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Paris Hilton

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on IDshow or sign up for IDshow Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out IDshow Premium at: idshow.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicki Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits

Kate Apted
Kate Apted 3 menit yang lalu
I am amazed she still has anything to do with her parents.
xHarlequin 3 menit yang lalu
I had no idea she went through that, wow. I looked up Provo and there are so many horror stories. A lot of people with similar experiences (kidnapping, abuse, PTSD, etc.) The saddest part is how her family doesn’t seem to care.
Letty Onelove
Letty Onelove 8 menit yang lalu
Wow 🥺 I see you ... I hope your soul finds peace ❤️
Jessica Kim
Jessica Kim 10 menit yang lalu
Did anyone see how she basically owns like 100 Macbooks.... LOL
Abuzer Yaseen
Abuzer Yaseen 10 menit yang lalu
Paris Hilton is the ORIGINAL...
Tennille Patterson
Tennille Patterson 13 menit yang lalu
I know people that were sent to the same kind of schools that Paris was in, and worse. The PTSD is sometimes debilitating. Thank you for bringing awareness. 💜
Flo 13 menit yang lalu
The most beautiful genuine smile at the end of the documentary. I hope she heals and inspires others to heal.
NannyCam 14 menit yang lalu
from the first time I ever saw you on tv, I said that you were acting and knew exactly what you were doing. you are such a smart cookie and this documentary shows it. you were a product of your environment, but now it's time for you to decide what that environment is and to make your own rules. happiness and peace to you. you deserve it all.
Adriana Oliveira
Adriana Oliveira 16 menit yang lalu
Sempre tem algo a mais por trás 😔
miababexoxo 16 menit yang lalu
paris is so strong
Jessica Norman
Jessica Norman 19 menit yang lalu
She's on some serious pharmaceuticals 😢 Her parents definitely had a hand in NOT raising her. I really feel for her deeply.
Dulce Vida
Dulce Vida 23 menit yang lalu
Anyone here sent to "The Academy" in Myrtle Point Oregon? I was there in 2005. 😪
Hector Treviño
Hector Treviño 24 menit yang lalu
I’ve felt identified in so many ways, thank you so much for sharing this it truly makes me reflect. Love you.
K 28 menit yang lalu
Nikki is such a snob and unattractive deep to the soul.
aberu 31 menit yang lalu
Her mom is a nightmare... i honestly dont think id be able to survive living with a family like that
TealBlue Skies
TealBlue Skies 31 menit yang lalu
Paris, you can just quit. Find yourself....
Gigi 32 menit yang lalu
Btw, Provo is run by the Mormons.
Maliah Khatoon
Maliah Khatoon 32 menit yang lalu
We love you Paris. Get away from family . They make you feel less of a person.
Maliah Khatoon
Maliah Khatoon 34 menit yang lalu
Paris- I love ❤️ you for your courage .You are such a wonderful being. You are. breaking the cages of off so many lives. Thank you for giving me a voice.
Britt Bro
Britt Bro 34 menit yang lalu
This was great
Queen of the Butterflies
Queen of the Butterflies 34 menit yang lalu
''It's weird that a lot of survivors wake up 15 to 20 yrs later'' - (C-PTSD, it's so true). Who else found this documentary not only fascinating but also cathartic?
Carli Goebel
Carli Goebel 36 menit yang lalu
Ew her sister . I can’t
alicia unruh
alicia unruh 37 menit yang lalu
I believe you, Paris. And I am so sorry. :( Your privilege doesn't negate the trauma you endured.
Annamarie LaManna
Annamarie LaManna 37 menit yang lalu
❤ you Paris
Julie Ann
Julie Ann 38 menit yang lalu
Paris is go big or go home just like me... And beautiful on the inside and out...
GERARD LEONARD 38 menit yang lalu
34:50 “It’s so fun, you get to relive everything. Watching cartoons in the morning-“ “I still do that.” “Eating cap’n crunch and lucky charms for breakfast-“ “I still do that alone” same 😂😂 I’m an adult and I’m never gonna stop doing it
Julie Ann
Julie Ann 39 menit yang lalu
There is no next level for Paris she is the only level. Luv u bunches
Sarah 39 menit yang lalu
Hey Paris, I hope you see this comment and realize this documentary and the positive reactions to your true story means that you are loved, heard and appreciated for being exactly who you are and not the persona you felt you had to present to the world. I can’t wait to see what this new chapter of self love and self discovery leads you to do. Just think...if you accomplished so much being someone else how much more you’ll accomplish being your true self. 1 billion in your future! Wishing you much love and peace
Shiro Osaki
Shiro Osaki 43 menit yang lalu
why does her sister lowkey act superior/bitter? like okay Miss Rockefeller, married into a billionaire family . Comparing her to homer Simpson, which is degrading and a horrible comparison, ... followed with a cold stare and arrogant tone "shes...normal.."
Natalie Killer
Natalie Killer 44 menit yang lalu
I hope she gets treatment for her PTSD. HUGGGGGS, Paris!!!!!!!
Anxi0us- Intr0vert
Anxi0us- Intr0vert 45 menit yang lalu
I just don't can you see your kid keep running away from all of these "schools" and *NOT* ask *WHY* ?!?
Faedre Blue
Faedre Blue 46 menit yang lalu
Wow i think you are even more amazing hope you find happiness
Jorge Alejandre
Jorge Alejandre 48 menit yang lalu
Paris open the door to the kardashians, yes kim did a sex tape but anyone could of done that. Paris 👸🏼
Kathy Warrack
Kathy Warrack 48 menit yang lalu
The boyfriend has gotta go!😤
Flo Ryan
Flo Ryan 50 menit yang lalu
“It’s really late to be going to bed” *clock says 12:30 AM* *me looks at my clock that says **12:30** AM😳*
Maria Fahlsing
Maria Fahlsing 51 menit yang lalu
The real Paris is a beautiful person inside and out. Also, I love her real voice. That's the Paris I want to get to know and see more of.
Barbara Locci
Barbara Locci 52 menit yang lalu
Her mom reminds me of Yolanda Hadid in every video where she keeps on reminding Gigi about her diet. Constructed false lives at the expense of their kids
Lauren 56 menit yang lalu
Thank you for sharing your story. However I feel like you’re half in character and half yourself in this documentary. I can almost tell by your voice pitches at different times..I would love to have luxury of getting on a plane or yacht to escape. Not many people are so fortunate. I’m just getting out of an abusive relationship with my BD and it’s hard to escape my own life, my 3yr old helps give me strength.
Lilly w
Lilly w Jam Yang lalu
paris is a beautiful human. i felt like i knew her before this documentary and my opinion hasn’t changed. she is so strong. her voice conveys strength. her voice is soothing. the kind of person you need in your life. she’s a lovely women
Pushpanjali Sankh
Pushpanjali Sankh Jam Yang lalu
Paris you should try this course.