Best Nationality of All Time in EVERY Position

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From Italy in the goalkeeper position, with the likes of Gianluigi Buffon and Dino Zoff, to Brazil at right-back courtesy of greats like Djalma Santos, Cafu, and Dani Alves, HITC Sevens takes a look at which nation has produced the best players in each position in the history of football.

Dashti Taleb
Dashti Taleb 9 hari yang lalu
Okay Spain should have been higher than Brazil in center midfield smh. Xavi Busquest Iniesta.. that alone is the greatest midfield trio of all time
Ammar Azian
Ammar Azian 25 hari yang lalu
You talk to much bro, just list the name and their position 😡
Ruben Medeiros
Ruben Medeiros Bulan Yang lalu
"Argentina have 3 of the 5 best players of all time"... After "Argentina have 3 of the best 4 players of all time"... Man no matter what you thinking or not C. Ronaldo it's one of the best 4 players of all time so I don't know where you want Pele to be in this 4 players list lol If you talk only about 4 players and Argentina already got 3 players! England suck at international football and got mentioned lol Just your opinion I got that but come on England lol 😂
Victor Georgiev
Victor Georgiev Bulan Yang lalu
Mentioning David Seaman as a great goalkeeper!?! You are too young to have seen him in action. He was the weakest link in Arsenal and the English national side for quite a long time. The only thing that made him seem good, was his competition for the English national side. I'm talking about David James, who was an even shittier shots topper than Seaman was... I love your channel, but some of the things you claim, are bullocks with no basis in reality. Especially when it comes to players you have not actually seen in action for yourself. Please check out one of the numerous videos on IDshow about Seaman's many clinical errors, and what they have cost Arsenal over the years. I'm still having nightmares about 1995 and Real Zaragoza, and that was not even the worst mistake David Seaman has made out of nothing... Seaman was never great. Mediocre at best.
segun osereme
segun osereme Bulan Yang lalu
😄 very funny. He would have if only there was an Eritea in the 30s. The country was merged with Ethiopia then.
Mohabbulla Mohib
Mohabbulla Mohib Bulan Yang lalu
You are british and your favorism towards English players is very noticeable
Alex Tuller
Alex Tuller Bulan Yang lalu
No one: BRAZIL
Iddrisu Saali Hussein
Iddrisu Saali Hussein Bulan Yang lalu
Nilton not Nelson
Axxess Mundi
Axxess Mundi Bulan Yang lalu
Left Back goes to the Brazilians hands down. Same with Left Wing, R10, Neymar, Eder, Zagallo (LB/LW)
Saqib Islam
Saqib Islam 2 bulan yang lalu
England was never a good international team. You have disrespectfully omitted Spain from the list. Spanish CM (Iniesta and Xavi are best of all time both influencing for club and country). Portugal is also omitted in attacking play where they had so many gr8 players as compared to Scotland and England.
HITC Sevens
HITC Sevens 2 bulan yang lalu
England was never a good international team, even when they were the best national team in Europe, if not the world. Riiiiight...
Max Mann
Max Mann 2 bulan yang lalu
to me Germany at Goalkeeper is as clear as Italy at center back and brazi at the striker position. Brazil has the 2 best strikers ever, Pele and Ronaldo. Italy at center back with Canavaro and Nesta. And Germany has the 2 best Goalkeepers i have ever seen, with Kahn and Neuer.
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 2 bulan yang lalu
3:34 Wtf his slim arm😂
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 2 bulan yang lalu
1:56 Lahm😂
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 2 bulan yang lalu
1:14 wtf how small kahn is next to Neuer😅
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 2 bulan yang lalu
0:39 How is Özil even at a line with them?😂
Catedrátrico de Barsa
Catedrátrico de Barsa 2 bulan yang lalu
GK: Italy CBs: Italy RB: Brazil LB: Brazil DMF: Netherlands MF: France AMF: Brazil RW: Argentina (I'm including Messi and Maradona, because both could play on this position) LW: Portugal CF: Brazil
Dave Love
Dave Love 2 bulan yang lalu
Josimar was better Dani
Dave Love
Dave Love 2 bulan yang lalu
Josimar was better
Dave Love
Dave Love 2 bulan yang lalu
Josimar was better
Dave Love
Dave Love 2 bulan yang lalu
Josimar was better
Alberto Peixoto
Alberto Peixoto 2 bulan yang lalu
Left atq position should be Portugal, by miles...
dario crescenzi
dario crescenzi 2 bulan yang lalu
dario crescenzi
dario crescenzi 2 bulan yang lalu
Rivera, Mazzola, Baggio, Totti, Del Piero???
Majnik 2 bulan yang lalu
Manuel Neuer is underrated midfielder
MrDubcek 2 bulan yang lalu
Lets be real, this could of been an all Brazil XI and it would of made sense
Malore Sport
Malore Sport 2 bulan yang lalu
As attacking midfielders Italy had Totti, Baggio, Mazzola, Del Piero, Antognoni, Meazza, Rivera, Sivori. Neither an honorable mention?
Gonzalo Andrés Osorio Guzmán
Gonzalo Andrés Osorio Guzmán 2 bulan yang lalu
Lilo Demon
Lilo Demon 2 bulan yang lalu
Would make best nationality postion in each continent?
Diarmuid OHalloran
Diarmuid OHalloran 2 bulan yang lalu
Germany had an honourable mention in nearly every position. They should have got 2 or 3 positions
Feanor n
Feanor n 2 bulan yang lalu
Goalkeeper Italy !? There is one clear choice and its Germany !
Olive Majestic
Olive Majestic 2 bulan yang lalu
Argentina modern day strikers: Agüero, Martinez, Dybala, Higuaín, Messi (arguably), Icardi (psg), Alario (bayer leverkusen), Bustos (talleres in argentina) , Ávila (Osasuna) , Gaich (Moscow), Correa (Lazio), Tévez (boca), Simeone (Cagliari) , Benedetto (marseille) , Palacio (bologna), Gonzalez (Stuttgart) Compare that to us struggling to choose between Otamendi/Pezzella backline vs Otamendi/Martinez Quarta 😂
Tomasz Kiryk
Tomasz Kiryk 2 bulan yang lalu
No polish honorable mentions?
NickWorldtube 2 bulan yang lalu
Gigi Riva😍
Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon 2 bulan yang lalu
I love your content but for whatever reason, be it the mic or just your voice but there are times your voice fades out when finishing sentences and I think like many we struggle to decipher what your saying :-/
God gamer King
God gamer King 2 bulan yang lalu
germany is the best in goal Jens lehman too
Manuel Morais
Manuel Morais 2 bulan yang lalu
Goal Keeper position ... England would be 3rd???? I'd say NO, and by a long shot ... perhaps Poland or even Russia (USSR). Italy clear 1st and Germany clear 2nd. Of course being English (or at least British ... by accent) the mention to England is much too blatant. In the wings ... How about Portugal? Paulo Futre, Figo, Simao, Quaresma, Cristiano Ronaldo ... would surely worth mention ... No? ))))))))))))))
Carlos Julio Bichet Nicoletti
Carlos Julio Bichet Nicoletti 2 bulan yang lalu
He tried to squeeze England in the honorable mentions for EVERY position.........nope
Vendreatta 2 bulan yang lalu
Sorry, but Germany is the Nr. 1 Goalkeeper country
Samii Anteneh
Samii Anteneh 2 bulan yang lalu
in LB had been brazil. Maldini can play in CLB so it has to be brazil. and CM must be England.
Patrick Cheek
Patrick Cheek 2 bulan yang lalu
Anyone else hate his voice ?
Daniel Werner
Daniel Werner 2 bulan yang lalu
Im always so happy when you talk about Ronaldo :) you give these older generation of players so much respect, please continue with your great work
Bogdan Laiu
Bogdan Laiu 2 bulan yang lalu
France should get CAM position hands down. Both Zidane and Platini are what you think of when you say AM, and you can't say the same about Messi and Di Stefano who played a little more forward. Also, I think the results and quality of play with the national team should have a little more weight since this is a list based on nationality.
Mhmhssc pmbtvsmsrsc
Mhmhssc pmbtvsmsrsc 2 bulan yang lalu
Portugal shouldve won the left Winger tbh , Eusebio , Figo and Cristiano , all of em won balon dor
Contact 2 bulan yang lalu
Only world class English players over last 40 years = Gascoigne before alcohol, Michael Owen before injury, John Barnes before he got fat, Lineker and Shearer. Gerard, Lampard, Rooney choked too often internationally. Goalkeepers and defenders mentioned are not world class. Beckham had a great free-kick, pass but not world-class all-round game. If Rooney had to perform internationally, he would be world class.
Dan Diaconescu
Dan Diaconescu 2 bulan yang lalu
oi pleb, portugal on either the right or center forward, ronaldo and messi are the best players of all time, f pele maradona the football played in their time was shit, just look at their physiques back then, so it’s honestly a travesty you did not include ronaldo, u ugly tosser
kurzausziehbar 2 bulan yang lalu
It is absolute blasphemy to say Germany does not have the greatest goalkeepers of all time. Name ONE who is not an absolute worldbeater
Mashaireo Williamson
Mashaireo Williamson 2 bulan yang lalu
Testin Jast
Testin Jast 2 bulan yang lalu
Germany definitely gets the goalkeeper position ngl, especially in the last 10-20 years it's a lot of germans. And no I'm not german myself
KÖBISCH Piek 2 bulan yang lalu
Goalkeepers should be germany
FrisbeeGun 19
FrisbeeGun 19 2 bulan yang lalu
8:59 I didn't no this guy had a sense of humar
Aurel Npounengnong
Aurel Npounengnong 2 bulan yang lalu
what about Ruud Gullit ? , cruijff ?
João carreira
João carreira 2 bulan yang lalu
right wing should be portugal. CR7 (5 ballon d'or), Figo (1 ballon d'or), Nani, Simão, João Felix, Quaresma, Conceição, Futre(second best player on 1987), Chalana, Simões, etc, etc. Almost all the best portuguese players are (or were) right wingers.
Rustem Haitov
Rustem Haitov 2 bulan yang lalu
Why do you have to mention England almost in every position? I get that football is created in that country. However, England is far away from being consıdered among the best countries. (And Scotland??? Really?) Don't be biased and create fair honourable mentions. English players and league are overrated. Also, more credit should be given to Germany
jon Martinez
jon Martinez 2 bulan yang lalu
The fact u kept having england as honor mentions is laughable hahahahahaha, so biased
Robi Yonas
Robi Yonas 2 bulan yang lalu
When I heard Eritrea I was so happy (I am Eritrean)
Robi Yonas
Robi Yonas 2 bulan yang lalu
Tbh top nations have amazing players all around
AlexJj35 2 bulan yang lalu
IMHO central midfield has to be spain, just two names: Xavi and Iniesta
Jacques Boyadjian
Jacques Boyadjian 2 bulan yang lalu
Does anyone ever finish the videos
Frosty1979 2 bulan yang lalu
Way too many positions for Italy.
The Forgotten Darius Axe
The Forgotten Darius Axe 2 bulan yang lalu
This list, and I cannot stress this enough is SO shit. Honestly. Judging on a 4-3-3 formation, THIS should be the correct one: GK: Spain, LB: Brasil, Left CB: Italy, Right CB: Spain, RB: Brasil, CDM: France, Left CM: France, Right CM: Netherlands, LW: Brasil, ST: Brasil, RW: Brasil
Jason Visentin
Jason Visentin 2 bulan yang lalu
Cheeky bugger, trying to slip honourable mentions to England and Scotland in like no one would notice.
Jo Palm
Jo Palm 2 bulan yang lalu
Maier, Kahn, Neuer > Zoff, Buffon, Donnarumna
Jack O’Conor
Jack O’Conor 2 bulan yang lalu
Highly disagree!! The person videoing this is definitely Italian. This is so dumb lol.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 2 bulan yang lalu
Never reach 400k with this many adverts. Get a job
Lex Soft
Lex Soft 2 bulan yang lalu
Surprise that you gave the LW to Netherland players, but I like it. Rob Rensenbrink was my favorite player at WC 78.
Lex Soft
Lex Soft 2 bulan yang lalu
Nice that you eventually mentioned Glenn Hoddle, Bernd Schuster and Youri Djorkaeff.
Bolsonaro e Lula em um 69
Bolsonaro e Lula em um 69 2 bulan yang lalu
In my holy opinion, it should be: GK: Italy RB: Brazil CBs: Italy and Germany LB: Brazil DM: France CM: Brazil AM: Brazil RW: Brazil LW: Argentina ST: Brazil Coach: Italy
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez 2 bulan yang lalu
I was really hoping to see spain as a honorable mention for the CB position
Andre Dias
Andre Dias 2 bulan yang lalu
Left back should be Brazil. Manager, Portugal and Brazil are very strong.
x Ray
x Ray 2 bulan yang lalu
whatever you call all -time- greats and however you count them.... I am very dissappointed of your knowledge and decisions...
x Ray
x Ray 2 bulan yang lalu
you forgot so many world class german goalies.... unbelievable
Onreee 2 bulan yang lalu
You should do the same but with continents
Diptendu Bhattacharya
Diptendu Bhattacharya 2 bulan yang lalu
You created 10 positions
Dave aus München
Dave aus München 2 bulan yang lalu
It’s like Fifa, the game, nobody appreciates Germans single talents enough. Just think about the amount of icons a nation with 4 worldcup wins has and then think of the Netherlands. We’ve had some of the greatest players the game has ever seen, are perhaps amongst the top most game influential nations and most think, well they always had a good team. Yes, but we also had Müller (who most people probably don’t even know as he has never been an icon in fifa), Beckenbauer, Matthäus, Breitner, Netzer, Rahn, Seeler, Hoeneß, lahm, Kahn, Klose, ..... Especially in the GK department listing us below Italy and on the same level as England is just insulting. No offense to all English fellows out there, love our rivalry, but who can actually deny that if one position, Germany has never had a problem with providing the best GK in the world. Kahn, Lehmann, Ter stegen, neuer, maier, Schumacher, Trautmann, Kleff, Illgner,...
CrazyOldWorld 3 bulan yang lalu
Jens Lehman ?
ALA_Legend 02
ALA_Legend 02 3 bulan yang lalu
Just shows that Germany have won 4 world cups but have never excelled in one position, but have always had superior tactics and teamwork
Luís Santos
Luís Santos 3 bulan yang lalu
Left Wing would be obviously Portugal... Luís Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chalana, Paulo Futre, Matateu, Quaresma...
Dev Saxena 760
Dev Saxena 760 3 bulan yang lalu
Where is lev yashin
SIMP KING 3 bulan yang lalu
not even one to germany worst channel on yt
Alrik Johansson
Alrik Johansson 3 bulan yang lalu
Strikers = sweden, nordahl, Ibrahimovic, Henrik Larsson, Martin dahlin, Kenneth Andersson, Bo Larsson and kurt Hamrin
Martin Sanchez
Martin Sanchez 3 bulan yang lalu
Somebody hates spain, easily should be the pick for midfield, they could also be the pick for center back and goalkeeper
Melvin Mugambe
Melvin Mugambe 3 bulan yang lalu
he forgot maicon when talking abt brazil RB
theonewhoknocks 3 bulan yang lalu
England good with keepers? Not for the last 20 years for sure
adam midzuk
adam midzuk 3 bulan yang lalu
Best nations in every position over the last 39 years
Tundra Wolf
Tundra Wolf 3 bulan yang lalu
So Germany isn’t on the list anywhere yet holland is twice.... Naaaaah
Hugo Janssen
Hugo Janssen 3 bulan yang lalu
Spain has the best players at centre midfield , it doesn't make sense that you would choose Brazil just because of 3 players from 1950 to 1980 , it is just unfair.
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth 3 bulan yang lalu
Finland has best goalkeepers of under 10 million people nations!
Dinis Costa
Dinis Costa 3 bulan yang lalu
Portugal not even on the managers and fowards wtf?
Bryan Rego
Bryan Rego 3 bulan yang lalu
What happen to Portugal? Cristiano Ronaldo was never good enough for you.. not even an honourable mention? not even Figo...
Kofi Mensah
Kofi Mensah 3 bulan yang lalu
i can just personally say i’m too young for this list, that’s all
goku the great
goku the great 3 bulan yang lalu
Is it just me but everytime he mentions England he refers to a bunch of overrated players.
Parleetxt 3 bulan yang lalu
Germany and France are Never first place? Don’t think so
N P 3 bulan yang lalu
Maicon>Alves, confirmed by Maicon in the starting eleven every time there was an important game to be played for Brasil!
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro 3 bulan yang lalu
Not a single mention to Portugal, shameful
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro 3 bulan yang lalu
This is so biased towards England lol
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro 3 bulan yang lalu
Currently Portugal have crazy Full back depth João Cancelo Nelson Semedo Ricardo Pereira Raphael Guerreiro Diogo Dalot Rúben Vinagre Mário Rui Cedric Soares And Youngsters Tomás Esteves Tomás Tavares
VanilleVla 3 bulan yang lalu
Left Wing Coen Moulijn
Keet Maeder-Herke
Keet Maeder-Herke 3 bulan yang lalu
xxQuackz 3 bulan yang lalu
I’d give Spain CB. They’ve had Ramos, Hierro, Pique, Puyol, Albiol
Amyah Gomes
Amyah Gomes 3 bulan yang lalu
Why was i screaming Brazil in my head when u siad Italy as gk lol
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