1000 ft Drop Test - iPhone 11 Vs. Samsung S10 Vs. Nokia 3310

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How Ridiculous

11 bulan yang lalu

Can the iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 beat the unbreakable Nokia 3310?
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The iPhone and Samsung had phone cases which are rated for 10 foot drops while the Nokia had nothing extra to help it.
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JYD2020 11 bulan yang lalu
Derek's dream job is being an NBA player
Alex Winchell
Alex Winchell Bulan Yang lalu
Wywy 123 They get money from views. Typically, the crazier and more expensive the idea is, the more views you get. It’s a small sacrifice
Matthew O’Brien
Matthew O’Brien Bulan Yang lalu
Im the Aussie Devil
Im the Aussie Devil 2 bulan yang lalu
How Ridiculous is it still his dream job
Dawid Czarnota
Dawid Czarnota 3 bulan yang lalu
@Wywy 123 they have alot of money in the pockets think next time
John Lord
John Lord 4 bulan yang lalu
@How Ridiculous and as they left, someone sticks the iphone in his pocket with his keys, shattering it beyond use.
deviledpickle45 13 jam yang lalu
the nokia shouldve just left a hard dent in the floor bruv
Nightbot !
Nightbot ! 18 jam yang lalu
Ah i hate it when I drop my phone from a helicopter
T L Ramirez
T L Ramirez 2 hari yang lalu
this is actually solely for entertainment rather than durability test and unrealistic . how often do you see people drop the phone from 1000 feet high . if people cant damn survive free falling that height what makes you think those phones can
Bonnie Burton
Bonnie Burton 2 hari yang lalu
Why do that I hope these are floor models if you don’t wanna be on a contract and you got a galaxy or an iPhone that’s older and you want to trade it in for a newer one you can always flip them you make money towards your new phone I’ll be darned if I would want to pay $70 a month for a phone bill but I got a better deal I spend a quarter of that
Samsung A51
Samsung A51 3 hari yang lalu
Русские отзовитесь
CRAZY XYZ 3 hari yang lalu
Best iPhone tab bekar hai
george 3 hari yang lalu
You guys are what keeps me tuned in.
Vladimir Vuckovic
Vladimir Vuckovic 3 hari yang lalu
The phone drops 1000ft ---incredible. If someone is eager to test the latest phones for free: trylatestphonesforfree@gmail.com
umm wtf
umm wtf 5 hari yang lalu
Are you stupid? you could have ended the world by dropping a Nokia from that height
MR.Pewdiegamer 6 hari yang lalu
This is illegal. You are making the earth shake
6.2M views 8 hari yang lalu
Iphone : It hurts Samsung : I am going to die Nokia : where is my SIM Card?
Dulana Bandara
Dulana Bandara 8 hari yang lalu
Me after seeing this : I NEED THAT CASE
xXDarkDemise 9 hari yang lalu
IPHONE SURVIVES HOW?!?! It can’t even survive falling off my bed
Nihal Lathish
Nihal Lathish 9 hari yang lalu
Rumour has it if u throw a Nokia 3310 above 149m it is set to break itself. Otherwise it will destroy the earth and humanity
Nihal Lathish
Nihal Lathish 9 hari yang lalu
This is a copied comment
A BZDee 10 hari yang lalu
Everytime a 3310 Nokia is dropped, earthquake happens
Jay Lks
Jay Lks 13 hari yang lalu
Why do people tell me iPhones brake fast
Natures Relaxing Sounds
Natures Relaxing Sounds 15 hari yang lalu
I don't know where you got those phones, but how are they so strong!
Russell Riedel
Russell Riedel 16 hari yang lalu
More epic than Gizmo slip but they still good
That Crazy Kid
That Crazy Kid 16 hari yang lalu
5:00 why the fuck are you talking like that
sumukhajalsesh Lights camera action
sumukhajalsesh Lights camera action 17 hari yang lalu
Master_DaSLeR 18 hari yang lalu
The Nokia was the best because its from Finland lol
Vahlsten 18 hari yang lalu
OI! You should have given the Nokia a 5mm thick rubber casing too, or tried the Samsung or Apple without their casings.
down town Justin
down town Justin 19 hari yang lalu
What does 10:21 mean help me I’m new to this channel
Ravi singh
Ravi singh 21 hari yang lalu
How, how the fuck, how, how, how ? My fucking samsung s20 dropped from 5ft. Broke all three glasses it got, Display glass cracked, back glass destroyed, camera glass shattered. What the fuck ?
sirMAXX 22 hari yang lalu
Damn, Apple. I'm impressed.
sirMAXX 22 hari yang lalu
Mad lads. You could have destroyed the Earth by dropping the Nokia on it.
Logan Crawford
Logan Crawford 22 hari yang lalu
The Nokia knocked the earth off tilt and now 2020 happened
Kyoshi the 2nd
Kyoshi the 2nd 23 hari yang lalu
1000 ft. ? Whats ft. ?
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison 24 hari yang lalu
4:13 does he look invisible?
Lee Mower
Lee Mower 25 hari yang lalu
cant believe you didnt hit slomo on the phone cams
jonas Kraus
jonas Kraus 26 hari yang lalu
plz stop all these bad nokia jokes we live in 2020😩
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 26 hari yang lalu
you foll why are u wasting money
D C D 26 hari yang lalu
these guys dropped an iphone from 1000ft and didnt break, i dropped it from my waist and it shattered in pieces :( im so unlucky
annesophiaa 27 hari yang lalu
I would never do that because that mite brake my phone 📱
prajesh bhushan
prajesh bhushan 28 hari yang lalu
For a moment I thought HOW THE FUCK did Gaunson get a BAGGY GREEN ?!
xoriented 28 hari yang lalu
This hurts me cuz I have an iPhone 11 Pro too...
Harrison14 28 hari yang lalu
bobbofly 29 hari yang lalu
Dropped my android ONE TIME from hip-level trying to put it in my pocket ... multiple cracks. SMH...
Entertainment Blast
Entertainment Blast Bulan Yang lalu
yeah actually
Fletcher Houghton
Fletcher Houghton Bulan Yang lalu
Iphone dropped from 1000 feet still better quality than Samsung
Daniel Duntavs Saunders
Daniel Duntavs Saunders Bulan Yang lalu
That is pretty ridiculous
Dharshan S.k
Dharshan S.k Bulan Yang lalu
Janemba 772
Janemba 772 Bulan Yang lalu
Samsung:survives 1000 ft drop My samsung: fall out of hands *breaks into a million pieces*
Nevin Cunill
Nevin Cunill Bulan Yang lalu
When they don’t realize there’s a such thing as terminal velocity so no matter how much higher they go it would be exactly the same
Pranjal Khatri
Pranjal Khatri Bulan Yang lalu
Dont waste phone like that if you don't want them just give me
Jacob H
Jacob H Bulan Yang lalu
i feel bad for whoevers iphone was last in the square
Chris Eller
Chris Eller Bulan Yang lalu
the amount of flies there would drive me insane
James Kanipe
James Kanipe Bulan Yang lalu
10:32 Initiate warp drive
Yousef Mohamed
Yousef Mohamed Bulan Yang lalu
Dragonkiller 07
Dragonkiller 07 Bulan Yang lalu
I don’t even need to watch the video, I know it’s going to be the Nokia
Aditya Raniwal29
Aditya Raniwal29 Bulan Yang lalu
Standing in mars...nd testing these devices wow🤣🤣
Anime music
Anime music Bulan Yang lalu
Its not a surprise the iphone ans samsun survived sinds when falling down the rotated do they are more likely too hit there side and rolle for 1 too 7 rotations so the energy is way more less than just a belly flop on its screen or back
Jayson McCracken
Jayson McCracken Bulan Yang lalu
You guys should test mous cases
Niel Mark Ordaniel
Niel Mark Ordaniel Bulan Yang lalu
Its Sad seeing the phone of your dreams being drop ..i mean i cant even afford those phones..my phone right now only cost 6,000 pesos which is equivalent to 120 USD only and that's my salary in 1 month.
Laid back Jack
Laid back Jack Bulan Yang lalu
Nokia is unstoppable and its true
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson Bulan Yang lalu
How fast does it reach terminal velocity? Does it make any difference once you get past a certain height?
Jim Sagubigula
Jim Sagubigula 21 hari yang lalu
It depends if it falls flat or on its side and what side. And no, if you get past the height that it will reach terminal velocity, it won't matter.
bulldog cheetah
bulldog cheetah Bulan Yang lalu
his Dream job is a soil maker
FaZe Africa
FaZe Africa Bulan Yang lalu
When I saw the vid thumbnail and the name. I knew the iPhone would go bye bye
Electric Egg
Electric Egg Bulan Yang lalu
I think the Nokia getting cracked sent the world into an imbalance, Hence 2020
Alfani Dwi Ramadhani
Alfani Dwi Ramadhani Bulan Yang lalu
Aaron Eads
Aaron Eads Bulan Yang lalu
Might be solid ground. But its still not concrete
A-Nature Bulan Yang lalu
Should’ve taken off the cases tho
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR Bulan Yang lalu
8:22 pls s10.. Dx edit 8:46 YES SAMSUNG FOR THE WIN XD
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR Bulan Yang lalu
6:20 imagine a part shoots at them x'D
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR Bulan Yang lalu
0:30 ew IPhone Dx
Mr. Doodlezz
Mr. Doodlezz Bulan Yang lalu
I can imagine the conversation at Apple when you repair your phone cause you dropped it at 1000
Shivaan Patel
Shivaan Patel Bulan Yang lalu
Me: iPhone dropped from the table to the floor... breaks Derek: iPhone dropped from 1000ft... twice....IT WORKS wtf Me: I dO NoT KnOw ThE WaY.
Cassidy Hartley-Brown
Cassidy Hartley-Brown Bulan Yang lalu
It's brick what do you expecting
Potato gamer
Potato gamer Bulan Yang lalu
Drop my ma5hs teacher from that hieght 😈😈
Landon Culver
Landon Culver 26 hari yang lalu
Potato gamer Please Do It PLEASE
hadi alfakih
hadi alfakih Bulan Yang lalu
Ohhhh so thats what caused an earth quake
Keith Calvert
Keith Calvert Bulan Yang lalu
We alllll dont know why they added an apple phone into this test it wont even stand it
panel qwopsad
panel qwopsad Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone have an android? Like if u do. Comment if u hav an iphone. And just an extra, does anyone have a VIVO Y12? Edit: You can do whatever you want if you are using a computer.
panel qwopsad
panel qwopsad Bulan Yang lalu
Daum. The cameras are *DIRTY*
F.B.I agent ack
F.B.I agent ack Bulan Yang lalu
Nokia is indestructible OR IS IT how about you hmmm shoot it with an rpg and if that doesent work GET THE TANK
F.B.I agent ack
F.B.I agent ack Bulan Yang lalu
Should of been done on concrete
akiva k
akiva k Bulan Yang lalu
Next drop a bucket of water and see if it wets the ground.
John Smith
John Smith Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine if the Nokia had a case and it fell on somebodys head
Klump Lake Life TV
Klump Lake Life TV Bulan Yang lalu
NBA player
DustAndBonesOrganization Bulan Yang lalu
well, to be honest... you should have removed the covers from the smartphones OR add one to the Nokia in order to make it a fair comparison...
HoustonGamerTV / HGTV
HoustonGamerTV / HGTV Bulan Yang lalu
Why is the sand red? Is it on mars? Do marshan people know about IDshow?
TurtleToons Bulan Yang lalu
why does my phone break by dropping in like 2ft and the old phone breaks at 1000ft...
trainion Bulan Yang lalu
the gods of stupidity is back
Mark Kanner
Mark Kanner Bulan Yang lalu
2 foot drop the phone never works again, 1000 foot drop the Phone is ready to play a game, make a phone call, text, take video and selfies. Well played Cellphone companies because you know we'll never normally drop a phone from a 1000 feet, but you do know we will from 2 feet then the phone self-destructs.
:parkour: :Duo:
:parkour: :Duo: Bulan Yang lalu
Unfair because iPhone had case samsung did not
Thomas The Train Engine
Thomas The Train Engine Bulan Yang lalu
The only thing that can defeat me..... the Nokia
Clown Bs
Clown Bs Bulan Yang lalu
the Nokia's have Infinity gauntlets don't ever drop them down 1000 feet
Amink Denkers
Amink Denkers Bulan Yang lalu
fishy boi
fishy boi Bulan Yang lalu
i bet the nokia but a small hole in the ground
AHMED Bulan Yang lalu
Nokia 3310 : *Falls from the stratosphere Nokia 3310 : "Insert sim card"
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi Bulan Yang lalu
Where was the epilepsy warning for that video footage from the iPhone and Samsung
cool carson
cool carson Bulan Yang lalu
Yet i droped my phone from 1\2 foot and it shattered
cool carson
cool carson Bulan Yang lalu
They could get a drone insted of a hella choper
Emily Mitchell
Emily Mitchell Bulan Yang lalu
I swear, everytime they said "3.. 2.. 1.." to drop the phones, a different ad would pop up.
Ecktor Bulan Yang lalu
Bro, putting your phone on the crazy claycourt bs dirt gotta be not good for it, specially dropping it from many feet high...
Hamzat Gelagaev
Hamzat Gelagaev Bulan Yang lalu
in the Changhsingian age i dropped my iphone 11 pro max to earth and that's how the great dying happened
Din Lapid
Din Lapid Bulan Yang lalu
All of you sounds like angry Australian jerry seinfeld
Klib Star
Klib Star Bulan Yang lalu
Wow, if this isn’t prime advertising opportunity for phones idk what is
ChronoMasterGaming Bulan Yang lalu
I think the other two were blessed by the nokia
BurningMoreXP. Bulan Yang lalu
You dropped them on sand... 🤷🏻
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