Trump Signs Sham Executive Orders, Takes Credit for Obamacare: A Closer Look

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Late Night with Seth Meyers

2 bulan yang lalu

Seth takes a closer look at the president announcing a bunch of meaningless and blatantly unconstitutional executive orders in a PR stunt at his golf course.
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Trump Signs Sham Executive Orders, Takes Credit for Obamacare: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Cal Sorrows
Cal Sorrows 20 hari yang lalu
"He's the Lance Armstrong of not taking steriods" Methinks you spoke too soon; lol.
Ted Fox
Ted Fox 20 hari yang lalu
Steph Myers You suck. What does it feel like to be on the losing team.
eviltwinn1977 22 hari yang lalu
I'm sick of hearing Democrats brag about the 6 percent of Americans that have gained insurance through Obamacare! I'd like to know what they plan to do for the 14 percent that still don't have health insurance, or for all the Middle Class families that are now paying over $2000 a month for their premiums! They don't have an answer!
Deipatrous Bulan Yang lalu
where did Giuliani go?
Marie Sejc
Marie Sejc Bulan Yang lalu
How you held it together with your parents watching, I don't know...but GO YOU Seth, loved meeting the parents ;)
Darrell Kennedy
Darrell Kennedy Bulan Yang lalu
Hey Seth, for one episode can you please just lie to us so we can have some "good news" for the first time this year?
drstevenrey Bulan Yang lalu
Criteria to get on Mount Rushmore. Number 1: Be dead.
Nick.j Fury
Nick.j Fury Bulan Yang lalu
Why I am Voting Trump. 1)Trump signs Farm Bill and legalizes hemp, 2) Trump signs 'right to try' drug bill. 3) Trump administration unveils program to provide HIV prevention drugs for uninsured. 4) President Donald J. Trump Has Championed Reforms That Are Providing Hope to Forgotten Americans. 5) U.S. Poverty Rate Hits Lowest Level Since 2001. 6) Job Market Continues to Crush Expectations in 2020. 7) Senate confirms fifth openly gay ambassador under Trump. 8) President Donald J. Trump Has Made it a Priority to Combat the Heinous Crime of Human Trafficking. 9) Trump Targets Anti-Semitism 10) U.S. Companies' Repatriated Cash Hits $1 Trillion Under Tax Law. BONUS) Nazi death camp guard arrested by ICE, deported to Germany: Authorities. And Trump signs into law genocide prevention act. Trump promise next term. Vote Trump plsylist Propaganda is very real today, so many people hate Trump. But if you just look at the record of the top 2 Obama disasters, 1) foreign policy: Obama bombed at least 1 country everyday for 8 years. 2) USA Economy: Obama /Biden sold jobs and companies and military tech to CHINA. but the media stated all of Obama failures were due to BUSH and all of Trump's success was Obamas. Facts: Trump got 2 major peace deals done in first term. Trump has built the strongest economy machine the world has ever seen and returned job back from China. Main stream media refused to post any good news of trumps success while preaching hate, fear and separation Arrest Hillary Vote Trump
Megan Bulan Yang lalu
the parents reveal at the end aww!!
alan barnett
alan barnett Bulan Yang lalu
Their fitting another toilet in the WH because he’s so full of s...t
Cathy Leatherman
Cathy Leatherman Bulan Yang lalu
Never answers any questions ... walks away when cornered
Cathy Leatherman
Cathy Leatherman Bulan Yang lalu
I can not listen to this Mad President ... his a sad excuse of a man
David Hodges
David Hodges Bulan Yang lalu
Zack Dario
Zack Dario Bulan Yang lalu
How can you put God and guns in the same sentence
Bridget's Nintendo Switch
Bridget's Nintendo Switch Bulan Yang lalu
oh the republican fearmongering...gotta love it right?!? (eye roll)
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Bulan Yang lalu
This really good, Seth is more talented than I realized.
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Bulan Yang lalu
hahaha Trump said Joe Biden is against God and Energy...that is so funny
So Core
So Core Bulan Yang lalu
Why do we let people who, if they were your family members, you would beginning to be looking at nursing homes for them, run the country?
So Core
So Core Bulan Yang lalu
Thats because Trumps pre-existing condition is idiocy exacerbated by dementia. (Or Alzheimer's?)
Simon Dewitt
Simon Dewitt Bulan Yang lalu
I figured it out, Trump is Elvis. Hes riding a black guys accomplishments and a bunch of old white people love him.
Jose Balli
Jose Balli Bulan Yang lalu
He is doing as President of the United States, what he did on the show The Apprentice.. You're Fired!!!! Running the United States, with no knowledge of the Constitution of the United States.... And changing or trying to change thing's the Constitution to suit his needs (greeds) !!!
Bailey Sam
Bailey Sam Bulan Yang lalu
Ur the BEST! Need any footage I’ll break u off some before it it gets quarantined downtown! Best laugh I’ve had in 4 years!
opeyemi uthman
opeyemi uthman Bulan Yang lalu
First of all, isn't the US government separated from the Church? 2ndly, how American to say take away religion and take away guns in the same sentence. Super weird for non-Americans like myself.
cayogator Bulan Yang lalu
what's wrong with the host of the WORST TV show...he be lookin mo fruity daily
Armando Morales
Armando Morales Bulan Yang lalu
😂😂 lay off the meth. Them eyes tho😂... TDS has hit full circle and then some. History not gonna look kindly in colleges teaching how to over throw the USA and 24/7 propaganda in late night Orange Man bad...
Derrick Ballard
Derrick Ballard Bulan Yang lalu
What a serious narcissist. Wanting to be on Mount Rushmore??!! For doing what?! He's done absolutely nothing noteworthy or World changing!
Odon Bulan Yang lalu
America wake up!! Don't listen to Seth Meyers or other Hollywood personality. They are very very uneducated. They are the type of person that have one mindset. They don't look at possibilities of good things happening. They are the type if people who hate on someone just because they don't like him/her.....
Rowan Robin King
Rowan Robin King Bulan Yang lalu
Business Ham 😂😂😂 now i can't unsee it 😂😂😂
Linn Bengtsson
Linn Bengtsson Bulan Yang lalu
Fire Crusades
Fire Crusades Bulan Yang lalu
why’re your parents trump colored
Patrick James David Armstrong
Patrick James David Armstrong Bulan Yang lalu
Hey, Seth! Your Mom's a fox!!!
Flymoolah man 27
Flymoolah man 27 2 bulan yang lalu
Business ham
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik 2 bulan yang lalu
How can anyone be so self absorbed, during a pandemic, with police brutality and street violence all around mind you. How could he be even possibly thinking about trying to get his ugly head on Mt Rushmore in this time of great concern and economic collapse..? It really does show where this imbeciles priorities lie, and just remember you people voted him. Please for the love of sanity vote him out before he changes everything and makes himself emperor of USA.
lovey dovey
lovey dovey 2 bulan yang lalu
"He's against God, he's against guns" in one sentence?
Stephen Suleeman
Stephen Suleeman 2 bulan yang lalu
You are a loser, Mr. Donald Duck!
ausernamegoeshere 2 bulan yang lalu
opossums have never done anything ever to deserve having trump compared to them. also it is extremely rare for opossums to get rabies. and they are very good parents which trump is not.
Sheri Johnson
Sheri Johnson 2 bulan yang lalu
This was sooo funny, Seth. Keep up the good work.
E Randco
E Randco 2 bulan yang lalu
No one needs to take credit for the Obamacare hiest. The project is a disaster and helps no one. It's killed employment and now we pay more than ever for no services and no choices. Insurance needs to be dealt with but they are a hugely strong lobby. People have no idea what Obamacare truly cost taxpayers. It's hidden in all sorts of bills and orders. The first question they ask on an interview is will you need insurance. Wonder why? Great for those that are illegals, foreigners that don't pay US taxes or work.
Patricio Patterson
Patricio Patterson 2 bulan yang lalu
Seth you gots to start talking trump suits and how it fits on his bending legs
Geoffrey Lee
Geoffrey Lee 2 bulan yang lalu
Obstruction is provided by your US Senate.
D B 2 bulan yang lalu
Your Owen Wilson impression was pretty good.
Joseph Callahan
Joseph Callahan 2 bulan yang lalu
Just put TRUMP up there, not a carving of him, just him, his body, as is. That I support.
FreakyFried EH
FreakyFried EH 2 bulan yang lalu
So Trump wants on Mount Rushmore? Should he be told not to worry because he'll already go down in history as the most "monumental-ly" idiotic president to have ever walked the planet??? Lol
Julie McWilliams
Julie McWilliams 2 bulan yang lalu
For a business man, he kind of needs Econ 101. Or maybe just some classes on how to actually do things.
Dennis Cholo
Dennis Cholo 2 bulan yang lalu
seth i love the way you just cut to the core ..................keep up the good work.....................sorry ..........gotta take a piss............................................................
Dennis Cholo
Dennis Cholo 2 bulan yang lalu
i could go on for hours, days ,weeks, months, years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Dennis Cholo
Dennis Cholo 2 bulan yang lalu
trump is an absolute goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof
Dennis Cholo
Dennis Cholo 2 bulan yang lalu
trump couldn't ride a bike if his life depended on it lol lmao lol
Ronny Mai
Ronny Mai 2 bulan yang lalu
Coe Hart
Coe Hart 2 bulan yang lalu
Your hair could almost get you on the show Wings.
janea87ta 2 bulan yang lalu
You know I get on here and see the comments and it makes me sad how brainwashed you all are. I’m not gonna go into a rant because I know it would do no good. I feel sorry for all of you. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
papatruss 2 bulan yang lalu
@janea87ta If you think what Trump is doing is OK then you need to open your eyes. He is acting just like the dictators around the world that myself and others have fought to against, how ironic that your country is becoming the exact thing America used to despise. The truth will come out and I hope you remember these conversations when it does.....
janea87ta 2 bulan yang lalu
papatruss I appreciate that you served and honor all men and women who has served and risked their lives. However my eyes are open and again I feel sorry for those who’s eyes are not. You have your beliefs and I have mine so I say we are done with this conversation. Good luck.
papatruss 2 bulan yang lalu There is things you need to know about me. Number 1 I am NOT an American, I am British. Number 2 I served in the British Army for over 20 years and have fought beside American solders, like these fine men and I can tell you right now Trump is a traitor to your country. He is a danger to world peace, he needs to be removed from office before he does real and lasting harm, not only to his own people but the whole world. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!
papatruss 2 bulan yang lalu
@janea87ta Even Fox News are starting to turn on him and now he is calling them fake news too. So everyone is lying and he is telling the truth? I think not!!!!!
papatruss 2 bulan yang lalu
@janea87ta Fist clip of him walking away, he was asked if he had been tested after he had just got off airforce one with someone that was supposed to be self quarantining. How is that stupid? Second and third clips, he was asked why he has to make it into a global competition, why can't he just look at what is happening in America. He then try to deflects, something that he does every time he can't answer, and asks why she doesn't ask China. Then when pushed he just walks away. How is that a stupid question, it's about the amount of Americans that have died under his watch. He acts like a petulant child and you think that's OK! More deaths than America lost in Vietnam, WW2, in fact any conflict America has ever been in. Forth clip, he was asked about the sexual assault allegation and racist behaviour and he just walks away! Is that not a concern to you, did you even read the article? Then says he is the least racist person you will ever meet!!! If you believe that then you really are a brain washed FOOL!!! And you think that as a stupid question. Fifth clip, over and over again he has lied about starting veterans choice. He has been claiming credit for something Obama did, when challenged he just walks away from his lie. Do you think it's OK for Trump to lie and when someone calls him out on his lie just walks away? If you think that someone pointing out the truth to him is stupid then you need to have your morals checked!!!!! There is no mail fraud, mail in votes has less chance of being manipulated than any other kind of voting. Trump has already said that if he made it easy for people to vote he would loose! And you believe him!! You really must be so far up his ass to be so blind! Trump himself has said in the past it was the best way to vote and has done it many times himself! Yet now he is facing a humiliating defeat he will do anything he can to stay in power and that includes cheating and lying! His days are numbered and the world can breath again. There is a global pandemic, people don't want to wait in lines for hours risking their lives. He is trying to make it as hard as he can for people to vote but only in areas that are against him, he is a narcissistic megalomanic and he needs to be stopped before he turns America into a facist state, OPEN YOUR EYES BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!!! To be honest I could not care who is running against him. I would want that person to win. I can not think of anyone more dangerous to not only his own people but the world in general. Once he is no longer in charge he will be put on trail for tax fraud and will more than likely end up in prison:) That is where he belongs, behind bars...........
Lord Raiden
Lord Raiden 2 bulan yang lalu
Add him to Stone Mountain GA He’d fit in better
delritmo la clave
delritmo la clave 2 bulan yang lalu
delritmo la clave
delritmo la clave 2 bulan yang lalu
gfride1 2 bulan yang lalu
One of Seth's BEST episodes -- Cut to the core of *Rump's recent ludicrous 'executive orders,' with lots of perfectly-placed jabs.
Adam Wright
Adam Wright 2 bulan yang lalu
Seth, that Owen wilson bit about being anew part of the Trinity, SOLID GOLD!. Your captains quarter shows are the best man.
Vicki McCune
Vicki McCune 2 bulan yang lalu
McConnell led Senate did not take action. For months! The amount of lying is astounding!
Vicki McCune
Vicki McCune 2 bulan yang lalu
The 4 up there were all liberals! Trump will never be "honored" in such a way - it's all publicity! Our nation is a GD reality show. So embarrassing!
ballsoutballistic 2 bulan yang lalu
The sick, sad thing is that his constituents do believe him. They believe his lies. They eat it up, and defend it, and REFUSE to listen to reason, truth, and facts. They believe in his alternative facts, his lies, and his nonsense. It's insanity running amok.
Gordon Gekko
Gordon Gekko 2 bulan yang lalu
5:18 "[Trump] has all the energy of a beanbag chair low on beans."
peter brewer
peter brewer 2 bulan yang lalu
Trump want to get rid of Obamacare and change it to Trump doesn't care
Jonny Nerot
Jonny Nerot 2 bulan yang lalu
"He's against God, he's against guns" Take that ginger toddler out of the sandbox already!
Jan Timmer
Jan Timmer 2 bulan yang lalu
You guys voted the smuck in office, now suffer the consequences.
sandy frye
sandy frye 2 bulan yang lalu
That’s a strange one, seeing he’s told everybody how bad it was. Now he wants to claim he did it! Everybody knows better! Now about Getting his head on the president’s monument. What has he done to deserve that? Not a damn thing. He never served this country. He’s the only one that has been holding everything up. Obama care already has coverage for preexisting conditions. He knows he hasn’t done nothing so he takes all the glory from Obama. For somebody that he hates so bad he likes to take all that Obama did and claim he did. What dumb ass! He lies as much as we breath!
Ziggy Ustar
Ziggy Ustar 2 bulan yang lalu
Ham head cheese orange cheese 🐖🧀back to casinos with your sorry ass🎰roll your dice 🎲 for your family not the country’s good luck with the Jared myth. You bought that hook line & stinker 💡 ⚖️ 🪓💵💸💵💸💵💸💵💸💴💸🪔💸💴💸💴💸💴💸💵💵💵💴💸💸⏰⌛️
dustin david
dustin david 2 bulan yang lalu
I'm embarrassed as a US citizen,the world sees us split in half in several issues.Trump is not helping at all,never has.He's a troll that lives under a dollar bridge and its collapsing on him.for good reason.
Emma Renee
Emma Renee 2 bulan yang lalu
Larry Kudlow is always drunk.
Emma Renee
Emma Renee 2 bulan yang lalu
I wish he was following a left agenda.
Lisette García
Lisette García 2 bulan yang lalu
Seth’s parents must feel such nachas. ☺️ Good on them! And on him for sharing his victories with them
Diane Smith
Diane Smith 2 bulan yang lalu
You are awesome! I love your hair longer, it’s sexy!
BornBeauty star
BornBeauty star 2 bulan yang lalu
He has to use what Obama did cause he hasn’t done anything he payed for applause lol.
Dennis Bourgeois
Dennis Bourgeois 2 bulan yang lalu
Hey Democrats..after you loose and go insane ..were do you think the author of this channel will be..?
Rita Review
Rita Review 2 bulan yang lalu
Awesome to see more journalist stand up to trump. It looks like it’s working brilliantly. Keep confronting Trump with his lies and soon we won’t see his face at these ridiculous press meetings
MsMechelle1234 2 bulan yang lalu
omc 2 bulan yang lalu
Excuse me? You just implied than being a devoted catholic is a good thing? Are you serious? That cult that walk with the hand of Hitler and Franco, that discriminated against women, homosexuals, that supported slavery, that hide pedophilia.... unsubscribed. Attacking Trump to defend something even worse.... pathetic
Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk 2 bulan yang lalu
Love seth meyers and csn"t stand Rachel maddow!
Joseph jo
Joseph jo 2 bulan yang lalu
"Many of our members consider it unfair to employees to make a decision that would force a big tax bill on them next year," the US Chamber of Commerce and more than 30 trade associations wrote in a letter to Congress and the Treasury Department. "It would also be unworkable to implement a system where employees make this decision," wrote the groups, adding many of their members will likely decline to defer the tax. Long enamored with a payroll tax cut, Trump signed an executive action earlier this month that called for deferring the levy that funds Social Security until the end of the year and exploring forgiving it completely. It would apply to the employee portion -- 6.2% -- of the tax for workers making up to roughly $104,000 a year. However, only Congress has the power to actually reduce taxes, so the President can only push back their due date. The move was one of four relief measures Trump signed that day and came right after lawmakers left town after being unable to agree on another legislative relief package. But the President's efforts on extending the federal enhancement to unemployment benefits and the eviction protections, as well as the payroll tax deferral, generated much criticism and skepticism as to their effectiveness. The letter, sent Tuesday, was signed by a wide range of industry groups including manufacturers, restaurants, retailers and building contractors. They called on Congress to provide tax relief without the uncertainty of Trump's action. Lawmakers are generally not in favor of including a payroll tax cut in a new package. It noted that workers making $50,000 a year could owe nearly $1,100 in payroll taxes in 2021, while those earning $104,000 could be hit with a tax bill of more than $2,200. The White House said that the President's measure will help Americans during the pandemic. "By enacting the payroll tax deferral, President Trump used the authorities available to him to give employers the opportunity to put more money in the pockets of their employees, and he encourages all employers to take advantage of this in order to support hardworking Americans during this period of economic uncertainty as we finish the fight against Covid-19," said Judd Deere, a White House spokesman. Trump's effort is not the first payroll tax deferral this year. As part of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package Congress approved in late March, employers are allowed to delay paying their 6.2% share of the Social Security payroll tax through year's end.
Kenyon Ahern
Kenyon Ahern 2 bulan yang lalu
Joe Bidens a pedo everyone knows that
BenjaminRuggiero 2 bulan yang lalu
Next vaccine will be for your TDS
sokin jon
sokin jon 2 bulan yang lalu
"He's against God, he's against guns"; has anything more American ever been uttered x'P God sure loves to kill.
Lost muffin. Im hiding
Lost muffin. Im hiding 2 bulan yang lalu
Id like to see trump on mount Rushmore
n Vang
n Vang 2 bulan yang lalu
ROBERT MONNIER 2 bulan yang lalu
This small pencil pants, Antifa, BLm, Biden supporter, Has a Trump hardon, dude!!! Grow up. This is what he does when he not marching, little crying liberal!!!
sokin jon
sokin jon 2 bulan yang lalu
Ugliest. Person. Imaginable. No exaggeration.
UNO Kilo
UNO Kilo 2 bulan yang lalu
Your Parents are Adorable, But I understand it´s never the same...
Craig 2 bulan yang lalu
Bigly in favour
Lil’ Cupcake
Lil’ Cupcake 2 bulan yang lalu
DExXR 380
DExXR 380 2 bulan yang lalu
Your captain bed is ruining your career what's left of it.
Don Jones
Don Jones 2 bulan yang lalu
Trump is morally and financially bankrupt and has been working for 3 years to do the same to the US...
Merit Coba
Merit Coba 2 bulan yang lalu
My parents are watching : heh! (got that)
Jason Disbrow
Jason Disbrow 2 bulan yang lalu
I thought late night was suppose to be funny, not a political smear campaign filled with misinformation and lies.
Pamela Porter
Pamela Porter 2 bulan yang lalu
Let's put his face on a wanted poster, make 1,000,000 copies and post those in post offices.
Shirley S
Shirley S 2 bulan yang lalu
Sadly, there are people who really believe this dumb ass...I heard someone say there is a war on christianity...
Majik- ballz
Majik- ballz 2 bulan yang lalu
What kind of lunatic would put God and guns in the same sentence...Oh wait
Sapphire Riddles
Sapphire Riddles 2 bulan yang lalu
So nice to hear someone call it the PR stunt that it was. I kind of think the senate deliberately delayed a deal so trump could sign his orders.
IAmGeeSnap 2 bulan yang lalu
omg mr n mrs meyers were in the audience WOW how cool is that lol SETH your owen wilson was spot on well done i'm sure your parents didn't mean to stress you out may you guys stay safe too duck power
Lark Vs. Owl
Lark Vs. Owl 2 bulan yang lalu
those ties DON'T lie.
ufoe20011 2 bulan yang lalu
TRUMP 2020 !!!!
ebhappyfeet 2 bulan yang lalu
Ugliest. Person. Imaginable. No exaggeration.
aola wili
aola wili 2 bulan yang lalu
The sad part is he can get up there and say he's done things that Obama has done and people will actually believe him. Trump voters you're so uneducated it's pathetic.
Brian Rice
Brian Rice 2 bulan yang lalu
That's 400 biweekly is 800 a month
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