Mikel Arteta on Aubameyang's & Saka's futures, Pep Guardiola & Manchester City | Press Conference

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The Premier League is back and head coach Mikel Arteta sat down to face the media (via Zoom) ahead of our important clash against Manchester City.
The boss discusses the futures of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Bukayo Saka, our preparation after 3 months of lockdown and social distancing, the influence of Pep Guardiola and more.
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Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra Bulan Yang lalu
Saka has to stay, because we just have Pepe and him as left-footed wingers. Saka played good as a half-winger as well
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown Bulan Yang lalu
Every one subscribe jamzor great arsenal streams
bekindunlimited Bulan Yang lalu
Buy defenders .......just defenders
Stop ok
Stop ok Bulan Yang lalu
Mikel artera your the best coach ever omg
luis guilherme
luis guilherme Bulan Yang lalu
someone warns and awakens the arteta and tells him that david luis not know what ball! MISCELLANEOUS PLAYER
Aqdas AlAhad
Aqdas AlAhad Bulan Yang lalu
Green screen is on point🤣🤣🤣
Emmanuel Sethole
Emmanuel Sethole Bulan Yang lalu
COYG❤❤...The Greatest Club of all time>>>>
Silvester Sylvester Sorimachi
Silvester Sylvester Sorimachi Bulan Yang lalu
Haha the video looks really weird.......
YB_ Ramiz
YB_ Ramiz Bulan Yang lalu
This is some btech mark goldbridge green screen.
Jack Mcmullan
Jack Mcmullan Bulan Yang lalu
I am so excited
David Andrews
David Andrews Bulan Yang lalu
Am I wrong or did Arteta not play for Spain and if that's the case why not ? He was a top drawer player and I really hope he can get Arsenal fired up they've drawn an awful lot they just need that extra little spark that City Liverpool have got what that little extra is I can't put my finger on good luck Gooners
PAUL MOYO Bulan Yang lalu
next time they should leave that background
Bill Hustwayte
Bill Hustwayte Bulan Yang lalu
That green screen cut tho! 🤣
Jefta Bulan Yang lalu
Green screan💚 👌
KevOtis Buda
KevOtis Buda Bulan Yang lalu
So eloquent
Arihiroki Bulan Yang lalu
These reporters are the biggest Sheetbags ... why they talking about Aubameyangs contract when he's locked in for another season. Arsenal can take their time especially when young talents are raising their levels fast. Im 100% sure Auba wants to keep his promise to play for Real Madrid one day
BERKO Richard
BERKO Richard Bulan Yang lalu
Happy to Mikel back in good health. Let's go Arsenal
sal funny Videos
sal funny Videos Bulan Yang lalu
This is cyber arteta
Gytaka Luke
Gytaka Luke Bulan Yang lalu
Arteta is masterclass... background though...🤗🤗🤗
Daniel Kilduff's DVD & Blu Ray Reviews
Daniel Kilduff's DVD & Blu Ray Reviews Bulan Yang lalu
Arteta has got the potential to be a a massive success but must get the financial backing from the board and the owners 😊
Keith Rich
Keith Rich Bulan Yang lalu
Absolutely buzzing for this game COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!
Nhlanhla Madikiza
Nhlanhla Madikiza Bulan Yang lalu
Mikel Arteta knows Pep's tactics so he can use that to his advantage
The Hutter
The Hutter Bulan Yang lalu
Are gon ignore the background
Leo Davids
Leo Davids Bulan Yang lalu
This is hella trippy to watch
George S
George S Bulan Yang lalu
COYG we can win this if we press hard and play good passes (I’m sure Arteta knows it he is so clever)
TA Bulan Yang lalu
I can’t deal with this press conference edit 😭😭😂😂
deminta akbar
deminta akbar Bulan Yang lalu
We so poor we can't provide a good greenscreen
Huzaifa Laattoe
Huzaifa Laattoe Bulan Yang lalu
Bring Emile Smith Rowe back as well 💪💪💪
Shot3er Bulan Yang lalu
Please renew Auba contract :'(
joel mulungi
joel mulungi Bulan Yang lalu
Nketiah is bore
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly Bulan Yang lalu
Looks like Football Manager
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly Bulan Yang lalu
We need Saka to sign a new extension
JakeSnacks1 Bulan Yang lalu
Arteta has lost weight
Normadic N
Normadic N Bulan Yang lalu
Photoshop video background. Looks so funny🤣😂
TumpySquare Bulan Yang lalu
I’m not that fussed if Aubameyang leaves, but losing Saka would be tragic. He’s an amazing young talent.
Joe Holleyoake
Joe Holleyoake Bulan Yang lalu
Swear Eddie scored 3 against Charlton?
Abdulghafur Aden
Abdulghafur Aden Bulan Yang lalu
Pidaras Pidaras
Pidaras Pidaras Bulan Yang lalu
Dislike if you miss Emery
Zodingpuia Hmar
Zodingpuia Hmar Bulan Yang lalu
We swooped up Arteta at the perfect time. Emery was a mismatch with us, communication skills was very limited which even if he had a good game plan or adjustments during a game, couldn't get it across exactly as he would want to. Arteta on the other hand is decisive, good communication, set of values attached to Arsenal, work ethic, plans on and off the field, man management and tactics on how he wants to play exactly. Obviously he is going to need time- to filter out deadwoods, bring in new faces and mould the team in his image.
Andreas Georgakis
Andreas Georgakis Bulan Yang lalu
These questions were ON POINT! The reporters certainly seem to have benefited from the break. Big up to the boss as well!
Abdirahman Tajir
Abdirahman Tajir Bulan Yang lalu
The student must defeat the master
Humphrey Liaga
Humphrey Liaga Bulan Yang lalu
Please Arsenal, fix that dodgy green screen 🤣🤣. We should make our manager look good
Vinny Jefferson
Vinny Jefferson Bulan Yang lalu
I like Arteta. Seems like a nice man and a club legend.
Nathan Dawgs
Nathan Dawgs Bulan Yang lalu
Dont get your Hope's up he can talk like this but talking dont make u win games prepare for a beat down by city guys dont get your Hope's up Arteta is not ready for city
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis Bulan Yang lalu
Really need to get saka aubameyang tied down to new deals i cant remember the last time 1 of our big players had signed a new deal we either lose them on a free or sell them so lets hope things are different under arteta
Anuj More
Anuj More Bulan Yang lalu
Why is the background edited? This interview could have been at the original place.
Sir Brian
Sir Brian Bulan Yang lalu
Great interview nice one
Sejla Biscevic
Sejla Biscevic Bulan Yang lalu
I've got 2 tactics for Man City. #1 Two Arsenal players need to block Aguero, someone left, someone right. #2 Ozil will asist the ball to Aubameyang or Lacazette or Pepe. Arsenal forward will be too close. That way to scoring goals is easy. From Adem, biggest Arsenal fan.
Susan Andoh
Susan Andoh Bulan Yang lalu
I would be watching live and as long as we have arteta arsenal can have a better futur lets show city hows the boss
John Mwangi
John Mwangi Bulan Yang lalu
My manager
James Magero
James Magero Bulan Yang lalu
I agree with you Arturo Miranda saka and auba needs to b signed up
Susan Andoh
Susan Andoh Bulan Yang lalu
Arteta lets get revenge
Nathan James
Nathan James Bulan Yang lalu
Feel a little bit sorry for MA, you can see he's beholden to the clubs financial policies.
Susan Andoh
Susan Andoh Bulan Yang lalu
Lets destrouy city
Mr Ali Muse SHarawe
Mr Ali Muse SHarawe Bulan Yang lalu
What is moving behind his ear😮
banu haashim
banu haashim Bulan Yang lalu
Background ka ka danbeeya wa photoshop taasaa keentay, Kkkkkkk,
Costa Drillzonit
Costa Drillzonit Bulan Yang lalu
Give aubameyang what he wants..
Clement Akufo
Clement Akufo Bulan Yang lalu
He can change Arsenal to be a contender and eventually win the premier league if Stan Kroenke starts putting in serious money into the team to get the players needed or when he eventually sells the team to an owner who wants to see Arsenal competing for titles(Premier League and Champions League)...
Matilda Sinclair
Matilda Sinclair Bulan Yang lalu
We needed someone to set the structure;now go out there and find the right parts for the structure
Zak Alrubae
Zak Alrubae Bulan Yang lalu
I love Aubameyang, but he shouldn’t speak out publicly on contract negotiations, it’s not professional & may cause friction or confusion in the dressing room.
Mikey Vieira
Mikey Vieira Bulan Yang lalu
Arteta sounds so convincing and positive.... he would talk me into buying ice in winter lol... COYG