Custom Lamborghini vs. Tesla Race!! 🚘🚗 - Winner Keeps Car | ZHC

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Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car
Thanks to Michelle and Rug for Participating!
@ FaZeRug
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ZHC 11 hari yang lalu
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Ayan agayaev
Ayan agayaev 11 hari yang lalu
Bor hi
Iván Cruz
Iván Cruz 11 hari yang lalu
@UCwa-i5_JYXotWdTx9WxGRZQ me
Jerome jaison
Jerome jaison 11 hari yang lalu
Love u ZHC
omar Al mais
omar Al mais 11 hari yang lalu
Kanmani Muthu
Kanmani Muthu 11 hari yang lalu
@rxgerr you are a genitic doctor I guess
coco melon2
coco melon2 22 menit yang lalu
Please i want i phone please 😂😂
Suman Nagpal
Suman Nagpal 32 menit yang lalu
ZHC is becoming new MrBeast
Zealous soda18
Zealous soda18 37 menit yang lalu
Make more give more giveaway vids cause I want on thanks
Agatha Mari Galvez
Agatha Mari Galvez 41 menit yang lalu
I thought Michelle was sweet and don’t say BAD WORDS... but I was wrong I unsubscribe
MONSTER X 42 menit yang lalu
E K 50 menit yang lalu
Omg he reminds me of mr beast in the beginning like the way he talks lol
Kevin Kris
Kevin Kris Jam Yang lalu
Great video and I hope you make more
InjusticeGods_YT Jam Yang lalu
Being mr beast is now Officially a carrier job
Caleb Maharaj
Caleb Maharaj Jam Yang lalu
I did not like now she win
FMR FOOTBALL Jam Yang lalu
മലയാളി അടി, like
Brady Bursa
Brady Bursa Jam Yang lalu
I love your vids and I wish I could have a costume something sometime soon 😁😔☹️🥺
juan zavala
juan zavala Jam Yang lalu
Bro I wish I can win something from u bro
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Powerful Instagram Tool Jam Yang lalu
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Raymond Jam Yang lalu
Nice! :)
anto gugli
anto gugli Jam Yang lalu
What can i do to deserve this?:(
Dhruv Dagar
Dhruv Dagar Jam Yang lalu
Who knows that thumbnail is changed like the comment ,👇👇👇👇👇❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson 2 jam yang lalu
can you make me a flash
Hakan Akhmad Sanjaya
Hakan Akhmad Sanjaya 2 jam yang lalu
Actually it’s a setup because ZHC doesn’t want to buy a Lamborghini for faze
karina kumari
karina kumari 2 jam yang lalu
Hello brother i want i phone 11 pro plize brother and my dreams i phone 11 pro plize give me i phone 11 pro i am in india can you plize give i phone 11 pro
ANGELINA SEPULVEDA 2 jam yang lalu
Omg I absolutely love your videos!❤️I don’t live near you I live in the Bronx but it’s fine at least many people get phones and/or money I mean maybe they need it the most right now so I’m happy if people are happy! :D
Luis Carodan
Luis Carodan 2 jam yang lalu
Hello love you hope i got notice almost my b day love youuu
Pig art
Pig art 2 jam yang lalu
can i win a giveaway i subbed finnaly
Felipe Uzumaki
Felipe Uzumaki 2 jam yang lalu
ZHC my b-day is in November 27 I’m going to be 11
RA Singh
RA Singh 2 jam yang lalu
Michelle is spoilt
Teresa Ruiz
Teresa Ruiz 2 jam yang lalu
Teresa Ruiz
Teresa Ruiz 2 jam yang lalu
What is fria
shameer adams
shameer adams 2 jam yang lalu
The extra money is shipping from America to South Africa
David Aviles
David Aviles 3 jam yang lalu
I loVe zhcomicart!
Melissa Aleman
Melissa Aleman 3 jam yang lalu
i am your biggest fan i love your art
Jay Reviews
Jay Reviews 3 jam yang lalu
No Offence
Lisa Sheridan
Lisa Sheridan 3 jam yang lalu
He makes such amazing content!😁
Michael N
Michael N 3 jam yang lalu
i miss zhc old videos
Orion Play
Orion Play 3 jam yang lalu
I'm Russian and i love you and you videos:Я русский и я люблю тебя и твои видео
Anthony Kowalski
Anthony Kowalski 3 jam yang lalu
So he’s MrBeast?
power twinz disciples
power twinz disciples 4 jam yang lalu
I wish I could be with n a video with you ! I watch all of your videos and your so creative and positive I am one of your biggest biggest fan !!!!! 😩🥶 and can you please reply
VoulzFN 4 jam yang lalu
I customized 100 ps4 and Xbox controllers like so ZHC can see
Abe Khan
Abe Khan 4 jam yang lalu
Bruh he has been coping mr beast
CHAYA COCHRANE-COOK 4 jam yang lalu
Plz do not ever stop do video’s because All of us love your videos ❤️❤️
Rimpy Jassal
Rimpy Jassal 4 jam yang lalu
I love your videos