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SOLID STEEL 300kg Hulk Fist Vs. 4inch Bulletproof Glass, who wins?
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Ethan Olivier
Ethan Olivier 2 bulan yang lalu
Rexy will have 25.6k followers
Scp3008 IKEA sent me
Scp3008 IKEA sent me 11 hari yang lalu
@Jack Tulloch (how to *use* grammar)
Scp3008 IKEA sent me
Scp3008 IKEA sent me 11 hari yang lalu
@Jack Tulloch Well that sentence just then didn’t use a lot of grammar.
Jack Tulloch
Jack Tulloch Bulan Yang lalu
@Ethan Olivier You might want to learn how to grammar too.
Tiaan Venter
Tiaan Venter Bulan Yang lalu
Same any body else
Lisna Paramita
Lisna Paramita Bulan Yang lalu
Kale Peggie
Kale Peggie 2 jam yang lalu
Hahahaha 69k likes
atmk 14 jam yang lalu
i came for the bullet proof glass... i stayed for the barrels!
Schopenhauer 15 jam yang lalu
6:57 i want to know the physics of that
Eric and Brady Clem
Eric and Brady Clem 16 jam yang lalu
Explain to me why they hate going up there
# Mani Tube
# Mani Tube Hari Yang lalu
Can you please drop it on bare ground and show impact
Edrin 12
Edrin 12 Hari Yang lalu
logan chadwick
logan chadwick 2 hari yang lalu
Most Epic Bro Fist Ever
CHICKANFILA 2 hari yang lalu
Why you yelling ? I feel violated..
Kovak Zero
Kovak Zero 2 hari yang lalu
Music at 10:30 ~ Goals by Rex Banner
SITIVENI TANGULU 2 hari yang lalu
Go super close to screen 14:54
Carson Santo
Carson Santo 3 hari yang lalu
Justin Eacock
Justin Eacock 3 hari yang lalu
Winch name winchton Churchill credit to @Tom Tweed
YoItsVIZL 3 hari yang lalu
You should fill the barrel with glitter
KleisiS9 4 hari yang lalu
450k follows for rex
5hyGuy42 4 hari yang lalu
Bloop bloop snoop doop
Harut Grigoryan
Harut Grigoryan 4 hari yang lalu
Did you guys see how much fun Rex had when Bruce hit the barrels in slow motion and also try and find Rex 😁😁
Sulita Dos Santos
Sulita Dos Santos 5 hari yang lalu
Why dont they do a car and the hulk smash
Iam Danno
Iam Danno 5 hari yang lalu
Next time have Rexy ride Bruce down.
A Mess of Things
A Mess of Things 6 hari yang lalu
when a camera is placed in a spot that it's likely to be destroyed maybe you could just use a Bluetooth camera instead of a GoPro and then you won't lose your footage. You can save the footage to the phone that it's Bluetooth with and don't worry about whether or not the memory card gets smashed
All Things Hockey
All Things Hockey 6 hari yang lalu
You guys should have Eddie hall come over to pick up the hulk fist
AnteUp Patrol
AnteUp Patrol 7 hari yang lalu
8:03 is where they drop the hulk fist drop a like
Emily Hartsock
Emily Hartsock 8 hari yang lalu
Drop some thing onto Brucie
PoisonX_23 8 hari yang lalu
10:03 ngl this would be awesome idea for a gender reveal
J. A.
J. A. 9 hari yang lalu
The banter is annoying
Paul Young
Paul Young 9 hari yang lalu
Shoot it with a Madoff salad rifle
Tekno zombie 126
Tekno zombie 126 10 hari yang lalu
Do hulk vs mark rover tramp Like if agree
Draztraz 10 hari yang lalu
Ronald Lai
Ronald Lai 11 hari yang lalu
So I guess... hulk smash?
Yahya Ahmed Abu Bakr Bazara
Yahya Ahmed Abu Bakr Bazara 11 hari yang lalu
2:30 wtf
Howitz 11 hari yang lalu
you guys need to invest into better slow-mo
Graham Strugnell
Graham Strugnell 12 hari yang lalu
Why Bruce rolled: because of conversional forces, when the GoPro went one way, the fist went the other.
Wendigo Alastor
Wendigo Alastor 12 hari yang lalu
I can't imagine how compact that impact area must be now...and how soft the surrounding area must be
Theophany Studio
Theophany Studio 13 hari yang lalu
Is it just me, or does Gaunson sound like Seinfeld?
Emily Janet
Emily Janet 13 hari yang lalu
These men have an unholy amount of energy for being out and about at dawn
pgame20 12 hari yang lalu
I will continue to preach my belief that this channel succeeds not because of the science stunts, but because of their sheer charisma 😂😂😂
Amanda 13 hari yang lalu
You know when you watch it the fist actually didn’t go through the bullet proof glass it just bent it to the point where it fell off of the table
Ed Miller
Ed Miller 14 hari yang lalu
Al Cafacci
Al Cafacci 15 hari yang lalu
It would've been nicer if you guys make your videos with less taking and more action
Logan Velez
Logan Velez 16 hari yang lalu
How about?! The Thing from Fantastic Four.... It’s clobbering time!!! Would be a nice addition to the family.
Louis vowles’ Aviation
Louis vowles’ Aviation 16 hari yang lalu
Dang how heavy is that thing?
Toxicrhino 420
Toxicrhino 420 17 hari yang lalu
4:30 my dad when he tells me about the party's he went to as a teenager
hairy plopper
hairy plopper 17 hari yang lalu
Hashbrown put it a plate
James Burton-Carter
James Burton-Carter 18 hari yang lalu
When do we see this sword??
SpeirsTheAmazingHDbigfan12 9
SpeirsTheAmazingHDbigfan12 9 18 hari yang lalu
13:37 you're welcome
Master_DaSLeR 18 hari yang lalu
Where is that tower mate?
Awesome Apricot
Awesome Apricot 19 hari yang lalu
14:54 Brofist guys
Taylor Swan
Taylor Swan 19 hari yang lalu
That barrel explosion though!
brandon martin
brandon martin 19 hari yang lalu
You should have e hulks fist vs car eh
Zeke Thompson
Zeke Thompson 20 hari yang lalu
Drop something on a go pro and a have a Bruce versus Thor drop😁👌
Brady Pollard
Brady Pollard 21 hari yang lalu
Does Bruce have any titanium?
BAGofTALENT 21 hari yang lalu
Make a see saw and have the hulk hit one end and launch stuff
Alexio 1010
Alexio 1010 21 hari yang lalu
5:13 anyone know the name of the song??
Rob_odd 22 hari yang lalu
15:07 the glass is liquid!
Rob_odd 22 hari yang lalu
9:14 The sand is liquid!
Gary Dyer
Gary Dyer 22 hari yang lalu
How far from Bruce will the pins still b knocked over
Jakebaxon 22 hari yang lalu
The splash was amazing I liked it ❤️💙💜
Noob X
Noob X 23 hari yang lalu
Hulk's fist vs human head
ezekiel ehmke
ezekiel ehmke 23 hari yang lalu
Put it on a plate
ezekiel ehmke
ezekiel ehmke 23 hari yang lalu
Tryoutz747 23 hari yang lalu
If you guys pay for me to get there I will let you drop it on my head but you need to get a very high-powered slow-motion camera to film it. I am 100% serious.
McGwire Herbst
McGwire Herbst 24 hari yang lalu
Do a see saw type launch where Something hits one side and you have something sitting on the other side of the see saw
RJ100 25 hari yang lalu
They are bulletproof but how about giant-handproof
michael dorch
michael dorch 25 hari yang lalu
Hulk fist vs Deivl Toothpaste Explostion
Ruben Antilla
Ruben Antilla 25 hari yang lalu
I love watching these because they are just so satisfying
AH Meersbrook
AH Meersbrook 25 hari yang lalu
Anyone else really enjoy watching the slo-motion ones
Alpha Dragon Zerosix
Alpha Dragon Zerosix 26 hari yang lalu
14:54 *It was at this moment, that we knew. We **_*screwed_* *up*
WS Champs 69NYM86
WS Champs 69NYM86 26 hari yang lalu
Hulk fist vs. Barrel full of oobleck, like if you agree.
SEMI L0ADED 26 hari yang lalu
Morgen40 26 hari yang lalu
Pav1upt 26 hari yang lalu
bullet proof glass protected the gopro!
Dollar store VR
Dollar store VR 26 hari yang lalu
Drop it on a fighting dummy
SARCASM Playz 26 hari yang lalu
14:54 exact moment before impact
Em Ma
Em Ma 27 hari yang lalu
Do Bruce BOI vs gigantic stack of dinner plates
socks 0809
socks 0809 27 hari yang lalu
Song names pls?
Elijah Zehr
Elijah Zehr 27 hari yang lalu
how ridiculous was that intron i mean... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Howard Barnett
Howard Barnett 27 hari yang lalu
14:50 Someone, somewhere needs that shot for a commercial or videogame. Stat.
PAC MAN 27 hari yang lalu
You guys always put a smile on my face. Much love
Jenna Cassidy
Jenna Cassidy 27 hari yang lalu
it's like a ground-tsunami
doublenickelbob 28 hari yang lalu
Send rexy on brucy
doublenickelbob 28 hari yang lalu
Those barrels were fn awwwwsome
Margi Mana
Margi Mana 28 hari yang lalu
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson 28 hari yang lalu
do the biggest bolingball ever and drop it on the big tramplene
benjamin smith
benjamin smith 28 hari yang lalu
Triple bulletproof surely
Blender Bach
Blender Bach 28 hari yang lalu
14:51 I definitely would not want to see something like that coming at my face! 😁
Jack Brennan
Jack Brennan 28 hari yang lalu
Kyeongmo Kim
Kyeongmo Kim 29 hari yang lalu
What is the title of the song?
Flappy Dragon
Flappy Dragon 29 hari yang lalu
The part you came here for 13:37
Karl Thomassen
Karl Thomassen 29 hari yang lalu
Israel welsh
Israel welsh 29 hari yang lalu
Imagine they put 4 hulk fists in on the rope
frankabagnalejr 29 hari yang lalu
Do a video with the Slow Mo Guys
Pico HD
Pico HD 29 hari yang lalu
When you realise that bulletproof glass is only proof to bullets.
Casey Nauer
Casey Nauer 29 hari yang lalu
How is that sand still sand colored
Connor Lee
Connor Lee Bulan Yang lalu
Dree Yazzie
Dree Yazzie Bulan Yang lalu
Rexie is gonna get 45k followers 👍👌
Riippumaton Linja
Riippumaton Linja Bulan Yang lalu
Actually framework could be stronger. Now they got only couple inches to hold on each side, and polycarbonate did not went trough, only dropped from frame. If you looking for extremely sturdy bulletproof glass, framework should be multiple inches over glass every side and also upside as now only down.
BOB 652
BOB 652 Bulan Yang lalu
btw I thought weight wouldn't make a difference to the speed of it falling. Does it reach terminal velocity faster? is it really 3x the force. Please correct me if you know better. (not sarcastic. please do correct me if you know something i dont)
Ethan Maina
Ethan Maina Bulan Yang lalu
The hulk fist has to be one of the most entertaining things to ever be dropped on this channel
joshua ebrahim
joshua ebrahim Bulan Yang lalu
10:32 my brain after math class
Daniel Staniszewski
Daniel Staniszewski Bulan Yang lalu
15:05 you can see the GoPro flying out from the bottom in the top center of the screen.
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham Bulan Yang lalu
Try smashing concrete next!
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