Celebs SPEAK OUT On How They Were Treated By Ellen

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This Happened

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Celebs SPEAK OUT On How They Were Treated By Ellen
Is Ellen DeGeneres canceled? It sure looks like it! Rumour has it the daytime TV host is about to walk away from her own show!
And it’s all because people have finally caught up to the fact that Ellen isn’t as nice as she wants us to think.
Even celebrities have tried to warn us about Ellen in the past! Stay with me to find out which celebs have been treated poorly by the Queen of Nice.

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Mert 03
Mert 03 Jam Yang lalu
Ellen is Nelle = illuminati!
Richard Cabanas
Richard Cabanas Jam Yang lalu
Not gonna lie I don't like Wendy either lol
• you nice keep going •
• you nice keep going • Jam Yang lalu
im going to include SuperM or most importantly Lee Mark, a member of the group. on an interview after their debut, Ellen asked the group if they are single. now if u don't know much about kpop u might think that it was just a question and she probably did not mean to hurt anyone but she is an interviewer and she has interviewed other kpop groups before so it would be logical to know that dating is considered a scandal for most, if not all, kpop companies! after the fans cheered her DOWN and the members looked uncomfortable, our king Mark asked her the question EVERYONE wants to ask, and i quote "Wait, why are you always curious about this, though?". and her reply was "It's-- It's my job It's my-- I want them to be happy. And also, you never know for the future". what?? what was she even thinking? is her job asking kpop idols whether theyre dating or no? who does she want to make happy? the delusional fans? and what does "you never know, for the future" mean?? i think she needs to start asking them real questions like maybe about their music, cause at the end of the day they are artists who make music and not some handsome boys. link: idshow.info/watch/OdK54FO3BlI/video.html (skip to 3:47)
Judy •
Judy • 3 jam yang lalu
Ellen's the type of person to have an Instagram bio saying "always spread love and positivity! 💕❣️💘❤️" But comments on a post saying "your so ugly, my eyes are disgusted" 🤦
DirectingFilming 3 jam yang lalu
This all sounds like bullshit and hate just to get attn - what's that called trolling right. I honestly don't see anything mean about any of these suggestive mentionings. Stop flipping normal shit and making it seem like its mean. Society is sick how easy it is to use suggestive psychology on them.
Noemie Fukasawa
Noemie Fukasawa 5 jam yang lalu
Dakota rocks ❤️🔥
Dominus Vobiscum
Dominus Vobiscum 5 jam yang lalu
Hasan Minhaj is a very angry person who thinks he’s funny.
Lisa Petersen
Lisa Petersen 6 jam yang lalu
This video is lame!..The person speaking throughout the whole video is trying to convince everyone what she wants them to think & believe. I want to hear all the things Ellen is being accused of saying come out of HER OWN MOUTH, with MY ears, NOT the narrators! The comments below show how the majority of people are so quick to throw someone under the bus. Makes me sick. I watched the whole video, I didn't hear Ellen being rude to her celeb guests, and I didn't hear them saying anything negative back.
frank huang
frank huang 6 jam yang lalu
shes that kinda ppl who gains attention by exposing ppl's secrets (mostly relationships), and all those similar stuff, see how many times she brought this kinda shit up to embarrass her guest to make everybody go oh oh oh brainlessly-surprised.
bhavyaa 6 jam yang lalu
It's Priyanka not Piryanka
Kimberly Isabella
Kimberly Isabella 7 jam yang lalu
Everything this narrator is saying, makes no sense to what’s actually happening. . .
BCoriginal1 7 jam yang lalu
To be honest, taking down toxic people is one of the things I wholeheartedly agree with in regards to Cancel Culture. Especially when said toxic individual is cold and two faced.
Farhan khan
Farhan khan 9 jam yang lalu
Ellen is negative energy.
Awsome gamers
Awsome gamers 10 jam yang lalu
Lmao I’ve been watching Ellen for years and I know she sometimes makes jokes but I’m not gonna lie if you grilled every comedian for their jokes there would be none left, just gonna say she has done a lot of good yet people are willing to over look that :/
pallavi gaikwad
pallavi gaikwad 10 jam yang lalu
She is really nasty watching all these evidences
themiddleones 10 jam yang lalu
There's more to the story in a lot of these and you gotta recognize that she has recognized her legitimate mistakes There are 2 celebrities being canceled this year i just can't get behind- ellen and chris pratt
Kristen Hoy
Kristen Hoy 11 jam yang lalu
I love & stand behind Ellen! CA is known for being cut throat & fake, tons of gossip & lies from bloodthirsty horrible people/media/news. Ellen is not fake. Shes an amazing person!
Misty Hinegardner
Misty Hinegardner 11 jam yang lalu
If she offends you don't go back, simple solution just saying
Noodles 555
Noodles 555 11 jam yang lalu
No no no, caitlyn jenner was actually a total ass on that, i dislike ellen now, but jenner said some really ass backwards things on that episode.
Lambert Mostert
Lambert Mostert 12 jam yang lalu
Thats just her sense of humor. If you don’t understand the type of humor force yourself to watch 2 seasons of the office US.
DrBananaCream 12 jam yang lalu
Imagine BLACKPINK in Ellen Show 😳
KarMerk 13 jam yang lalu
Sarah Cooper should have her own show soon , she is my favorite comedian 👌🏻❤️
every thing I touch turns into money Moreira
every thing I touch turns into money Moreira 13 jam yang lalu
Who the hell does she think she is I would never which her show and I always told my husband that their was something about her I did not like I was right she is not a nice person god gave her a gift while is she so mean she is mean to people in her level I could imagine how she treats the people who works in her house like the maids And the grounds keepers and the chauffeurs wow she needs God in her life
Ariana Guido
Ariana Guido 14 jam yang lalu
Imagine if she had gordan ramsey on the show BAHHAHAHAH she could try to dis him but then she's got another thing coming
Tamara Tsintsadze
Tamara Tsintsadze 14 jam yang lalu
The craftt
Forty Four
Forty Four 14 jam yang lalu
I know a few lesbians. Seems like they are always on the defensive trying to prove something. Im not sure what it is. Almost like they carry alot of anger around. Im sure all arent this way. Just an observation. Im sure I cross paths with lesbians all the time and I have no clue whatsoever. Those must be the ones comfortable with themselves.
Wolf of Fire
Wolf of Fire 15 jam yang lalu
Idk man She just wanted to make people laugh but I think she went too far
Stephanie Valtierra
Stephanie Valtierra 15 jam yang lalu
Bro the celebs didn’t expose her it was Kavos bruh
Drii Babies
Drii Babies 16 jam yang lalu
Ellen is playful like let her be. She is a regular person just like everybody else🙄y’all just making it seem like she just a devil, y’all don’t tell nothing abt what good she does🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Yvonne Miller
Yvonne Miller 18 jam yang lalu
Cancel that show she thinks she's above everybody talking about Ellen DeGeneres
Astac Artz
Astac Artz 18 jam yang lalu
Prianka is a QUEENNNNB
mia riley
mia riley 19 jam yang lalu
The narrator: Your memory cant be that short ellen... Welp ellen also played dory so... Jk Jk Jk Jk I kinda agree tho (with the people)
Mr. Blob
Mr. Blob 19 jam yang lalu
1:43 dory has short term memory loss though
Aghori 20 jam yang lalu
Lol now only you sherlocks came to know she has a dark side .?? Haha it was so easy to understand her negative vibes. It’s been ages I knew about it and am not even from US.
utopian 20 jam yang lalu
Never liked her anyways....
123InDaPlaceToBe 20 jam yang lalu
You should give the credit to the producers who created your background music in your bio!
meron SHIFERAW 21 jam yang lalu
I just wanna say why do you hate her this much, that you have to twist every thing.
Lindsay Griffin
Lindsay Griffin 21 jam yang lalu
considering all the evidence pointing against ellen I think its high time her show is canceled I wish people were more honest and real with each other
Quincy Costello
Quincy Costello 21 jam yang lalu
This all may be true, but I'm not fully convinced because you only talked about the times she was mean. you never mentioned any of the good things she did, and if you did, this wouldn't be so biassed.
lordmjh 21 jam yang lalu
I can't wait till we cancel Donald Trump from the White House.
ria banerjee
ria banerjee 21 jam yang lalu
Common now all of these are celebs .... they have their ever changing relationships with one another.... they would hate her yet go multiple times to her show and vice versa....... So us as paying to get entertained to all these guys who they are today,, let's just stick to our motif...... Get entertained, be merry !!
:Chrissy G
:Chrissy G 22 jam yang lalu
Very interesting 🧐
Vanam Hema Preethi
Vanam Hema Preethi 22 jam yang lalu
dude she is not rude dude!she is trying to interact and Crack jokesthat's all and that was the comedy show obviously
Andressa Caroline
Andressa Caroline 23 jam yang lalu
Mariah Carey was going through a dangerous pregnancy wich she didn't want to talk about, exactly because was a dangerous pregnancy and Ellen tried to force her admiting it on the show... SHE EVEN OFFERED ALCOHOL to force Mariah to talk about it... How can a human bein act like this? She makes me sick with the disrespect she has for people.
Mochi_ Lachibolala
Mochi_ Lachibolala 23 jam yang lalu
Ellen:Are you guys Single? Kpop Idols:Why are you so curious about it?............................ ....😎😎😎😎😎 Me:*Jung shook😲😲😲DAEBAK!!😂
Anna Lynn
Anna Lynn 23 jam yang lalu
How can Ellen make fun of Celine Dion's son for having long hair when Ellen herself has *less* hair on her head than my 68-year-old grandfather 🙄 talk about double standards.
OFR 23 jam yang lalu
I worked on her show behind the scenes, as a technician, and she was SUPER nice to people, even the no-name people working like me.
🦋Faye🦋 23 jam yang lalu
That uhh nvm
Ana Contreras
Ana Contreras 23 jam yang lalu
Sorry but cancel
Petty White
Petty White Hari Yang lalu
This is clearly edited to go along with the whole anti Ellen thing. Total bs
mayra atmowirono
mayra atmowirono Hari Yang lalu
i really don't like ellan
Alexa Joy
Alexa Joy Hari Yang lalu
I don’t know why y’all are being so rude to Ellen. I get it, not every thing Ellen does is the best. But she is human she makes mistakes. I bet you can make a video like this for every single celebrity out there.
Sabrina Al Atrach Khazal
Sabrina Al Atrach Khazal Hari Yang lalu
Monika Birkeovaa
Monika Birkeovaa Hari Yang lalu
Its the show. All need to be said
the bean
the bean Hari Yang lalu
cancel ellen
Sanket Sutradhar
Sanket Sutradhar Hari Yang lalu
Justin Bieber ??? Ellen gifted the guy a car on his birthday
Yemira Mamdoo
Yemira Mamdoo Hari Yang lalu
1dewbs Hari Yang lalu
I would liked to have seen her interview billy Connelly or Micky Flanagan and see how far she got before one of them told her to f... off .now that would have been very embarrassing For her
Roling Roling
Roling Roling Hari Yang lalu
I don't even know why people liking elenn at the first place, imo her entertaining ability is average and her eyes movement are just false
S15 Hari Yang lalu
She said yes like it’s her last name 🤦🏻‍♀️
EmyyWolf Hari Yang lalu
Ellen alone looks like a Psycho
Vaishali Pauskar
Vaishali Pauskar Hari Yang lalu
I never watched this show anyways because shez not funny at all and it's all fake to smile and laugh at her show yikessssss .
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson Hari Yang lalu
All these haters, lol.
Christy Wilson
Christy Wilson Hari Yang lalu
Ignorance and fake
Amelia Chua
Amelia Chua Hari Yang lalu
I used to watch her with so much awe and I loved her so much. but I’m grown up a little more and now I have realized who she really is.
Belle Bella
Belle Bella Hari Yang lalu
Ohhh donttt Ffff with Wendy 😂😂😂 🔥
Anthony Woodhouse
Anthony Woodhouse Hari Yang lalu
I’m sorry but you piss off Mark Ruffalo, you piss off everyone “THEY KNEW!”
Saffan Al Mostafa
Saffan Al Mostafa Hari Yang lalu
im the bad guy😢 ugh😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 modified version of bad guy
Sabrina Petit
Sabrina Petit Hari Yang lalu
She uses humor, but she is canceled
Nona Williams
Nona Williams Hari Yang lalu
Cancel her
SST' Foxworth
SST' Foxworth Hari Yang lalu
2020 is the year of exposed pedophiles, corrupt politicians, corrupt police, child sex abuse in Holly Wood, secret societies, high-level satanic worship, globalists agendas, and now Hunter Biden's laptop along with morally wrong Twitter, F/B censorship, Ellen' is gone the way of the Doh-Doh bird.
Camila Calvo
Camila Calvo Hari Yang lalu
James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert well anyone could be so much better than u honey ✨
Manoj Vamsee
Manoj Vamsee Hari Yang lalu
I appreciate your efforts for finding all videos that you think would make people hate Ellen. The way you criticise her is over exaggerating and only proves that even after all that research you had to go through, you still couldn't make people hate Ellen. But, Why spread hate against a person like her in the first place?
Mi Life
Mi Life Hari Yang lalu
Ellen De-Generate?
Aria V
Aria V Hari Yang lalu
Ellen is only respectful to Oprah
Angela Szul
Angela Szul Hari Yang lalu
She wants to bring out the celebrities secrets on her show to get more viewers. Isn’t that what most talk show hosts kind of do?
weebnation :p
weebnation :p Hari Yang lalu
The fact that I used to watch her alot and tbh i thought her humor was funny but after a while i realized how offensive and rude her “jokes” were
Lindsay W
Lindsay W Hari Yang lalu
I think its funny, this celebrity was clapping back, that celebrity was offended,.....and then..... "The next time they came on the show" .....hahahahaha Cause what all these celebrities "NEED" The Ellen Show. and the example of celebrities that ACTUALLY speak up not just this video twisting things... are people that could be besties with this commentator/voice over. They are just as dramatic!!
SpaceMonkey Boi
SpaceMonkey Boi Hari Yang lalu
Ellen degenerate
Lindsay W
Lindsay W Hari Yang lalu
This is stupid. People cannot relax and take a joke anymore. When she was saying Hasan Minhaj incorrect, to me a set up to start a conversation on something that happens to him a lot, about how to properly pronounce his name. It looks intentional as a joke... the Justin Bieber part., if he was that uncomfortable with Ellen then why does he come on her show constantly do side bits with her and other jokes and pranks with her??? He doesn't need her for his fame? What would be the benefit of him continuing to come on, do pranks on the audience, and I am pretty sure they do things outside of the show as well. This whole video is creating drama where there is none and taking things out of context. I think it is ridiculous....how much she gives back to people, her audience, and others in general I think people should be ashamed. The fact that the things listed in this video are taken seriously is literally scary. It is clearly taking things out of context and purposeful editing. Then to go to the comments and see one, people actually believing it and two the ridiculous things that people say based on what they hear? I'm sorry were you there? Have you been a guest on her show? Some of these comments sound like 12 year old kids that have probably seen one show maybe, but more likely only what they "hear" and videos like this that twist things. We as a whole really need to stop taking hearsay and gossip and fact, cause then when you speak on things based on hearsay and gossip, you look stupid.
Fatima Zahra NCTzen
Fatima Zahra NCTzen Hari Yang lalu
I've always loved Mark Rufallo as an actor now knowing that he hates G.W. Bush i love him more...RESPECT
Kimi Minamoto
Kimi Minamoto Hari Yang lalu
I think Taylor Swift’s and Dakota’s is the best burn shown here.
Zazizuzezo Hari Yang lalu
Thank god.
Josephine Thomas
Josephine Thomas Hari Yang lalu
She should be cancelled
Jamal kriptic klique
Jamal kriptic klique Hari Yang lalu
Am so disappointed🥺
Prahlad Reddy
Prahlad Reddy Hari Yang lalu
She has a face of pure evil
Is Lem
Is Lem Hari Yang lalu
How I hate this woman right now 🤬
Neo Echo
Neo Echo Hari Yang lalu
good work try this idshow.info/watch/nloze94ELnc/video.html
HanukaJo Hari Yang lalu
I hate your thumbnails they're dumb and annoying afffff
Ana Rodrigues
Ana Rodrigues Hari Yang lalu
🤣🤣🤣 have you checked with all celebrities everything you are saying they possibly did or have against Ellen? Or are you just taking bits of the show and using it as you wish? Get over it for goodness sake! Gosh, so petty!
Cup Cake
Cup Cake Hari Yang lalu
Ur just jealous 😂 ellen is the best
Vic Otazo
Vic Otazo Hari Yang lalu
ah now I believe she's a comedian. they all push buttons.
Madi Desir
Madi Desir Hari Yang lalu
maybe it is true because people have told me to keep quiet about ellen and her nastiness
Shawn's Muffins
Shawn's Muffins Hari Yang lalu
That doesn't change my love to her sorry 🙂
John Hallum
John Hallum Hari Yang lalu
Ok so I don't get it you guys Get mad when she "fakes" it but you also get mad when she doesn't? Like whats going on here.🤔🤨🤷🏼‍♀️
Mirko Bozic
Mirko Bozic Hari Yang lalu
She's the queen of Hollywood hypocrisy. Speaking as a gay person myself, I'm ashamed to see people like her lauded as torchbearers of the community. She needs to be cancelled and banned from the media. Period.
Brody Hedges
Brody Hedges Hari Yang lalu
Me:jeez you people just hate Ellen she is a great person!!??!!
Jessica Espinoza
Jessica Espinoza Hari Yang lalu
Ellen just has deep sick twisted personal issues that she enjoys inflicting cruelty onto others to make herself feel better...I've been noticing this for many years now just by watching her on TV. Its all finally coming out about her and her crash is gonna be her KARMA for treating people so shitty 💯💯💯💯
Trevor Muthwa
Trevor Muthwa Hari Yang lalu
She’s good at faking good
Minding Mely
Minding Mely Hari Yang lalu
Everyone just liked Ellen cuz she was Dori
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