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7 bulan yang lalu

Does Pep Guardiola have a dark side? Yaya Touré, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and some others would say yes! But does he really? And has Guardiola learned from his past mistakes? Find out in this new video!
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Genius M
Genius M Hari Yang lalu
The most players Guardiola has had a conflict with hav had discipline issues in the past as well.But Guardiola has been taught the strict Johann Cryuff way so that is wat he would pass onto his players and disciples as well
Deanna Blaze
Deanna Blaze 9 hari yang lalu
you call that dark side. I call it coaching and life.
hape 9 hari yang lalu
Pep is one strange dude
The Notorious
The Notorious 10 hari yang lalu
He hates Africans and Arabs he's doing the same bs with riyad mahrez
Emmanuel Baba Mahama
Emmanuel Baba Mahama 10 hari yang lalu
Results, yes. But management is not only about results. It is about lifting up the people who are journeying with you. Who wants more slave drivers?
herman syah
herman syah 12 hari yang lalu
this coward man having 2-3 face (Mefia, Family, Locker room)
herman syah
herman syah 12 hari yang lalu
Sanamana _
Sanamana _ 12 hari yang lalu
Dark side ? A leader who makes decisions based on who’ll like or hate you for it will never become one of the best manager to have ever existed
Love Forever
Love Forever 14 hari yang lalu
love him or hate him, Pep knows how to bring best out of you like he did with Messi and De Bruyne.
Aaditya Khatri
Aaditya Khatri 14 hari yang lalu
Bald fraud
Azuine Kids
Azuine Kids 26 hari yang lalu
Yaya Toures face LOOL
Mike 27 hari yang lalu
pep dark side? same as his bright side... a wuss
Siva krishi BBKA
Siva krishi BBKA 27 hari yang lalu
Pep overrated
astine marin
astine marin 28 hari yang lalu
Name of song at the ending (Oh My Goal) ,thank you
Ronnie Chowdhury
Ronnie Chowdhury 29 hari yang lalu
Pep is not a bad coach.. he is worst...
Jah Pity
Jah Pity 29 hari yang lalu
whats this song at the end of the video
souici yaakoub
souici yaakoub Bulan Yang lalu
Oh didn't know only africans are not fit,same thing is happening now to ryad mahrez and yes he is from africa
Lewandowski is the real GOAT
Lewandowski is the real GOAT Bulan Yang lalu
"If u only knew the power.....of the dark side"
David Hiine
David Hiine Bulan Yang lalu
0:52 did he say "in 2002"?
Europe Trains! Paper models
Europe Trains! Paper models Bulan Yang lalu
This is why man city sucks, and man United is better
ShelderJr Dems
ShelderJr Dems Bulan Yang lalu
He is a coward who only act well when he is in front of the cameras I hate those kind of people they’re the backstabber. There’s a reason why every where he goes players complain about his double face. He is a great coach we all know players won’t die for him as Jose or Klopp
Arjen Robben
Arjen Robben Bulan Yang lalu
Pep is fake
David Ougo
David Ougo Bulan Yang lalu
Messi has peps attitude, whenever barca players play shit, he only look and sigh
Davinhomx Bulan Yang lalu
And he didnt move to the loghzside. Dude did everything he could trying to kill leroy sanes career
Davinhomx Bulan Yang lalu
Wow never trained anything besides barca, man city and barcelona with messi xavi and iniesta. And people wonder why he wins trophys
rituraj chakrabarti
rituraj chakrabarti Bulan Yang lalu
As a person, Klopp is far better. Even when he sells players, there is no bad blood. José, for all his vitriol, has his fair share of dear players who did the job for him. For the cold, calculating Pep, Messi is everything, which is why Without Messi he has Never won the champions league. He has learned nothing. So, Fernandinho, a favourite, plays on in central defence despite slowing down considerably.
Liberty Leo
Liberty Leo Bulan Yang lalu
Yaya toure was unknown in 2002 .. even guadiola was unknown...
big man ron
big man ron Bulan Yang lalu
Pep is the worst coach ever he’s so trash
Okwuose Alexander
Okwuose Alexander Bulan Yang lalu
Weight - quick in the head 😂
Eagle brown
Eagle brown Bulan Yang lalu
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Felipe Buenrostro
Felipe Buenrostro Bulan Yang lalu
Guardiola is overrated he takes over teams thatbare favorites to win their league and if not in this case man city he spends millions to get the best players possible. I thought the same about zidane but after he left things went horribly wrong for madrid. When he returned you can see a difference on the field which is why i rank him and klopp miles above guardiola
AM1NE Bulan Yang lalu
I just heard I vow to thee lol
Brahim Belamirouche
Brahim Belamirouche Bulan Yang lalu
He's a winner, that's all what matters for him at the end of the day.
Kian McGovern
Kian McGovern Bulan Yang lalu
He's a racist 😡
nomoregames1 Bulan Yang lalu
Guardiola, a coward.....!!!!!
Aidan 9966
Aidan 9966 Bulan Yang lalu
More like making up soccer stories
Iron Fist Entertainment PTY LTD
Iron Fist Entertainment PTY LTD Bulan Yang lalu
If I was Yaya, I would wait until my career as a player came to an end and then I would embarrass him physically in public just to set the record straight. He messed up many people's careers with his elitist and racist attitude to the sport.
Iron Fist Entertainment PTY LTD
Iron Fist Entertainment PTY LTD Bulan Yang lalu
@Bungee Why get rid of all your excellent players of colour and hide behind a foitballing philosophy as justification. The only reason Abidal, etc, stayed is because he couldn't circumvent transfer rules. Henry was nowhere near Eto'o perfomance level when they bought him. Yaya was a beast and went on to prove his class at ManC under Mancini but... R10 still had real gas in the tank despite a few issues with Rijkaard and could easily have stepped back into his leadership role if given the chamceat Barca but... Come now. Pep is a skin elitist and we all know it.
Bungee Bulan Yang lalu
how is pep racist??
Jev Lin
Jev Lin Bulan Yang lalu
Poop Guardiola
Adrian Kelly
Adrian Kelly Bulan Yang lalu
Messi is Guardiola's greatest achievement that's he always has praise for him
Galuh Richata
Galuh Richata Bulan Yang lalu
I wanna see how Pep manage a small budgeted mediocre club without any star players.. If he can make that club progress so well, then he is truly a genius..
Shemaiah Sam
Shemaiah Sam Bulan Yang lalu
Tiki Taka with high pressing requires intelligent players who are technically strong. Mediocre clubs play primitive 442 counter attacks, which is not a bad thing. Pep is highly tactical.
N Osani
N Osani Bulan Yang lalu
He started at the Barcelona academy you know, and he gained promotion in his first season playing with boys against men. Nevertheless Good managers need good players and vice versa.
Pranav Sharma
Pranav Sharma Bulan Yang lalu
0.06 I have 10 senses, I think I'm better without sound