"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan

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Televised Campaign Address for Goldwater Presidential Campaign - 10/27/64.
Watch a special "Remembering A Time For Choosing" video here: idshow.info/watch/ulQ7kJIhZqg/video.html
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Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 2 tahun yang lalu
Greatest President ever
M3GreatRiffs 2 tahun yang lalu
Sometimes it really does feel like we lost our way
Daphne Jordan
Daphne Jordan 2 tahun yang lalu
I bet you....if people kept this speech and said it more often...we wouldnt have the problems that we do now. This speech was very important and that it needs to be repeated. In my personal opinion this is one of the best presidents ive learned about and im only going on 19 years old
Fritz Vonhotzmeyer
Fritz Vonhotzmeyer 2 tahun yang lalu
Thank God we had Reagan - he was a warrior for Liberty. Smartest President in my life time.
Julian Kukus
Julian Kukus 2 tahun yang lalu
This is why I love being an American
Brittain Gill
Brittain Gill 2 tahun yang lalu
My first Commander n Chief!!
Mario Escalante
Mario Escalante 3 tahun yang lalu
I’m no conservative but am thoroughly impressed with the speech from then-new Republican Reagan. I have a book that talks about the conservative era in the states between 1968-2008 and it says that the right-wing folks’ ears perked at this speech and paid close attention to this man.
Tywysog Prydain
Tywysog Prydain 3 tahun yang lalu
God's blessings on all the Americans like these that did resist the communists. Where would the world be without them?
moviemaker2011z 3 tahun yang lalu
Reagan was a smart man and this shows it clearly. i see a bunch of reagan in trump now adays. a smart man with the guts to speak what he thought was right. during this time farmers were the target of the government and now its everyone with taxes and harmful regulations on everyone so that way the government can get money it doesn't deserve. thank god trump is removing those.
SCHMIDTDAVID13 3 tahun yang lalu
This was a great speech. Ronald Reagan was the greatest leader of the 20th century, much greater than Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower. Those mentioned were weak and let Stalin spread Communism in the heart and Eastern part of Europe. Ronald Reagan made the Communism collapse. For East-Europeans, in particular, Ronald Reagan is a hero: He released them from the Communism slavery. Credit for this should also take the British premier Margaret Thatcher, the Pope John Paul the 2nd, and in a lesser degree, Michael Gorbachev.
Al gansk
Al gansk 3 tahun yang lalu
The year 1964. Observers saw a star in the west. Tan, well tailored...and on his way...
QuelDroma366 3 tahun yang lalu
I have never even put a bumper sticker on my car for anyone, but I would openly campaign for this guy.
Duker Wong
Duker Wong 3 tahun yang lalu
Everything President Reagan talked about are based on America's own principles of foundations and constitutions for America's greatness by his patriotism and loyalty towards America such a great country. I understand that why if America lost freedom, prosperity of the Capitalism systems, security and safety, the principles of foundations and constitutions, Americans of all will have no place to escape. God bless America.
Fred Nietzsche
Fred Nietzsche 3 tahun yang lalu
One of the most inspiring speeches.
CountArtha 3 tahun yang lalu
You can tell he was reading Hayek's _The Road to Serfdom._ The greatest political speech of the latter Twentieth Century. Big ideas; moral clarity; full of dread and scorn about the powers that be, but also optimism and certainty about what must be done; and delivered in earnest tones by a speaker with excellent bearing. This speech should be taught in schools for its rhetorical strength alone.
KobeInTheCut 3 tahun yang lalu
When did we start clapping between every sentence of these speeches? Reagan's speeches were definitely on another level of eloquence compared to today but I know that if he gave this speech today it would constantly be interrupted and lose some of its effectiveness.
ИFN Raven
ИFN Raven 3 tahun yang lalu
23:19 is my favorite part in this speech.
Traders Friend
Traders Friend 3 tahun yang lalu
His speeches were mind blowing and so candid!
Dwight Currie
Dwight Currie 3 tahun yang lalu
I was 14 in 64, and working on my Father's farm. We lived close and frugally, but we were able to make a living from our land. I now live alone on a portion of that land, and it would be impossible to farm this land and not lose it. More government involvement is not now and has never been the answer to our problems. In what alternative universe does it make sense for the government to pay a farmer NOT to grow a crop, and farm his land? The end result has been to, largely, abolish the family farms that have fed the nation and a large part of the world. Most of what was once farmland has been lost to "Progress", and can never be reclaimed. Farming now is largely government financed and subsidized "Agribusiness" totally controlled by enormous corporations. The quality of our food has suffered, right along with the quality of life. Like Reagan said" the most frightening words ever said are, I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
Teresa Rudolph
Teresa Rudolph 3 tahun yang lalu
This line (about government paid health care) really jumped out at me: "But I think we're all against forcing all citizens, regardless of need, into a compulsory government program." If only we could all agree on that now.
Dan Berg
Dan Berg 3 tahun yang lalu
Every single person in the audience is thinking one thing, "Why wasn't Reagan the nominee?"
Arman 3 tahun yang lalu
One of the greatest presidents we've ever had. Top 5 in my opinion.
Sue Spensko
Sue Spensko 3 tahun yang lalu
excellent video!! Going to watch more!
DH 3 tahun yang lalu
How did Barry Goldwater mess this campaign up so hard? Reagan should've won it for him right here.
mtb416 3 tahun yang lalu
I wish my fellow millennials were exposed to such ideas.
jesse james
jesse james 3 tahun yang lalu
wow just wow he predicted alot of things that are happening today i hope he's watching over Donald.Trump
Natasha Paige Cortez
Natasha Paige Cortez 3 tahun yang lalu
This feels like today's current political atmosphere
iron grip 455
iron grip 455 3 tahun yang lalu
Who is billy salas
Graham Pudek
Graham Pudek 4 tahun yang lalu
I can only hope that Trump can restore the US to it's former greatness. He is the best hope for America right now.
iamjohngalt 4 tahun yang lalu
Too bad we don't have anyone give a speech like that today. Then again I'm afraid it would fall on deaf ears.
The Easy Way Out Campers
The Easy Way Out Campers 4 tahun yang lalu
Lets clone Reagan!
Philip M
Philip M 4 tahun yang lalu
Best speech ever
Renee Sinaly
Renee Sinaly 4 tahun yang lalu
Wow! Sound familiar?
Chris Mak
Chris Mak 4 tahun yang lalu
It is that time again - A Time For Choosing America!
Angela Losfeld
Angela Losfeld 4 tahun yang lalu
Tell em' like it is, Mr. Reagan. You still are the "Great Communicator".
Lar Law
Lar Law 4 tahun yang lalu
I love Ronald Reagen..
Matt Hoover
Matt Hoover 4 tahun yang lalu
Who would vote this down??? Amen Sir!
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 4 tahun yang lalu
Vote wisely. Vote Trump.
BarrySlisk 4 tahun yang lalu
I cannot believe that speech did not get Goldwater elected. Maybe too many did not have TV's in 1964???
Moose Moose
Moose Moose 4 tahun yang lalu
you can literally see people with goldwater signs put them down.
Elliot Lindsay
Elliot Lindsay 4 tahun yang lalu
A great leader that came to soon. We need him now.
Jeremy Peake
Jeremy Peake 4 tahun yang lalu
I took the time to watch this tonight after watching the first 2016 debate between Trump and Hillary. I cannot stand either of those people, and do not identify with either political party. Our entire political system has become all bickering, and it's sad...
Romi Mirza
Romi Mirza 4 tahun yang lalu
Fantastic! Wish he was debating tonight!
sboudreaux27 4 tahun yang lalu
The speech that made him CA Governor & POTUS!
Reluctant Ronin
Reluctant Ronin 4 tahun yang lalu
This man's words ring as true today as they did they say he spoke them. It's a shame that even his election president wasn't enough to destroy the Regressive Neo Marxist mindset adopted by Leftists nearly a century ago. I'd however like to think he bought my generation enough time to grow up and repair the damage our fathers have done, or itll be us facing a thousand years of darkness.
M. Zhou
M. Zhou 4 tahun yang lalu
Tears in my eyes watching this.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 4 tahun yang lalu
I wish I was alive for Reagan's presidentsy.
Mike C.
Mike C. 4 tahun yang lalu
Best speech of all time.
Heather Pearson
Heather Pearson 4 tahun yang lalu
i strive to be the female version of him once im eligable to run. one day.
Phoenix ShadowBlade
Phoenix ShadowBlade 4 tahun yang lalu
We really need more presidents like Mr. Reagan, but our next president is basically a troll.
Thomas Stark
Thomas Stark 4 tahun yang lalu
It is astonishing, inflate the numbers, change the names... This could have been delivered yesterday!
dauntless42 4 tahun yang lalu
Oh how we need a man like Ronald Reagan today.
pain amajorpain
pain amajorpain 4 tahun yang lalu
Hear ye. Hear ye. The view count is STILL rising. That is all. Keep'em coming
Jason Bishop
Jason Bishop 4 tahun yang lalu
I'll go to haverd for 2700 a year?
umeng2002 4 tahun yang lalu
Great human...
eiffuy 4 tahun yang lalu
What did those signs say? democrats for...?
gordon 4 tahun yang lalu
Reagan straight savage
lee graves
lee graves 4 tahun yang lalu
Huh unleashing the American people as President Reagan did gave us3.5% growth in gdp compared to Obama's anemic 1.2%.barely covering population growth.
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 4 tahun yang lalu
The new time for choosing, is actually to defund Prog Ed in K-12, university, law-journalism-film schools; replacing the corrupt, rube-making and decline-making pedagogy with Western Enlightenment... Enjoy this update on the Gettysburg Address... thank you: idshow.info/watch/yrkN5Pqh5ok/video.html
Roger Lamb
Roger Lamb 4 tahun yang lalu
This man could really deliver a speech. Not like the 'voice' we have now.
John Carter
John Carter 4 tahun yang lalu
Bruce Fell
Bruce Fell 4 tahun yang lalu
boy even after all theis years Reagans words are so true!!! & relevant. awakening America.
Gilbert Van Buskirk
Gilbert Van Buskirk 4 tahun yang lalu
Was Reagan complaining about big government before or after he was informing on his colleagues in Hollywood during McCarthy's inquisition?
Gilbert Van Buskirk
Gilbert Van Buskirk 4 tahun yang lalu
@***** I am free. Free from Republican tyranny. Ever wonder why the Republicans embrace the color red? They're pinko commies.
Gilbert Van Buskirk
Gilbert Van Buskirk 4 tahun yang lalu
@***** The only party more closely aligned with tyranny and the abolition of private property is you. You support a system of officialdom where thoughts should be regulated. The communist is you.
Gilbert Van Buskirk
Gilbert Van Buskirk 4 tahun yang lalu
@***** Unlike Republicans I side with the Constitution which facilitates the Freedom of Speech and Association. To respect the rights of people I don't necessarily agree with. Even if there were communists, private property is protected in the Constitution. Wait until Democrats put together a committee of thought police and go after Christians after another one of their ilk goes on a shooting rampage. Like that Neoconfederate Dylann Roof Unlike Republicans, I side with freedom.
Gilbert Van Buskirk
Gilbert Van Buskirk 4 tahun yang lalu
@***** So the argument is, as usual, just so long as Republicans can be proven correct, the ends justify the means. Even if it requires running the Constitution through the shredder. As I said, the typical Republican.
Gilbert Van Buskirk
Gilbert Van Buskirk 4 tahun yang lalu
@***** Right about what? He is only right if you're a right wing conservative that believes that freedom only applies to yourself and not others. Which is usually the case with Republicans.
Pete Zereeah
Pete Zereeah 4 tahun yang lalu
"Well, I would like to suggest that there is no left or right. There is only an up or down." The political and administrative ramifications of that statement are beyond a thread here. But it's the idea of positiveness that he always seemed to convey. He was a communicator genius.
Ap95 19
Ap95 19 4 tahun yang lalu
Trump 2016
William DuFour
William DuFour 4 tahun yang lalu
Reagan was and still on the money!
Donna 4 tahun yang lalu
And we are still at war with them, this time our own countrymen are the offenders.
LuckyLucy 4 tahun yang lalu
We would probably be speaking Russian or Chinese now if it weren't for Reagan standing up to the Commies in the 1980's.
Vito Longo
Vito Longo 4 tahun yang lalu
Nothing better then having the complexity of affairs broken down. "what difference does it mean to hold a title or deed to your business or property if the government holds the power of life or death to that property?"
Lorraine Brown
Lorraine Brown 4 tahun yang lalu
One of the best speeches.
Richard A. Lawrence
Richard A. Lawrence 4 tahun yang lalu
What a great speech. How far the Republican Party has fallen!
whogotshot27 4 tahun yang lalu
12:18 "We can send them to Harvard for $2700." Yet people nowadays refuse to realize that going to college is extremely difficult for us Millennials and it's become a business in order for the government to get money. This creates the mindset of "why should I go to college if I'm just going to end up in debt?" If a change is not made, then there will be less college educated folk in the U.S.
Josh Houston
Josh Houston 4 tahun yang lalu
One of the best presidents America has ever had.
Parallel Burrito
Parallel Burrito 4 tahun yang lalu
Here is the problem in America. This video only has 1.65 million views. There are so many who support Trump who have the gall to compare him to Mr. Reagan and have never seen this video. Reagan would respond to Trump in the same way as Romney. America will send Trump out to pasture in November but the damage to the republican party has been done.
J Smith
J Smith 4 tahun yang lalu
Christopher Michael "Are you serious? Kennedy did NOT start the Vietnam war LOL! Get your facts straight kid." Technically you are right. The U.S. Involvement began under President Truman in 1950 in the form of sending military advisors to French Indo-China. The commitment of actual troops began in the 1950's and massively escalated in 1961 and 1962 under Kennedy.
Flexr 4 tahun yang lalu
I didn't know he supported Goldwater.
weirdshibainu 4 tahun yang lalu
The truly sad part about this speech, is that if Reagan was running for office this year, the Republican establishment would sabotage his efforts.
Abel Jason Collegebound
Abel Jason Collegebound 4 tahun yang lalu
Thank you for sharing this video. Reagan was right about how things would fall out in the future. Just look at Obama and Clinton who fall on what was a brief high moment in economy thinking it would continue when it ended. Glad I'm more like Reagan as a republican. Will say that both Bushes somewhat followed falling on the brief moment of high economy. Sad point for republicans. Still support them though as a republican.
Buck T
Buck T 4 tahun yang lalu
I saw this speech in 1975 as a 13 yr old kid this speech made me a conservative. Thank You Ronald Reagan you made me who I am.
Steve Wardlaw
Steve Wardlaw 4 tahun yang lalu
President Reagan will always be my favorite President. He was my Commander in Chief when i was in the Navy and I was proud to serve under him. The best President this nation ever had and by the way i'm black and a Reaganite.
Jon Michael Halsey
Jon Michael Halsey 4 tahun yang lalu
This speech was written and given by Ronald Regan with no teleprompter.
The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule
The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule 4 tahun yang lalu
This was Trump's past life speech
Donna 4 tahun yang lalu
Well, Dear Gripper, we are about to witness America's end.. I miss you
MondoBeno 4 tahun yang lalu
Reagan's family was just a notch above poor, but he worked his way up. Hillary Clinton would've been nothing if not for her husband.
Caz Zie
Caz Zie 4 tahun yang lalu
Looks like the fat plan for this nation is coming to fruition, can't say we were not warned. We're still a republic, for now, America. Calling all countrymen, lend me your ear. Find your moral compass and mind your way, the aristocrats are on your heel. Be accountable, collectively force the elected to be accountable, while you still have a voice. We are a republic, which is a step above democracy. This speech was pure prophecy, delivered as a wake up call.
Tim Pierce
Tim Pierce 4 tahun yang lalu
I did not vote for him, but I have found like him as I got older I left the Democrat party, to Libertarian to now Republican. Its like being a child in a dream that all people want to do good and work hard with no other reason than to. To growing up and maturing as a father and realizing you must give people reasons to struggle to improve to better themselves so they don't depend on me. Democrat is that child, Republican is the Adult. The people is the judge of what they do is right or wrong. "We the People" is more than words, act, respond and be heard.
crazycashlarry 4 tahun yang lalu
Literally, the best speech I've ever heard. It had the hairs on my arm standing and saluting the flag. Wow I love America! This speech will and go down in history as the best speech ever!
Dan in Phoenix
Dan in Phoenix 4 tahun yang lalu
rob hughes
rob hughes 4 tahun yang lalu
It may or may not be the greatest speech ever, but it has to at least be in the top 10. I would say top 5 at least, but definitely top 10.
Jacob Sloand
Jacob Sloand 4 tahun yang lalu
what was this speech for his presidential campaign or while he was president
I Call Him Gerald
I Call Him Gerald 4 tahun yang lalu
He lost by the biggest margin since 1820 something.
J Smith
J Smith 4 tahun yang lalu
@Pete Zereeah I find it a bit condescending to call him 'just' an actor, as if it somehow diminishes the person. My comments were that at the time he delivered this particular speech he had yet to run for governor of California and was the President of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). The fact is that he was an actor at the time he gave this speech and used his recognition as such to promote his political beliefs. I saw the local Dallas County Sheriff speaking at the DNC last week, speaking as a police officer endorsing her political beliefs. I also saw other individuals speaking out for candidates at both conventions.
Pete Zereeah
Pete Zereeah 4 tahun yang lalu
I get fed up with the nonsense that Reagan was just an actor. He was a two term Governor of California. Let's look at the facts....Carter was a Naval Submarine officer and Governor of Georgia. Kennedy was a Naval officer and a Senator. Nixon was a lawyer. Clinton is a lawyer. Obama is a lawyer. That in it self is enough to make you throw up in your mouth. It is what it is.
J Smith
J Smith 4 tahun yang lalu
Actually DeGaulle began the war by trying to reclaim French Indo-China after WW2. The French were finally forced to withdraw after Dien Bien Phu, but appealed to the fledgling United Nations for intervention. The Geneva Accords of 1954-56 divided the country into the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the State of Vietnam. Because of continued escalation of guerrilla conflicts in the South (State of Vietnam), Eisenhower joined other nations in supplying military advisers in the hopes of blocking the Soviet Union and China from turning it into a communist satellite state, but the first President to send advisers was Harry Truman who sent the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) to French Indo-China in 1950. The first real escalation took place in May 1961 when Kennedy sent 400 Green Beret advisers into Vietnam to train the indigenous Montagnards (mountain people) as a counter-insurgency group. After North Vietnam sent 26,000 troops across the border and badly mauled the South's military, Kennedy sent additional advisers (October 1961) as well as helicopter transport units to assist the South's military operations. These pilots and crews are the first de facto American combat troops in Vietnam. I guess the real answer to the question of who is responsible for America's involvement in Vietnam would be "GOD". As everyone has an opinion but nobody can offer anything more definitive.
Pragmadox 4 tahun yang lalu
Eisenhower "began" the Vietnam war.
connie rahim
connie rahim 4 tahun yang lalu
we could use him today! mr president! he will always be THE president.
Walle brown
Walle brown 4 tahun yang lalu
There are so many fallacies within this speech. The governmental system of the US was not the "newest" idea at the time. He also does have a script, though he claims to have written it, it is still a script. (He says at the beginning that his speech was unscripted)
Berandino Morales
Berandino Morales 4 tahun yang lalu
M W.
M W. 4 tahun yang lalu
Now there's a president.
Raúl Jover Criado
Raúl Jover Criado 4 tahun yang lalu
A masterpiece of oratory that should be listened to from time to time.
Claudine Malis
Claudine Malis 4 tahun yang lalu
I'm here to watch how he delivers a speech. Impressive. His movements are on point. The tilting of the head, the tone of the voice, the way his shoulders rise and fall. Great to look at. I don't know anything about his leadership and political skills, though.
Kerim Grozny
Kerim Grozny 4 tahun yang lalu
I could listen to Reagan for hours
Xtragicfever 4 tahun yang lalu
Is that Putin at 5:58 in the crowd?
Jeff Carnevale
Jeff Carnevale 4 tahun yang lalu
Best political speech of all time.
thomas rosenbaum
thomas rosenbaum 4 tahun yang lalu
I miss him.
MrZZooh 4 tahun yang lalu
If Reagan hated government so much, why did he want to lead it? Sounds a bit ironic, doesn't it?
Donnie S
Donnie S 4 tahun yang lalu
True to what's going on today, appeasement of our enemy. I got to meet Reagan in 84 the man loved his country and would protect her at all costs. sure wish he was still President.
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