Seo Yea-ji walks away from Kim Soo-hyun’s confession | It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 15 [ENG SUB]

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The Swoon

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Who would’ve thought we’d see this confession again? Not us, but we’re living for it! 🤩
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The Swoon
The Swoon 2 bulan yang lalu
The other scene you wanna rewatch is in Episode 4. You’re welcome 😘
Asian dramas Lover
Asian dramas Lover 18 hari yang lalu
Crash landing on you Drama beautiful MV
nelynz Yanto
nelynz Yanto 2 bulan yang lalu
What's the song title?
asparagus roasted
asparagus roasted 2 bulan yang lalu
It's oky to not be oky fmv
Ni Bich
Ni Bich 2 bulan yang lalu
Zangetsu 2 bulan yang lalu
That one sentence.. "I wont have your child... and then few moments later, let us have a son" Mun Yeong dream to Gang Tae is to be his faithful wife.. I watch several times now she wants to be a faithful wife.. hahahha
Nandi nandhini
Nandi nandhini 7 jam yang lalu
Drama name pls
Aleena Thomas
Aleena Thomas 12 jam yang lalu
What's the song playing when she walks away?
Yun Aung
Yun Aung 14 jam yang lalu
exactly the same scenario, just the person...Lol
EMMY CORDIAL 22 jam yang lalu
Vinicius Silva
Vinicius Silva Hari Yang lalu
Tao lindos! amei.
Jeannie marie Alfred
Jeannie marie Alfred Hari Yang lalu
Damn she's good, Karma a bitch!!!😂🤣
about fitri
about fitri Hari Yang lalu
its so funny 😆😂
c z
c z Hari Yang lalu
1:57 does anyone know the song that starts playing? :)
Juveria Rahman
Juveria Rahman Hari Yang lalu
This is when the tables turned. 😂😂
Kendra Colon
Kendra Colon 3 hari yang lalu
Why was that funny
Karen PC
Karen PC 4 hari yang lalu
She really said “uno reverse card”
Never Mind
Never Mind 4 hari yang lalu
O mundo não dá voltas, ele capota mesmo. Kkkk eu amo essa cena!❤
BulzRai AnimS
BulzRai AnimS 5 hari yang lalu
Ko Mun-yeong deserved it
Kdrama Life
Kdrama Life 6 hari yang lalu
bastiisalive 6 hari yang lalu
Wake Up - Elaine Played once again 😂😂
Jyotsna SACHAN
Jyotsna SACHAN 6 hari yang lalu
that is called karma !!!
Annalgene Wade
Annalgene Wade 7 hari yang lalu
When he shouted I love you again we all know what she was doing.🤣🤣🤣 Karma pays equal.😜😜 She's badass tho nice female lead let's hope shes not the only.🥰🥰
Shanaz TS
Shanaz TS 7 hari yang lalu
No one could have done the acting like both of them in this drama
VALENTINE FORST 7 hari yang lalu
He looks like NCT's Mark
Adrisha ROY
Adrisha ROY 8 hari yang lalu
Revenge played by mun-yeong...remember another scene with just opposite characters..🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shreejita Singha
Shreejita Singha 8 hari yang lalu
𝐷𝑟𝑎𝑚𝑎 𝑛𝑎𝑚𝑒 ???
fish hunter _kalbar
fish hunter _kalbar 9 hari yang lalu
Hari pembalasan pun tiba😌
Raquel Valerio
Raquel Valerio 9 hari yang lalu
That was awesome 😂
Btsblackpinktwice Fan
Btsblackpinktwice Fan 9 hari yang lalu
Tit for tat
B Maan k
B Maan k 10 hari yang lalu
Fascinating human kim soo hyung
dimas batisa
dimas batisa 10 hari yang lalu
i love this scene :3 i love u
Pam Matibag
Pam Matibag 10 hari yang lalu
Kim soohyun finally got the taste of his own medicine
muhamad shaleh
muhamad shaleh 10 hari yang lalu
Sheepy Qureshi
Sheepy Qureshi 11 hari yang lalu
what's the song?
Saru Tamang
Saru Tamang 11 hari yang lalu
Where can I watch this
Josephine Anabel
Josephine Anabel 11 hari yang lalu
Alexis R
Alexis R 11 hari yang lalu
1:59 I love that deep "Ya!"
Samridhi Ranjan
Samridhi Ranjan 12 hari yang lalu
ohh how the tables have turnes *evil laugh hahahahaha
Love Quinn
Love Quinn 13 hari yang lalu
I miss this drama 🥺
Maydini Prakhya
Maydini Prakhya 14 hari yang lalu
Lol this was great but *unpopular opinion* I prefer MY's confession
jimin’s official jam
jimin’s official jam 16 hari yang lalu
HeyIt'sKC 18 hari yang lalu
karma's a bitch dude
Yaaa 18 hari yang lalu
Oh, how the turns have tabled.
Sayeda Banu
Sayeda Banu 18 hari yang lalu
This shows speaks about very important topic that is mental health. The message is portrayed very well and the entire cast has acted perfectly. Thank you for giving a beautiful ending. Simple yet so amazing show.
Kashu Negi
Kashu Negi 19 hari yang lalu
In which app we can see this drama
Kashu Negi
Kashu Negi 18 hari yang lalu
@jem okayyy
jem 18 hari yang lalu
Vila AnnaRose
Vila AnnaRose 20 hari yang lalu
I miss them😭
chitra arumugam
chitra arumugam 21 hari yang lalu
That ost @ 1:48😍😍😍😍
Saranya Gour
Saranya Gour 21 hari yang lalu
Moon young be like "HOW YOU LIKE THAT!?"
chauanh nguyen
chauanh nguyen 21 hari yang lalu
This is what i call "karma" lol🤣🤣🤣
Hwasa my queen
Hwasa my queen 21 hari yang lalu
Scene of the century 😁😂
Stan NCT & SVT for Clear Skin
Stan NCT & SVT for Clear Skin 22 hari yang lalu
Rewatching this again- Oh how the turn tables
keerthana M.menon
keerthana M.menon 23 hari yang lalu
now thts one wonderful way to get back at someone
Vishrut Rao
Vishrut Rao 23 hari yang lalu
Man it was a fun series to watch 😄
grace rotimi
grace rotimi 23 hari yang lalu
Mun Yeong was really playing hard to get in this scene. She was ready to let it go but she needed to win over him 😂
Yumaidawati 24 hari yang lalu
So cuteee, please help me💔
Ondrila Tonni
Ondrila Tonni 25 hari yang lalu
Can anyone tell me where i can see full ep aspect Netflix and kiss asia
Stan NCT & SVT for Clear Skin
Stan NCT & SVT for Clear Skin 22 hari yang lalu
Ondrila Tonni You can find full subbed episodes on the site dramacool
Navami S Rahul
Navami S Rahul 25 hari yang lalu
Karma hits back
Himanshi Joshi
Himanshi Joshi 26 hari yang lalu
This is one of my favourite scene ❤️
Anjali Shukla
Anjali Shukla 26 hari yang lalu
Oooo come on let us see more what happened further you ended sooooooo soon ..... 😁
Hana Osmani
Hana Osmani 26 hari yang lalu
Meriem Tamai
Meriem Tamai 27 hari yang lalu
Yesssss hhhhh she did the same thing he did to her
Hx Mobile
Hx Mobile 27 hari yang lalu
taeminkook 27 hari yang lalu
fela alfianti
fela alfianti 28 hari yang lalu
Shrix J
Shrix J 28 hari yang lalu
And i am back here
ปรัชญา สมสุวรรณ
ปรัชญา สมสุวรรณ 29 hari yang lalu
0:20 what s the name of that soundtrack
I am a disappointment to my parents
I am a disappointment to my parents 29 hari yang lalu
her waist really said= ⏳
Mariana Amarilla
Mariana Amarilla 29 hari yang lalu
Español subtítulos en español por favor
Mariana Amarilla
Mariana Amarilla 29 hari yang lalu
Español por favor
Mariana Amarilla
Mariana Amarilla 29 hari yang lalu
Español por favor
Ser Humaninho
Ser Humaninho 29 hari yang lalu
Karma is a bitch 😂😂😂
RIYOMIT LEPCHA Bulan Yang lalu
Is she having a revenge on him ...🤣🤣🤣 but her confession has a huge impact on peoples life 🤣🤣it was unforgettable
Juliana Galletti
Juliana Galletti Bulan Yang lalu
Please post munyeong’s version too lmao
Gauthami D
Gauthami D Bulan Yang lalu
Now I’m suffering from depression 😜😜😜😍
oh how the tables have turned 😂
Nur Syakirah binti Mohd Fauzy
Nur Syakirah binti Mohd Fauzy Bulan Yang lalu
Serve you right moon gang tae 🤣
Inori Bulan Yang lalu
🤣 Why is the “hey! I love you!” So relatable like you wanna make up but are kinda still pissed?
Ahmad Asrori
Ahmad Asrori Bulan Yang lalu
Sanjeevani Sharma
Sanjeevani Sharma Bulan Yang lalu
Karma is a bitch.....😉😉😉
ykon sw
ykon sw Bulan Yang lalu
Really like the way that they confess love. 😂 Miss Moon couple so much.
Anà Bulan Yang lalu
*She took the Revenge!!!* *My Girl!!!* 😁😁
鑫魯 Bulan Yang lalu
When the girl confessed to him that Time boy was also going like that .the girl is taking revenge.😆😆😂
Seher Sheikh
Seher Sheikh Bulan Yang lalu
It's Seo Yea-ji's revenge from episode 4! lol XD
Reisha Ritchie
Reisha Ritchie Bulan Yang lalu
When he shouted "Yah", i got a good way
Jennie Ruby Jane
Jennie Ruby Jane Bulan Yang lalu
Karma got him good now he says " i love you" while she walks away 🤣💀
little Peach
little Peach Bulan Yang lalu
The way tables have turned
zahira soyn
zahira soyn Bulan Yang lalu
I said I love you hhhhhhhhh
Shaily Nimodia
Shaily Nimodia Bulan Yang lalu
I enjoyed her back thoroughly... I am sure he didnt mind the view too .... even if he had to tell his confession in the process :P
Severus Snape
Severus Snape Bulan Yang lalu
1:59 ...that went straight to my p*ssy.👀☕
Rona Isabel Mortalla
Rona Isabel Mortalla Bulan Yang lalu
KARMA IS REAL!! hahahahah
Tanish a
Tanish a Bulan Yang lalu
Suddenly I fall in love with Karma 😍🐸🐸🐸
Aida Senawi
Aida Senawi Bulan Yang lalu
Geng meh la tengok aku unboxing buku-buku Ko Moon Young... Boleh tgk kat channel aku. Boleh la sharing minat pasal drama It's Okay ni jugak sebab aku pun peminat kipas susah mati drama ni. Pastu jgn la lupe like & subs k. TQ :) Everybody be happy. Happy happy.
TaeTaelicious ARMY_FF
TaeTaelicious ARMY_FF Bulan Yang lalu
Idk why but I just love the background music especially the one that plays when Yea-ji walks away!🤣👍 Can someone pls tell me the name of the song?
Dar GT
Dar GT Bulan Yang lalu
Wake Up
Puite Hrangkhol
Puite Hrangkhol Bulan Yang lalu
I just love his voice.
Kimberly Encarnacion
Kimberly Encarnacion Bulan Yang lalu
my face throughout this scene went from :') to :o to XD
Vina Jensen
Vina Jensen Bulan Yang lalu
Wow so cute haha
Helisa Ratanak
Helisa Ratanak Bulan Yang lalu
Catarina Bulan Yang lalu
omg this scene was a bit sad lol
Teesha Tandon
Teesha Tandon Bulan Yang lalu
Ahh after alot of struggle I kinda moved on from this drama but IDshow keeps recommending me videos of itt....what to do help😭
Anggita B.S
Anggita B.S Bulan Yang lalu
Mandila Gurung
Mandila Gurung Bulan Yang lalu
Haha karma hits back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
living a meaningful life
living a meaningful life Bulan Yang lalu
Oh how the turned tables...
Aisha sara
Aisha sara Bulan Yang lalu
It's just deja vu lol !!
Kyla Victoria Puno
Kyla Victoria Puno Bulan Yang lalu
Haii so this is the 1st time ive ever made a review about a drama so this proves how much i loved it and SPOILER alerts Its a type of drama where you dont know whether itll have a sad or happy ending, but at some point could make u feel that it has a sad one. This is how amazingly unpredictable it is. Whats so remarkable about it too is how perfect the plot is and literally everything about it. From the the casts to their acting down to the ost's and ofcourse THE CHEMISTRYYYYY BETWEEN YE JI & SOO HYUN??!!!!!!?boiii too good. Gotta especially mention how it made me feel FEELS🌟 its that feels that no other kdrama has made me feel. Its so unexplainable but all i can say is it felt so fresh and nice that it made me wana keep watching it. There were ending eps where it would make anyone feel soooooo down that u would be hesitant to watch the next eps but come on take risks! There will certainly be happy moments after all those sad eps. I thought to myself that: this is getting so sad esp. towards the end but i believe that once they gradually heal from all this shit, they'd be the happiest ppl ever:'>>>>>> and while we're at it, lets talk about that healing part. Probably the best part of this drama, why? Its something everyone can relate to. Its something everyones goes thru, or/and would eventually go thru. And before the healing part comes th3se struggles that we cant just ignore. The drama beautifully portrayed what it is like to have mental health issues. This is something the 3 main casts had to go thru. For reals, you got noo idea how much it made me cry towarda the end cuz they were just suffering so bad. Oh let me mention ending of ep.6. Thats 1 of the best kdrama scenes everrrr or might be the best actually. The emotional shock was soooooo real i just started crying out loud so suddenly after tearing up a few. It was sooooo touching when ko mun yeong cried so hard cuz of that nightmare bout her bish mom then our gentleman kang tae came for her right away. That moment when he shouted her name while seeing her like that-and most of all, when he immediately came to her and hugged her so tight? O ghad but i completely lost it when she told him to run away. He was still hugging her to that moment but sure enough, her actions were different from her words. He naturally felt that she needed him to stay for her . Then when he said "ok i wont go" OR SMTHM HUHUHUHUHUHU GADDDDDDAYUUUM okokok anyway moving on,,,,,i really love the growth/development between all of them. of course, what they had to go thru made us all crybabies. Those moments they couldnt hide the pain anymore and just let it out. The brave from the outside, independent, badass ko mun yeoung finally felt what its like to have people to care for her. yet there was her btch mom hu made her get to her worst point. There was gangtae who made her feel what its like to fall in love while ther was sang tae who made her feel wut its like to have a caring friend and sibling-all in one. Then ther3's the selfless, caring, moon gang tae who could no longer supress his feelings. He had finally become more espressive and opem to eveyone around him, just like ko mun yeong. Thats definitely one thing they shared in common, and what made them end up together. Gang tae needed someone who he could loosen up with and enjoy things in life with, while kMY needed someone who could help her control her feelings and have a butterfly hug with😍😆 anuway lets move on to the cutest, possibly the chatacter im most proud of: sang tae who definitley needed his lil brother, but also had the choice to become a better, matured person despite his autism. That time when sangtae hated KMY bcuz of how close she was with gang tae was one of my worries that i did feel will happen. But im just soooo proud of sang tae for accepting things well. He saw his lil brother smile so wide for the 1st time in a while, which made him soo happy. He's learned to accept KMY more. He cant always have his brother for himself bcoz he also got his own life and also deservea to fall in love with someone, while still being there for his older brother. Thats a great realization in his part. Just like he said," moon gang tae is for moon gang tae" and so on (lmao idk if thats the exact thing but anuway),,,, what was so wholesome too was when sang tae learned little by little to mature on his own and be independent. He started to take care of his bro just like how gangtae took care of him. Additionally, every other cast had meaningful pqrts which i soo love, just like the patients who had dark pasts as well of course our 2nd couple juri×sang in lollll that couple was soo unexpected. I ship and its so cute how shy they were to each other. Thats somthin realistic that anyone who doenst realize he/she's in love would feel. And just like them, other supporting casts had gone thru struggles but were ready to take risks for the sake of healing and getting a bett3r life and i love that soomuch. It literally shaped everyone in general into amazing people. Its such a balanced drama that would make anyone love it and learn alot from. This is why itss soo amazing. This drama truly has so much to offer!!! Yessss guys overall this is a whole masterpiece sht and above all, best kdrama + kdrama couple ever😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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