[HD] Kim Soo Hyun 金秀賢 김수현 and Seo Ye ji ~ 56th Baeksang Arts Awards 2020 🎶🎵✨

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On the 5th of June, the '56th Baeksang Arts Awards' award ceremony held at KINTEX, Daehwa-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji are on the stage as presenters.

Kdrama 'It’s Okay to Not Be Okay', June 20 on tvN and Netflix worldwide! 🦋
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Jo Ksh
Jo Ksh Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you for one million views! Thank you to be member of KIM's family! Thank you all of YOU 😘🍀
Joli Varela
Joli Varela 15 jam yang lalu
No entiendo ni madres 🥴
Suwit Srimabud
Suwit Srimabud Hari Yang lalu
Hannah Choi
Hannah Choi 6 hari yang lalu
서예지 드레스... 와우... 예쁘다! 블랙스완 같네!
RedVelvet Yeji
RedVelvet Yeji 9 hari yang lalu
Hyunji endgame 🙂
Libni Salas
Libni Salas 10 hari yang lalu
HYUNJI forever
Taylor 12 hari yang lalu
Damn she is so beautiful
TOP4K KING GAMER 13 hari yang lalu
DynamicPeach 14 hari yang lalu
imagine making drama with your ex lolll
DynamicPeach 9 hari yang lalu
@Ssuzen nothing has been confirmed yet, we dont know yet, either they are exes or not true.
Ssuzen 9 hari yang lalu
@DynamicPeach doesn't matter why would you believe a bassless rumor tho ?
DynamicPeach 12 hari yang lalu
@Wulan Destiani i think its rumor not gossip
Wulan Destiani
Wulan Destiani 12 hari yang lalu
Imagine believing in gossip lol
Lin葉 15 hari yang lalu
Lin葉 15 hari yang lalu
Jo Ksh 謝啦~
Jo Ksh
Jo Ksh 15 hari yang lalu
hi, the background music is the korean version of a mandarin song named 'Miss You 3000' 😊 here is the youtube link ... idshow.info/watch/eujIrEMyyEI/video.html
ykon sw
ykon sw 16 hari yang lalu
They are really look good together. Miss Hyunji❤❤ What song is this? Beautiful song, Perfect Hyunji❤❤
Jo Ksh
Jo Ksh 16 hari yang lalu
Hi, the background music is the korean version of a mandarin song named 'Miss You 3000' 😊 here is the youtube link ... idshow.info/watch/eujIrEMyyEI/video.html
Arisleida Damian
Arisleida Damian 17 hari yang lalu
No entiendo nada , pero se ven bien 👍
serena nithya
serena nithya 18 hari yang lalu
I am liking every comment about them !!! Ah love them ❤❤❤
R T 20 hari yang lalu
Omg they are so beautiful together
sajak rindu
sajak rindu 24 hari yang lalu
I think Uncomfortable with her dress :(
Arisleida Damian
Arisleida Damian 25 hari yang lalu
They look stuning♥️
Гулназ Садыкул
Гулназ Садыкул 26 hari yang lalu
Я из тик тока есть кто то
Ann Studio
Ann Studio 27 hari yang lalu
Bangpink Bitch
Bangpink Bitch 28 hari yang lalu
Seo Ye Ji best body in Kdramaland
mar atun
mar atun Bulan Yang lalu
Mom and dad soooo glamorous
Maggie cheng Maggie cheng
Maggie cheng Maggie cheng Bulan Yang lalu
Oh sweet , they are looking very pretty. Hope to see them on TB again soon
Maggie cheng Maggie cheng
Maggie cheng Maggie cheng Bulan Yang lalu
Aotearoa0 Bulan Yang lalu
Gorgeous couple and just love her frock, it's just superb on her. Lovely, lovely!
Niniveh Peralta
Niniveh Peralta Bulan Yang lalu
Im telling u for the nth time kim soohyun just look like that proud boyfriend introducing the love of his life in public, look at that confident stance as he walks to the stage waha
Nur Hayati_
Nur Hayati_ Bulan Yang lalu
kapan lagi ini acara award?
luthfi1008 MN
luthfi1008 MN Bulan Yang lalu
Team Korea Land - Team KooKU
Team Korea Land - Team KooKU Bulan Yang lalu
Fadilah Ryklief
Fadilah Ryklief Bulan Yang lalu
They look amazing. She’s such a Star.
Nobody Nobody
Nobody Nobody Bulan Yang lalu
Two of them looks so good together
Mel- issa
Mel- issa Bulan Yang lalu
First time I don’t want to say “oh to be her” cause NAH SEO YAE JI is really my girl and deserve a man as handsome as Kim so so
faiha abdulla
faiha abdulla Bulan Yang lalu
Chanvisoth Poch
Chanvisoth Poch Bulan Yang lalu
Song name?
Nova Lazo
Nova Lazo Bulan Yang lalu
I'm beginning to love this couple after I had watched their KDrama It's Okay...I hope it's for real the relationship..
aisya yahya
aisya yahya Bulan Yang lalu
Can I know the song in the beginning of the video?
Nadia Boone
Nadia Boone Bulan Yang lalu
She’s such a baddie 😍
Carol Bulan Yang lalu
She’s so pretty. And I love her voice
mimprincesa Bulan Yang lalu
They came hand in hand when they’re supposed to be social distancing. So does that mean..... that.... they living together?! 😍😍
adista salsabila putri
adista salsabila putri Bulan Yang lalu
They looked like a married couple🤣
Vanila Mixlatte
Vanila Mixlatte Bulan Yang lalu
Randomly watching their old video because i miss them after its okay to not be okay ends. It's sad that there's no any updates from GM so far . Hope they will palying new drama soon, or maybe new project. Because they look fit together, hope they being real couple someday
Fin buu
Fin buu Bulan Yang lalu
They look like each other 😂if that makes any sense
Aesthetically TWICE
Aesthetically TWICE Bulan Yang lalu
0:13 the stare
서예지(SEOYEJI), '개미허리 한 줌 패션 모음' [NewsenTV]
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