Why Tesla Is Better Positioned To Survive Than Other Automakers

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The coronavirus pandemic has crushed the global economy, and a recession is inevitable in the U.S. as the Federal Reserve warns the second quarter will be much worse than Q1. The auto industry has been hit particularly hard as car sales tank. But here is why some experts say that Tesla is better off than other U.S. automakers to get through this downturn.
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Why Tesla Is Better Positioned To Survive Than Other Automakers

Anna Westbrook
Anna Westbrook 2 hari yang lalu
GooooooooooD Job
Bee Mack
Bee Mack 14 hari yang lalu
IDshow deletes NBC full episodes but fox news shows have no problem. IDshow are bias they won't air MSNBC full SHOWS!
deLaam Music
deLaam Music 18 hari yang lalu
Answer: They are sitted on 8 billion in cash. Thank me later
Greg Speth
Greg Speth 27 hari yang lalu
My model Y was Built on 6-20-2020 ( my wife’s birthday) and delivered on 6-23-2020 . In 15 years the car will have paid for itself ( fuel savings) . Also my Tesla insurance company. Has access too 9 cameras. So if I get into a accident. Than I won’t have to argue who is at fault , so Tesla won’t have to pay out a claim .Tesla is not a car company. It is a tech company.🤯
Betsy Bird
Betsy Bird 28 hari yang lalu
Doesn't matter if it survives because it's a blown up company but it has no real worth. Watch n see Tesla can't survive because it's cars are to expensive not affordable. I wouldn't put my money in Tesla.
Faro Zar
Faro Zar Bulan Yang lalu
“ Justice is, in this day, bewailing its plight and Equity groaneth beneath the yoke of oppression. The thick clouds of tyranny have darkened the face of the earth, and enveloped its peoples. Through the movement of Our Pen of glory We have, at the bidding of the omnipotent Ordainer, breathed a new life into every human frame, and instilled into every word a fresh potency. All created things proclaim the evidences of this world-wide regeneration. This is the most great, the most joyful tidings imparted by the Pen of this wronged One to mankind. [Baha’u’llah (The promised one) Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah p. 92]
Tom Brown
Tom Brown Bulan Yang lalu
CNBC is still talking about cars. At what point will CNBC realize how clueless they are and tell us they knew all along Tesla is a software company. lol!
Jake Long
Jake Long Bulan Yang lalu
They never learnt a thing with the bailout 68,000 for a truck give me a break what a joke!
Melissa WANG
Melissa WANG Bulan Yang lalu
Off course they are better because the Fed printing money and buying government debt from entrepreneurs then these people use this money to play gambling in Wall street while China allows them to gain profit while in the USA and the rest of the world fighting for recession.
vivek menon
vivek menon Bulan Yang lalu
Wow.. whos paying all these bears... everyone seem wearing xpensive suits and sitting in nice cabins.. tsla hitting 2k biyascheeez.....Why would bail out inefficient ice companies again and again?? Instead fund tesla or give fed incentives to tesla buyers pls.
Weed Bulan Yang lalu
Will CNBC and cronies surrender to the future any time soon, no way, as long as there is no advertising revenue from Tesla, theranos, Nikola is the ideal stock for CNBC... expert cronies
Mark Bulan Yang lalu
When I bought Tesla shares years ago, all my family and friends said "what a waste of money.." Now, they're all asking my advice and they all want to buy Tesla 😁
Derek Liu
Derek Liu Bulan Yang lalu
CNBC: we worry over Elon tweeting! Everyone: why don’t we judge Elon by the stock price and product?
Erwin Lbj
Erwin Lbj Bulan Yang lalu
MY FATHER DONALD J TRUMP.................. AND SENATOR ERWIN TRUMP..................... ( SENATOR WILAYAH INDEPENDENT )..................................
Gavin L
Gavin L Bulan Yang lalu
Well, Tesla can thank their CCP friends for introducing the virus to the world.
Socrates_The_Great Bulan Yang lalu
If you remove Elon from TESLA, you dont got TESLA any more. Elon IS TESLA and TESLA is Elon Musk.
Joseph Doherty
Joseph Doherty Bulan Yang lalu
Nothing But Crap NBC news sucks!!!
J Ashton
J Ashton Bulan Yang lalu
I would be loyal to Tesla if I could F'g afford one.
Storm Bulan Yang lalu
At 2:00 says "the big 3 were getting a bailout" I wonder who the big 3 are? Because Ford never got a bailout...
topssuite Bulan Yang lalu
Its time to stop bailing out any / ALL the car manufactures in the USA. Let them ALL go under if they can't pay their bills. No more money for GM or Chrysler. I love my Toyota Sequoia.
Centenarian OneOhTwo
Centenarian OneOhTwo Bulan Yang lalu
This stock will continue up , The model 3 sells 10 times more cars than the nearest competitor, the Bolt. Also with a model coming out for $25,000 will that outsell the 3 by another 10 fold. Tesla has a better network of superchargers too .They just added a 2nd supercharger near my small town. The only issue is the coming competition ,seems like every week we have a new EV coming out.
Centenarian OneOhTwo
Centenarian OneOhTwo Bulan Yang lalu
I drove 2 Teslas the Y and S .I will never by a y ,My Avalon is much better. Comparing My Avalon to the S the ride is identical unless you want speed the S is faster. The trunks in the S front and rear are also much larger at 28 cu ft, with all seats up, compared to a Avalon 14 cu ft Trunk.
Bart us
Bart us Bulan Yang lalu
August 9, 2020. TSLA $1,452.
mo mo
mo mo Bulan Yang lalu
I wash I see the go
Joe Cummings
Joe Cummings Bulan Yang lalu
Hyperloop, The Boring Co, and The Semi, tell me enough about Elon. He BS with made up fantasy fairy tales to pump his stock. Fanbois are not the brightest bulbs
Tan Chii Ann
Tan Chii Ann Bulan Yang lalu
Instead listen to all "expert" talks about TESLA, why no people listen to Elon Musk personal speech and appreciation especially dedicated to the China government which made him today? Try searching for it and listen to the respectable succesful American words rather than the bankcruptcy KING in white house.
Tan Chii Ann
Tan Chii Ann Bulan Yang lalu
His speech in Shanghai seems to be hidden and unreported by major US medias.
Immortal Ikigai
Immortal Ikigai Bulan Yang lalu
better advertising, that's why
Brandon Bulan Yang lalu
lol trump just put tariffs on canadian aluminum... good luck american automakers
Hiro Monegro
Hiro Monegro Bulan Yang lalu
All the way to the moon!!!🚀🚀🚀
Jon Evans
Jon Evans Bulan Yang lalu
He is a smart man
w23857980 Bulan Yang lalu
ke6gwf - Ben Blackburn
ke6gwf - Ben Blackburn Bulan Yang lalu
This is aging surprisingly well, especially for CNBS... lol
Ato Zer
Ato Zer Bulan Yang lalu
Can CNBC survive the falling numbers is a better question ?
god has left the building
god has left the building Bulan Yang lalu
instead of giving the money to the carmakers the government could subsidize car prizes so that consumers would benefit. the same is true for the bank bail outs.
J W Bulan Yang lalu
Michael Heider
Michael Heider Bulan Yang lalu
Tesla is not a car company - you just don't get it.
Brenda Alves
Brenda Alves Bulan Yang lalu
i just into forex trading and i just made my first profit. I wish i knew about this earlier
Socrates_The_Great Bulan Yang lalu
Stock is not Forex.
samuel sanchezz
samuel sanchezz Bulan Yang lalu
@Denis Blatov You invest, he trades and you get your profit
Denis Blatov
Denis Blatov Bulan Yang lalu
How does this work??
Cassie Moore
Cassie Moore Bulan Yang lalu
@kai hawkins how long did it take to recieve your profit?
jx ta
jx ta Bulan Yang lalu
I'm gonna be 18 in a few months, can i invest ?
foundthecreek damrights
foundthecreek damrights Bulan Yang lalu
"Why Tesla Is Better Positioned To Survive Than Other Automakers" answer its a CIA front company
Christopher Berg
Christopher Berg Bulan Yang lalu
What are they talking about sales are up??
Disco Bulan Yang lalu
It helps when they are looting the Bolivian people's lithium
T Bone
T Bone Bulan Yang lalu
kid, you have no idea what you're talking about. You win the most ignorant comment of the month. Well done.