How else will they communicate to you? Expressive dance? Smoke signals?
pmafep21 26 hari yang lalu
Amazing space. I love their thought about living accordingly with their values. The garden and the deck are wonderful.
Raditya Arga Putra
Raditya Arga Putra 26 hari yang lalu
so they only rely on cellular internet connection, huh? no wifi?
Aylexx G
Aylexx G 27 hari yang lalu
bryce is a man of simple interior intelligence. he notices every detail
Aylexx G
Aylexx G 27 hari yang lalu
those sleek cabinets are so strikingggg
andrew hamm
andrew hamm 29 hari yang lalu
This couple make me want to live just like they do . Off grid and all the nature around them.👍
Bonjouralliecat 29 hari yang lalu
homeowners: this is out portal to hell. Bryce: "Oh what a lovely feature!"
lheckusina vlog
lheckusina vlog Bulan Yang lalu
Lilies Ardin
Lilies Ardin Bulan Yang lalu
Wonderful life...i love it ..really nice place
Mahina R.
Mahina R. Bulan Yang lalu
K D Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful house in a beautiful place 😍 But I always wonder about the security in such secluded areas.. it could be scary at times... 🤔
Ann Georgiana
Ann Georgiana Bulan Yang lalu
How do you protect your house in a setting like this from snakes and other creepy crawlies?
carl peterson
carl peterson Bulan Yang lalu
This is a beautiful tiny house. Really enjoyed the video. It just looks like a wonderful getaway.
Wise I
Wise I Bulan Yang lalu
This channel is so inspiring. I enjoy watching an episode at awakening, like a meditation - to keep my fore-view on track and remaining hopeful for Gaia. Thank you for your layers upon graced layers of generous efforts !
Gina K
Gina K Bulan Yang lalu
I wonder how is it legal to live in the middle of the mountain? Do they own the land? Cause where i live there is no way you cab bug land in such a place
Tiny Square Design
Tiny Square Design Bulan Yang lalu
Great job! What an inspiration to all who seek to have a wonderful HOME! 👊💝💖❤️
fatima majed
fatima majed Bulan Yang lalu
Fresh place ..good luck
Terry Breedlove
Terry Breedlove Bulan Yang lalu
This is my ideal place and life style
Logan Hock
Logan Hock Bulan Yang lalu
Is it just me or did anyone else here something that wasn’t the word deck
Kaylee Weber
Kaylee Weber Bulan Yang lalu
This is the most beautiful home and set up I've seen. Absolute perfection. And this couple, I do hope they stay together, they seem so in tune with each other.
Shaishannah Bennett
Shaishannah Bennett Bulan Yang lalu
One of my favourites so far
Mamie Padilla
Mamie Padilla Bulan Yang lalu
Your house is gorgeous and beautiful style I like how you did to your house is gorgeous
Humanoid Typhoon
Humanoid Typhoon Bulan Yang lalu
on my country,those furniture will long gone in the morning
Abhishek Chaudhari
Abhishek Chaudhari Bulan Yang lalu
Anshu kumari
Anshu kumari Bulan Yang lalu
I DON'T KNOW WHETHER ITS SAFE AUR NOT.What about the security .what happened some thiefs rob their house ?
Banana Bloop
Banana Bloop Bulan Yang lalu
What happens when it rains?
Jared Brown
Jared Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Am I just super thirsty, or is Bryce kind of a snack?!
Bill Edwards
Bill Edwards Bulan Yang lalu
Loved the storage steps going up the end wall. I’ve not seen that before in a tiny house. It looked very sleek inside compared to the more wood cabin look of the deck. I loved that contrast. Loved the fact it’s totally off grid too, quite rare it seems with tiny houses, but with the honest caveat to have had to have had water brought it in due to the drought. Having to buy gas bottles wasn’t mentioned either though. I would’ve liked to have learned how Anthony and Kirra acquire drinkable water. Bryce had been getting into the habit of asking about where the tiny house was 'parked' 😁. This wasn’t addressed in this video and when Anthony talked about the overall cost, the cost of the land wasn’t mentioned. I really enjoy watching Bryce's videos about alternative living but I am also very interested in hearing how a countries' bureaucracy, regarding land occupation/acquisition and building and utilities regulations, are navigated and either adhered to or circumvented 😉.
kinggnag001 Bulan Yang lalu
how many snakes came into your house as guests ?? 😛
marcjtdc Bulan Yang lalu
She's so hot.
Sam Nathan G
Sam Nathan G Bulan Yang lalu
13:48 to 14:00 The view and experience to live for!
Bethanie Johnson
Bethanie Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
This is so lovely. I missed it the first time around somehow. ❤️
Flax A
Flax A Bulan Yang lalu
This is amazing only question are the snakes and spiders going their own way without making some nice visit in the house or on the deck....this would be my only fear ....betweed living my dream in such an amazing place .....?
Gerry Ryan
Gerry Ryan Bulan Yang lalu
I love their view on life. And their values. So cosy and peaceful xx
Zahel Ava
Zahel Ava Bulan Yang lalu
Wow fantastic! I am so fascinated by your way of living, Anthony and Kirra. Bryce and Rasa, you offer us highly valuable information through connecting with people, letting them share their views and presenting them in a beautiful way. That is so wonderful. Thanks a lot!
Елена Корчагина
Елена Корчагина Bulan Yang lalu
Отлично всё,а где дети?
Derrick Gitonga
Derrick Gitonga 2 bulan yang lalu
17:13 👀
Rose Baruh
Rose Baruh 2 bulan yang lalu
And a souvenir from Wuhan 17: 13 :)
Sarah B.
Sarah B. 2 bulan yang lalu
😐 Those aren't weeds. 🥁🥁🥁
Rosyclaire 2 bulan yang lalu
This house is lovely but crawling around to get in and out of bed will get difficult as they get older.
R. Manolo
R. Manolo 2 bulan yang lalu
He needs to have his own TV show.
Metalgurl87 \m/
Metalgurl87 \m/ 2 bulan yang lalu
I think this is my favorite tiny house
jazz h
jazz h 2 bulan yang lalu
I have severe insomnia and at nights I usually end up watching Tiny homes...without fail the episodes cheer me up and I end up sleeping soundly after watching either one or two episodes. The homes are lovely but it’s Bryce’s calmness demeanour that makes you feel all is going to be well in the morning when you get up. It’s therapeutic ...almost😍
after16years 2 bulan yang lalu
I would love to live like them in the future ♡♡
anmahek 2 bulan yang lalu
I love this home
Lisa Garrett
Lisa Garrett 2 bulan yang lalu
Claudia 2 bulan yang lalu
To be fair, I could also make do with less than 20 square meters, if I lived in a climate in which it made sense to have a 50 square meter deck serving as my dining hall, living room, tv room, etc :D But it is a lovely home. I want to build a small house for myself someday, not tiny, but small
Geordie Lyall-Collins
Geordie Lyall-Collins 2 bulan yang lalu
2:28 sounds sick
Hidayat Rahmat
Hidayat Rahmat 2 bulan yang lalu
very nice and back to natural. very limit budget.
Kumzuk Imchen
Kumzuk Imchen 2 bulan yang lalu
Has any1 noticed wuhan China here? Bdwn, this home brings back the memory of village life, especially with da cassava planted outdoor.
Clement Williams
Clement Williams 2 bulan yang lalu
I always wonder how safe it is to live alone in these lonely places
Nadya Pelagheina
Nadya Pelagheina 2 bulan yang lalu
very nice, though i don't get why they need such a big bed. in fact many of these tiny houses have huge King beds. I'm just wondering why. am I the only one who likes small cosy beds?
L A 2 bulan yang lalu
The tiny houses are usually on wheels , I am curious how do you transport the deck and water tank when changing location?
Doris Daumann
Doris Daumann 2 bulan yang lalu
In Germany it's hard to find shops where you can fill your own glasses etc. .... 😤 Only in very big cities you'd find a very few ..... Even Bio Markets don't offer this opportunity often ..... There are some stupid rules against it by the government .... 😠 This house is great - and I really love this big big porch !!!!! ❤
Amitabh Roy
Amitabh Roy 2 bulan yang lalu
17:13, where it all allegedly started!
Amitabh Roy
Amitabh Roy 2 bulan yang lalu
4:02, did you get the shot...happy now?
Sudeshna Roy
Sudeshna Roy 2 bulan yang lalu
I have watched plenty different tiny house shows. But Bryce is the best. His energy and positivity makes every home interesting. He guides the owners so beautifully that it avoids monotony. And he is really handsome and cute.
Sarah Purnell
Sarah Purnell 2 bulan yang lalu
This is the way for the future of the planet to be sustainable. Garden of Eden 2020 xXx
Claudia Akemi O. Angi
Claudia Akemi O. Angi 2 bulan yang lalu
2:20 Brazil
MMWoodcock 2 bulan yang lalu
I love playing "I Spy the Cat" or "I Spy the Pet" in these videos :D
sss eee
sss eee 2 bulan yang lalu
It feels so cosy
NILIMA CHETIA 2 bulan yang lalu
This one's the best!
zita csőszné szabó
zita csőszné szabó 2 bulan yang lalu
Isabel Sebastiao-Vieira
Isabel Sebastiao-Vieira 2 bulan yang lalu
I really love this Tiny Home.
Wanda Hall
Wanda Hall 2 bulan yang lalu
Bryce & Rasa are such a great team...Thanks soooo much!!!
Chantal Duval
Chantal Duval 2 bulan yang lalu
This definitely looks like a permanent install with the deck, solar and rain collection. I understand wanting to have a small footprint, but at this point wouldn't it make sense to make your top floor high enough you can stand in?
Kristin Kitti
Kristin Kitti 2 bulan yang lalu
Bryce truly impressive!
Cheryl Staples
Cheryl Staples 2 bulan yang lalu
This is amazing! The setting is absolutely beautiful and the tiny is fab! But I'm most jealous of that garden!
skyehap 2 bulan yang lalu
Yasss! Love these guys! Amazing home and beautiful energy all round 🥰🌸 thank you for doing your bit for the environment ❤️
CruzzioXT 2 bulan yang lalu
Wuhan China plate. Aged like milk.
Sara Wärlestedt
Sara Wärlestedt 2 bulan yang lalu
Am I the only one that wants the size of the house in the description?
Sara Wärlestedt
Sara Wärlestedt 2 bulan yang lalu
I keep trying to find it, but listening to a video 3-4 times... I keep zooming out. And then I have to start over. I love your videos but please write it down, it passes so fast in the videos
Cats Cattying
Cats Cattying 2 bulan yang lalu
Lovely cat. Where’s the litter box? 🐈
Allat Goddess
Allat Goddess 2 bulan yang lalu
So beautiful! But you're missing one vital item: Your bedroom is luxurious and large, b ut there's no toilet! No body, so far, has thought of designing/including a basic toilet on that 2nd level. People do hav to get up at night, you know. Then stumble down the dangerous steps. And by the time, you get back to bed, you're already fully awake. ......And you do, need a set of steps up to the roof, a little balcony at the top; make it comfortable to sit, not on the hot metal roof.
Chris 1971
Chris 1971 2 bulan yang lalu
Very very beautiful home... It's a paradise. I loved it.. and being eco friendly is the best thing you can do to help mother nature...
Tommy Degreorio
Tommy Degreorio 2 bulan yang lalu
All these homes are cool and I want one but it seems like you have to be a bit of a hippie to live in one. Is there anyone that lives is one of these things that actually has to get up and get ready for a job in the morning, go food shopping and live a social life ?? I would be interested to see if those people find it easier or harder to live life in a smaller space. Just wondering.
Claudia Bee
Claudia Bee 2 bulan yang lalu
Ismail Nur Maghribi 062
Ismail Nur Maghribi 062 2 bulan yang lalu
17:13 a souvenir from wuhan...
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