[Behind the Scenes] Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Yea-ji's first date | It’s Okay to Not Be Okay [ENG SUB]

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Watch it rain feathers in Seo Yea-ji and Oh Jung-se’s pillow fight, tag along Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Yea-ji’s date as they have fun with selfies, and witness Kim Soo-hyun cry his heart out for his emotional scene with Oh Jung-se 😭
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ykon sw
ykon sw 2 hari yang lalu
Really miss Moon couple. Super cute❤❤
Xilet Jah
Xilet Jah 2 hari yang lalu
i love their chemistry, i hope they have another drama next year.
ayushka jain
ayushka jain 4 hari yang lalu
They are so amazing 😍🙀
madara utchihaa
madara utchihaa 6 hari yang lalu
they should be real couple 😆
drunk betches
drunk betches 7 hari yang lalu
you ever just finish a drama like this and then have that depressing moment by yourself and then you look up the full cast and then follow them on all social media you have and look up the behind the scenes and the bloopers or in my case the soundtracks??me too:))
Sophie Chan
Sophie Chan 8 hari yang lalu
omg the screen scene 🤣
Ilgaz Çatak
Ilgaz Çatak 10 hari yang lalu
That crying at the end was very very good. I wonder how they get in the mood like that while there is a camera right in front of your face. Acting is really something else.
Ayeshafn_ 15 hari yang lalu
I hope sesion 2 have twin
Yash Pareek
Yash Pareek 18 hari yang lalu
They should marry.... Best couples 💖💖💖💖
JC de Jesus
JC de Jesus 20 hari yang lalu
3:30 this is what I came for
Pragya Suman
Pragya Suman 20 hari yang lalu
Mun young has fighting scene with Ju ri and sang tae oppa as well, I wish she had one with Gang Tae too. It will be so much fun to see 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Season 2 pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. They left so many scenes that are still left to be discovered with both of them.
Melody Vang
Melody Vang 21 hari yang lalu
I ship them sooooo muchhhh
Moana Igwana Vlogs
Moana Igwana Vlogs 22 hari yang lalu
All of you very talented..great combination also.goodluck kim soo hyun to all of you.
Patrick Tolentino
Patrick Tolentino 26 hari yang lalu
Gang-tae went from "let's not see each other again" to "I don't want to leave you". Also, Mun-yeong stop her cigarette addiction halfway through. I am going to miss this drama-- 10/10 would watch again.
Izzy Woods
Izzy Woods 26 hari yang lalu
I just heard them say the korean title for the first time and....👀i- *sigh🙁
emjadn 27 hari yang lalu
This make me feel bad for oh jung se (sang tae) They didn't even put much behind the scenes of him? This is prejudice to his right, this pisses me off, they just focus on the couple and they forgot about sang tae the great role in this drama
emjadn 27 hari yang lalu
Im so sad 🤬 No one talking obout how is oh jung se is a great actor and just talking about soohyun and yea ji WHY?? He is really indulged in playing the role, but no one gave him the appreciation befitting his acting skills ?? It is the basis of the success of this drama and
Jax and Light
Jax and Light 4 hari yang lalu
S 27 hari yang lalu
Not sure if it’s just me but Soohyun seems a whole lot more comfortable and louder in these behind the scenes compared to the My Love from the Star ones (might be because he was already friends with Yeji). I just find it sweet how the more he acts, the more his real personality is being shown to us
100% ParkJimin Biased
100% ParkJimin Biased 28 hari yang lalu
the best 2020 kdrama
Augusto Faustino de Castro
Augusto Faustino de Castro 28 hari yang lalu
Parabéns coreanos, pela produção competente. Esse dorama, me cativou muito!
Sittie Pampangan
Sittie Pampangan 29 hari yang lalu
Yeji is soooooo pretty uwu~
Dennis Espiritu
Dennis Espiritu 29 hari yang lalu
Just finished watching this series. So now I go to youtube and watch everything related to it 😂
rous paucar
rous paucar 29 hari yang lalu
They really have good chemistry... They'd make a nice couple
Clasher [ Hell Boy ]
Clasher [ Hell Boy ] Bulan Yang lalu
Want to see all episodes in IDshow ☺ Please🙏🙏💓 upload ☺
im here bcs im bored
im here bcs im bored Bulan Yang lalu
damn the one who played as sangtae is a great actor
im here bcs im bored
im here bcs im bored Bulan Yang lalu
5:29 location pls
addisxns_here Bulan Yang lalu
I ship
Sarcastic Dude
Sarcastic Dude Bulan Yang lalu
i think kim so hyun learned so much with his partnership with Jun Ji Hyun in MLFTS.. his attention to detail is impressive! well done So Hyun and Yea Ji!
Dedy Nur Febrianto
Dedy Nur Febrianto Bulan Yang lalu
waiting for BTS ep. 11 - 16
Tatiana Pachar
Tatiana Pachar Bulan Yang lalu
Excelente trabajo de todo el elenco, mis felicitaciones para el director 👏
Irfan Mahendra Putra
Irfan Mahendra Putra Bulan Yang lalu
Min, Baru Eps.5-10 .. 11-16 BeLummm??? ..
Shameema Banu
Shameema Banu Bulan Yang lalu
How to move on....?😭😭😭
Yo Gyal
Yo Gyal Bulan Yang lalu
To all Koreans out there who came up with „fighting“ ?
golden hobi
golden hobi Bulan Yang lalu
i love every single actor/actress in this movie, literally E V E R Y O N E
Dar GT
Dar GT Bulan Yang lalu
IOTNBO and HyunJi nation badly need a Season 2. So hard to watch other dramas after this unforgettable series.
Joe Chandra
Joe Chandra Bulan Yang lalu
the stair incident when sangtae told everyone that gangtae want to kill him back then was a reallyy reallyy nice scene and showed us their capabilities, SO FREAKING COOLL
iKON's Foreign friend
iKON's Foreign friend Bulan Yang lalu
imagine your neighborhood has moonyoung and Juri omg they are so pretty like goddess
Adventures of Mimi Marie
Adventures of Mimi Marie Bulan Yang lalu
Such a good show! Absolutely loved it!!!
Authy Bonita
Authy Bonita Bulan Yang lalu
I really really really love the scene of Gang tae and Sang Tae's argument at the hospital stairs.... It breaks my heart every time!!! And it felt so real
Mary Grâce Joyeux
Mary Grâce Joyeux Bulan Yang lalu
I'm here coz I miss them so bad 😭😍