Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

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Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)
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directed & edited by oliver sykes
director of photography: brian cox
camera assistant: alissa salles
gaffer: lee brinkley
behind the scenes: harri charli
la camera operator: kevin garcia
la lighting technician: rory o'connell

i’ve got a fever, don't breathe on me
i'm a believer of nobody
won't let me leave 'cause I've seen something
hope I don't sneeze, I don't…
really we just need to fear something
only pretending to feel something
i know you're dying to run
i want to turn you around
please remain calm
the end has arrived
we cannot save you
enjoy the ride
this is the moment
you’ve been waiting for
don’t call it a warning
this is a war
it’s the parasite eve
gotta feeling in your stomach, ‘cause you know that it’s coming for you
leave your flowers and grieve
don’t forget what they told you
when we forget the infection
will we remember the lesson
if the suspense doesn’t kill you
something else will

i heard they need better signal
put chip and pins in the needles
quarantine all of those secrets in that black hole you call a brain before it’s too late

you can board up your windows
you can lock up your doors
but you can’t keep washing your hands of this shit any more
when all the king’s sources and all the king’s friends don’t know their arses from their pathogens
when life is a prison and death is a door
this ain’t a warning
this is a war

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asioe kiou
asioe kiou Jam Yang lalu
Okay but that 8 armed women got me feeling a type of way that I really don’t think should....😳
Dicky Opek
Dicky Opek Jam Yang lalu
Aung Soelin
Aung Soelin Jam Yang lalu
In the beginning of the song I thought it’s India song lmao
Evaldas Klupsas
Evaldas Klupsas 2 jam yang lalu
it’s lit bmth very new age sounding great ability to put all of this magick together
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Jam Yang lalu
Don’t breave on me wtf the British accent messes shit up constantly especially when they say bean instead of been or sore ray instead of sorry
Edward Che
Edward Che 2 jam yang lalu
My friend heard the first verse: Oh you are finally listening to something not metal. My friend after the song: What the fuck you music taste just got alot stranger.
Jo Co
Jo Co 4 jam yang lalu
Incoming announcement for new game and/or movie
TSQ 4 jam yang lalu
01:18... DEFTONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roxsanne Hall
Roxsanne Hall 5 jam yang lalu
Anyone else getting Rihanna Umbrella vibes from the "Ey, Ey" lyrics?!
ArthurL 5 jam yang lalu
Wait, what?
Dessie Magee
Dessie Magee 5 jam yang lalu
If they start releasing more of this kinda stuff I’m jumpin back on the BMTH wagon, their best when their heavy :)
TylertheGeek28 5 jam yang lalu
Has BMTH gone back to the dark heavy side?! Pretty sick song
Carlcom 5 jam yang lalu
Really went from Bring Me The Horizon to Experience The Horizon.
ZoZoNightcore 5 jam yang lalu
Crona-chan is that u 😂
Esse clipe é perfeito
nico palles
nico palles 5 jam yang lalu
nice game
Noiz Retray
Noiz Retray 6 jam yang lalu
it's great! very aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time informational and real! thanks for the masterpiece!
Rexercist 6 jam yang lalu
“sUmFiNg” 🥴
Steve Ciampa
Steve Ciampa 6 jam yang lalu
TVs at the bowling alley be like
Nathan Tankersley
Nathan Tankersley 6 jam yang lalu
Don’t breave on me wtf the British accent messes shit up constantly especially when they say bean instead of been or sore ray instead of sorry
Muhammad Riana Tarmizi Radian
Muhammad Riana Tarmizi Radian 6 jam yang lalu
alus pisan ajig sempurna
Leo Lujan
Leo Lujan 6 jam yang lalu
John 7 jam yang lalu
Very meh
Macdaddy Uchiha
Macdaddy Uchiha 7 jam yang lalu
Not disappointed at all 👏👏👏
Christoper Bacani
Christoper Bacani 7 jam yang lalu
2:43 this remind me of doom eternal
Caldiien 7 jam yang lalu
Came for the song name, stayed because it was awesome.
私わクモすき 8 jam yang lalu
im working on a roblox version of this , so if someone want to see it wait 1 or 2 days , then its will spawn , but i have the roblox clip of Idk what to say music idk why im doing this , Why not
Justin White
Justin White 8 jam yang lalu
Wow have they ever changed their style!
Vicky Bepre
Vicky Bepre 8 jam yang lalu
2020 in a song
iRock 8 jam yang lalu
This album is about to be so raw
Matt Sartori
Matt Sartori 9 jam yang lalu
I lost interest in bmth since that's the spirit, but after ludens and parasite eve, I am listening to the band once in a while. I still don't hear as much as I've heard there's a hell, but this new direction is much better than the last two albums.
Владимир Поляков
Владимир Поляков 9 jam yang lalu
Заебись! Охуенно!
tianrdnsyh 9 jam yang lalu
it's the parasite eve gottafdvmxjlsgwkprtbzn for ya
Kamil Kondracki
Kamil Kondracki 10 jam yang lalu
Theme for the new Alien moovie
Astro Amber
Astro Amber 10 jam yang lalu
Don’t take the vaccines - notice shiva with the shots and the lyrics about shots. AI is coming, implants are coming, time to rise up
Edie Beacon
Edie Beacon 10 jam yang lalu
makes me can’t wait for my custom mask to come in. from ireland leather hand stitched. looks steampunk as fuck
Astro Amber
Astro Amber 10 jam yang lalu
BMTH has been my favorite band since about 2008 when I was in 8th grade. I’m 25 now and my daughter is obsessed with this song I am one proud parent. Thank you for all the years of amazing music BMTH ❤️
Jayrix XuGurung
Jayrix XuGurung 11 jam yang lalu
Omg🤟🤟🤟🤟,, goosebumps
Loading 11 jam yang lalu
The "this is a war" is so dope!
David DHZ
David DHZ 11 jam yang lalu
mitochondrias will infected us soon ?
Erika Mueller
Erika Mueller 11 jam yang lalu
I'm loving this. It honestly reminds me of the Japanese Visual Kei scene and I'm totally here for it.
Coxy Wrecked
Coxy Wrecked 11 jam yang lalu
I'm def getting some Resident Evil vibes from this song.
Brittany Deike
Brittany Deike 11 jam yang lalu
Every BMTH song is a Black Mirror episode starring us.
Brittany Deike
Brittany Deike 11 jam yang lalu
Every BMTH song is a Black Mirror episode starring us.
doomslayer 11 jam yang lalu
I just listened to old bring me the horizon and damn they changed probably the biggest change a band has ever made
shunder konjengbam
shunder konjengbam 11 jam yang lalu
Becoming more like Linkin park and its dope
Andrea Marselletti
Andrea Marselletti 11 jam yang lalu
Nazar Bilinskij
Nazar Bilinskij 12 jam yang lalu
Чому це ахуєнно?
Sergio Diego Leigue Caballero
Sergio Diego Leigue Caballero 12 jam yang lalu
Dónde está el BMTH de Pray for Plagues? :(
Alex Wezysko
Alex Wezysko 12 jam yang lalu
На 3:30 немного изменённое интро к концерту Wildways))
ema jaid
ema jaid 13 jam yang lalu
GoD like
TrePipie 13 jam yang lalu
where is aya brea?
low life
low life 13 jam yang lalu
ghost in the shell ?
Six stoic
Six stoic 13 jam yang lalu
This song is perfect for that "A call to arms." Moment. Guess i'll see you in hell folks.
666_TheSuperScaryMonster_666 13 jam yang lalu
Oli should start directing films as he's gotta fantastic imagination
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 14 jam yang lalu
I had a dream that bmth did a collab with pitbull and I’m so glad they didn’t.
Boop Bop
Boop Bop 14 jam yang lalu
I'm getting slight Jaden smith vibes from this
jangkis bae
jangkis bae 14 jam yang lalu
Indo kumpul sini yo
Helen Becker
Helen Becker 14 jam yang lalu
Alex Goodwin
Alex Goodwin 15 jam yang lalu
It’s better then some of the crap they’ve come out with recently. Whatever happened to that band who did songs like it never ends
Paullo Gamers
Paullo Gamers 16 jam yang lalu
Las Plagas.
Aryan Gorust96
Aryan Gorust96 16 jam yang lalu
amaizing salam from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Brit Chić
Brit Chić 17 jam yang lalu
eka k. h.
eka k. h. 17 jam yang lalu
Cant stop listening, addicted 😍
Spoony49 17 jam yang lalu
Bring me the Horizon and Falling in Reverse have been hitting different than anyone else lately.
Проц Данил
Проц Данил 18 jam yang lalu
Андрей Саитамов
Андрей Саитамов 18 jam yang lalu
We need Parasite Eve 3
Sammy Кросс
Sammy Кросс 20 jam yang lalu
Бринги вернулись🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Dahon ng Malunggay
Dahon ng Malunggay 20 jam yang lalu
I hope Cyberpunk 2077 make this song their soundtrack
ne ko
ne ko 20 jam yang lalu
Eu nunca vou parar de amar vocês
Рыжа блекфламе
Рыжа блекфламе 21 jam yang lalu
Мерзкий клип все сатанисты поют о всякой дряни вакцинацию продвигают не быть такому, не суждено сбыться вашим планом народ сильнее вашей слабой энергетики
NEBIROS NEBIROO 15 jam yang lalu
Что ты несёшь?
Patriotstream Media
Patriotstream Media 21 jam yang lalu
anyone else have this and ludens on repeat for the past week
Stae vin
Stae vin 22 jam yang lalu
erghen diado in the intro is the catchiest part of the song
Lili 22 jam yang lalu
I just notice they missed the word "Call" in 00:53 😅 or is it right? 🤔🤔
ES Design
ES Design 22 jam yang lalu
I want the Instagram of that sexy female voice over.
BW Depre
BW Depre 11 jam yang lalu
She's the Oliver's wife
ES Design
ES Design 22 jam yang lalu
It truly is a parasite eve. Bad fucking ass!!
Guck Foogle
Guck Foogle 23 jam yang lalu
Missed the mark for me. Sounds too industrial/dance.
ES Design
ES Design 23 jam yang lalu
Fucking epic. There are no other words. I am not worthy.
dina miiiee
dina miiiee Hari Yang lalu
I lit had goosebumps. Wow
Joshua Deren
Joshua Deren Hari Yang lalu
All of their different stges have produced amazing songs, but 'Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick' is their best song IMO
Hadja 410
Hadja 410 Hari Yang lalu
This song would fit perfectly in cyberpunk