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beetle pimp
beetle pimp 11 jam yang lalu
Why come E 👀 Wycombe ?
Reverse videos
Reverse videos 2 hari yang lalu
I made Antoine Griezmann the greatest player ever? I really miss seeing my favorite player play amazing
xRevolveFNx 3 hari yang lalu
How do u know his potential?
Connor p
Connor p 3 hari yang lalu
Connor p
Connor p 3 hari yang lalu
Subscribe to him
Agate Jančevska
Agate Jančevska 5 hari yang lalu
Random leagues? When has bundesliga been a random league?
Gamerboyronaldo Gonzalez
Gamerboyronaldo Gonzalez 8 hari yang lalu
Tigres won one and loses one so it counts as one
Gamerboyronaldo Gonzalez
Gamerboyronaldo Gonzalez 8 hari yang lalu
It’s two trophies
Miguel Cortez Jr.
Miguel Cortez Jr. 10 hari yang lalu
BFord: I'll take any Premier League team even the worst Also BFord: No we're not taking Aston Villa
Thuto Mosholi
Thuto Mosholi 11 hari yang lalu
like my comments
Thuto Mosholi
Thuto Mosholi 11 hari yang lalu
bfrod make a viedio
Thuto Mosholi
Thuto Mosholi 11 hari yang lalu
what are you doing
Thuto Mosholi
Thuto Mosholi 11 hari yang lalu
Thuto Mosholi
Thuto Mosholi 11 hari yang lalu
how are you
Thuto Mosholi
Thuto Mosholi 11 hari yang lalu
sho fentse
Msv_kühlschrank 14 hari yang lalu
Ah yes bundesliga random league
AmongUs Videos
AmongUs Videos 17 hari yang lalu
The Mexican league thing is a bit like the MLS with the two half south and north
Jaison Kayonga
Jaison Kayonga 17 hari yang lalu
do benteke nest
Some_ _Unearthly
Some_ _Unearthly 17 hari yang lalu
I'm a little but late but why does Bford look like Marcel sabitzer?
Team Rain
Team Rain 19 hari yang lalu
Whycomebe lolll
sucking at life :D
sucking at life :D 22 hari yang lalu
wait isnt akinfenwa 38?
Alex James Simbillo
Alex James Simbillo 23 hari yang lalu
does anyone know how he changes the squad in the career? Please let me know
Laiq Bassa
Laiq Bassa 23 hari yang lalu
Do an Alexis Sanchez rewind
Erik Kromer
Erik Kromer 23 hari yang lalu
Dortmund was so bad because it seems like you didn’t really manage the morale n such of the team as you went thru. Could’ve been much better
Tikis Gonzalez
Tikis Gonzalez 24 hari yang lalu
It’s kinda like the Australian league first half is a normal league like England and the second half is like the top teams from the first half play a tournament
Hafeez Adebayo
Hafeez Adebayo 24 hari yang lalu
PLEase do another one
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez 25 hari yang lalu
The fried chicken of Akinfewa is greater than Tigres xd
YuXal 26 hari yang lalu
Wi - comb. Not difficult man
Lou Franklin
Lou Franklin 27 hari yang lalu
PLYMOUTH ARGYLE =champions leage worthy
Neil Jones
Neil Jones 28 hari yang lalu
How did you change his age to 24 years old?
Blairhill1872 Bulan Yang lalu
the way he says aston villa😬
Fuzzy Jam 1326
Fuzzy Jam 1326 Bulan Yang lalu
it is pronounced wi com
Luke Games
Luke Games Bulan Yang lalu
Fss whycomebee oof
K Crighton
K Crighton Bulan Yang lalu
Saka or walker
RedLightning Bulan Yang lalu
WhYCoMbEe 🤣🤣
KloVV Bulan Yang lalu
Hey do anyone knows how he changes teams in career every season?
Panda Bulan Yang lalu
Can u do one with Mario gotze
Snnovern Bulan Yang lalu
Resume of the video: He did not made Akinfenwa the greatest player ever
Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick
Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick Bulan Yang lalu
Man said “wikombee”
Baran Bulan Yang lalu
14:28 look at dat face
Baran Bulan Yang lalu
Ment 14:29
Cole Whittaker
Cole Whittaker Bulan Yang lalu
I got triggered when u said wy com bee
Noble potato
Noble potato Bulan Yang lalu
It’s pronounced wik hum
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming Bulan Yang lalu
The Mexican league works like the top 8 go to playoff and the playoffs have 2 legs
Ólíver Arne
Ólíver Arne Bulan Yang lalu
Do Curtis jones
Marco Arguello
Marco Arguello Bulan Yang lalu
The top 8 teams go to playoff
Jayden FC
Jayden FC Bulan Yang lalu
What Do You Mean MADE Him The Best He ALREADY IS THE BEST
Oisin Power
Oisin Power Bulan Yang lalu
No one : Literally no none : Bford : league 4
Roman Warrior
Roman Warrior Bulan Yang lalu
So the Mexican league works is you have to get top 8 with 16 games to qualify to the playoffs and there’s 2 different seasons the Apertura and the Clausura which technically you get 2 chances to win a trophy
Tim ten Hove
Tim ten Hove Bulan Yang lalu
Top scorer trofee is Also a trophy right?
Team CLIPZ Taylor
Team CLIPZ Taylor Bulan Yang lalu
Celtic have european foot all
TrophyHunter PS96
TrophyHunter PS96 Bulan Yang lalu
It's pronounced Wickham not whycombe
Kkskengerz 123
Kkskengerz 123 Bulan Yang lalu
Itspreston 123
Itspreston 123 Bulan Yang lalu
OMG I a wycombe fan and did he just call that team WI-COME-B
Chiltonn x
Chiltonn x Bulan Yang lalu
Make them younger than 24
Luro Bulan Yang lalu
Its pronouced wick-um
Lapix Bulan Yang lalu
Ah yes... the prestegious club why-cowmbe... ???
Hamza Meskhi
Hamza Meskhi Bulan Yang lalu
In form Akinfenwa is too good,he makes an ok team a BEEAST team, he is too good he makes everyone better, In form Akinfenwa is too good that he doesn't need a team
Zac McVey
Zac McVey Bulan Yang lalu
Why didn’t you go to Celtic? You are so stupid disrespect!😡😡😡😡🤬
Jamie Bredesen
Jamie Bredesen Bulan Yang lalu
What do you mean you made him the best he already is the best 🤦‍♂️
a svarqa
a svarqa Bulan Yang lalu
He’s quite cringe
Meezy 18
Meezy 18 Bulan Yang lalu
What do you mean, you made him the best player? He already IS the best player
derek hancock
derek hancock Bulan Yang lalu
Do 1 on Trossard
Sherise Albert
Sherise Albert Bulan Yang lalu
I'm good friends with Akinfenwa's eldest sons mother and it so crazy how people celebrate this deadbeat, washed up, superficial fool. Akinfenwa has an almost 11 year old son which he doesn't take care of and he's out here getting celebrated. She said that he never played football with him, pays less than £10 a day for his sons support and doesn't even pay it. Stop praising people for superficial things that won't matter in a couple years...this man is a deadbeat father who doesn't take care of his responsibility and denys his first son a father. There's currently a court order giving him visitation with his son that he don't care about. Hasn't seen his son in years. Despicable *spits*
Lewis Barnes
Lewis Barnes Bulan Yang lalu
Carlos Santana - Maria Maria guitar solo going on in the background at 4:25 😁
Henley Ireland
Henley Ireland Bulan Yang lalu
He could go to Liverpool or something then offer for him it’s that easy
Enam Islam
Enam Islam Bulan Yang lalu
Did you win the turkey cup
Charlie Beer
Charlie Beer Bulan Yang lalu
Go Plymouth argyle
Lil Mano
Lil Mano Bulan Yang lalu
The way he says Wycombe
Diego De Leon
Diego De Leon Bulan Yang lalu
Me: A Mexican and fan of Tigres Me when I saw that he go to Tigres: :)
Lucas Buckley
Lucas Buckley Bulan Yang lalu
I’m bare mad he turned down villa wtf man
Tuph Bulan Yang lalu
Why-Com-Bee had me dead...
Teedeii Bulan Yang lalu
Whats the song at 21:15
Rune Fowler
Rune Fowler Bulan Yang lalu
6:49 he said 82 overall LOL
Zook 3961
Zook 3961 Bulan Yang lalu
How did man just pronounce wycombe so badly, he could've actually just googled once or just played a match with them
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck Bulan Yang lalu
Why Come Be?
Douglas Zenker Chamun
Douglas Zenker Chamun Bulan Yang lalu
This guy looks like Cole Sprouse!
NELLZBS2 Bristol
NELLZBS2 Bristol Bulan Yang lalu
You playing on a mod to change his age and keep changing club's with him
NELLZBS2 Bristol
NELLZBS2 Bristol Bulan Yang lalu
And change his age as well
NELLZBS2 Bristol
NELLZBS2 Bristol Bulan Yang lalu
How he even doing dis in fifa20
NELLZBS2 Bristol
NELLZBS2 Bristol Bulan Yang lalu
I hate wen youtubers don't reply back
Mbos Gaming
Mbos Gaming Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine not signing for Celtic
Julie James
Julie James Bulan Yang lalu
Make ozil the grearest player
minired12 Bulan Yang lalu
Bford would do an accepting every transfer offer video and reject offers
Joseph Posadas
Joseph Posadas Bulan Yang lalu
So the Mexican League Liga MX works like this. Liga MX Clasura is the beginning of the season. 18 games and top 8 go to quarterfinals semifinals and a winner. 2 leg final. They have a month or 2 break and they begin Liga BBVA MX Apertura. 18 games and top I go to quarterfinals, semis, and 2 leg final. That is how it works Bford. Love your videos.
sloth nation
sloth nation Bulan Yang lalu
Lets get a var check on that jeff Why comb ee Wycombe Cheers jeff
NELLZBS2 Bristol
NELLZBS2 Bristol Bulan Yang lalu
How are you making him 24 on fifa20
andrew nicholson
andrew nicholson Bulan Yang lalu
the way he said wycombe🤡
Pikachudardis Bulan Yang lalu
That’s not how you pronounce Wycombe at all I’ll spell it how it’s pronounced wicome
Aidan Kane
Aidan Kane Bulan Yang lalu
I’ve never heard so one say Wicombee instead of wyombe
Nevan Skene-Baker
Nevan Skene-Baker Bulan Yang lalu
Who else got so triggered when he tried to pronounce Wycombe
Asentseto Bulan Yang lalu
ffion sara Davies
ffion sara Davies Bulan Yang lalu
Do Daniel James or karius
Max Green
Max Green Bulan Yang lalu
Akinfenwa Fifa 20 Career Honours: 1 League Two Play-off Promotion Title 1 LIGA MX Clausura Title 1 Super Lig Title 1 Liga NOS Title
Estaqui Bulan Yang lalu
ayy big up the plymouth argyle choice
broski not loski
broski not loski Bulan Yang lalu
"AKINAFENWA" only ogs know why I spelt it like that
Tristan Cesi
Tristan Cesi Bulan Yang lalu
Zinx Football
Zinx Football Bulan Yang lalu
Do a wilfried bony one
Zinx Football
Zinx Football Bulan Yang lalu
RJ _ oh
RJ _
RJ _ Bulan Yang lalu
Already been done
sir conrad
sir conrad Bulan Yang lalu
do it longer like 7 seasons but start them all at 19
Nightmare Bulan Yang lalu
Diego Solana
Diego Solana Bulan Yang lalu
So the Mexican league works this way: it’s divided in two semesters, and are considered two leagues in a regular season. If you want to win the league, you must be on the top 8, and after the “season” ends, it becomes like a cup (quarter finals, semis, and the final) so if you are in first place is almost the same as if you are eight place.
Diego Solana
Diego Solana Bulan Yang lalu
And after the winter break, it repeats. I am not sure if being above other teams in the final eight gives you any benefit apart of the economic benefits.
George Bateman
George Bateman Bulan Yang lalu
this is why i cant stand him, ik hes not english but its not hard to go on transfermarkt and find the pronunciation
Ashley Beard
Ashley Beard Bulan Yang lalu
And he says "League 4", not League 2.
Ashley Beard
Ashley Beard Bulan Yang lalu
Ikr. WHY-COM-BEE. WIK-HAM. That speaks for itself, I think.
sir conrad
sir conrad Bulan Yang lalu
plymouth argyleeeeeeee
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