Congo XI If All Eligible Players Declared For Them

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HITC Sevens

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From World Cup winning goalkeeper Steve Mandanda to Manchester United and Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku, HITC Sevens takes a look at a potential combined Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo XI if all eligible players for both national teams had chosen to play for them at international level.

kingramsey _j
kingramsey _j 19 hari yang lalu
Thank u guys, RDC eloko ya makasi
Pirotess C18
Pirotess C18 Bulan Yang lalu
@HITC Sevens I got you here, no Eduardo Camavinga included here...
skydiver 21
skydiver 21 Bulan Yang lalu
Batshuayi is the st to partner lukaku
skydiver 21
skydiver 21 Bulan Yang lalu
Mbabu chould play lwb
Killer Kickz
Killer Kickz 3 bulan yang lalu
Gabe Ellias
Gabe Ellias 3 bulan yang lalu
Do Senegal
Shaban Saba
Shaban Saba 3 bulan yang lalu
Scandinavia/Nordic XI...
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 4 bulan yang lalu
Congo is basically every black player at Belgium apart from Batshuayi who’s Cameroonian I think
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka 24 hari yang lalu
Batsuayi is Congolese not Cameroonian.
BEEN BRACKIN 4 bulan yang lalu
He is congolese too
Boitumelo Tumi Maebela
Boitumelo Tumi Maebela 5 bulan yang lalu
Do it for alegeria
BrayPlays 7
BrayPlays 7 5 bulan yang lalu
ugly guy
ugly guy 6 bulan yang lalu
joe martin
joe martin 6 bulan yang lalu
Do Suriname 🇸🇷 or Algeria 🇩🇿,lot of talent
Joel 6 bulan yang lalu
You forgot denis zakaria his father is Congolese
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka 24 hari yang lalu
Paul Pogba his mother is Congolese
Indro Bird house
Indro Bird house 6 bulan yang lalu
Christian Benteke should be in the team.
Jøker 9 bulan yang lalu
10:50 why always disrespecting him by putting him on the bench? 😫
Earvin Johnson
Earvin Johnson 10 bulan yang lalu
This is a tough squad
THE MASTER ACES 10 bulan yang lalu
Do sierre leone please
Johnnythefirst 10 bulan yang lalu
I would have put Boyata in the team in stead of Denayer. He is way closer to replacing Kompany for Belgium than the latter. It's just a more secure defender.
kene okafor
kene okafor 11 bulan yang lalu
congo would have been a great footballing force if not for western inteference
Patrick David
Patrick David 11 bulan yang lalu
Isn't Kante congolese
wbtjob 11 bulan yang lalu
No but Mali
Global Official
Global Official Tahun Yang lalu
Camavinga? 👀
Andrea Tahun Yang lalu
6:48 awww Poch
Jawwad Uddin
Jawwad Uddin Tahun Yang lalu
DR Congo national team should just be renamed to Big Dick FC
Clixy Tahun Yang lalu
G-PRINCE Tahun Yang lalu
This shows how colonialism has plundered Africa.
Daniel Simi
Daniel Simi Tahun Yang lalu
JP 17
JP 17 Tahun Yang lalu
lukaku thank u for staying wit Belgium cus I wouldn't stand da first touch!
Joel U
Joel U Tahun Yang lalu
Jean Jacques Sauvanet
Jean Jacques Sauvanet Tahun Yang lalu
Jonathon Ikone should at least be on the bench but he’s not even mentioned
Magnus Sullendefru
Magnus Sullendefru Tahun Yang lalu
Cameroon too Mvogo, moubandje, poundje umtiti saliba a mbappe,embolo ndicka.
guy ahanga
guy ahanga Tahun Yang lalu
By the way Raïs M'bolhi the Algerian goalkeeper should be in this list..
justo zeish
justo zeish Tahun Yang lalu
This team can win world cup
King Respect
King Respect Tahun Yang lalu
R.D.CONGO Eloko Ya Maksi
Don Elliot BB
Don Elliot BB Tahun Yang lalu
Congolese for life, God bless DRC🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩
Inoge Maya
Inoge Maya Tahun Yang lalu
HITC Sevens, you included players that are already in the DRC national team like BAKAMBU, MASUAKU so this list does not apply to them.
katabos Congo
katabos Congo Tahun Yang lalu
DRC still have a long wealthy list of quality players should they be well looked after. A very blessed nation in all levels except when it comes to leadership, but this is about to change. Thank you for your presentation and God bless 🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩
Harold Paul
Harold Paul Tahun Yang lalu
Do Nigeria
Joe Roscoe
Joe Roscoe Tahun Yang lalu
Mwana mboka wya ????
Mukad Roger
Mukad Roger Tahun Yang lalu
Rdcongo forever, congratulations
Yolix Antonio
Yolix Antonio Tahun Yang lalu
What about Pogba?
wbtjob 11 bulan yang lalu
Guinee Conakry
Dfdfdfdfdf Nfnfnf’fncn
Dfdfdfdfdf Nfnfnf’fncn Tahun Yang lalu
Were is blaise matuidi
Peggy peggy
Peggy peggy Tahun Yang lalu
Et matuidi...
Patrick xdor Mulume
Patrick xdor Mulume Tahun Yang lalu
Kinshasa Nkamba 21
Kinshasa Nkamba 21 Tahun Yang lalu
RDC ELOKO YA MAKASI💪. Vive Mvuluzi Simon kimbangu
Manasse Makonda
Manasse Makonda 7 bulan yang lalu
Ralinska Lyon
Ralinska Lyon Tahun Yang lalu
243🇨🇩🇨🇩 BANA CONGO🇨🇩
E Tam
E Tam Tahun Yang lalu
Very good selection, but Pogba and Matuidi should have been included in the Congo’s best hypothetical XI.
SuperBeny Beaucool
SuperBeny Beaucool Tahun Yang lalu
Ce sont des traîtres c'est normal
Israel Kankwenda
Israel Kankwenda Tahun Yang lalu
yess congo
eden dinzenza
eden dinzenza Tahun Yang lalu
I'm from congo
Murray Man
Murray Man Tahun Yang lalu
Do an irish xi if all eligible players declared for them
Lebomayombo Heritier
Lebomayombo Heritier Tahun Yang lalu
African players the are mad when white people will change to be come African
Loose 1
Loose 1 Tahun Yang lalu
This team would have won the World Cup
TeCh Uzi
TeCh Uzi Tahun Yang lalu
Next do this but for Nigeria pls
David McMullan
David McMullan Tahun Yang lalu
Masuaku can also be a fucking liability, believe me.
Valdrin Miftari
Valdrin Miftari Tahun Yang lalu
Best „what if“ would be with KOSOVO!!! xhaka Shaqiri Mustafi Januzaj ...
Sampson Frimpong
Sampson Frimpong Tahun Yang lalu
Do a video for ghana and mali
J Bandz
J Bandz Tahun Yang lalu
Damien Mac Andrew
Damien Mac Andrew Tahun Yang lalu
Do Suriname you would be stunned
Pierre Yeboa
Pierre Yeboa Tahun Yang lalu
What if for Ghana
AXMED Aweis Tahun Yang lalu
@Hitcsevens do what if all france players play for they real country
Wamba mbane Flavien leroi
Wamba mbane Flavien leroi Tahun Yang lalu
Can u do for Cameroun pls
DavidRebecca Morahan
DavidRebecca Morahan Tahun Yang lalu
New Zealand if all players played for them instead of England and other countries
Bill Mwika
Bill Mwika Tahun Yang lalu
Wow brilliant team. But you forgot the minister of defense Tisserand and Matuidi.
II Exalted II
II Exalted II Tahun Yang lalu
reus, bale and de bruyne.
power house
power house Tahun Yang lalu
Drcongo poweful🇨🇩🙏💪 thank you mate, we easily could bag 3 African cups of nations titles yeah😁
Bo Chaka
Bo Chaka 24 hari yang lalu
Pogba was eligible to play for DR Congo. His mum was born in DR Congo, even search it up.
Percy Don
Percy Don Tahun Yang lalu
Do one for Suriname
Ian Acquaye
Ian Acquaye Tahun Yang lalu
Do this for Ghana please ❤
Prince G Yangi
Prince G Yangi Tahun Yang lalu
Blaise Matuidi and Bongonda
Anis Meziane
Anis Meziane Tahun Yang lalu
You should do this for Algeria including present and past players-(Zidane and his sons and mbappe
Matthew Azzopardi
Matthew Azzopardi Tahun Yang lalu
What France would be without there African players
Antisocial Freak
Antisocial Freak 10 bulan yang lalu
@Mo S Meh fair point.
Mo S
Mo S 10 bulan yang lalu
@Antisocial Freak I mean tolisso and gomez are both half half, so it depends what country they spent their life in and feel connected to. And like I said nobody is 100% borders are just imaginary lines its mostly the culture that defines a nation not ethnic group, its not like all french or german people look the same
Antisocial Freak
Antisocial Freak 10 bulan yang lalu
@Mo S Yeah but Tolisso is half french. I know he's a mixed guy but he still count regardless of what the other half is. I mean would you say the same for Mario Gomez who's half german and half spanish?
Mo S
Mo S 10 bulan yang lalu
@Antisocial Freak Theres always been migration in europe since 2000 years nobody is gonna be 100% anything. Hernandez grandpa might be spanish but maybe before that his family moved to spain from somewhere else who cares, if you go back too far it becomes ridiculous. And griezmanns dads name is alain, doesnt sound very german to me, he might have some german ancestors way back down the line. If you got french family and born grew up/feel french then its not like you're an immigrant. My last name isnt german either but everbody on my family tree lives in germany since forever. And corentin tolisso is definitely more french then paul pogba etc.. But the original comment was what would france be without african players so he doesnt count cause hes half togoan.
Antisocial Freak
Antisocial Freak 10 bulan yang lalu
@Mo S Nope. Griezmann is of portuguese and german descent while Hernandez on the other is spanish and don't give me that ''their parents were born in France etc'' nonsense because you could make the same case with the african players too. Also what about Tolisso, doesn't he count considering he's half french with a ''french family side''?
jairus sequeira
jairus sequeira Tahun Yang lalu
Masuaku played for DR Congo
adamu gadu
adamu gadu Tahun Yang lalu
Dele Alli, David Alaba, Ademola Lukman, Berkeley, Tammy Abraham.....
adamu gadu
adamu gadu Tahun Yang lalu
Please do Nigerian XI if all were declared for them
joslyn Katuala ghifem
joslyn Katuala ghifem Tahun Yang lalu
Where is Matuidi ? He’s half Congolese half Angolan Matuidi speaks Lingala Congolese language better ....he knows almost nothing about Angola
Benjamin Mellin
Benjamin Mellin Tahun Yang lalu
U could do former Yugoslavia team
Mystic Shadow
Mystic Shadow Tahun Yang lalu
Do Algeria next
Alexander Zaka
Alexander Zaka Tahun Yang lalu
Do Albania next
Ialoveslr Tahun Yang lalu
Can you do a USA team?
Tantrum 2k
Tantrum 2k Tahun Yang lalu
Do Algeria. Eg mbappe, benzema etc
Ndonue Takwi
Ndonue Takwi Tahun Yang lalu
Tantrum 2k mbappe Cameroon 🇨🇲 not algt
Fon Goddy
Fon Goddy Tahun Yang lalu
Can you please do that of Cameroon?
A Jango
A Jango Tahun Yang lalu
Nigeria Pls
MrRemo1313 Tahun Yang lalu
Steve Mandanda is the player who has the most appearances in the history of the Olympique de Marseille with about 520 caps and he is still in the club, huge respects to Il Fenomeno we love you !
Lauge Meldgaard Johannesen
Lauge Meldgaard Johannesen Tahun Yang lalu
11:47 if you want to see the lineup
Kamal Saliu
Kamal Saliu Tahun Yang lalu
Every player that has played for France this century that could have played for an African country
Taylor Simoes
Taylor Simoes Tahun Yang lalu
Guinea Bissau
Nathaniel Tahun Yang lalu
Could you do Ghana XI
Charlemagne Peralte
Charlemagne Peralte Tahun Yang lalu
Haiti eligible XI!!
Amine Mokhtari
Amine Mokhtari Tahun Yang lalu
Please do one for Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Jonathan Sieff
Jonathan Sieff Tahun Yang lalu
XI English players who play outside of the Premier League
jerome abekya
jerome abekya Tahun Yang lalu
We would win the afcon every year
Scientificwas Soccer
Scientificwas Soccer Tahun Yang lalu
Morocco next plz like if agree
ELG Gaming YT
ELG Gaming YT Tahun Yang lalu
Wow I'm from dr Congo and to be honest with u if we had this team we would have qualified for every World Cup and at least make to the semi finals of the Africa cup every time.
Top 10z
Top 10z Tahun Yang lalu
So Congo won the 2018 world cup ??!!!! 😂😂😂
Stinky edit
Stinky edit 5 bulan yang lalu
@Top 10z I am usually against this stuff, but you are right. Wtf french man why are you so angry at him. He was joking . "Shut up it is my country" and he just made fun of the situation. But when the strangers call Romanian beggers and scammers, I don't say shut up, it is what it is , is their opinion. This is one of the things I don't like at France ( some of their people). If there is a french person please prove me wrong, but from my experience the french people are antipathic.
Top 10z
Top 10z 5 bulan yang lalu
@GOD ZILLA well fuck u and fuck ur country that has no men to play in national teams so they take from Africa.
Nathan Batapay
Nathan Batapay 5 bulan yang lalu
You got that right 💯
Jonathan Dino
Jonathan Dino 6 bulan yang lalu
@wakandaforever Nzonzi is mixed... 🙄
GOD ZILLA 6 bulan yang lalu
stop it thats my country u asshole
Top 10z
Top 10z Tahun Yang lalu
Do Morocco XI
super lula
super lula Tahun Yang lalu
Milli Crew
Milli Crew Tahun Yang lalu
Do Nigeria
thirtsa. Tahun Yang lalu
theblackmak Tahun Yang lalu
Plz do Cameroon 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩
Marc Bakouma
Marc Bakouma Tahun Yang lalu
Big up Congo cause I'm Congolese
alhaji drammeh
alhaji drammeh Tahun Yang lalu
do senegal next
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