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In this video we’re checking out The Nest: a beautiful minimalist tiny house that’s 23 feet long and 10 feet wide. At 230 square feet, it was designed for 1 or 2 people to live in, and what’s really unique about it is that it can easily be attached and detached from a trailer which offers several advantages over a traditional tiny house on wheels: it means you don't have to build around wheel wells, it saves money because the foundation system is a third of the cost of a trailer, and it makes the tiny house more durable because the trailer is the part that could rust or need replacing before the other building materials do.
One of the goals with this tiny house was to make it feel open and spacious, so there is no loft or bedroom in this house, instead they have a large couch that doubles as a bed, and can be extended into a Queen-size bed if two people live here. The couch has storage for the bedding inside it, so the bed can be quickly made up and put away each day.
It has a surprising amount of storage with the full sized closet and lots of kitchen cabinets and drawers. It also has a flex space that could be a desk or a dining table, and a very spacious bathroom at the back.
The home is heated with an in-floor heating system, and it has a ceiling fan and plenty of windows to circulate air. There is also room to add a ductless mini split for A/C if someone wanted to add that in.
You can follow and find out more about True North Tiny Homes here:
And here is another beautiful True North Tiny Homes model that we filmed in 2019:
The Nest was designed as a prototype for a non-profit called Creating Roots, that aims to provide housing for foster youth who are aging out of the system. You can find out more about this important initiative here:
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With additional footage of the trailer setup filmed by Elise from True North Tiny Homes

Exploring Alternatives
Exploring Alternatives 2 bulan yang lalu
You can follow and find out more about True North Tiny Homes here: And here is another beautiful True North Tiny Homes model that we filmed in 2019: Creating Roots aims to provide housing for foster youth who are aging out of the system. You can find out more about this important initiative here:
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H. Dani Amuntai
H. Dani Amuntai 27 hari yang lalu
Dream house
Camila Victoria Esperanza Pomo Cruz
Camila Victoria Esperanza Pomo Cruz Bulan Yang lalu
Kanchan singh
Kanchan singh Bulan Yang lalu
Can I upload your videos in my channel
Endre Boday
Endre Boday 2 bulan yang lalu
Exploring Alternatives .
Francisco Hari Yang lalu
it's nonsense the amount of space that the kitchen is taking while you can't even fit two standing persons
Wahtomas Outdoors
Wahtomas Outdoors 2 hari yang lalu
My goal to buy 1 acer of land an place a tiny home.
Tim Music
Tim Music 5 hari yang lalu
Eugenia Skelley
Eugenia Skelley 6 hari yang lalu
To bad they could not of put the kitchen where desk is, so the tv could then be directly across from the couch.
alizanster 6 hari yang lalu
I love the floor heating! I live in South Korea now, and floor heating is actually the norm (it's called "ondol"). It's great...warms the entire living space evenly. I wish it were standard in the West!
Sonny Nguyen
Sonny Nguyen 6 hari yang lalu
Tiny houses are lame. RV trailer living made to look like a house. Please stop calling it a house, you don't own the land, so your pretty much a nomadic gypsy in a fancy trailer.
Dianne Park
Dianne Park 7 hari yang lalu
I hope it doesn't cost anywhere from $250k to $450k.
Dianne Park
Dianne Park 7 hari yang lalu
I looked on their costs less than $100k. With $20k and a piece of land I can build something better than that and it wouldn't cost me "less than $100k. What a joke!!!
Lewis Gary
Lewis Gary 10 hari yang lalu
Excellent design
JahSun 10 hari yang lalu
B C 10 hari yang lalu
7:05 Propane is nice, but if you're going for all electric, an in-line UV filter would do the trick.
Whitney Kimball
Whitney Kimball 11 hari yang lalu
Ingenious jacking system. Would love to learn more about the structural engineering of the floor framing for the house. Can't wait to see people riff on this idea. It's a game changer! Thank you
Kstep K
Kstep K 12 hari yang lalu
I want!
daythinker1217 daythinker
daythinker1217 daythinker 15 hari yang lalu
What are the dimensions of the picture window?
I'm Jovelyn Dela Cruz
I'm Jovelyn Dela Cruz 16 hari yang lalu
Its Really Ok This House For Me I Want This
Mason K
Mason K 17 hari yang lalu
If they start with sterile, deionized water in the floor heating circuit, how would bacteria start to grow? Even if a thermophile got in, there's nothing for them to proliferate on if it's a closed circuit?
Karen Puentes
Karen Puentes 18 hari yang lalu
Excelente calidad 👌👍🆗 muy bello lo que has hecho 😻😉😍
AJAY 19 hari yang lalu
Everything you need to live
Phantom Wind
Phantom Wind 21 hari yang lalu
Ah, retrograde people, always using that imperial system.
Ella Hosokawa
Ella Hosokawa 22 hari yang lalu
nice 😍❤️👍
April Mehallic
April Mehallic 23 hari yang lalu
I would like to see a separate bedroom.
Mary Nichols
Mary Nichols 24 hari yang lalu
I absolutely love this place!
Lynn Sally
Lynn Sally 26 hari yang lalu
I’ve spent many hours watching Tiny Home tours, and this by far is the best one I’ve seen. Good size kitchen, love the bed/living room, bathroom is a great size, love the closet space and washer/dryer combo placement, the windows, and that tv. Only thing, I’d put an AC in there, but other than that, this tiny home is perfect. Also, that floor heating? Truly makes it better.
MauiGirl 888
MauiGirl 888 26 hari yang lalu
Andrea Wisner
Andrea Wisner 26 hari yang lalu
Interesting that it sits on 6 helical piers.
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson 26 hari yang lalu
It’s the best I have seen
MonkeySpecs301 26 hari yang lalu
most things in that home produced in china, hahahaha, bow down to me!!
La Vern Ann Mowatt
La Vern Ann Mowatt 27 hari yang lalu
kapi manen
kapi manen 27 hari yang lalu
Love it😊
jean405 27 hari yang lalu
Lovely house🌸😎
Nick !!
Nick !! 28 hari yang lalu
I feel like with some nipping and tucking with the size of the kitchen, closet, bathroom, and desk areas, you could have dedicated living/bedroom spaces.
wow newstome
wow newstome 28 hari yang lalu
Overall, I love it. I also recommend a few practical changes: 1) Raise the frig up onto a custom cabinet/drawer to prevent stooping over to retrieve items. 2) A home should always have a second exit door.......... .....and the bathroom is a great location for this. Helpful if you come home with muddy boots or a muddy pet dog that you need to shower off right away. ....and a second exit/entrance is great in case something prevents you from using the front door, like a swarm of bugs or the wind pounding rain into the other door (happened to me). 3) Since floor heating takes a long time to heat a space and people sometimes need to warm up quickly after getting wet in the rain or chilled to the bone, the bathroom could be used by warming it up quickly with a portable heater. So I recommend: Find a way for the bathroom door to seal well when closed, and add a shelf in the bathroom for a small portable heater and a way to secure the heater in place (so it can't accidentally fall into the sink, for instance).
noellana 29 hari yang lalu
SOLANGE SOUZA 29 hari yang lalu
This is absolutely beautiful ! I love the concept of the house , very well thought ! 😊💗
Kimberley Solari
Kimberley Solari 29 hari yang lalu
It’s beautiful 💝
Oyekunbi Adams
Oyekunbi Adams 29 hari yang lalu
I think that door placement steals a lot of space. Putting the desk or the kitchen where that large window is and putting the door somewhere on the side between the bathroom and the awning window would have saved so much space and expanded that area for use where the door is. An awning window near the ceiling where that door is would have solved the cross ventilation problem.
Kamie Rödlbach
Kamie Rödlbach Bulan Yang lalu
great cause, great idea for the foster youth. cute tiny home too and so technical, I learnt something new regarding to the bacteria thing 👍
Deb Wilson
Deb Wilson Bulan Yang lalu
I loved this tiny home.
Finn G. Hermansen
Finn G. Hermansen Bulan Yang lalu
It looks great. What is the price for this? Best regards - Finn from Denmark
Sherry Lewis
Sherry Lewis Bulan Yang lalu
The True North website seems to have some problems. At least 2 of the videos don't work. It doesn't list where they are located. The copyright date is 2 years ago. I assume they are still in business since this is a more recent video. I LOVE their trailer and would like that in the states. I wonder if that's possible.
Ricardo Anderson
Ricardo Anderson Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful house.
Keisha Clark
Keisha Clark Bulan Yang lalu
Why does he sound like such a snob?
Velma Miller
Velma Miller Bulan Yang lalu
As a older person with disabilities a Murphy bed would be fab . Plus you don't have to bend over and be worn out making the bed daily. Plus the new Murphy's have shelfs and other handy attachments that foldover without having to be removed. Plus better quality mattress etc. Plus im sure that there are fosters with disabilities. And i know my murphy bed felt like a nest. Thanks for all you do for foster.
Prince of Gems
Prince of Gems Bulan Yang lalu
The house is not spacious...theres a lot of option to do! I prefer RV!
Ann-Marie Jensen
Ann-Marie Jensen Bulan Yang lalu
So nice to have the bathroom away from the kitchen!
Rafaela Mora
Rafaela Mora Bulan Yang lalu
I was adopted. But I know many children who age out of the foster care system. Don't know where to go. This is really sweet.
Thanksgiving turkey
Thanksgiving turkey Bulan Yang lalu
This is a well designed tiny house structurally and decorative wise.
Victor Y Lee
Victor Y Lee Bulan Yang lalu
Nice place , the only thing i dont like is the bed, it would be nice to have a bedroom of some sort
Nancy mertens
Nancy mertens Bulan Yang lalu
This 18 yr old will have a ‘frig & stove💞
MpC Design
MpC Design Bulan Yang lalu
wow this is it, I want also to design like this soon
Kelly Benedetti
Kelly Benedetti Bulan Yang lalu
That closet is amazing!! Love the style and colors - and the purpose.
Ioana Haitchi
Ioana Haitchi Bulan Yang lalu
This is a modular home. Nice!
Sunny Zacatecas Mexico
Sunny Zacatecas Mexico Bulan Yang lalu
How much ?
Edward Church
Edward Church Bulan Yang lalu
I love it ...except I;d change the roof pitch and put in a loft for sleeping.
cash I
cash I Bulan Yang lalu
This is genius also beautiful caring design
Kris Beckwith
Kris Beckwith Bulan Yang lalu
Very cool... New subscriber...👍👏🤓👋
annette fournier
annette fournier Bulan Yang lalu
What is the cost of this build? And how much would you sell them for?
Karen R
Karen R Bulan Yang lalu
Love this!
Kathy C
Kathy C Bulan Yang lalu
OMG! Love this house!
SirWegro Bulan Yang lalu
Nice one!
Carla Pogson
Carla Pogson Bulan Yang lalu
A Murphy bed would be more comfortable
logic reason
logic reason Bulan Yang lalu
Not a loft type this is garbage
derek brooks
derek brooks Bulan Yang lalu
would like to see a cost breakdown to build this tiny house
Bill Edwards
Bill Edwards Bulan Yang lalu
A tiny house with a proper couch! It can be done.
Mia Miller
Mia Miller Bulan Yang lalu
I could totally live in here it's so cozy and nice.
Annette Hubbard
Annette Hubbard Bulan Yang lalu
Great Job!
PugZ Designs
PugZ Designs Bulan Yang lalu
Illegal to live in a vehicle in Ontario, all the freaking regulations...etc...etc sounds like Canada SUCKS
Sammies mom Sammie
Sammies mom Sammie Bulan Yang lalu
Love the simplistic design
jean tucker
jean tucker Bulan Yang lalu
Just no
Jennifer Oviawe
Jennifer Oviawe Bulan Yang lalu
I love the mint green
Bibi Khan
Bibi Khan Bulan Yang lalu
Very very awesome
DebraFlower Floral Design
DebraFlower Floral Design Bulan Yang lalu
diego lopez
diego lopez Bulan Yang lalu
Relibeth Calvan
Relibeth Calvan Bulan Yang lalu
I just wanted to give a suggestion. Dont make a door through and through
Kimberly Jeanne
Kimberly Jeanne Bulan Yang lalu
Very detail oriented builders and the cause for foster children is amazing! If I were Canadian I’d definitely look these guys up
Life with Artist King.
Life with Artist King. Bulan Yang lalu
love this design.
Jace P
Jace P Bulan Yang lalu
Hello, where do you purchase the D ring and trailer jack female insert bracket that installs onto the side of your trailers? Thank you!
Tily Chao
Tily Chao Bulan Yang lalu
Very good tiny home. Great presentation.
Jacqueline Murdoch
Jacqueline Murdoch Bulan Yang lalu
So tiny homes on wheels are not allowable in Ontario to live in? Thank you for answering that. I would love to have a tiny house on wheels with TO as my home base but never saw any in the city. Do you know if there are any legislations that are being proposed to change that?
Duker Nuker
Duker Nuker Bulan Yang lalu
No space for family, living in doghouse, this is the fate what elites had given to simple people
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb Bulan Yang lalu
John Doe
John Doe Bulan Yang lalu
Tiny but it has everything
Hyz Zzz
Hyz Zzz Bulan Yang lalu
To bad you need propane to heat the place / water. In The Netherlands full electric (tiny)houses are nowadays the standard. You really don't need gas anymore.
Norman Ross
Norman Ross Bulan Yang lalu
Love It, Much Love!
Julie Treagus
Julie Treagus Bulan Yang lalu
This is very nice. Roomy and much better with out wheels. Cosy and comfy
Khloe Hemsworth
Khloe Hemsworth Bulan Yang lalu
Love this floor plan! I've seen many of these type of tiny homes! ... this has potential! .. in so many different things I'd do to it!! ... i love that it's not on wheels!! .. it's exactly what i would need!! ... i would like this for my backyard as a guest house!! ....
Ann R
Ann R Bulan Yang lalu
I love this place, it looks very well put together.
geertjan kersseis
geertjan kersseis Bulan Yang lalu
Remotely Rashad
Remotely Rashad Bulan Yang lalu
J D Bulan Yang lalu
How much? Don't tell me it costs more than 50k USD.
Annelies Joss
Annelies Joss Bulan Yang lalu
That system to move the house is very cool. I never before thought about the trailer not lasting as long as the house. Makes so much sense.
sherry a
sherry a 2 bulan yang lalu
Looks Nice, but quite a bit of Wasted Space
vontell pierre
vontell pierre 2 bulan yang lalu
This is a great layout not just as a tiny home but even a larger home as well
KJ HOMES 2 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful home need contact link
Denise Carter
Denise Carter 2 bulan yang lalu
I love it and since I make my bed everyday the couch wouldn’t bother me. Much better than a loft.
lisabolo26 2 bulan yang lalu
This is by far the best tiny house I've seen! I love that it does not have a loft. The only question I have is about security. What kind of security system can be added to this?
If I Had It My Way
If I Had It My Way 2 bulan yang lalu
Excellent video!!!!!
Akiko Xavier
Akiko Xavier 2 bulan yang lalu
Indont like the tiny house if the owner is men because its look borring
143summer28 2 bulan yang lalu
She's a beauty 😍💚
Samuel Talisic
Samuel Talisic 2 bulan yang lalu
Could I know how much the estimatedcost
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