Manchester United 3-0 Sheffield United | Extended Premier League highlights

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Sheffield United FC

Sheffield United FC

Bulan Yang lalu

Ten minutes of action footage from United's away defeat at Old Trafford.

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Kamran Mahmud
Kamran Mahmud 9 hari yang lalu
Dark Zones
Dark Zones 12 hari yang lalu
Sheffield United biggest club in Yorkshire!
Mirabelle Obiajunwa
Mirabelle Obiajunwa 12 hari yang lalu
Am here because of Antony Martial much love to Manchester United
sykly Stevens
sykly Stevens 14 hari yang lalu
2:46😂 nope
yasmoo Aljl
yasmoo Aljl 15 hari yang lalu
Anuoluwapo Esan
Anuoluwapo Esan 18 hari yang lalu
Man Utd is better than Sheffield but I still like Sheffield
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง 22 hari yang lalu
ยังไงก็จะมิให้เสียหน้ามิให้ไปอยู่ท้ายๆ หรอกนะค่ะ?
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง 22 hari yang lalu
มีดคู่เรายังสู้เขามิทันได้หรอกนะค่ะ? แต่เราก็ขอให้อยู่ในอันดับติดไปกับพวก เขาก็พอนะพวกเขากระทิง?เลยนะค่ะ?
暖冬 23 hari yang lalu
NO. Today you guys lose to lester city. Such a pity.
Aissa Halimi
Aissa Halimi 23 hari yang lalu
ABN Carloo
ABN Carloo 24 hari yang lalu
This is some of the best commentary I've heard in a while, ngl.
Togap Antonio
Togap Antonio 25 hari yang lalu
Good job bruno 👍✊
Sullo Beats
Sullo Beats 25 hari yang lalu
Taking a knee? Baloney!
Uareafool 25 hari yang lalu
This Man U team, I tell you is very good or even the best according to silly United fans...they are only 34 points behind Liverpool. Good enough ele they should have been 93 points behind
Yulia Yulia18
Yulia Yulia18 26 hari yang lalu
SUTV thankyou for long highlight... #Manchesterunitedfans
vikhes carsane
vikhes carsane 27 hari yang lalu
Even though im a man u fan it was well played u are one of the best top 8 teams
kevinsut Jr
kevinsut Jr 27 hari yang lalu
I'm almost never commenting on youtube, but for this channel I'll make an exception What a great work of highlight and commentator, high quality for sure Hope I can see Sheffield United fights at Europe level next season, cheers
not_james_bond 27 hari yang lalu
No need to watch the game if u have this type of commentary respect🙏🏼
Vọng Iris
Vọng Iris 27 hari yang lalu
MU quá mạnh
SZ Tampi
SZ Tampi 27 hari yang lalu
Pavith Perera
Pavith Perera 27 hari yang lalu
Wish Man U had such a lively commentator
Saikat Chakraborty
Saikat Chakraborty 27 hari yang lalu
Thank you Sheffield United for letting Man united fans watch this. Well played this season.
SebSk 27 hari yang lalu
Good commentary... and good highlights
C Lalrinchhani29
C Lalrinchhani29 27 hari yang lalu
I'm here after Sheffield beat Chelsea by 3-0
Đậu Quân Trang
Đậu Quân Trang 27 hari yang lalu
What Man-She: 3-0, She- Che:3-0????
Azan Faiz
Azan Faiz 27 hari yang lalu
watch this highlight much better than see Chelsea highlight... nice game from MU...
vito corleone
vito corleone 28 hari yang lalu
Thanks Sheffield United , Wishing you qualify to european league
Obaji StarLord
Obaji StarLord 28 hari yang lalu
Anthony Martial
Sweetsam Boss
Sweetsam Boss 28 hari yang lalu
Manchester United destroyed them in June with 3 - 0, and they went and destroyed Chelsea in July 3 -0 wow!!! ....Man U did a good job on Sheffield United
Andrew Boadi
Andrew Boadi 28 hari yang lalu
Who came here after the Chelsea game?
Ahmed Feleb
Ahmed Feleb 26 hari yang lalu
cali xabad muhamed
cali xabad muhamed 26 hari yang lalu
Amien Fadhillah
Amien Fadhillah 27 hari yang lalu
deano is utd secret agent
Tám Hà
Tám Hà 27 hari yang lalu
hahâ same chelsea lose 0_3
SECRET VIEWER 27 hari yang lalu
Me hahaha
Gian Cheema
Gian Cheema 28 hari yang lalu
😜Brilliant highlights from Man Utd fan!
Wawan One the
Wawan One the 28 hari yang lalu
MU fans from indonesia
Christine Townley
Christine Townley 28 hari yang lalu
A great goals for Manchester united against Sheffield United, June 25th 0 my brother's birthday Jonathan, who loves this team too, Jonathan Townley, who lives in Bromley england,
rihana chang
rihana chang 28 hari yang lalu
parkir bus MU
Ngô Văn Dũng
Ngô Văn Dũng 28 hari yang lalu
I love you united
lolipedofin 28 hari yang lalu
There are so many great club channels out there. Why is Man United's channel, the amount of highlights and the quality of the commentators, why are they so shit???
Ayodele Marcus
Ayodele Marcus 28 hari yang lalu
I replayed the highlights just to hear the commentator
Gul Makai
Gul Makai 29 hari yang lalu
Good highlights 👍, Manutd fan
alees prikitiw
alees prikitiw 29 hari yang lalu
alees prikitiw
alees prikitiw 29 hari yang lalu
Fikri Dzulfikar
Fikri Dzulfikar 29 hari yang lalu
kisegerwa micheal
kisegerwa micheal Bulan Yang lalu
Martia is talented
Jamie Anglo Saxon
Jamie Anglo Saxon Bulan Yang lalu
I stopped watching football, now football(soccer).
charlie herbert
charlie herbert Bulan Yang lalu
my dad suports man u
Konstantinos Vasiliadis
Konstantinos Vasiliadis Bulan Yang lalu
This commentator actually has a flow and it's nice for a game.
Last Fambisayi
Last Fambisayi Bulan Yang lalu
Get this commentator at MUTV asap
Shawn park
Shawn park Bulan Yang lalu
the commentator is literally when you turn audio accessibility on for your iPhone
Avon Dixon
Avon Dixon Bulan Yang lalu
And Red Rum eases past Shergar and flies over the canal turn, with 450 yards to go in the Aintree Grand National.
semi Bulan Yang lalu
Greenwood has potential but needs to learn how to pass the fucking ball, all he does is shoot even if there are 2 players clearly blocking his shot
Oscar Borge
Oscar Borge Bulan Yang lalu
Ice cold from Martial on that third goal...what a chippie!
sumanthini margasahayam
sumanthini margasahayam Bulan Yang lalu
United should hire this commentator
Manuel F
Manuel F Bulan Yang lalu
Thanks for making this vid even if you lost.
jennifer white
jennifer white Bulan Yang lalu
Man U fan here from Oakland California love to see man u play yippeeee
Very good
Austin Thekkanath
Austin Thekkanath Bulan Yang lalu
The third goal was marvelous. That backheel by Bruno. He could have passed it onto wan-bissaka too, who could have in turn crossed to Greenwood. Man...that was a sureshot goal chance. We have finally fixed the midfield. Now to fix that defence.
20Sports Bulan Yang lalu
Is the commentator a former horse race commentor of something
_Barto_Simpsons_ Bulan Yang lalu
Dont need a 10min video for a 3min goal fest.. Gsssss
Karithi Mugwika
Karithi Mugwika Bulan Yang lalu
Aris Toni
Aris Toni Bulan Yang lalu
indonesia Hadir,,Gooollllll Manchester utd
Abasmzee baba mimi nakukubal sana Pazia
Abasmzee baba mimi nakukubal sana Pazia Bulan Yang lalu
Najivunia kua mtanzania sina shobo na lugha za wazungu,, watanzania nataka nione like 💗 zenuu