Tiny House MISTAKES & Design Tips for DIYers

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Tiny House Giant Journey

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Pam and Bruce Westra, along with their son Kevin, have built 9 Tiny Houses. In this video, they share 10 tips for small home design.
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Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly 15 hari yang lalu
thank you for this! Very helpful. You did a great job with your designs on your tinies. I would definitely check it out if up in your area.
Daniela Moroni Gutierrez
Daniela Moroni Gutierrez 17 hari yang lalu
Hay una persona en Córdoba Argentina que puso tu nombre a su tiny
WolfsburgWarehouse 24 hari yang lalu
This shelter/shed kit can be assembled in a few hours. ​​​​​idshow.info/watch/kwtxW-phgSU/video.html Cheap wooden houses with shower room and toilet ​idshow.info/watch/eOSfpu3Bcr8/video.html Affordable Architecture designed by Hansagarten24 ​​​​idshow.info/watch/B4o3sAhpgFY/video.html
Cyn Mann
Cyn Mann 24 hari yang lalu
What a precious couple. This is the most helpful tiny house video available. How gracious of them to share their knowledge and enjoyed seeing their work. Thanks for this.
DJ F 2 bulan yang lalu
thanks for the tips. very useful.
Jessica Hubbard
Jessica Hubbard 2 bulan yang lalu
Man. I absolutely love every one of their homes. How fun that they were able to do themed homes. Much more fun then when designing just one home and can’t decide which style u wanna go with. Lol. I love the Victorian one the best. Then I see the modern and think, oh! That’s cute too. All of them are magnificent.
Barbara George
Barbara George 2 bulan yang lalu
Do they all have an escape window from lofts ?
CG ELMORE 3 bulan yang lalu
I would do anything to know how to frame the roof out. :-(
Moses D Cedeno
Moses D Cedeno 3 bulan yang lalu
Amazing info and thankful for great info and sharing. Solid building information
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 3 bulan yang lalu
Did she just say tiny dicks?
Isabel Cristina Lozano
Isabel Cristina Lozano 4 bulan yang lalu
Me gustaría tener una pero la arriba más alta
Linda Bland
Linda Bland 4 bulan yang lalu
Hi my name is linda Bland I'm located in Greenville N.C. I am absolutely setp on a log cabin look. I want to put it in the trees somewhat. But If i can talk to you guys i know you can help me as well as i help you. There are campgrounds about 20 miles from me that i love very much and there are more tiny houses there i have an eye on everything that will go inside.please call Me at 1252-341-1809 I would love so much to get advice you guys got it going on🙋‍♀️❣ 100%beauty You GUY'S are great "HELP ME"
Los Fromla
Los Fromla 4 bulan yang lalu
Biggest tiny house mistake is having a tiny house at all.
The Home & Construction Tool Channel
The Home & Construction Tool Channel 4 bulan yang lalu
My Tip for owning any trailer that will be parked more than several years...... Sell the New set of Tires, While they still have Value.... Old tires, any tire after about 5 years old. Can fall apart.. Loose a Tread... And Kill you or Someone... So many times I've seen Motor homes & Trailers with unsafe New Looking Tires..... Check the Date on when Made. they go by week & Year. (3216) would be 32nd week of 2016... ... get a Discount for old Tires... it's 5/20 now. so almost 4 years old. on this example....
IllogicalStuff 5 bulan yang lalu
The what? Did I hear tiny dicks? or I heard it totally wrong? O_o
Brian Krause
Brian Krause 5 bulan yang lalu
Thank u
Lsr69 won't quit
Lsr69 won't quit 6 bulan yang lalu
I want a tiny house but heard they are illegal. Where in maryland would work?
J3ss Mari3
J3ss Mari3 6 bulan yang lalu
I love. love your designs. Your ideas are great thank y'all.
Drew 6 bulan yang lalu
I wonder how most tiny houses would hold up being very mobile a lot of the time? Not many are made to be light weight or aerodynamic but that’s not the main goal of most I guess. Definitely need a heavy haul truck to move it.
jesikebiking 6 bulan yang lalu
Very informational
L'Echo de Caro - Caroline
L'Echo de Caro - Caroline 7 bulan yang lalu
really helpful! Thanks
Reina Treviño
Reina Treviño 7 bulan yang lalu
You should show each house from the inside I only saw the Cottage one
Tiny House Giant Journey
Tiny House Giant Journey 6 bulan yang lalu
Check my channel for the rest of the full tours!
Asta Plekaviciute
Asta Plekaviciute 7 bulan yang lalu
She Wolf
She Wolf 7 bulan yang lalu
Is threaded rod used like a giant screw? Do you twist it into the material?
Mian d'explorer
Mian d'explorer 8 bulan yang lalu
Planet Mojo
Planet Mojo 8 bulan yang lalu
I'm looking at tons of tiny houses to kind of gauge what to put in a tiny house design program I'm working on. I'm really trying to simplify the design process so that it is cheaper and easier to build. Thank you for the tips on what to avoid!
MeatCook 8 bulan yang lalu
0:01 tiny dicks ? realy XD
Daisy 8 bulan yang lalu
Thanks for your imput! I wonder why spiral starcases are not used! Wouldn't it take less floor space?
Planet Mojo
Planet Mojo 8 bulan yang lalu
I'm currently making a design tool for tiny houses that I plan to put online. It will design the shell and give a cost upfront and do most of the pre-engineering. It's a work in progress but coming along nicely. I'm looking for input by people that are planning to build a tiny house sometime soon so i can add the features people are looking for.
JF Designs inc. Innovations,Ideas,Production
JF Designs inc. Innovations,Ideas,Production 9 bulan yang lalu
Did she start off with “tiny dicks” ?
Tod Gardner
Tod Gardner 9 bulan yang lalu
Thank you very much awesome tips. What is the typical weight of one of your tiny houses. I’m in the planning stages of building an off grid 8’x18’ TH. Thanks
ode2reading 9 bulan yang lalu
Wow! Nine houses! Thanks for the tips.
Rosemary Williams
Rosemary Williams 9 bulan yang lalu
Ventilation and moisture Control are my two biggest concerns, living in a condo we're bathrooms and bedrooms don't have good windows and ventilation systems, you want to make sure that you can control that so your walls and your materials and everything doesn't get messed up.
Robbin Dawsey
Robbin Dawsey 9 bulan yang lalu
Really great tips. I had never though about the wheel wells or about installing a bathroom shower first before the walls went up.
Zara Dimple
Zara Dimple 9 bulan yang lalu
I think this tiny houses are really taking on Praise the Lord, praying that no one else will have to be homeless! And the government should help them with a small mortgage without interest or with minimum interest, if they have to!. Cosy and loving.
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 10 bulan yang lalu
Do 100 tips!! Great information. Thanks.
Sharon Cobb
Sharon Cobb 11 bulan yang lalu
Thank You, very great info tips, not much of help on these gorgeous homes of this kinda of video during research on folliwing my dream 💘💘Greatly appreciate hope u continue ,,.
Dyanne Horton
Dyanne Horton 11 bulan yang lalu
this would be a good idea if there was some privacy with trees and shrubs etc. It's just a bunch of tiny houses plopped down in a parking lot.
Helen Ortiz
Helen Ortiz 11 bulan yang lalu
I think this is very good tiny house for people in Puerto Rico I know I'll love to have a tiny house 🏡🏡🏡😀😀👍👍
mike gruber
mike gruber 11 bulan yang lalu
Why would you need to flip the house over?
mike gruber
mike gruber 11 bulan yang lalu
Ted Turner's doppleganger
Eddie TS
Eddie TS 11 bulan yang lalu
This should be a tv show
Stacy Adams
Stacy Adams 11 bulan yang lalu
The Bamboo house!! ❤️❤️❤️
micah foote
micah foote 11 bulan yang lalu
I love the Romani Wagon one!! 🥺
Royce Lane
Royce Lane Tahun Yang lalu
Very informative I love this place it is the first place I'm going to visit if ever on that side of the country
Mame McKee
Mame McKee Tahun Yang lalu
Great information! Those folks are having fun with their project!
barbara whittall
barbara whittall Tahun Yang lalu
Love the white cottage but am unable to build not a youngster anymore gorgeous tiny houses
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts Tahun Yang lalu
I love this!!The Barn one and the Beach one are my favs!!!🚌🚌💕
Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin Tahun Yang lalu
I'm thinking about severely downsizing to a tiny home, from a home that's 4500 sq ft. Do you have any website or anything that I can ask questions as I move along in my venture. These are great but I'm sure I'll have many more questions! Thanks
Sammy So
Sammy So Tahun Yang lalu
Pam and Bruce, thank you so much for sharing your craft with us. Do you build to order by chance? Your work is amazing!
Jan truitt
Jan truitt Tahun Yang lalu
✔️ good information! Thank You!
jane irvine
jane irvine Tahun Yang lalu
When Bruce talked about tying everything together from the roof to the trailer base, I thought: "Finally! Somebody gets it!" I have no idea what standards are used in the rv world, but I've seen how easily the walls of regular rv's are damaged. It's like they're made of toothpicks and cotton candy. Those things are uber expensive. I would prefer to have a sturdier build to my home irregardless of the weight. Security is important.
Cheeze Boigas
Cheeze Boigas Tahun Yang lalu
Portland Oregon? I had no idea people lived in tiny houses here
LostSentience Tahun Yang lalu
Am I the long person who wants a tiny house but not so I can travel with it? I mean I want one for several reasons but moving around with it isn't one of them
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Tahun Yang lalu
I red a finance report that noted that do to most tiny houses being on land that does not belong to the owner of the tiny house, they, like a car continues to depreciate
Quyphi Nguyen
Quyphi Nguyen Tahun Yang lalu
The Victorian style house is so pretty both outside and inside. Wonder what was the cost to build it?
Lela Arneson
Lela Arneson Tahun Yang lalu
I am happy as a newbie I stumbled on this site. I have my subfloor on my 24ft. trailer for my tiny Victorian now and this is timely advice!
Adkins Kim
Adkins Kim Tahun Yang lalu
Do you sell the houses? If not, would you consider selling the blueprints? I have been looking everywhere for your Victorian Cottage, just love it!
Susan Mathis
Susan Mathis Tahun Yang lalu
Very very helpful! My teenage daughter is trying her hand at building a tiny house for her senior project. This information was priceless. Thank u!!!
Jeannie Martin
Jeannie Martin Tahun Yang lalu
Victorian style house: Is there a North East Builder/ contractor. Can tiny house have slab foundation so as not to have wheels, tires etc. Are there more detail pics of Victorian? Do you sell blue prints?
MARTHA P Tahun Yang lalu
So many adorable options! I love the little Victorian. Would love to see the whole interior.
Uncle Dudley
Uncle Dudley 3 bulan yang lalu
Australian Woman
Australian Woman Tahun Yang lalu
Thank you for sharing you knowledge and experience. I love the white Victorian, it's beautiful!
Thrifty Styler
Thrifty Styler Tahun Yang lalu
I love the Victorian on and the beach one second. The Victorian one is the cutest and prettiest tiny house I've looked at so far. So much character has been packed into it. Beautiful.
Shannon Beeman
Shannon Beeman Tahun Yang lalu
Fantastic! Very, very helpful! Thank you!
Alex Tahun Yang lalu
Tiny dicks? lol am I hearing this right??
hanna thompson
hanna thompson Tahun Yang lalu
he totally looks like a chiropractor!
Sayyyadah Mariam Fatemah
Sayyyadah Mariam Fatemah Tahun Yang lalu
MashaAllah lovely couple
jade Davis
jade Davis Tahun Yang lalu
We need a tour of bamboo and white home ...pleasee
Tee Tee
Tee Tee Tahun Yang lalu
I'd look good in that white one 😜👌❤
Pat Contant
Pat Contant Tahun Yang lalu
No favs, how can you even suggest picking one? All awesome! Wonderful builds, wonderfully furnished. Tfs!
Tanks critters and urban homesteading
Tanks critters and urban homesteading Tahun Yang lalu
Why are we building these on trailers. Just go buy an old camper. Homes on wheels are called travel trailers. I don't understand the tiny homes on wheels thing. I thought a tiny home was built off grid in the woods.
Barbara Parry
Barbara Parry Tahun Yang lalu
I would like to see the inside of the white victorian. It's so cute.
Tammy D
Tammy D Tahun Yang lalu
Great tips!
Kyle Outen
Kyle Outen Tahun Yang lalu
He sounds like Paul Elkins. Is he?
Allen Loser
Allen Loser Tahun Yang lalu
I couldn't fit a kitchen which meets my needs and desires into one of these much less living space. I am OK with having only a communal sleeping area in a loft; at least until I can no longer get to the sleeping area. I play with house designs in an effort to design a house of 800 square feet or less with a 320 square foot kitchen. I've not even been able to get the kitchen down to 320 square feet yet. Do you get the idea that I like food? (snickers)
australopithecusss Tahun Yang lalu
What a beautiful couple and I love their tiny houses!
Dancingirl Tahun Yang lalu
I wanna see their houses! particularly the bamboo and modern ones! You don't have videos of all?
Subtle Nature
Subtle Nature Tahun Yang lalu
I thought she said at "Tiny Dicks"....but the name is Tiny Digs Hotel. Cute places!
Cameron McCrea
Cameron McCrea Tahun Yang lalu
Subtle Nature me too I had to go back and listen to it again
Jaden Weaver Henderson
Jaden Weaver Henderson Tahun Yang lalu
im soo shook ya'll,sister snatched
Paola Frias
Paola Frias Tahun Yang lalu
I already have my tiny house planned out. I get so excited watching videos like this
Ladee Relli
Ladee Relli Tahun Yang lalu
You guys look like a sweet couple. May consider staying if ever passing through!
Julie Bourassa
Julie Bourassa Tahun Yang lalu
THey are the cutest couple ever!!!
Cameron McCrea
Cameron McCrea Tahun Yang lalu
You’re the cutest girl in the comments lol
Jerry Blizzard
Jerry Blizzard Tahun Yang lalu
Great video, guys. This would be a great business if you could build these tiny houses for other people like me. I am too old & no longer have tools to build anything. Thumbs Up!
Xenedraa Bourque
Xenedraa Bourque Tahun Yang lalu
Great tips, thank you! 👍
David Miller
David Miller Tahun Yang lalu
I BUILD A TINY HOUSE 10 X 30 IN MY GARAGE ,THE DOOR OPENING IS 10 X 10 .CAN'T GET IT OUT ! i planned that way. so my garage was turned into a great GREEN HOUSE .SKY LIGHTS, WALLS THAT ARE 10 FT . HIGH CLEAR ALL AROUND.
Z GS Tahun Yang lalu
I'm in LOVE with the bamboo house!
Ike the ranter
Ike the ranter Tahun Yang lalu
I'm goin to do a conversion on mine soon. This will help a lot. I'm planning to use as much pull down stuff like steps, bed, tables as possible. Insulation plumbing hvac solar are all the critical questions I have.
Melba Rich
Melba Rich Tahun Yang lalu
All these tips depend on whether or not you're going to drive this thing down the road. I would like to know information on what's better to drive down the road and what's not.
Ani Bell
Ani Bell Tahun Yang lalu
I stayed at the yellow caboose. What fun!
Chelly Herrera
Chelly Herrera Tahun Yang lalu
my husband and i stayed in a tiny house in Seattle for our honeymoon and it was an amazing experience ! so now we are thinking about making one ! This couple is so cuute!
sleboa1 Tahun Yang lalu
I'm surprised I have never seen the use of Lapeyrer Stairs in a tiny house build. They work very well and very safe compared to ladders or ship ladders. jdanielle.co/alternating-tread-stairs/alternating-tread-stairs-lapeyre-stair-alternating-tread-stair/
Haven Sabaini
Haven Sabaini Tahun Yang lalu
I’ve wanted a vargo for YEARS...to both traveling and when at home, a very groovy guest cottage! I also love the teeny Victorian.
hikingmarie9 Tahun Yang lalu
As a person starting to design our tiny home this was a great topic to focus on. Thank you!
Betsy Traughber
Betsy Traughber Tahun Yang lalu
The cottage is cute but where is the kitchen and bathroom?
Wayne Tahun Yang lalu
Absolutely adore that white one with double gable, I think Victorian...
Havvlen Star
Havvlen Star Tahun Yang lalu
What adorable houses!!! Also much appreciated tips!!! Thank you 😊
Casey Coolwhip
Casey Coolwhip Tahun Yang lalu
Did she just say “Tiny Dic*s”
choirboy5 Tahun Yang lalu
I genuinely NEVER comment on any videos, but I’ve been sucked into the tiny house videos big time. I’ve been contemplating the move toward it for the last few months and this is by far one of the best videos. I love the tours, don’t get me wrong, but tips and tricks, or practicality, is a win for me! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Briana G
Briana G Tahun Yang lalu
Bamboo house is just BEAUTIFUL! 😍
Susan Sirianni
Susan Sirianni Tahun Yang lalu
Thank you for this video!!!!😍😍😍🤩
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