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Thanks MSC Safe Co here in Perth for supplying the safes for the vid. If you need a safe Richard is your man, what a legend!
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Jimmayyy 3 bulan yang lalu
Maia for sure
Julia Myrie
Julia Myrie 21 hari yang lalu
@Michael Cain ooo
Michael Cain
Michael Cain 22 hari yang lalu
@Julia Myrie it says this video was posted wight months ago
Julia Myrie
Julia Myrie 22 hari yang lalu
@Michael Cain wow it's been a month
Michael Cain
Michael Cain 22 hari yang lalu
@Julia Myrie their not there
Eternal Reign
Eternal Reign Bulan Yang lalu
@How Ridiculous Maya Olive? Sounds like a sandwich. Put a couple of olives on that mayo sandwich yo.
Ham549 3 jam yang lalu
Still no elevator? How much does one of thoes construction lifts cost I wonder?
Rostislav Zhemchugin
Rostislav Zhemchugin 6 jam yang lalu
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Honklerton 13 jam yang lalu
Great way to execute vote fraud traitors :)
Theja Yokha
Theja Yokha 14 jam yang lalu
9:41 That GoPro just stared at the face of Death...
Fix It Rick
Fix It Rick 16 jam yang lalu
Cool! A rainbow top left corner 08:12
Floppy Drisk Dive
Floppy Drisk Dive 19 jam yang lalu
How did they steal the SmackDown! Fist?
Gronderful 19 jam yang lalu
F-ing awesome footage
Wraith Laceration
Wraith Laceration 21 jam yang lalu
Can we drop humans now??
Krupp Family Adventures
Krupp Family Adventures Hari Yang lalu
Krupp Family Adventures
Krupp Family Adventures Hari Yang lalu
o my god i was laughingso hard my cheeks exploded of laughing
moin Meisters
moin Meisters Hari Yang lalu
Enzo Jelic
Enzo Jelic Hari Yang lalu
it's fun to watch them but they are annoying as fuck to listen to
unrealfear117 Hari Yang lalu
the content is good, but these guys are fruity and talk to much. i find myself skipping 75% of the video because its all talk. im not about the talk, im about the walk.
Kyle Black
Kyle Black 2 hari yang lalu
I want a duck
Kyle Black
Kyle Black 2 hari yang lalu
Jotaku X
Jotaku X 2 hari yang lalu
Holy shit, time to start robbing banks safes!!!
Sally Hector
Sally Hector 2 hari yang lalu
Where is number 4
rsaxtellartist 2 hari yang lalu
Aussies are more fun and crazier than Americans, and that is saying a lot!
Kimberly Ledet
Kimberly Ledet 2 hari yang lalu
poor rexy
Noah Brazil
Noah Brazil 2 hari yang lalu
That thing is like the hulk version of Thor’s hammer.
Kaleb Gordon
Kaleb Gordon 2 hari yang lalu
I'm just wondering how much it would cost to get just the duck...
Paul Munaani
Paul Munaani 3 hari yang lalu
Needs a diamond fist😅
stvnjt BEATBOX
stvnjt BEATBOX 3 hari yang lalu
bruh hulks fist? that fist weights like 200kg
jiggaboo 209
jiggaboo 209 3 hari yang lalu
Best way to crack a safe.. brute force
ralph apmann
ralph apmann 3 hari yang lalu
That safe is what’s INCREDIBLE!!
Everyday Showday
Everyday Showday 3 hari yang lalu
Just found a show that my daughter and I freaking love! Who would have every thought. Lol
fisbuar 4 hari yang lalu
your 4" tungsten block would do better against a safe like this. More mass on a smaller surface.
fisbuar 10 menit yang lalu
@brobbus0 but the fist also distributes that force over 6 times the surface area.
brobbus0 15 menit yang lalu
Not a chance. That thing might be denser but is way too small and light to do this kind of damage. They can easily lift it with their hands for god's sake. The hulk fist is more than 6 times heavier. Besides, tungsten is harder but more brittle than steel.
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 4 hari yang lalu
stay SAFE all
brobbus0 4 hari yang lalu
"The fist breaking in 4 or 5 pieces" really? It's made out of steel, not glass. That thing would likely not "break in 4 or 5 pieces" if you shot it at the same target at 5 times the speed it reached after the drop.
Noggin Fodder
Noggin Fodder 4 hari yang lalu
12:22 Movie studio GFX teams are taking notes!
Dirt Track Racing Gaming Videos
Dirt Track Racing Gaming Videos 5 hari yang lalu
Wife: "What are you watching honey?" Me: "A bunch of Aussies fisting things." Wife: "Really? Porn this early in the morning already?"
Diyan Boyanov
Diyan Boyanov 5 hari yang lalu
Nick 5 hari yang lalu
Dont you just love 2 grown australian men selling you a rubber ducky?
Colton Smith
Colton Smith 5 hari yang lalu
In the vid that you tell us her name your first daughter should say will pin you, congratulations
Stigstigster 5 hari yang lalu
Unfortunately the priceless Ming Dynasty vase you were trying to steal is now smashed.
Stigstigster 5 hari yang lalu
This massive fist is one of the coolest things I've ever seen dropped on anything! Excellent work, gents.
Syn 5 hari yang lalu
Who knew rubber duckies were capable of contact welding
Yo Stormz_AU
Yo Stormz_AU 5 hari yang lalu
Get a tank and drop the hulks fist on it to see what happens
Roblox Boy
Roblox Boy 5 hari yang lalu
Do hulk fist vs car
Yvonne Mann
Yvonne Mann 7 hari yang lalu
Dorine Lester
Dorine Lester 7 hari yang lalu
Your Rexy takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker 9 hari yang lalu
Hulk fist vs giant axe.
Gianluca Savoldelli
Gianluca Savoldelli 9 hari yang lalu
Bruce vs balistics gel??
Funky Team
Funky Team 9 hari yang lalu
Jesse N
Jesse N 9 hari yang lalu
Rex has been kidnapped!
Bigrig Cookin
Bigrig Cookin 9 hari yang lalu
i subscribed based off of the genuine fun yall are having. it made me laugh. i feel like everyone is being natural and there is no acting. Quality content
Armastat 10 hari yang lalu
Also, must say, now that you have shown how easy it is to break into a safe everyone is gonna be doing it.
Armastat 10 hari yang lalu
So next do the rubber band ball again and this time see who can catch Brucie.
Nan Wilder
Nan Wilder 10 hari yang lalu
Just a thought, guys: In future, you might want to have GLOVES handy, for handling post-impact materials. Those “rubber” duckies are made of highly TOXIC plastics-which are NOT safe to bathe with-and you shouldn’t have been touching (or breathing) them, once exploded! Never mind mailing them off to people... The studies which proved the toxicity of said duckies, was all over major news media, and shouldn’t be hard to find. In fact, if you insist on destroying toxic plastics, you should ALSO keep respirators on hand. There’s nothing wrong with showing the children who watch, that along with all the adult fun, comes responsibility!
legal_crab 10 hari yang lalu
You should do the hammer Vs water
Funtimefreddy&BON BON
Funtimefreddy&BON BON 10 hari yang lalu
1 death rip rubber duckies 2nd injury rexxy got traumitized
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love 11 hari yang lalu
If you could middle that fist into a metal strong container of water... that'd go reeeeeeeally high! That or explode....
Just Furry
Just Furry 12 hari yang lalu
David Smith
David Smith 12 hari yang lalu
I want a brusy Keychain
Jonathan Bradford
Jonathan Bradford 13 hari yang lalu
I was thoroughly entertained watching it bust thru that safe
Mindy Dosztan
Mindy Dosztan 14 hari yang lalu
Running around a really high stair well almost takes a tumble down them real safe
john greco
john greco 14 hari yang lalu
drop that fist on a car or van or truck
Vance Gustavo
Vance Gustavo 14 hari yang lalu
17:35 you're welcome
Alex Hayes
Alex Hayes 14 hari yang lalu
Maybe next time for the Rubber Duckies to make a noise why not Sandwich them in between 2 plates
James Hightower-Santos
James Hightower-Santos 15 hari yang lalu
you should make a giant rexy and name it sexy rexy
The Door
The Door 15 hari yang lalu
Do the basketballs again, but put a circle if basketball hoops around the landing spot to see if you can get one to go in!
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 15 hari yang lalu
I want a duck
konaotto 15 hari yang lalu
Me waiting them To but human under
Todor Čonkić
Todor Čonkić 16 hari yang lalu
Mud Dirt
Mud Dirt 16 hari yang lalu
That fist is cool as shit
charlie edwards
charlie edwards 16 hari yang lalu
You should camp on the tower
Davis Morris
Davis Morris 16 hari yang lalu
Ur videos suck because too many adds
Shadow Blazen
Shadow Blazen 16 hari yang lalu
Rexy is just unbreakable he’s just like “ only a bruise no biggie “
BAMBAM 0926 17 hari yang lalu
Giant Flail or the ball portion of a ball and chain Flail
Bob Lee
Bob Lee 17 hari yang lalu
When u at the top u crazy 😜
Kramooo 17 hari yang lalu
have they made a giant soled cube yet?
JockyJock Jock
JockyJock Jock 18 hari yang lalu
Boys, get hundreds of those screaming squeezey chickens. Pile them up high and drop hulks fist onto them!
Shameless X
Shameless X 19 hari yang lalu
12:00 here
Tony McMillan
Tony McMillan 19 hari yang lalu
I wanna see 5900 videos on your channel
Tony McMillan
Tony McMillan 19 hari yang lalu
Casual Notions91
Casual Notions91 19 hari yang lalu
44 club here. Should do brusey vs solid steel
Casual Notions91
Casual Notions91 19 hari yang lalu
44 club here. Should do brusey vs solid steel
The177Hunter 19 hari yang lalu
Love how the top door on the triple one just pops off
Recovery I Bring
Recovery I Bring 20 hari yang lalu
Dinosaur abuse to the extreme
Juan Salas
Juan Salas 20 hari yang lalu
The mega dart woulda went thru in thre
steven rankin
steven rankin 21 hari yang lalu
Hulk fist vs car
OTF Nico
OTF Nico 21 hari yang lalu
I like the rainbow 🌈
Alicia Veltin
Alicia Veltin 21 hari yang lalu
Fredashay Klavierstein
Fredashay Klavierstein 22 hari yang lalu
That guy who sells safes always has the look on his face whenever the camera points at him, "What kind of drugs are these guys on?!?! But, hey, they're my best customers!!!"
water speaker channel 2
water speaker channel 2 22 hari yang lalu
Paint the fist green and it will show how strong Hulk really is 👊💪💪
Robo Elite
Robo Elite 22 hari yang lalu
did anyone else hear the duck noise or just me it was a continues high pitch squeee
Henry pizzaroll
Henry pizzaroll 22 hari yang lalu
Colab with the slow-mo guys
Abel&Jax’s 22 hari yang lalu
That big ol fist is like a rasangon but a fist
chicken nuggys
chicken nuggys 22 hari yang lalu
Man I feel bad for rexy he just gets abused
llAntimatterll 22 hari yang lalu
Must be nice thinking 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 C) is cold XD.. Where I live it can get to -60 (-51 C) with windchill lol.
Andreas Røse Engelien
Andreas Røse Engelien 23 hari yang lalu
Try to drop it on your head
Tommy Trance
Tommy Trance 23 hari yang lalu
whats up with that ugly ones teeth??
Tommy Trance
Tommy Trance 23 hari yang lalu
wow. this was almost hilarious...
Nicklas Dincer
Nicklas Dincer 23 hari yang lalu
23 minutes 23 ads
Trudi Marshall
Trudi Marshall 23 hari yang lalu
Someone pease tell the point in throwing the camera down a 45m tower for it to land on the ground?
Deccy A
Deccy A 23 hari yang lalu
wow rex is pretty strong because the fist absaloutly squashed him
Deccy A
Deccy A 23 hari yang lalu
hmm maia
Bean 23 hari yang lalu
3..2..15 seconds unskipable ad.. 1!!
JESUSisCHRIST 1 23 hari yang lalu
Where is there water coming from at 5:25
Dr. Dumb
Dr. Dumb 24 hari yang lalu
You all know what we want to see, drop the safe
We Dropped A Car On A Giant Axe from 45m (150ft)
FULL Scuba Tanks vs 50cal!!! ft Jiggin w/ Jordan
Ditonton 2 jt
Super Skills In Football
Ditonton 429 rb
Belajar Main Golf. Seru!
Arief Muhammad
Ditonton 172 rb