Magician REVEALS trick and still fools Penn & Teller!!! - Asi Wind on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

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Asi Wind

10 bulan yang lalu

Asi Wind, one of David Blaine's chief consultants, reveals his secret on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and still fools two of the best magicians in the world.
NYC based Corporate Mentalist (mind reader) Asi Wind is one of magic's most influential thinkers and performers. Magicians all over the world study and perform his creations. He was presented with the Merlin Award for the most original show (previously given to Penn & Teller and David Copperfield).
Wind’s off-Broadway show, “Concert of the Mind,” completely sold out, extended its run, and received rave reviews and critical acclaim. Asi Wind was born and raised in Tel Aviv, where he was voted "Best Magician in Israel." He currently resides in New York City, and spends most of his year performing across the globe.

Jesus Huerta
Jesus Huerta 17 jam yang lalu
This guy sounds like Uri Geller.
curtis humphrey
curtis humphrey Hari Yang lalu
Great work
CringyMcCringeton Play Gamez
CringyMcCringeton Play Gamez Hari Yang lalu
"years later, i realized i lost something in that store" was it 50 sheckles? cuz I think it's 50 sheckles
star G
star G Hari Yang lalu
The audience dude is a plant and its all a set up. How cringe.
Aleatha Vogel
Aleatha Vogel Hari Yang lalu
I have to say that Allyson's outfit here is going to be my Xmas outfit this year.
Violent2aShadow Hari Yang lalu
"Do you want to change your mind?" Me: "Yeah, I'm now feeling like a joker."
Yobama Hari Yang lalu
Everything on stage is an illusion. The guy who was hired to say king of clubs 🗿
Scott Lyttle
Scott Lyttle 2 hari yang lalu
The secret of the trick wasn't on stage at all..
pfpublius 3 hari yang lalu
As an engineer, this is my favorite magic trick that I've seen. Absolutely inspiring!
Kahlan Gunning
Kahlan Gunning 3 hari yang lalu
This one really warmed my heart.
Janoy Cresva
Janoy Cresva 4 hari yang lalu
The audience member is ALWAYS in on it.
First Last
First Last 5 hari yang lalu
Nobody: Him: “NO NO NO!! I was so sure..”
Geo 6 hari yang lalu
Master illusionist George here 44 years of magic first time seeing this and just mind blowing.fantastic job mind never stops.
No Thanks
No Thanks 6 hari yang lalu
This one time, at Christmas camp.
Giant Bryan
Giant Bryan 6 hari yang lalu
So was the person that had the green sweater on a Shill? He was is a very green sweater sitting in eyesight of Penn and Teller. So it may have been a random choice for P & T, but part of misdirection is calling attention to something that stands out. The fooling P&T was having them choose the green sweater guy
Ayrton Twigg
Ayrton Twigg 6 hari yang lalu
Here is a nice simple method: Take the 12 picture cards and place them in the wooden box, next to the red blank deck. When you open the box, place the right card in the deck and close the box. When he asked the spectator which to “pull out” (number cards or picture cards), if the number cards were to be chosen, he would have said “we’ll pull the number cards out and now you have the picture cards”.
Jace Bluse
Jace Bluse 7 hari yang lalu
This has 4.9 mil views but he only has 14 k subs
A Random Guy
A Random Guy 7 hari yang lalu
Ok, picture card choice was forced and all 12 decks were in wooden box.
Charly Gomez
Charly Gomez 8 hari yang lalu
dota 2
Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz 8 hari yang lalu
1:00 So Trevor is just already micd up before he even got picked or is there a boom mic or something?
Xaotik Designs
Xaotik Designs 9 hari yang lalu
Anybody else notice that the camera view of the cards spinning doesn't look like the paper he removes from under the glass later? The paper he reveals only shows one side of the card box, but camera view shows two sides, the one facing up, and the one facing into the circle.
First Last
First Last 9 hari yang lalu
Me coming back to this video 8 months later... me: magically unknowing the trick and getting surprised again... Even the doctors can’t fix my brain.. I think I need a magician
keith Bender
keith Bender 11 hari yang lalu
It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them they have been fooled. Mark Twain
George Missailidis
George Missailidis 11 hari yang lalu
3:44 the one girl in the audience after hearing his question
Geroldy 12 hari yang lalu
Why would I watch a 10 minute video of a guy doing magic tricks? I did it because I had to.
Vidit Jain
Vidit Jain 12 hari yang lalu
So, you revealed your trick to Penn and Teller? Asi Wind: Well, yes, but actually, no.
Bojan RONDRAS 12 hari yang lalu
hmm the box of cards has more cards in it, you can hear it thanks to the video when you drop it you can hear the cards hitting with the gravity. Still dont know the whole trick, obviously, but there's more cards in there for sure. Also its something you can only notice here or with a good audio setup on a TV, not really something you would notice live.
Music For Your Content
Music For Your Content 12 hari yang lalu
Awesome 👍😊😍
Vegan Fartman
Vegan Fartman 13 hari yang lalu
I think he might have had a bunch of loose blue cards in the box. The deck is full of blanks and he sneaks the card while he’s fanning the deck
Jeroen Visser
Jeroen Visser 13 hari yang lalu
What was the second trick 🤔
Neel Sanghvi
Neel Sanghvi 13 hari yang lalu
David Blaine has done a similar trick
Android Lg
Android Lg 14 hari yang lalu
Wow! Really great trick it encapsulate perfectly what magic is about, at 6:33 I was honestly expecting them to turn into doves at this moment by how great it was
Ethernet 14 hari yang lalu
The card has a screen on it he can control?
Drew Hong
Drew Hong 15 hari yang lalu
Arnav Kohli
Arnav Kohli 15 hari yang lalu
please make a tutorial of how you fooled penn and teller please pls pls
Dario Shame
Dario Shame 15 hari yang lalu
simply perfection
Kunal Juyal
Kunal Juyal 16 hari yang lalu
@Jason parker i am waiting for your video now😂
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk 16 hari yang lalu
Absolutely incredible
Christopher Hampe
Christopher Hampe 17 hari yang lalu
He learned that trick at the bandcamp!
Harvey Rayson
Harvey Rayson 17 hari yang lalu
i love that penn clarifies that he chose to come on the christmas show so it doesn't look like they purposefully gave a christmas trophy to an israeli magician
Jintu Ray
Jintu Ray 17 hari yang lalu
Is that the American pie girl
Jake Ratburger
Jake Ratburger 17 hari yang lalu
3:46 we got that one magic loyalist in the audience
vinay yp
vinay yp 17 hari yang lalu
Nikolay K.
Nikolay K. 18 hari yang lalu
Asi Wind is insane.
StraingerThingz 19 hari yang lalu
This one is literally fuxking unexplainable lol..
woodenstick 20 hari yang lalu
yo that's like my last math exam. the deeper you get in, the more I get fucked up
Gazi Türkay
Gazi Türkay 20 hari yang lalu
Robert DiRocco
Robert DiRocco 21 hari yang lalu
“One time at band camp.......”
Ash Scott
Ash Scott 21 hari yang lalu
That whole mechanism woulda been totally unnecessary. He only needed 12 cards - the face cards - in the wooden box. All he ever had to do was pick up the king of spades, and put it in the deck during the few seconds the deck and his hands were out of sight behind the lid of the box. Whether the volunteer has elected to keep the face cards in the deck, or to take them out, the magician still proceeds with the face cards. Leave them in the deck - Oh, you're keeping them, so we're using them. Take them out of the deck - Okay, we're taking out the face cards to use. If you're not putting anything into that deck, why isn't it sealed? Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like the simplest and most reliable way to achieve this effect. I guess all the stuff with the cup and the table, was just to give people time to forget the very simple trick they just saw. And tricks are never that convoluted. If there's a simpler way, you do it the simpler way. If he actually built that rig, it wouldn't be controlled by twisting a cup around, and you could use it to perform vastly more impressive tricks
Leonardo Lanza
Leonardo Lanza 22 hari yang lalu
Now THAT was something else... Holy shit.
Herr Vorragend
Herr Vorragend 22 hari yang lalu
9:00 ... MERRY "FU" ... i get it! ^^
wowalinbie 22 hari yang lalu
The trick would’ve been 1000 times more amazing if all the other cards were king of spades.
Chase Michonski
Chase Michonski 23 hari yang lalu
"And if the cops try to talk to you? You shut the FUCK UP!"
Grievous 23 hari yang lalu
He revealed sweet fuck all.
xQualifieDx 23 hari yang lalu
asi can you post more presentations your magic is extraordinary and unlike any other
Indian Indian
Indian Indian 24 hari yang lalu
Nice 👍👍
Steve Bagienski
Steve Bagienski 24 hari yang lalu
The psychology of why this works has been empirically investigated. Look up THomas, Didierjean, & Kuhn (2018)
Jacek Szadkowski
Jacek Szadkowski 24 hari yang lalu
Easy - the guy from the audience is cooperating with him :)
Stephen Mason
Stephen Mason 25 hari yang lalu
4:15 this is why you *never* let someone take evidence from a crime scene. LOL
Johannes Götzen
Johannes Götzen 25 hari yang lalu
My favorite fooler
G 25 hari yang lalu
Did anyone else hear the "Windows Chime" at 3:58? ...I'm on the computer too much, I think.
Patrick Harrison
Patrick Harrison 25 hari yang lalu
Highly enjoyable
Oscar reyna
Oscar reyna 26 hari yang lalu
fire force op
Aun Shaikh
Aun Shaikh 26 hari yang lalu
I quit my work thanks to, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega 27 hari yang lalu
This made me cry hahaha
Zohaib Hassan
Zohaib Hassan 27 hari yang lalu
Andrea Dixon
Andrea Dixon 28 hari yang lalu
between two ferns
Oval Potato
Oval Potato 29 hari yang lalu
The madman managed to turn those decks of cards into a piece of paper!!
Gabriel - Content Writer
Gabriel - Content Writer 29 hari yang lalu
Secret: He started with a "magician's choice" and went from there, so the "free" choice of card was limited. Then, he did perfect palming, bringing the chosen card from the box and having it on the bottom of an already blank deck, and the split second slight of hand to put it in the center of the deck while doing the fan reveal.
MurtRBX 29 hari yang lalu
this is david blaines act
Tanay Chaudhari
Tanay Chaudhari Bulan Yang lalu
Lilly is happy too! :) Great job!
Lane Kane
Lane Kane Bulan Yang lalu
P and T cut him some slack, gave him a holiday gift, solely because of his patter and presentation. Clearly they know the magicians choice effect, as well as blank cards, red deck with blue card etc. Had he quit at that point he wouldn’t have fooled them at all. Note they never said he fooled them. However they absolutely loved his entire time on stage and the elaborate demonstration so he got a gift, in my view. Good for him! BTW, I just paid $20 to download an hour long tutorial on variations of this effect. I feel it is important to support the folks who invested time and money in developing the tricks we use and enjoy performing. They deserve our respect.
LittleCutie ABDL
LittleCutie ABDL Bulan Yang lalu
the parts that got me was his nooo Noo NOOOOO (like Mike the office guy)
Orhan Sahan
Orhan Sahan Bulan Yang lalu
Trick explained: From the start there was always just 1 deck of red blanks with a reversed king of clubs from a blue deck, then he forces you into choosing that card. Its the way he asks his questions. Question 1: Which card do you want out, pictures or numbers? If you choose numbers he will say " ok great so numbers are out and we have pictures. If you choose pictures he will say ok so we take the pictures. Question 2: Do you want jacks, queen or king? If you choose jacks he will say "ok, so that ones out, we have queen and king, which do you choose?" if you choose queen he will say "ok we throw that one out as well and are left with the king". If you choose king then he will say "ok you chose king. Same for any other decision, he will lead you to the king. Question 3. Same logic applied, first the color and then the sort of card. if you choose clubs its fine, he will say "ok you chose clubs" if you choose something else he will say, "are you sure? And apply same elimination process as mentioned before. So now you have "chosen" king of clubs. He shows it to you and done, thats where it ends. Then he applies the show element pretending to explain the trick with the cup, the box, turning table, magnets, they had 0 influence on the trick, thats why it was a 2d printed sheet. It just adds extra mystery. Thats my opinion on how its done.
Owen Hall
Owen Hall Bulan Yang lalu
The woman at 3:45 does not want to know how it's done so shuushh no one tell her!
Mohannad Bulan Yang lalu
Trick so good penn n teller just gave up and gave him the trophy
Asdfcharacter 543
Asdfcharacter 543 Bulan Yang lalu
Ok sure it's almost Christmas I should try this.
Atif Ahmed
Atif Ahmed Bulan Yang lalu
A dick of cards
Erfan Bulan Yang lalu
the trick, guy in the audience was with him
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahahhaha I thought the audience guy, Trevor, was actually named "Black Lightning" at first! I was like wtf? Not sure how he got that name...
brendan mulrooney
brendan mulrooney Bulan Yang lalu
Who talk adam scott magic?
alijumc Bulan Yang lalu
Who is watching this n-th time?
Akum Azi
Akum Azi Bulan Yang lalu
in the wooden box he kept some sets of different cards and colors with jkq' that s y he didnt reaveal the wooden box
Doctor Discord
Doctor Discord Bulan Yang lalu
What. What?! WHAT?! I... I can't. I don't. WAT?!
David Anderson
David Anderson Bulan Yang lalu
0:55 "Am I pulling them out to use them, or am I pulling them out to throw them away?" I think the genius of the trick is that he plants a bunch of red herrings to fool magicians. Up until 2:34, the trick looks exactly like he's using an invisible deck, so a magician thinking along those lines would have to backtrack and try to remember details that they ignored because they were gathering confirmatory evidence for their incorrect (red herring) hypothesis.
Insert Redletter Media Meme Here
Insert Redletter Media Meme Here Bulan Yang lalu
4:49 acceptance is the first part of recovery buddy.
Nicholas Jang
Nicholas Jang Bulan Yang lalu
If penn has something to say to his girlfriend, he has something to teller
StraingerThingz 19 hari yang lalu
steve wixom
steve wixom 26 hari yang lalu
Oh groan.. lol
Jos3ndo Oficial
Jos3ndo Oficial Bulan Yang lalu
Lindsay Hobson
Lindsay Hobson Bulan Yang lalu
billboard music awards 2019
Johnny Ma'boy
Johnny Ma'boy Bulan Yang lalu
Teller was born to wear an elf costume
sreeharshan chemmani
sreeharshan chemmani Bulan Yang lalu
Isn't it amazing when a single random dude from the audience has got a microphone readily equipped and he "somehow" gets chosen to support a magic trick? 😄
Andy Rasin
Andy Rasin Bulan Yang lalu
יש ישראלים ?
Elyas On iPad
Elyas On iPad Bulan Yang lalu
He revealed a trick but didn’t reveal his trick
A Diamond
A Diamond Bulan Yang lalu
Wait is that... Willow??
Dan Butcher
Dan Butcher Bulan Yang lalu
This is the guy who doesn't want to help David Blaine do the bullet catch ever again.
xoom2 Bulan Yang lalu
I nearly cried when he slowly"revealed" the trick because I realized too that I couldn't "unknow" it .. then the sudden twist . Thank goodness he REALLY didn't revealed it . He is amazing. !!
wowalinbie 22 hari yang lalu
Sleight of hand is how pretty much all tricks are done.
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia Bulan Yang lalu
How tf does Blaine do it? He doesn't have any fancy props around him when he's doing it lol
Lewis Mora
Lewis Mora Bulan Yang lalu
Too good man
Teaundrae Shaw
Teaundrae Shaw Bulan Yang lalu
mac demarco
Luper ionic
Luper ionic Bulan Yang lalu
This is my favorite trick of all time 😭
Darrin Saps
Darrin Saps Bulan Yang lalu
captain marvel
Ditonton 357 rb