Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish

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In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing with some of the strongest men in the world to try battle one the strongest fish in the world! I invited JujiMufu (fitness freak and social media celebrity), Devon Larratt (World Arm Wrestling Champion and ex-special forces), and Layne Norton (World Champion powerlifter and fitness expert) on a quest to catch some monster Goliath groupers using stand-up tackle. Everyone quickly discovered how difficult it is to catch goliath groupers using stand-up tackle. All three men had very intense battles with these sea monsters!
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oneshot_me Tahun Yang lalu
I watch all kinda things here on youtube and rarely share anything but going to share this one LOL Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up
Greg Letter
Greg Letter 2 hari yang lalu
@DJ Allen Wow, you're an idiot. There have been tests done to fish to see if they feel pain and they do. Look it up. Plus they don't enjoy not being able to breath while non-caring idiots like you bring them out of the water.
DJ Allen
DJ Allen 2 hari yang lalu
@Greg Letter geez, fish don't feel pain the same way we do. Their brains are just a bundle of nerve endings. Stop being such a Karen. You don't know what you're talking about. So sit down and shuddup fool...
Dale 5 hari yang lalu
@Bryan who
CRISTIAN NEW 7 hari yang lalu
That was amazing.
ÁdiPro Takács
ÁdiPro Takács 7 hari yang lalu
@Frank Michealson a
Marcial Ojeda
Marcial Ojeda Jam Yang lalu
Obsolutely wow yes
red or dead
red or dead 14 jam yang lalu
Holy crap
U-D-T Music
U-D-T Music 16 jam yang lalu
Barricade 2oo4
Barricade 2oo4 20 jam yang lalu
Try catching a basking shark next!
Katrina Hull
Katrina Hull 22 jam yang lalu
Devin sounds like batman
United Kuttanad
United Kuttanad Hari Yang lalu
Any മലയാളീസ് 🌴🌴
Pebri bm Channel
Pebri bm Channel Hari Yang lalu
great results, I like it boss, stop by our channel boss.
Judi Lynn Tomkalski
Judi Lynn Tomkalski Hari Yang lalu
i like your fishing vids, they are so cool because i like what you cach.
Mark Simmonds
Mark Simmonds Hari Yang lalu
They are monsters ,how do these guys do it?!!!!!
GreenGamer playz
GreenGamer playz Hari Yang lalu
Blaxktiph pls do this again but with Robert oberst he is one of the top 5 strongest man in the world pls do it
mas blangkon
mas blangkon Hari Yang lalu
Jesica Ayu
Jesica Ayu Hari Yang lalu
Yang indonesia mana nihh
Dani gui
Dani gui 2 hari yang lalu
Cauãn felipe de goes Felipe
Cauãn felipe de goes Felipe 2 hari yang lalu
Só queria etende que eles tão falando ksks
The French Reaper
The French Reaper 2 hari yang lalu
Anybody realised Devon did this bare-handed lol
иʄ丨 BERLIN 2 hari yang lalu
برغم اننا مش فاهم حاجه بس استمتعت 💕
Nicolas Pimenta
Nicolas Pimenta 2 hari yang lalu
Devon is a BEAST!
Ajmal Shafi
Ajmal Shafi 2 hari yang lalu
Kenshi Son
Kenshi Son 2 hari yang lalu
Lol @14:09
Timo Arnaldo
Timo Arnaldo 2 hari yang lalu
How heavy is that grouper?
Elaine Silva
Elaine Silva 3 hari yang lalu
Lacey's Bassin TV
Lacey's Bassin TV 3 hari yang lalu
Why isn't always a grouper in these types of vedios. EDIT-aslo what if they caught a bull sharks its technically a fish
samr alshammari
samr alshammari 3 hari yang lalu
الو مافي احد سعودي
عباس الذيب
عباس الذيب 3 hari yang lalu
Boca Nejra
Boca Nejra 3 hari yang lalu
How the hell aer they getting all those fish on demand? like they are ready all the time haha lol
عتب خرسان
عتب خرسان 3 hari yang lalu
اكو عرب
AlastorV6 3 hari yang lalu
i like that Juji and devon are in it but "Strongest men" i thing in that Context they should of gotten Brian Shaw the worlds strongest man and Denis Cyplenkov the strongest arm wrestler Ever i think what you should of named the video is "Strong people" vs Strongest Fish because Technically they aren't even some of the Strongest People on earth But very popular Strong people. I love them both a lot but that Video Name is just....a....Bit off
プライベートマテリアル 3 hari yang lalu
MG LOOTERS 3 hari yang lalu
Adi Tunya Mancing
Adi Tunya Mancing 4 hari yang lalu
Whoa good job.. !!! 2020 watching here
Michael James
Michael James 4 hari yang lalu
This is the best video on IDshow. Juji and Devon two of my favorite guys ever, big fish, crazy action. I mean what’s better
RAZER 351 4 hari yang lalu
21:28 who?
Urso Polar
Urso Polar 4 hari yang lalu
MASTER FISHING 4 hari yang lalu
Ok very good
Axis Axis
Axis Axis 4 hari yang lalu
Yang negaranya indonesia like
Im Tortoro
Im Tortoro 5 hari yang lalu
Soo where’s Dwayne the rock Johnson? 👁👄👁
Occhiata Riservata
Occhiata Riservata 5 hari yang lalu
Влад Денисов
Влад Денисов 5 hari yang lalu
Когда один русский-To
Gabriel ED
Gabriel ED 5 hari yang lalu
Feel bad for the fish , swimming with the hook pin in the fish's mouth.
Hiểu Mai
Hiểu Mai 5 hari yang lalu
🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 ❤❤❤❤💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Salyta Ung
Salyta Ung 5 hari yang lalu
strongest man vs strongest fish me idk whos stronger so i choose the fish
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic 6 hari yang lalu
Came here from dudeperfect, and as a fan of Juji's. That Devon is one funny person haha.
wassim kaouech
wassim kaouech 6 hari yang lalu
Pull juji 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sylwester nowakowski
Sylwester nowakowski 6 hari yang lalu
yo that fish would rip off my spine with bone hands off easly instantly
Mehraj Wahid
Mehraj Wahid 6 hari yang lalu
need mark henly
Parker Lynn
Parker Lynn 6 hari yang lalu
harsal alaziz
harsal alaziz 6 hari yang lalu
di indo ikan tong kol di makan bejir
Adam 7 hari yang lalu
That is the best handheld fishing rod I have ever seen.
flashy5150 7 hari yang lalu
Why wouldn't the big muscle guy, or any of them, put their foot up on the rim of the boat ? This is how you gain more strength against a fish that size. I'm 260 lbs and I could bring one of those out of the water without help. The fish are strong but once you hit that soft-weak spot in their vigor, they will relax and know they're beat and putting a foot up and using your whole body wait will tire them out.
patrick pkse
patrick pkse 7 hari yang lalu
Braulio Chavez
Braulio Chavez 7 hari yang lalu
magnus midtbo and anton would be great guests here
kênh tổng hợp
kênh tổng hợp 7 hari yang lalu
Cho t xin cánh tay của mấy ae Việt Nam
Izipunn 7 hari yang lalu
Watching strongest Women and strongest men vs this type of fish, I'm lit. this was Awesome
Febri Rianto
Febri Rianto 7 hari yang lalu
Fish big
Dulio Lemus
Dulio Lemus 7 hari yang lalu
kam hairue
kam hairue 8 hari yang lalu
Firman Yogayogi
Firman Yogayogi 8 hari yang lalu
Outdoor Aus Productions
Outdoor Aus Productions 8 hari yang lalu
If I caught that fish id probably get catapulted overboard
MAGFTA xd 9 hari yang lalu
6:29 devon broke his arm xd
釣りBAKZ / TSURIBAKZ 9 hari yang lalu
Wow! All of them are so huge!!🤩 men and fish! 😆.. i like fishing too.. but mine is cute one😅 but this is so fun! And interesting! Hahahaha! 🐟 🐟 🐟 🎣🎣🎣🎶 i am a uploading some fishing too but as i said.. cute one ☝️ hahaha! Will some viewers here can give me some hug for my new channel, i am just starting.. need some love😅❤️
Эльвира Хужакаева
Эльвира Хужакаева 9 hari yang lalu
Zuni Unicorn
Zuni Unicorn 9 hari yang lalu
this was epic
Dexter Sanchez
Dexter Sanchez 9 hari yang lalu
Yudika Wiranata
Yudika Wiranata 9 hari yang lalu
Henuh ih lew
Aditya Senthil kumar
Aditya Senthil kumar 9 hari yang lalu
Nosferatu295 9 hari yang lalu
Euch müsste man auch mal ein Haken ins Maul stecken und dran ziehen
Puneet Jain
Puneet Jain 9 hari yang lalu
حسام الدين حسام
حسام الدين حسام 9 hari yang lalu
Gxhfjfjfryfsffz G
اشرقة أمل
اشرقة أمل 9 hari yang lalu
Mr. Ditkovitch
Mr. Ditkovitch 9 hari yang lalu
You haven't met me yet
J J 9 hari yang lalu
The rod and line stronger than my relationship 🤣😅🤣🤣😅
John Henry
John Henry 10 hari yang lalu
No man can outdo a monster from the deep, I don't care how strong he is.
SP Natural
SP Natural 10 hari yang lalu
Strongest Man Vs strongest fish do amazing , The weight of a fish is equal to the weight of a human.
PALERMO 009 10 hari yang lalu
Brasil ✋
Dalmacija spinning
Dalmacija spinning 10 hari yang lalu
Hello! Please chek my yt-channel,My videos are nice.I am new on yt so if you love fishing from the rocks and boat...Thanks wery mutch!
Tion Nasution
Tion Nasution 10 hari yang lalu
let's help each other om 3+ duration🙏🙏
legion act
legion act 10 hari yang lalu
yall gotta get Brian shaw eddie hall and thor
꽃밭 10 hari yang lalu
I mean, these men are HUGE. They are all super fit and are apparently strong. How strong must these fish be to give these men such a hard time? I'm so willing to know which fish it is that they missed.
Elyesa Karvan
Elyesa Karvan 10 hari yang lalu
İts not real just lie.
Yu Dely
Yu Dely 10 hari yang lalu
Pemecah rekor
DanielPro Gaming
DanielPro Gaming 10 hari yang lalu
But why only this fish?
DanielPro Gaming
DanielPro Gaming 10 hari yang lalu
Him have muscle but him hasn't force
Назымбек Қаракесек
Назымбек Қаракесек 10 hari yang lalu
Трусы полны радости 🤣
Desi Khaby
Desi Khaby 10 hari yang lalu
Desi Khaby is so excited to try this recipe.. looking yammmmy , let's be friends each other....
Tatti Data
Tatti Data 10 hari yang lalu
What if whale was there?
MC DATACOMM 10 hari yang lalu
R U kidding? 56 MILLION views
Titan Magsino
Titan Magsino 11 hari yang lalu
Its hard to believe that these guys had a worse time reeling than Dude Perfect
Muhammadarifsaidillah01 Muhammad
Muhammadarifsaidillah01 Muhammad 11 hari yang lalu
Indo sini kumpul 🤣
Arman Borneo
Arman Borneo 11 hari yang lalu
อโนชา อนุวาร
อโนชา อนุวาร 11 hari yang lalu
Oh my God is fish 🐟 big
Pavithra Petrina_21
Pavithra Petrina_21 11 hari yang lalu
19:29 scary mouth
jack dawson
jack dawson 11 hari yang lalu
I watch all your videos
jack dawson
jack dawson 11 hari yang lalu
excellent video
Dave Burton
Dave Burton 12 hari yang lalu
I'm hungry
Benjamin Tenorio
Benjamin Tenorio 12 hari yang lalu
Medio tibio Willy el escoces
Suka suka Akulah
Suka suka Akulah 12 hari yang lalu
Hahaha strong men it's the best hahahaa
Poké Fun
Poké Fun 12 hari yang lalu
Devon is si freaking tall
Fredy Salmeron
Fredy Salmeron 12 hari yang lalu
The guy how can do stretching his legs like 6-7 feet wow
neko cat
neko cat 12 hari yang lalu
I thought it was joji but it was juji
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