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Sow in spring to grow in summer, harvest in autumn for storage in winter.
And Autumn Equinox has given way to Cold Dew now.
We have finished reaping the corn, grain, pumpkins, and peanuts,
ready to await the frost and snow in winter.
For the past Mid-Autumn Day, my cousin and cousin-in-law came back to spend the festival with granny.
Chitter-chatter, lively and jolly--that’s how festivals should be!
忙完玉米 谷子 南瓜 花生的收获存储之后
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Gelemmom 5 menit yang lalu
Mba liziq mungkin km gk baca komen ini.. tp aku suka baaaaangeeet dg videomu Terimakasih sudah membuat video yg indah
windy knight
windy knight 9 menit yang lalu
You make me long for a place I have never been!!
MLBB LAMPUNG 17 menit yang lalu
Salam dari indonesia
Toan Phan
Toan Phan 28 menit yang lalu
Madiha Muneer
Madiha Muneer 32 menit yang lalu
What is name of her village and country????
NGUYEN THUYTIEN 46 menit yang lalu
Jaqueline Brasil
Jaqueline Brasil 58 menit yang lalu
Amo assistir seus vídeos ❤ Parabéns pelo seu trabalho incrível 🙏💎
RABBY MUSTHAFA 58 menit yang lalu
Ancak chanel ko ma
ZG L Jam Yang lalu
Can't believe how much winter veg u were able to care and grow. That's a lot of works, got to give props to that. Jealous of her stoves, I rember when my family had a wooden stove of much smaller size to cook
Bangla Islamic Taleem
Bangla Islamic Taleem Jam Yang lalu
My videos are unparallel with these :)
Bintang Elditama
Bintang Elditama Jam Yang lalu
you so pretty
Rajesh Kaur
Rajesh Kaur Jam Yang lalu
Very nice so beautiful 🤱🤱
Kimora Dudley
Kimora Dudley Jam Yang lalu
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Samantha B
Samantha B Jam Yang lalu
I’m exhausted just watching her prepare for this feast
Chinh Vu
Chinh Vu Jam Yang lalu
fermhh 2 jam yang lalu
Broken AC
Broken AC 2 jam yang lalu
Olga Lebedeva
Olga Lebedeva 2 jam yang lalu
So wholesome and beautiful - so grateful for your hard work and for sharing it with us. Best wishes of love, luck, health and well-being to you, your family and friends. ❤️
Arshed Aiai
Arshed Aiai 2 jam yang lalu
very nice, everything fresh 😊👍
Ruben E.L.G
Ruben E.L.G 2 jam yang lalu
the one who edits and records the videos is a genius.
Rui Kiyoshi Sugohara
Rui Kiyoshi Sugohara 2 jam yang lalu
Rosangela...que alegria receber visitas, vovô
MariliaMagdaLeite 2 jam yang lalu
Um verdadeiro banquete
夹疼阴 2 jam yang lalu
ông kẹ
ông kẹ 2 jam yang lalu
Có ai Việt Nam ko,
Durga nikitha
Durga nikitha 2 jam yang lalu
Sai Lakshmi
Sai Lakshmi 2 jam yang lalu
This girl teaches me we don't need all these technologies to live. I feel like she lives in a different world.
MSstoneandsand 3 jam yang lalu
She is the next Iron Chef
yu lisa
yu lisa 3 jam yang lalu
The Island Living The Thrift Way
The Island Living The Thrift Way 3 jam yang lalu
Thank you so much for the sharing you life with us. This inspires me a lot to share our little island life as well. To make food, eat while watching sunset is the best part of the day ever.
Christine Watson
Christine Watson 4 jam yang lalu
Too many ads!!!!
vishal y
vishal y 4 jam yang lalu
People republic of China this is only party in China so why Chinese people not against dictator ship. All Chinese people plz start the revolution in China
vishal y
vishal y 4 jam yang lalu
In China are no any democracy and people republic of China capture the all part of China
vishal y
vishal y 4 jam yang lalu
Boycott china🔥🔥✊
Aston Martin
Aston Martin 4 jam yang lalu
Wow such a beautiful sunset she is a very strong young lady lot's of energy
L Blake
L Blake 4 jam yang lalu
Absolutely gorgeous!!!
Muhammad Ilman
Muhammad Ilman 4 jam yang lalu
tapi agak beda si
Muhammad Ilman
Muhammad Ilman 4 jam yang lalu
buat tape jajanan tradisional indonesia tadi gw liat
Muhammad Ilman
Muhammad Ilman 4 jam yang lalu
ada beras ada sayur ada buah apalagi cobak yang mau di beli
MR BhOKaLi 4 jam yang lalu
She is from where china or Japan?
Muhammad Ilman
Muhammad Ilman 4 jam yang lalu
patut di contoh guys
高VICTOR 4 jam yang lalu
万万没想到啊, 居然油管也有你, 太棒了!
Muhammad Ilman
Muhammad Ilman 4 jam yang lalu
cantik banget kakaknya
Esdras ' the duck '
Esdras ' the duck ' 4 jam yang lalu
Mulan vida real, que chinesinha incrível. .😄
yongjun yang
yongjun yang 4 jam yang lalu
我只想知道你不会做什么 哈哈
Nina Singh
Nina Singh 4 jam yang lalu
Anyone know where I can get those drinking cups??? They are beautiful
Ritta Ranouch
Ritta Ranouch 4 jam yang lalu
Simply amazing 💙💖💝 💕☺️
Baiq Dini Arti Malia Ningsih
Baiq Dini Arti Malia Ningsih 5 jam yang lalu
I wish I can meet with her someday
Nora Dee
Nora Dee 5 jam yang lalu
I wish i could live this stress free life
Cường Nguyễn
Cường Nguyễn 5 jam yang lalu
MooCalf 5 jam yang lalu
I heard pumpkin pies and peanuts cakes are nice! Maybe u should try making it
Kencana Ayudha
Kencana Ayudha 5 jam yang lalu
This remind me of little forest so much ❤️
Hannah Han
Hannah Han 5 jam yang lalu
شهد علي فراس
شهد علي فراس 5 jam yang lalu
She made this by herselfe or with acamera man to help her???????
Familia Abencoada REFLORESTAR é nossa META
Familia Abencoada REFLORESTAR é nossa META 6 jam yang lalu
Mariam Hader
Mariam Hader 6 jam yang lalu
يااخي محتوله يجنن ومينمل منه اصلن اني انام عليه ولله راحه نفسيه الفديوهان ملاته كلش حلوه وهاده 😊😊لو اتنزل با اسبوع مرتين منو مثلي اني اباوع الفيديو اكثر من مره😋😋😋
한성현 6 jam yang lalu
이런 여자랑 결혼 하고 싶다
Wardie Home
Wardie Home 6 jam yang lalu
Absolutely amazing, what a life to have, and the Milky Way to end a wonderful day
JAZZ Satiago
JAZZ Satiago 6 jam yang lalu
If you are living this kind of all nature you will never be feel hungry becouse she /he has alot everywhere I love my country tho but I wish I live in that place peaceful no harmful
Oui Cook
Oui Cook 7 jam yang lalu
super! Thanks for sharing my friend!
fuck2016 7 jam yang lalu
Has she ever explained how she plans these videos months in advanced this is so layered the timing of the vegetables she grows alone takes forever
Ljiljana Mcc
Ljiljana Mcc 7 jam yang lalu
Argentina Solano
Argentina Solano 7 jam yang lalu
Para mi es como un cuento en el que quiero estar. Y aprender todo ese arte culinario
Esther Roman Marcos
Esther Roman Marcos 8 jam yang lalu
Tus vídeos son adorables y geniales!!!💕
Salima catering
Salima catering 8 jam yang lalu
Mery Meryam
Mery Meryam 8 jam yang lalu
I love this video
Mery Meryam
Mery Meryam 8 jam yang lalu
Tbarkalah 3lik nti lwahida li rotin dyalak kay3jabni 🇲🇦
psidvicious 8 jam yang lalu
With those fortress like gates and walls, they must live in a really rough section of town.
olong dx
olong dx 8 jam yang lalu
Self sufficiency that's what she defines
Crazy Giggles g
Crazy Giggles g 8 jam yang lalu
I take my hat off to you 👏 amazing. There is only beauty in everything
Geovane Fagundes
Geovane Fagundes 8 jam yang lalu
Im from Brasil . S2 like
Elias Nicolas Bahnaru
Elias Nicolas Bahnaru 9 jam yang lalu
I like your videos so much . They make me relax and remeber me of when I used to go at grandparents place in summer,how I was helping them around with the chores.You are my favorite youtuber!😁 And also how's your grndma doing?
filoflin 9 jam yang lalu
i didnt know what perfect is before i knew this channel
Yik Louis
Yik Louis 9 jam yang lalu
每一個月能享用一種美食已經是一生的幸福了, 看見世界的留言,感謝你向全世界推廣中國文化, 中國有的不是貧窮與悲傷,應該是有不同的快樂與喜悅, 感謝你向世界展現中國的美好,農村生活可以有不同的快樂。
Lampartski Cartier
Lampartski Cartier 9 jam yang lalu
9:12 那彼岸花……美呆了
Valita Rods
Valita Rods 10 jam yang lalu
A life I can only dream of....
Gamalel Narzary
Gamalel Narzary 10 jam yang lalu
You give me those vibes of country and seasons 💝
Jyotirmayee Patra
Jyotirmayee Patra 10 jam yang lalu
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 10 jam yang lalu
Such an industriast woman it to be truly admired. Not only beautiful but skilled in all manner of arts and crafts. A true gem 👍
xxxtentacles 10 jam yang lalu
That's amazing!!!!
Not A Real Lin
Not A Real Lin 10 jam yang lalu
The next time I have to write an essay on role models, this woman will be my first pick.
study and entertainment
study and entertainment 10 jam yang lalu
and i have a question do u have a sister if yes is she allowed to drink wine???
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 10 jam yang lalu
shaks Siddiqui
shaks Siddiqui 10 jam yang lalu
How could she do a lots of tasks simultaneously without any tiredness on her face.incredible! I wish I could spent my life like she did a lots of struggle for that.hatss off
April Zhang
April Zhang 10 jam yang lalu
Khói X
Khói X 10 jam yang lalu
Tỉ tỉ đẹp thế
study and entertainment
study and entertainment 10 jam yang lalu
i mean the face is scary
study and entertainment
study and entertainment 10 jam yang lalu
hi everyone and i want to say that fish is so scary
Meis Zidi
Meis Zidi 11 jam yang lalu
You do the breakfast and flowers and grasses
Meis Zidi
Meis Zidi 11 jam yang lalu
It's great Chinese girl
Meis Zidi
Meis Zidi 11 jam yang lalu
Very good you learn to the life
shaas vlog
shaas vlog 11 jam yang lalu
Kate Aba
Kate Aba 11 jam yang lalu
Случайно наткнулась на канал этой девушки и в полном восторге) такая молодчина))) смотрю уже второй день, оторваться невозможно, забываешь обо всем) так все красиво и гармонично, что даже знание языка не нужно.
Goood Healer
Goood Healer 11 jam yang lalu
Богиня кулинарии ^_^
Thạo Pietro
Thạo Pietro 11 jam yang lalu
Chị ra video hôm 10.10 mà cứ lu bu lu bu bây giờ mới xem đc😭😭😭
Mona Shams
Mona Shams 11 jam yang lalu
And after this I question my self am I really living?? The world is soo beautiful yet many of us had seen, experienced soo little.
Durga Thakur
Durga Thakur 11 jam yang lalu
DEVIKA RAVINDRAN 11 jam yang lalu
Джинга ляк
Джинга ляк 11 jam yang lalu
Короче они не едят сахар вот и все
gang wu
gang wu 11 jam yang lalu
S Y R I A FF 11 jam yang lalu
Please watch the content of my channel High-quality, powerful videos, please😢😢😢
Masa Masa
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