Zlatan Ibrahimovic interesting stories and interviews

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Some of the most intriguing stories Zlatan has shared in his interviews and opinions on legendary football players and coaches.
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surya Yenamandra
surya Yenamandra 7 jam yang lalu
Manchester United did not sign Zlatan, Zlatan signed United
Yofesi Karugaba
Yofesi Karugaba 22 jam yang lalu
Zlatan is LION
Yofesi Karugaba
Yofesi Karugaba 22 jam yang lalu
Zlatan is LION
Afg rocks
Afg rocks Hari Yang lalu
He put Sweden on map. Fkn racist people
watch nature tv
watch nature tv 2 hari yang lalu
Alvincible Man
Alvincible Man 2 hari yang lalu
Great player
Bowser KD
Bowser KD 3 hari yang lalu
‘You dont get a chance, maybe you get half a chance.’
Ellie Barnes
Ellie Barnes 4 hari yang lalu
11:35 Wayne Rooney makes perfect asses
v perutti
v perutti 4 hari yang lalu
bad for adriano
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman 5 hari yang lalu
Second best pure striker behind fat ronaldo
Tushar Basumatary
Tushar Basumatary 7 hari yang lalu
A true living legend ....ibra 💙💙💙🔪
Aman 1995
Aman 1995 15 hari yang lalu
they did this man dirty in fifa 21 his rating is 83 FUCK EA
AL BayBay
AL BayBay 8 hari yang lalu
He deserves an 85 or 86
GARY NIKHLAZ 16 hari yang lalu
Who said Zlatan is arrogant...he is Confident with lots of respect to other players in the game......
Prerana Samanta
Prerana Samanta 16 hari yang lalu
I faced so many difficulties but zlatan's things gave me hope. Your my god zlatan. Always love you 😊
Vignesh 2 hari yang lalu
Even I'm going through shit right now, but this gave me hope❤️
kaushik Raj
kaushik Raj 3 hari yang lalu
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja 17 hari yang lalu
What a video, im so blessed to watch this 🤩😇 thanks a lot admin for uploading it 🙏👏👌💪🔥
Michael Ntong
Michael Ntong 17 hari yang lalu
The mentality that keeps the body going
Timi B
Timi B 18 hari yang lalu
I uvek ces biti za njih (Svedjane) neko od nekud... uvek.. ali si covek.
James McCreery
James McCreery 19 hari yang lalu
I feel that in a video dominated future, Zlatan, not Leo might be thought of as the greatest ever footballer. Leo did something no one had ever done before, then he did it 500 more times. Zlatan did something nobody had done before like every match for 20 years. Purely on video evidence, Zlatan stands far above anyone ever.
One of Five
One of Five 20 hari yang lalu
Sweden couldn't achieve with Anderssons, Johanssons, Svenssons, Karlssons, Nilssons, Erikssons.............etc......so, they needed Ibrahimovic. He was Sweden's inspiration to import more "Ibrahimovics" of late hoping to create more glory in the future.
Kamil Skrzynecki
Kamil Skrzynecki 20 hari yang lalu
David Jones
David Jones 21 hari yang lalu
Ronaldinho is the only player nobody can hate
Manav 22 hari yang lalu
Read his book, y'all will know everything about him.
TF Mkhonza
TF Mkhonza 22 hari yang lalu
He understands good players than the scorers.
TF Mkhonza
TF Mkhonza 22 hari yang lalu
Nice game is not about goals, it was just play dribble and lough but football in Europe change that mentality.
Henrik Bæckström
Henrik Bæckström 23 hari yang lalu
My favorite players Ronaldinho Ronaldo Rivaldo Zlatan Hazard Bergkamp Larsson
Sofia Martensson
Sofia Martensson 23 hari yang lalu
Said i die alone
Furky Boi
Furky Boi 23 hari yang lalu
This man is like Conor Mcgregor, living LEGEND!!!
Markus Ragosa
Markus Ragosa 24 hari yang lalu
Hey what do u think of my gf? U know who it is
Markus Ragosa
Markus Ragosa 24 hari yang lalu
I am very proud of u bro also me was or is the black sheep God bless u bro
Sinisa Markovic
Sinisa Markovic 25 hari yang lalu
Who is that handsome?
Myriam Du
Myriam Du 25 hari yang lalu
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama 25 hari yang lalu
Ohhh🤒😝 no one likes him. I wonder why 🤮🤮🤮
Nithin Varghese
Nithin Varghese 25 hari yang lalu
Zlatan is genuine,no gimmicks at all
doc b
doc b 25 hari yang lalu
Breaking News coronavirus just caught Zlatan and has to go into isolation for 40 years
fanai muanpuia
fanai muanpuia 26 hari yang lalu
zlatan.the kind of guy who can convince you to murder a guy,but never feel guilty about it
Safin Mahmud
Safin Mahmud 26 hari yang lalu
Zlatan a humble being 💚🇧🇩
Peace Maker
Peace Maker 26 hari yang lalu
maradonna was much better than messi messi is no where near maradonna..
Omar Waheed
Omar Waheed 27 hari yang lalu
8 : 19 Appochiating
Ak Obeid
Ak Obeid 27 hari yang lalu
This is how many times Zalatan said WoW 👇🏼👇🏼
Goat Mania
Goat Mania 27 hari yang lalu
If he becomes a football Manager, He would physically hit his own players or opponents players even refrees
Hamza Jamal
Hamza Jamal 28 hari yang lalu
Spot on about Adriano, at the time he was the top 5 players in the world, just wish he didn't get into that depression mode in his personal life he literally had it all, speed, strength, power, crazy left foot strike, he was a beast.
Nikola Ljumovic
Nikola Ljumovic 28 hari yang lalu
Omar Khalid saleh
Omar Khalid saleh 29 hari yang lalu
For Guardiola I have no comments
Aimtofflan Bulan Yang lalu
One of our greatest sportsmen of all time! Zlatan
Prince Bulan Yang lalu
I know it's a video about Zlatan, but I'm gonna talk about Mourinho here. See how Zlatan talks about Mourinho? He brings some other level of mentality in the team, and only the tough players rests while the p*ssys cracks. When a player like Materazzi cries for him, you know he's something else. Anyway, that's what I sink. I hope Ibra and Mourinho do well in the future with Milan and Tottenham. Both are my favsꨄ.
rerelinho Bulan Yang lalu
Seen him play at psg a few times, a real beast on the pitch, real giant, he s above many....
Lazy Fingers
Lazy Fingers Bulan Yang lalu
I don't even like football but this dude is just man goals, no pun intended
Galaga Bulan Yang lalu
The man is a fucking icon. Has as much ability as any player, past or present. My favourite of all time.
Wazin Shammy
Wazin Shammy Bulan Yang lalu
Zlatan is True about Adriano
Syahmi Afiq
Syahmi Afiq Bulan Yang lalu
Zlatan have feeling too! He's a lagend! A player with special philosophy! He was a big name in football, a player who had play with other lagends for past two decades. Can u imagine how a player like him can shine for every club in different league that he play! Huge respect for this guy!
Martin Kargbo
Martin Kargbo Bulan Yang lalu
Very insightful
atheist teetotaller
atheist teetotaller Bulan Yang lalu
The real brave man...my idol LION ZLATAN
Infant Fernandes
Infant Fernandes Bulan Yang lalu
The complete striker in the world. The man who can do anything in the pitch
Boss Modus
Boss Modus Bulan Yang lalu
Fucking Legend with an huge legacy !!!
Ashar Jadoon
Ashar Jadoon Bulan Yang lalu
Just one thing i lvv youuu zalatan❤️
KM4L Bulan Yang lalu
He’s not arrogant, he just wants to win. Him and Ronaldo have the right mindset
Aziz Al Zarif
Aziz Al Zarif Bulan Yang lalu
He is not a man. I have nothing more to say 😆
gsus sindustries
gsus sindustries Bulan Yang lalu
But you woulve respectec Malmö my not chosing Hammary
Martin Bulan Yang lalu
The most unique player ever imo
qwerty L.
qwerty L. Bulan Yang lalu
The Only team he loved was juventus
richard hewer
richard hewer Bulan Yang lalu
soager009 69
soager009 69 Bulan Yang lalu
Very good video. Love the insightful interview moments.
Bhumi KC
Bhumi KC Bulan Yang lalu
For sure footballs biggest miss is not to see Adriano reach his full potential, because he was as Zlatan said an animal.
Arnab Ray
Arnab Ray Bulan Yang lalu
My super hero ❤️❤️
Broj Jedan
Broj Jedan Bulan Yang lalu
Lamma Bross
Lamma Bross Bulan Yang lalu
Zlatan Ibrahimovic sounds genuinely intelligent here. The way he responses to those questions, he is undeniably a very clever guy. You see why he says" 50% of the football is your mental part?" No wonder why he calls himself a Lion on the land, a Shark at the sea and more. This man destroys all of his opponent players including their fans mentally. That is some kind of a Ballon D'Or mind battle he wins by 100% accuracy. On the football pitch, he is one of the best strikers and he scores both short and long distance goals. He delivers! And he is concurring the world doing what he does best! Since I've followed the beautiful game football, he stands out! He's so unique! There is only one Zlatan in this world and that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic! #Fan.
Gulaknikov Bulan Yang lalu
I agree with Zlatan what he said about Pep, he is social akward and acts like a diva
Hugo Nongbri
Hugo Nongbri 11 hari yang lalu
I think Klopp and Mourinho are better man managers
IMPlive 17
IMPlive 17 Bulan Yang lalu
If this guy had played for 1 or two clubs his whole career he would have been less underrated. Definitely a beast of a player.
Electrifying 3:16
Electrifying 3:16 Bulan Yang lalu
As a Juventus fan one of the biggest regrets I have for my club is that we couldn't keep Ibrahimovic. He could have been Juve's franchise player for years to come. Instead he became THE franchise player in almost every club he went to. He is arrogant as hell but he has every right to be. There's being arrogant and then there's being arrogant and backing it up and that's what Ibra has been doing since his very first game. He is a proud player that knows his worth. He's very disciplined, demands respect and will settle for nothing but a win. Those are values he kept from his time at Juventus. He's also agressive as a player and in general which is something his many coaches got out of him. And when you combine those 4 things with his unique skill, talent and hard work you get a monster of a player. Everywhere he went he owned the league, even in Barcelona. He scored 21 goals in one season in the team that had peak Messi and while playing out of position most of the time. You just have to respect this man. You don't have to like him, but there is no denying he is one of the best strikers to ever play the game.
Electrifying 3:16
Electrifying 3:16 Bulan Yang lalu
@Alex P He's arrogant AND confident.
Alex P
Alex P Bulan Yang lalu
He is not arrogant, he’s confident.
Ras Samuel
Ras Samuel Bulan Yang lalu
My Opinion, if he’s not a bully people would respect him 🤷🏽‍♂️
Muhammad Inayat
Muhammad Inayat Bulan Yang lalu
He acts all strong but inside he is soft
Vater Jacob
Vater Jacob Bulan Yang lalu
dont like this guy before,but he got my respect finally.
sejdaren Ilmarinen
sejdaren Ilmarinen Bulan Yang lalu
in some ways i like zlatan but im sick of his "i wasnt swedish poor me" ...he has a bad attitu many times and a huge ego...alot of his confrontations are from that not him not bing swedish.... in the years he played i kind of liked his attitude more and more...but this last years he has become rather patetic in his aprouch towards his old national team...guess it hurts his go to seee they are actually playing bettre without him
Harnaik Aujla
Harnaik Aujla Bulan Yang lalu
Ibra is a fucking legend, 12th top goal scorer of all time
Dingngheta Khiangte
Dingngheta Khiangte Bulan Yang lalu
8:14 ? apuciating
Mark Robby
Mark Robby Bulan Yang lalu
In Europe generally, being confident is seen as "being arrogant" and that's why the same way you were perceived everywhere in your career in Europe. France is even worst! But in US, such confident attitude is even encouraged and celebrated.
WhiskyPentruFete Bulan Yang lalu
You don't pass Canavaro and Thuram without feeling pain everywhere (Zlatan).
Beyond Tiger
Beyond Tiger Bulan Yang lalu
Just respect sit
Big Lebowski
Big Lebowski Bulan Yang lalu
Why does the dude look like a Columbian contract killer from a B movie 6:15
Galuh Richata
Galuh Richata Bulan Yang lalu
Zlatan, one of the best and the most complete strikers the world of football ever watched...
Jack Abbaszadeh
Jack Abbaszadeh Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine if Joelinton becomes the new Ibrahimovic lol
101M views . 1 day ago
101M views . 1 day ago Bulan Yang lalu
We don't see videos like this about Zlatan often.... Great man
Football Mania
Football Mania 18 hari yang lalu
@Dray yeah, and kids hate him for no reason. Garbage Media, manipulating many people
Dray Bulan Yang lalu
because this is what the media dont want you to see, the real story behind Zlatan's painful past, where his confidence comes from, they only like writing articles saying he's arrogant and talking shit about him, i love Zlatan
Lucas Gregory
Lucas Gregory Bulan Yang lalu
Him talking about Juventus, facing Maldini, Nesta... What a legend! And people say he's "arrogant". Nah... He's Ibrahimovic!
Dariush Diana
Dariush Diana Bulan Yang lalu
Total goals ranking: C.Ronaldo: 755 Messi: 731 Zlatan: 554
Abegaz Bulan Yang lalu
Albert Chandra
Albert Chandra Bulan Yang lalu
Ibra is top 3 of biggest football players in millenium era..together with CR7 and L. Messi..Full Respect to Ibrahimovic👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
86niisan8686 Bulan Yang lalu
Zlatan allready had my respect as a human being... as a footballer he should get everybodies respect, because he is a player that has been in the top 10 of strikers worldwide for 15 years... from his last season at ajax untill manchester he scored so many beautifull goals and passed so many opponents with the ball, won so many duels in the box etc... he scored more than 1 goal every 2 matches and scored alot of hattricks. As a human you could argue about him being arrogant, cocky, a troubled childhood with criminal activities etc... But he was not yet a man..... he was a boy. During his time at ajax and his first stint in italy, he became a man! Also, people who call him arrogant have never heard him praise other people like he does so often, it is like he says so himself in these interviews: Its not arrogance, its confidence, alot of confidence. He has always said, messi is the best football player of his time maybe ALLTIME. But to be honest, as a striker, zlatan was more complete than messi, in the box zlatan scores with every part of his body and cant be thrown pushed or pulled away. Messi is "more skillfull and talented" but the physical limitations he has puts zlatan ahead of him with corners, indirect free kicks with his insane karatekicks, headers, bicycle kicks and sheer power! But people need to learn the difference between a PLAYER and a POSITION. Messi is the best PLAYER in the world, Ronaldo is the best STRIKER in the world Zlatan is 2nd for me, next to ronaldo as a striker, but with the right team around him, zlatan in his prime could do the same things ronaldo was doing at REAL apart from free kicks and penalties :P:P
"50 percent of whatever you do is in your head" What a wise man!
Arcticwolf Bulan Yang lalu
Well zlatan it's all true your God
Happy Monday
Happy Monday Bulan Yang lalu
That was great, i enjoyed watching this. Zlatan💪
The SbcGuy
The SbcGuy 2 bulan yang lalu
Zlatan has no time for bs
ƎM 2 bulan yang lalu
Zlatan : you have Maldini Nesta Dida !! so true
in search
in search 2 bulan yang lalu
Zlatan + the ‘old’ mourinho (Chelsea 2004-2007 - inter Milan version) = killer combination
Dybala 10XD
Dybala 10XD 2 bulan yang lalu
Im from Sweden and the same is happening to me
kevin mwenda
kevin mwenda 2 bulan yang lalu
nektarios merkouris
nektarios merkouris 2 bulan yang lalu
You can hear the RESPECT when he says names like Maldini Nesta Dida Thuram Cannavaro Buffon ...
fernando payon
fernando payon 10 hari yang lalu
@Mahmoud 91 not Maldini
RETARDNATION 12 hari yang lalu
@Mahmoud 91 yes
Mahmoud 91
Mahmoud 91 Bulan Yang lalu
All of them world cup champions, right?
Dray Bulan Yang lalu
those names are terrifying on the pitch just the idea of playing against them makes me wanna shit myself lol
aniki937 2 bulan yang lalu
Zlatan is one of the rare sportsman that has gone beyond this status. He is that human being who inspires millions of people all around the world. You can find him arrogant of course, but this rawness proves he is genuine
Happablapp 2 bulan yang lalu
"Do you know Zlatan?"
Puga Magar
Puga Magar 2 bulan yang lalu
Is he Boyka's brother?
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