MIEDEMA WITH THE WINNER! | Liverpool 2-3 Arsenal | Women's Super League highlights

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Vivianne Miedema scored twice as we returned to winning ways in the WSL by beating Liverpool 3-2 in a closely-contested game on Thursday night.
We started brightly and almost took the lead inside the opening minute when Danielle van de Donk won back possession and teed up Jordan Nobbs, whose powerful effort from the edge of the box was saved well by Anke Preuss.
Against the run of play, the hosts took the lead when a long ball evaded our midfield before it fell into the path of Rinsola Babajide, who used her pace to shrug off Louise Quinn and slot low past Pauline Peyraud-Magnin.
With 15 minutes remaining of the first half we equalised when Nobbs found Miedema, who fired in off the underside of the crossbar.
We immediately went back on the offensive from kick off and were rewarded when Lisa Evans kept the ball alive on the touchline before crossing into the box, and Nobbs lost her marker to plant a bullet header into the back of the net.
On the stroke of half-time the Reds were level when Rachel Furness fired an unstoppable half-volley into the top corner.
Miedema created our first real chance of the second half when the ball broke to her inside the box, and she took a touch before seeing her curling effort thwarted by a fine reaction save from Preuss.
Liverpool’s defence was standing strong but we snatched the winner with 13 minutes remaining when Leonie Maier collected the ball on the wing and whipped an inviting cross into the box, and Miedema found space to head home from close range.
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SeekTheGreatness Bulan Yang lalu
Miedema is a beast. PERIOD.
Diary 93
Diary 93 Bulan Yang lalu
aConservativeConvert Bulan Yang lalu
Kelz Obal
Kelz Obal 3 bulan yang lalu
Miedema is world class
Merida O'hara
Merida O'hara 3 bulan yang lalu
Put her in the men's team
Artit 007
Artit 007 4 bulan yang lalu
Love Maier.
Abdirizak Khailey
Abdirizak Khailey 6 bulan yang lalu
Arsenal ladies playing well than the boys.
Cheat Yukhu
Cheat Yukhu 7 bulan yang lalu
Cheat Yukhu
Cheat Yukhu 7 bulan yang lalu
Nadia Puri
Nadia Puri 7 bulan yang lalu
Saya rasa Arsenal women lawan timnas Indonesia .. timnas bakal kalah nie🤣🤣🤣
Everlasting Loser
Everlasting Loser 7 bulan yang lalu
That's one large kitchen 😲
Robin Aldred
Robin Aldred 7 bulan yang lalu
To all the people who only have negative things to say about women's football, if you don't like it don't watch it. Why is football the only sport where the men's and women's game are directly compared to each other. No it's not the same as men's as there are physical differences between men and women, on the up side women can get smashed in the face and have blood streaming from their nose and carry on playing but men have to roll around on the floor like they've been shot if an opponent touches them. There are positives and negatives to both games but equally both can be entertaining.
القمر يا تأتي بلدي القمر
القمر يا تأتي بلدي القمر 7 bulan yang lalu
Why is Arsenal defence similar to the men defence (Arsenal)? The defence gave away two goals easily. I felt like the last defender (#16) is D.Luiz and Miedema is Auba.
finaleoftheseason 7 bulan yang lalu
If they want to be appreciated more they should play with rhythm, acknowledge the momentum when to attack, defense, or moving without the ball, control the tempo, could decide when to use power or precision, when to take a breather. After that you can get your game to be beautiful. If not all you got is 22 unorganized women chasing and shooting the ball like a kindergarten.
หนุ่มสกล เด็กปืนใหญ่
หนุ่มสกล เด็กปืนใหญ่ 7 bulan yang lalu
#11 Arsenal❤❤
Gibin 7 bulan yang lalu
Never been to a football match.. Are the players usually so vocal?
Jirayut Perat
Jirayut Perat 7 bulan yang lalu
John Summers
John Summers 7 bulan yang lalu
If you don't love Arsenal's women's side, you don't love football. It's like watching the USWNT, Liverpool our Bayern Munich. They're just too talented and too good as a team.
ROHAN KARPE 7 bulan yang lalu
Great work👌
ေရႊသေကၤတ ပဲခူး
ေရႊသေကၤတ ပဲခူး 7 bulan yang lalu
love arsenal
Ahmad Sobir
Ahmad Sobir 7 bulan yang lalu
As arsenal fans it is funny when both men and women team are bad on defending lol ... 1st Liverpool goal scored by Female version of Sadio Mane and that The defender looks like Mustafi for me lol .. second Liverpool goal scored by Female version of Jordan Henderson
MUS EDDIE 7 bulan yang lalu
Looser fc haha
Mitchel Mbare
Mitchel Mbare 7 bulan yang lalu
They're all lesbians No disrespect but with all due respect I have no respect hehehehehehe
Khaleefah. Jay.
Khaleefah. Jay. 7 bulan yang lalu
Aiit let's just say we need another front man and we already got one.
Razvan P
Razvan P 7 bulan yang lalu
chazzzztastic 7 bulan yang lalu
Miedema reminds me of Berbatov in her style
Guten Abend
Guten Abend 7 bulan yang lalu
I'd pay for watching them in the Emirates. They play exciting football.
(ಠ_ಠ) 7 bulan yang lalu
We've got a balling women's team. Miedema is definitely special. She's a club icon at this point.
Chris Leste
Chris Leste 7 bulan yang lalu
Tennis has mixed teams.. time for football as well 😁.. well done Ladies!
itz swanky i
itz swanky i 7 bulan yang lalu
Arsenal women are making us arsenal fans proud i wish the male can do just that same way Up Gunners ❤❤
Namcha Station
Namcha Station 7 bulan yang lalu
Naftii- hure
Naftii- hure 7 bulan yang lalu
Even the woman team is having bad defense.
Vay Kaushik
Vay Kaushik 7 bulan yang lalu
Some of this defending is horrendous. Miedema is the only consistent player in terms of quality every game. Super good.
James Bond
James Bond 7 bulan yang lalu
Miedema is robin van persie
AbduThePio 7 bulan yang lalu
They should decrease the size of the goal. That would make it more competetive.
ABHISHEKKUMAR SINGH 7 bulan yang lalu
Why would anyone watch this over mens football. Now come on, be honest.
Cüneyd with d✔️
Cüneyd with d✔️ 7 bulan yang lalu
What woman football?! Neeeeeeeeeeeeh
The Potato
The Potato 7 bulan yang lalu
2nd arsenal goal was really good. from the perfect long pass from the back, making use of the opponent's mistake, to the finishing. Simply a great attack.
DnoNixiux 7 bulan yang lalu
We’re absolutely class here, nice to see a win vs liverpool always❤️❤️
Ed Jap
Ed Jap 7 bulan yang lalu
Bring Miedema and Van de Donk to the men's team
Röbìn Drãgûnöv
Röbìn Drãgûnöv 7 bulan yang lalu
you forgot Captain Little