4 Fort Hood soldiers found dead this year

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2 bulan yang lalu

Four Fort Hood soldiers were found dead all within the last few months. Calls to investigate the Army are growing louder, and some even want to see it shut down.

Bane 11 hari yang lalu
Why hasn't the FBI raided the base to find out wtf is going on?
Char Kay
Char Kay 15 hari yang lalu
Execute the mthrfkr in charge! Rip soldiers
NTC_ DARK 29 hari yang lalu
The for hood jackosn need to fired the sergeant also
bigdaddyharlow Bulan Yang lalu
There have been 2 more soldiers found dead since this report. WTH is going on at Fort Hood????!!!!
Epic Clips
Epic Clips Bulan Yang lalu
I like how my computer keeps crashing after commenting about this. This is a new computer I just bought this year and it never had this problem until I commented about something so controversial. This seems to be too connected. Seems like they're spying on civilians.
Epic Clips
Epic Clips Bulan Yang lalu
If you think about it, that black guy that has thought to kill Venessa might be a covered up story. He may have been a victim and was murder along with Venessa and used his suicide as a covered up. If anyone can make a connection to all 5 of these soldiers. It needs to be now because obviously someone very powerful wants to cover up something. They may still operating in Ft Hood. It needs to be now!
Jacee M
Jacee M Bulan Yang lalu
Lord please close down forth hood and put a stop to this. You know whos killing our solidiers. Protect every solidiers there right now in jesus name destroy the demons who come to hurt and harm there bodies. Bless there sick mind touch and heal the families who have lost there love ones . Do not stop until you get every last one who is walking around at that base be removed . let your anointing and ypour blood prevail around every solidier there at base. Procect them lord watch there back keep them safe in jesus name again i pray. Familiy. that or afraid for there families over there just pray that god will keep a hedge of protection around the ones serving our country we all love yall that lost these precios soldiers it broke my ❤ but it made me want to pray god will end this and bless the mind of the sick solldiers and get them out of that base walking around like they have not done a thing wrong They will be punish. AMEN
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Bulan Yang lalu
Now another kid died...
Luke Williams
Luke Williams Bulan Yang lalu
Sophia Brown
Sophia Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Race killings, white man was the whistle blower so they got rid of him! Any KKK members in the area?
mike Bulan Yang lalu
Now 5, wtf is happening in fort hood
william parada
william parada Bulan Yang lalu
Somethings got to give
POC Skellington
POC Skellington Bulan Yang lalu
They need to shut this hillbilly molester racist base down
Burning down the House
Burning down the House Bulan Yang lalu
Treadstone experiments gone wrong
Norivett Thompson
Norivett Thompson Bulan Yang lalu
La militeria o egercito tiene una cultura de hombres/mujeres (no todos, pero, si una gran mayoria) perversos, zatiros, y violadores de adolecentes o joven adultos. Soldados violando/matando a otros soldados, que asco y verguensa. Donde se a ido el honor. Shame, shame, shame.
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 Bulan Yang lalu
Making the military looks like a joke
Steve Lau
Steve Lau Bulan Yang lalu
A car crash into somebody, and the crowd shouted "turn off the car". I guess the driver must be totally agree with you, yeah, turn off the car, that's a bad bad car.
jorgec11 Bulan Yang lalu
There's something terribly wrong with this place and NO one is doing anything. These are military men and women who enlist prepared to give their lives for this country. Shame.
cool breeze
cool breeze Bulan Yang lalu
Now it’s another one in August
Elizabeth Herrera
Elizabeth Herrera Bulan Yang lalu
I also agree to shut that Base down because it's no longer safe for our brave soldiers who risk their lives to be away from love ones for many many months/years just to be killed inside which is supposed to be a safer place for our heroes but instead higher officials are not protecting them anymore. There's no more integrity and loyalty inside.
I hate you
I hate you Bulan Yang lalu
isnt there a new case of a missing soldier? or was it covered in this story? just saw it on twitter.
Carla Stewart
Carla Stewart Bulan Yang lalu
What the hell is going on in forth Hood. I can't understand. It makes me 😷😷🤮🤮. We need justice for each and everyone of these soldiers. No if but or maybe. And it seems like is every month they kill.
Isis De Jesus
Isis De Jesus Bulan Yang lalu
Darn you have to make it out alive first from the army in order to possibly defend your country one day.
Warrantofficer’s wife
Warrantofficer’s wife Bulan Yang lalu
Near the base is not the base. Fort Hood is not responsible for Vanessa’s death. That’s a tragedy, but that’s it something Fort Hood is responsible for.
Margarita Vanegas
Margarita Vanegas Bulan Yang lalu
There are the murder in the base. isn't there servailance camara around the base . something needs to be done ✅
Cynthia Murillo
Cynthia Murillo Bulan Yang lalu
Justice for all the soldiers in the name of jesus christ amen 🙏😇🙏
Heather Brant
Heather Brant Bulan Yang lalu
looks like the people working there want to speak out but before they can they die?
Lorraine Garcia
Lorraine Garcia Bulan Yang lalu
This Fort Hood place is aDEATH CAMP need to close the place down
Manny Flowers
Manny Flowers Bulan Yang lalu
Geez!!!’ People ain’t going to want to join the Army anymore.
bgresh Bulan Yang lalu
Another one died today!
JslickGaming Bulan Yang lalu
Vanessa death was figured out and closed? Why are y’all still making it a bigger deal than it was? Obviously those 2 had something going on, girlfriend found out, and girlfriend made boyfriend kill girl after affair, (my theory) so my question is, why are you trying to make this liberal news a bigger deal? I actually haven’t heard any of these other deaths but Vanessa, Vanessa was the headlines of every liberal news and social media, everyone thought the white army racist killed her, it was a black guy though. She also isn’t missing, her body and case was closed. Obviously VERY unrelated to the other deaths, so what are you trying to get at? What was the point of putting Vanessa story here when it was already covered so much?
Intentive Gaming
Intentive Gaming 25 hari yang lalu
Because people are stupid and will believe the shitty news every time.
Flaming Fi’yah
Flaming Fi’yah Bulan Yang lalu
this army base is far far beyond currupt!!
Tewthpaste Bulan Yang lalu
*the supernatural told me that another soldier will die soon.*
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez Bulan Yang lalu
Everything is inside job. I don’t believe the black soldier killed him self,I think the cops did it to cover everything up and used him as a cover up
Eulises Gomez
Eulises Gomez Bulan Yang lalu
Just like that everything forgotten
Queen P.
Queen P. Bulan Yang lalu
They all in this.... I didnt even know about all that...
Deba Radha Chatterjee
Deba Radha Chatterjee Bulan Yang lalu
It's a shame. Suspicious activity too many deaths. Time to say good bye! Shut it down.
Grace Guzman
Grace Guzman Bulan Yang lalu
Mom's pls talk to your kidd im a shock still. Im a veteran mom im in so sad
Robert Talina Ejli
Robert Talina Ejli Bulan Yang lalu
llo@k@lo@@oooô p.o. i io
Tinggotme Y
Tinggotme Y Bulan Yang lalu
Murder suspect "killed himself" sure. They really think the public will buy this.