"They found pieces." New Details in the Murder of Vanessa Guillen, Missing Ft Hood Soldier

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GRAPHIC CONTENT: "They found pieces." New details in the investigation into the murder of #VanessaGuillen. The only surviving suspect, Cicely Ann Aguilar, told authorities that Vanessa was killed with a hammer.
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Tanika Nakeya Lewis
Tanika Nakeya Lewis Bulan Yang lalu
United States' Military Branches' Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) do not Extract, and Store Semen, or Blood Samples. How are Rapists, and Murderers identified, especially, if They are not covertly, and coercively compulsed [that means assisted] to commit Their Crimes?
Gaby Bulan Yang lalu
Oh look the killers accomplice’s hair matches her prison outfit ...wonder if she planned it that way
Gaby meneses
Gaby meneses Bulan Yang lalu
How can u kill someone and only get 10 years???
WheelLove Official Channel
WheelLove Official Channel Bulan Yang lalu
There have been such a ridiculous amount of suspicious deaths at Fort Hood 😳
V8_ Corrado
V8_ Corrado Bulan Yang lalu
Soldiers killed the chino kid on the camping trip too, THE SOLDIERS HE WAS CAMPING WITH KILLED AND CUT HIM UP, Get that through your heads.
V8_ Corrado
V8_ Corrado Bulan Yang lalu
Fort Hood has 20 years of death on the grounds, that base is a death camp and soldiers are doing the killing of their own.
T D Bulan Yang lalu
They got cameras on every fucking corner in the US but they didn't have one in the room with all the weapons?🤔
Kimberly Diaz
Kimberly Diaz Bulan Yang lalu
This death still DONT sit right with me. There’s MORE to this story they’re not speaking about
72marshflower15 Bulan Yang lalu
We need to start holding the parents of these monsters accountable..
Chris Crizon
Chris Crizon 2 bulan yang lalu
Vanessa Guillen thought she was going to make rank by turning Aaaron Robinson in. But she didn't make rank she ended up dead.
The Health Body Fitness
The Health Body Fitness 2 bulan yang lalu
Sad Man she's was Beautiful Girl
Norma Martinez
Norma Martinez 2 bulan yang lalu
Norma Martinez
Norma Martinez 2 bulan yang lalu
Aaron Wheeler
Free spirit
Free spirit 2 bulan yang lalu
She's so pretty
Free spirit
Free spirit 2 bulan yang lalu
Ouch omg
Angel Angela
Angel Angela 2 bulan yang lalu
If you’re a good person in a cult stuff like this happens
Kathleen Patricia
Kathleen Patricia 2 bulan yang lalu
If they cleaned up the armory room after they commited the crime and didn't use any type of acid, Luminol should pick up the traces.
Pamela Vega
Pamela Vega 2 bulan yang lalu
I just can’t believe she is really dead. I just don’t believe he is dead as well. Vanessa knew something but it was too late. 😭
Raquel L
Raquel L 2 bulan yang lalu
Fort Hood should just get shutdown Rip Vanessa
Damaris Palacios
Damaris Palacios 2 bulan yang lalu
What else are they trying to investigate when the killer committed suicide 🤦🏻‍♀️
Georgenia Rowe
Georgenia Rowe 2 bulan yang lalu
Her family need to know what happened to her 💔 my heart go out to Vanessa I want to think her for what she did for us 🇱🇷 God 🙏 blessed her family and friends
Fabiola Garcia Vazquez
Fabiola Garcia Vazquez 2 bulan yang lalu
Have they looked into what type of person Robinson was? Have they spoke with his family?
King Ukno
King Ukno 2 bulan yang lalu
how could they identify her if she was burned
Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine Rivera 2 bulan yang lalu
How ironic... I can’t deal with it. This is horrible.Sweet baby girl. Prayers for her family ❤️❤️❤️
Yessica Perez
Yessica Perez 2 bulan yang lalu
What Happened was he wanted to be intimate with her and she said no so he killed her .
Rhonda Mccoy
Rhonda Mccoy 2 bulan yang lalu
Man that white girl had something to do with it too. She looks like she was jealous of her.
First Last
First Last 2 bulan yang lalu
May Aybar
May Aybar 2 bulan yang lalu
Well well well her hair matches her new outfit. What a animal.
jason mendez
jason mendez 2 bulan yang lalu
She gets almost nothing but tay k gets almost life even though he didn’t kill the man ??? Smh
Nissi Soto
Nissi Soto 2 bulan yang lalu
But what if someone murdered him making it look like a suicide? To get off?
Elizabeth Brocato
Elizabeth Brocato 2 bulan yang lalu
Wow .. this is so sad .. How was he raised with animals.. What is wrong with people.. That all you hear how evil people can be ..
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 2 bulan yang lalu
MAYBE she threatened to tell his gf he was trying to Fuck Her...so he'd stop harassing her... But probably not.. But im sure he dod tell the gf lies
bebe bebe
bebe bebe 2 bulan yang lalu
He couldn't get a girl
Vanessa Ced
Vanessa Ced 2 bulan yang lalu
She was definitely sexually harassed by him and she probably threatened/ told him she is going to report him for not taking no for an answer and he didn’t want to lose his post and that’s why he killed her..
Andrea Selena
Andrea Selena 2 bulan yang lalu
This was not the only person.. I think he has done this many times before and when Vanessa confronted him he probably got angry she would tell someone because she just had enough! Or he was stalking her and had this whole thing planned out ... he probably tried to rape her and she fought back making too much noise. Also a lot of ppl are involved in this it’s DISGUSTING ...like it’s. A crime to murder someone but also it’s a crime to murder a soldier. How can America feel safe when it’s soldiers are killing each other for sport...??? How do we also look to other countries when we do not have a united front??? I hope that family gets answers and everyone involved is prosecuted! 😡😢
Grim Ripper
Grim Ripper 2 bulan yang lalu
Lies .
Evening next información
Evening next información 2 bulan yang lalu
How does she know? I think that damage was done to Vanessa’s face after she was murdered.
Brian Lohse
Brian Lohse 2 bulan yang lalu
Trump was involved.
Hope princess fz
Hope princess fz 2 bulan yang lalu
Justice for Vanesa
A Marie
A Marie 2 bulan yang lalu
Piece of shit base. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Vanessa isn’t the first or last to die there and its WRONG