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Florentino Pérez is the most powerful man in Real Madrid and the name behind their success unless you talk to Real Madrid's former president, Ramón Calderón. A man accused of vile crimes against the club, his name has been cleared 10 years later and he's going for Florentino Pérez. Lies, spies, threats: learn about the biggest conspiracy in football history.
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HJ S 25 hari yang lalu
Lufty Wiranda
Lufty Wiranda 26 hari yang lalu
saptak brahma
saptak brahma 26 hari yang lalu
Bartomeu and Perez the two sides of same coin
Jimmy CE
Jimmy CE 27 hari yang lalu
Hala Madrid! Perez is the king!
Manu Sparkz
Manu Sparkz 29 hari yang lalu
Man so many puny brains in comment section spreading hate against Florentino. And i pity all those self proclaimed Madridistas who talks against Perez , pretty sure that they know no shit about Real madrid and what Perez has done for them and is still doing. Perez is one of the most successful , if not the most , Madrid president. Calderon put the club at debt and watched barca domintaing them , Perez bought them back to track. And still people doubt him , what a bunch of pea brains. Perez is the best President that a team could ask for right now , there was a recent video of evra about manutd being mismanaged , and evra gave the example of how to manage a club in the name of perez. Those who knows about football know what perez is doing..those keyboard warriors in this comment knows no shit And lol OH MY GOAL , Coming up with another bullshit abour Zidane! Lol perez is the one who trusted on zidane when he was nothing as a coach , and now he is back , with a la liga. On your face haters
TheGreatAkhillis Bulan Yang lalu
Still better than bartomeu
Ed Ga
Ed Ga Bulan Yang lalu
Dear @Oh my Goal this story is for children
Biplab Ghosh
Biplab Ghosh Bulan Yang lalu
Shit Madrid , shit Perez, shit bar to me u, shit LA liga , LA liga treated messi and cr7 as the same enough already go to hell Spanish football
AMAN NAVLAKHE Bulan Yang lalu
Perez vs Bartomeo. Who would you take ?
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare Bulan Yang lalu
Well no surprise two narcissistics Mourinho and Perez got along well with each other.
TheLast Sasuke
TheLast Sasuke Bulan Yang lalu
Damn perez is disgusting
Ice wallow Come
Ice wallow Come 2 bulan yang lalu
Who thinks Bartomeu and Perez should switch their presidential jobs!
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre 2 bulan yang lalu
I love them both
Ankush Kar
Ankush Kar 2 bulan yang lalu
I am not sure.. but perez most likely did what he always claimed. He stacked real madrid with top players. Calderon almost ruined real madrid bringing in players like gago, lass diara.. atleast it was perez during which real was a true champion. I will support perez
David Khairalha
David Khairalha Bulan Yang lalu
Me too
Terry Haokip
Terry Haokip 2 bulan yang lalu
He is scar from lion king
Khairani Mardhiah
Khairani Mardhiah 2 bulan yang lalu
Real Madrid began their hunt for Ronaldo during Ramon Calderon's tenure as president. Calderon and Ronaldo agreed that the player would move to Real Madrid in 2008. Before the Portuguese winger signed a contract, though, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson convinced him to stay in England for another year. Real Madrid were playing a friendly match in Bogota, Colombia, when news of the postponed deal filtered through to Calderon. "I got up in the morning to receive a phone call from Real Madrid," Calderon told Bleacher Report. "They said, 'You know what? Cristiano has announced that he's extended his contract.' I said, 'It can't be.' "Fifteen or 20 minutes later, I got a phone call from Cristiano, saying, 'Mr. President, I'm so sorry. I have to do this because I'm quite happy with the club. Ferguson is like a father to me. I'm in love with the fans, everything here, but we have an agreement I will go next year.' "I said, 'Of course. It's up to you.' So we arranged everything for the next year. We got all the documents done." Ronaldo left Manchester United for £80 million the following June. Everything was done by December 12, 2008. Calderon left office in January 2009, a month after the deal was inked but before it had been officially announced. Perez returned for his second coming as president in June 2009, yet he balked at signing Ronaldo, even though there was a £30 million penalty clause in the contract in case any party withdrew from the deal. "The problem was that when Florentino came, he said, 'This is not a player for Real Madrid'. He didn't like to receive inheritances that he couldn't be proud of in the future. He thought, 'This player is not mine. I'm not going to take advantage of this.' He said, 'I think I can have two or three players for the same money. I don't see Cristiano Ronaldo playing at Real Madrid.' "The player knew that. He got very angry. His agent, Jorge Mendes, said, 'OK, we're going to leave. We are not going to claim the penalty clause.'" Fortunately for Real Madrid, their general manager at the time, Jorge Valdano, convinced the president not to make a rash move on Ronaldo. Calderon says that Valdano told Perez to calm down and not let his pride get in the way of signing the best player in the world. Perez was suitably pacified, but those events are why Ronaldo was unhappy during his first two or three years at Real Madrid.
Messi's Memes
Messi's Memes 2 bulan yang lalu
Jeez! Madrid and Barca have filty Presidents, but at least one knows how to keep the club's finances in check.
Frosted Stig
Frosted Stig 2 bulan yang lalu
pause at 0:15
Gautham Alwin
Gautham Alwin 3 bulan yang lalu
After 9months Zidane came back and won the league with real Madrid the Mourinho think was all rubbish.
mr goodbytes
mr goodbytes 3 bulan yang lalu
2:16 most negative impact? to be fair without him we never would have gotten zidane figo or ronaldo, some of the best players in our clubs history, 5 of Madrid UCL came while he was president, he brought in zidane as a player and coach, sure he did some bad stuff but definetly not a negative influence on the club, when calderon was president our biggest achievment was back to back la liga but we never made it past the R16 even with Van nistelrooy Raul higuain and Casillas, the next president has to be someone who gets top players and promising talents like perez but with good intentions like calderon.
Justin Case
Justin Case 3 bulan yang lalu
All true
Robert VZ9
Robert VZ9 3 bulan yang lalu
The illuminati are everywhere where the big seats standing and I think this Perez is also from that group. A shame for the world
hope mudzudza
hope mudzudza 4 bulan yang lalu
Kidz fifa games damn kkkk
zlbeast gamer
zlbeast gamer 4 bulan yang lalu
Ronaldo gone from Real Madrid... Real Madrid gone from football greatness..
ikken ezdarasen
ikken ezdarasen 4 bulan yang lalu
el mundo is barcelona media not madrid
Freedom The Morrison
Freedom The Morrison 4 bulan yang lalu
OK now, obviously Perez is a dick and we all know that but that all just sounds like made up shit.
TUGATEK 5 bulan yang lalu
Total agreed with this video
WYM MYW 5 bulan yang lalu
calderon and the board was the reason why zizou stayed at madrid in 2018 and why madrid won 3rd straight champions league title..
Justin Crock
Justin Crock 6 bulan yang lalu
it just showed you they care only about money
Shachee S B
Shachee S B 6 bulan yang lalu
Florentino is a dipshit
Murtaza abidi
Murtaza abidi 6 bulan yang lalu
Calderon is a wanker
Mark Muhu
Mark Muhu 6 bulan yang lalu
Shame on Perez! He should be in jail now. No wonder CR7 left
Dathai najiar
Dathai najiar 6 bulan yang lalu
Floretino Perez you're just got lucky to to get Cristiano Ronaldo at that time when every teams wants him and Now look what you have done
nba nba
nba nba 6 bulan yang lalu
EM PORTUGAL: Isto é Cristiano Ronaldo em Portugal. Tem música dedicada a ele. idshow.info/watch/PGrBvYJhRJA/video.html Saudações de Portugal para todos os Argentinos e Espanhois. Viva Cristiano, Viva Portugal
Tarkan Bashllari
Tarkan Bashllari 6 bulan yang lalu
No wonder Real Madrid signed Eden Hazard for like £100m or something and Luka Jović for £80m when there were two certain Kosovan lads called Milot Rashica and Vedat Muriqi for £40m and £20m respectively.
Fatima Aljabery
Fatima Aljabery 6 bulan yang lalu
fuck peruz he can go to hell he hates Ronaldo
Nengi Bobby
Nengi Bobby 6 bulan yang lalu
Florentino is very stupid
Joanne Cw
Joanne Cw 6 bulan yang lalu
As a Real Madrid fan I can't believe what I heard
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz 7 bulan yang lalu
Who is here after ex president lorenzo sans dies of coronavirus
TheTinyPanda 7 bulan yang lalu
R.I.P. florentino Pérez
ghxst _raed
ghxst _raed 7 bulan yang lalu
I love all of ur vids. They are very useful and fun to watch.
Krazy Pizza
Krazy Pizza 7 bulan yang lalu
Great video are you off videos very interesting to to watch keep work up
Alex Thelander
Alex Thelander 7 bulan yang lalu
Perez has won the club 5 Champions League titles. Greatest of all presidents in the world - only after...Bernabéu.
Shaurya Mahajan
Shaurya Mahajan 7 bulan yang lalu
Perez seems kinda dodgy anyways. And after reading this it kinds explains the awful farewell given to the likes of casillas and pepe and ronaldo etc
ahmedsafaa1000 8 bulan yang lalu
Calderon from 2003-2009 saw the worst versions of Real Madrid in the last 20 years. Perez ruthless tactics made Real Madrid in its position today. Perez sacked any manager that didn’t win a trophy.
Chip Lawler
Chip Lawler 8 bulan yang lalu
What a shit show
realnesx 8 bulan yang lalu
Perez probably frightened karrius family for the champions league final told him to have a bad game or he's family die
Alex M
Alex M 8 bulan yang lalu
Not true this nice story
Dan stewie
Dan stewie 8 bulan yang lalu
"Thats the reason why ronaldo left because perez didnt signed him and the hugs and smiles were for the camera."
Gospel Cowboy
Gospel Cowboy 8 bulan yang lalu
Then why didnt Perez go to jail?
Fx Expert
Fx Expert 8 bulan yang lalu
Like, thats it?
indonoob 8 bulan yang lalu
Lmao this man is trying to be elected president, do you actually believe every word he says? The fact of the matter is that under Calderon, Real Madrid won 3 trophies and under Florentino Perez, Real Madrid has won 25 trophies.
SpaztasticSheep 8 bulan yang lalu
Lmao, as a madridista, Perez certainly has his defects. But he is a massive part of why the club has been so successful, particularly as a business. Most madridistas respect this. They may not all love Florentino, but they know the huge debt we owe to him
Adam Mahdi
Adam Mahdi 8 bulan yang lalu
I hate how I like this 😂
Rachit 21
Rachit 21 8 bulan yang lalu
He is a disgrace on our real madrid please make him out
Paprica67 8 bulan yang lalu
You sure sound excited
Alejandro Rene
Alejandro Rene 9 bulan yang lalu
Florentino is the best president of football clubs in the world if you liked or not
Mathews Mulenga
Mathews Mulenga 9 bulan yang lalu
I love this voice its incredible who agrees ⬇️
luiz martinez
luiz martinez 9 bulan yang lalu
Jerry Jones
Spiridon Robert
Spiridon Robert 9 bulan yang lalu
the only good thing he dis is stealing Figo from Barcelona
JaacobErazo YT
JaacobErazo YT 9 bulan yang lalu
I think we can all agree that no one likes Florentino, or his decisions. He has an even larger ego than Cristiano.
Hogcfz 10 bulan yang lalu
666k views Coincidence: I think not
Genius Gene
Genius Gene 10 bulan yang lalu
It's obvious that Perez political power than give Ronaldo 2 undeserved dior, and then when he kick out Ronaldo he simply give it to Modric! It's obvious!!!
Elias Mina
Elias Mina 10 bulan yang lalu
i knew all of this, and this is the second or third presidency of perez. fuck real madrid just like bad polititians making the world a disgrace and real madrid fans buying shirts, what a shame
Lazar Novovic
Lazar Novovic 10 bulan yang lalu
JMO 10 bulan yang lalu
Florentino is like my fifa 20 doesn't know anything about football
Marine .
Marine . 10 bulan yang lalu
The only thing I like Pérez is because of Los Galacticos
Martin Luizaga
Martin Luizaga 11 bulan yang lalu
e-man 11 bulan yang lalu
0:15 hey thanks for that editors :)
ОМ КЦLКАЯИI 11 bulan yang lalu
This president is causing total loss I think after he is replaced everything would be good for real
Mohamed Abdullahi
Mohamed Abdullahi 11 bulan yang lalu
Ronaldo said "I need my future. Florintino". Pehrez said we have a future only for Bale". The y
Flavius 11 bulan yang lalu
Why can't you make normal format videos?
muksii86 11 bulan yang lalu
Perez is a dictator.
Dshadow 21
Dshadow 21 11 bulan yang lalu
They all just talk about business But still USA TOP number 1 in the world Work at business The truth is "when you walk and focus on the soil it's mean you focus for money" until you became soil That's why we created by dust. *note: just my kidding opinion 😁
VP 11 bulan yang lalu
Real Madrid without Cristiano is Nothing.
takuache sancho
takuache sancho 11 bulan yang lalu
You guys just summarized a novela that would’ve taken months in just 6 minutes
Dzek Trbosjek
Dzek Trbosjek Tahun Yang lalu
You shouldnt sell CR7 , big mistake like we can see, now go play golf with Bale. 👻
Sam Cruise
Sam Cruise Tahun Yang lalu
I think he should be fucked
Lowe Frank
Lowe Frank Tahun Yang lalu
All about money
urian poisonblade
urian poisonblade Tahun Yang lalu
Calderon? What a fuxin joke. Please get a grip
Egha official
Egha official Tahun Yang lalu
meskipun zidan balek lagi tapii!!tampa CR7 realmadrid tak ada apa"? saya prediksi taun ini dia tak dapap piala apa"lagi🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adelmo Gimenez
Adelmo Gimenez Tahun Yang lalu
He rlly just said Real Madrid was the best club in the world..?😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
CDDrinkwater Tahun Yang lalu
Americans should not commentate on football. Jesus Christ... Had to stop watching 20 seconds in cause of the way this nonce speaks
Mimo Dignium
Mimo Dignium Tahun Yang lalu
Florentino perez is a scumbag
TagusMan Tahun Yang lalu
Some of the worst voice over ever. Who's in charge over there?
Mariafe Muyong lampasa
Mariafe Muyong lampasa Tahun Yang lalu
I never knew this will happen
Subodh Prasain
Subodh Prasain Tahun Yang lalu
I hate thus narrator more than Perez...
Hamza kalla
Hamza kalla Tahun Yang lalu
Madrid is a disgrace
Diego Espin
Diego Espin Tahun Yang lalu
Why do you talk like that
Kaye Young
Kaye Young Tahun Yang lalu
That fifa shit get real
Joachim Osmundsen
Joachim Osmundsen Tahun Yang lalu
Well, this could be somewhat true, but i dont think Perez wants Zidane gone, they seem to have a good relationship
Noah Kiflai
Noah Kiflai Tahun Yang lalu
Perez is an idiot he’s stupid
We did For reason
We did For reason Tahun Yang lalu
Am from the ennemie team but perez is the shit🔥
Adrian Pintilie
Adrian Pintilie Tahun Yang lalu
Perez... Bitch nr 1....!!!!this is for Cristiano!!!
Gerardo .Esparza
Gerardo .Esparza Tahun Yang lalu
Fuck Real Madrid
Abdul Rahman AR7
Abdul Rahman AR7 Tahun Yang lalu
Shitty channel🤮🤮🤮
W. Tahun Yang lalu
There are always 2 sides to a story
keren7 Tahun Yang lalu
Now that CR7 is not playing for them ..they will never ever see any trophies at all..
Davey Hando
Davey Hando Tahun Yang lalu
What about the 3 corrupted uefa Champions leagues from 2016 to 2018 , as corrupted as Donald trumps election term
Chetan G.C.
Chetan G.C. Tahun Yang lalu
Malificient Perez
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