Creative Couple's Stunning Tiny House Cost Only $17k!

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Living Big In A Tiny House

3 tahun yang lalu

Built for only US$17,000 this young couple's incredible tiny house is packed with unique and interesting design elements. The entire build was carried out as a DIY project using mainly reclaimed materials, as the couple saved up for each new phase of the construction.
The couple decided to build a tiny house on wheels to give them freedom and more options for their future. Not knowing what city they were going to live in, or where they would need to travel for work once graduating, a house on wheels gave them the ability to simply hitch up their home and follow whatever opportunities presented themselves.
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Fatima khan
Fatima khan 4 jam yang lalu
Its sooooo amazing 👍👍👍👌👌👌
Stanislava Vlaykova
Stanislava Vlaykova Hari Yang lalu
It looks wonderful!!!!
katy bourassa
katy bourassa 4 hari yang lalu
COMFY COUCH IS RIGHT ! I'm not going to sit on some thin foam pad with a couple of pillows leaning up against a wall.
nika ward
nika ward 7 hari yang lalu
That is super tiny but I love love lover love it
Karen Kneisley
Karen Kneisley 9 hari yang lalu
It would be awesome to meet this cute couple and teach them with Marie Kondo :)
Nuria Luna
Nuria Luna 13 hari yang lalu
Bryce and his deep, deep love for wood stoves :D It's very charming.
Lisa 14 hari yang lalu
I love your home!!! It is absolutely lovely. If I built my own home, I think I'd live in it forever. Thanks for sharing! And the cost of the build, WOW! Very doable for me. I look forward to this one day.
Kasogi Yose
Kasogi Yose 17 hari yang lalu
what a sweet couple
Lisa Ann Davis
Lisa Ann Davis 29 hari yang lalu
Dear Bryce, What music is this please? I would LOVE to hear it for longer than a minute.
D.A.T. Bulan Yang lalu
anyone know the model of that stove is?
Andrew Mastrandonas
Andrew Mastrandonas Bulan Yang lalu
Bryce comes across as insincere because every home he sees, every kitchen, etc., is "stunning" etc. Give a break, Bryce.
Andrew Mastrandonas
Andrew Mastrandonas Bulan Yang lalu
Has he seen a home that is not "stunning?" This one is NOT that stunning. In fact, I wouldn't live in this one.
Ginger Hancock
Ginger Hancock Bulan Yang lalu
What is the ceiling situation? I'm assuming insulation? I do love the house!!
anmahek Bulan Yang lalu
Such sweetness and excitment! Love it. I loved that even though they are recovered materials, it looks very cozy and homey and very warm and nice. So exciting.
Serendipity Shop
Serendipity Shop Bulan Yang lalu
I really like this couple's priorities and aesthetic. Full kitchen, full bathtub, full couch, nice sleeping/lounging loft, lots of cubbies for clothes, well-thought-out deep closet. The only thing I'd change is that comically tiny eating table: would prefer a drop-leaf that opens into a surface you can put more than two cereal bowls on. Don't blame them for wanting lots of outside space, but the inside is charming, and so are they.
Arvind Saxena
Arvind Saxena Bulan Yang lalu
Time wasted house...third class tiny house
Djati Samodra
Djati Samodra Bulan Yang lalu
I love the timber cladding, looks cool,
Mare Bear
Mare Bear 2 bulan yang lalu
The clutter would drive me nuts
Lewis Palen
Lewis Palen 2 bulan yang lalu
Great House
Alexandra Mc Griogain
Alexandra Mc Griogain 2 bulan yang lalu
A great house! Good for them. And Asheville- such a great town. This feels really wonderful...
KC Woolsey
KC Woolsey 2 bulan yang lalu
I'd be very interested to see where they live today! EVERYONE I know that moved to a tiny house, moved back to larger spaces, with in a year!!!
ジョージ様 2 bulan yang lalu
People are quirky. Certainly right for each other.
Madhav Singh
Madhav Singh 2 bulan yang lalu
This girl is just gonna die of laughter for nothing.
Kyle St. Jean
Kyle St. Jean 2 bulan yang lalu
These two seem so sweet and gentle. It's amazing to see all of the reclaimed materials.
Marcy Rieser
Marcy Rieser 2 bulan yang lalu
house is one of few that looks really lived in! proud of you two!
Shirley Carter
Shirley Carter 2 bulan yang lalu
In love with the outside wood effect, walk way is awesome . I do like the white and airy look but these sorts with the warm wood are so warm and cosy. Thinking I'm in love with the wood used here.xxxx
Plettenberg Bay - Pam's Garden
Plettenberg Bay - Pam's Garden 2 bulan yang lalu
What a lovely love story home! Thank u.
Nn Dd
Nn Dd 2 bulan yang lalu
Stunning? Where? It's so.. how can I say it.. chaotic. There's nothing nice about it at all. It's messy and disorganized, everything looks cheap, it's depressing looking. I love tiny houses but this one was a complete turn off.
cheri sapp
cheri sapp 2 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful tiny home 😊
The Bearded Van
The Bearded Van 2 bulan yang lalu
This one really feels homey. I love that it's diy and somehow only cost 17k! Excellent budgeting skills! I like that this is their best fort yet lol. What a cute, and sincere couple.
Aileen Sengupta
Aileen Sengupta 3 bulan yang lalu
I love the starting music do much, and this is a good build for the money
R V 3 bulan yang lalu
Charming couple!
Miranda Davinroy
Miranda Davinroy 3 bulan yang lalu
the host says the same stuff over and over again, in every single video. ABSOLUTELY annoying lmao
Vyacheslav Artemov
Vyacheslav Artemov 3 bulan yang lalu
Are they siblings? They take after each other...
ToMilla Kockingbird
ToMilla Kockingbird 3 bulan yang lalu
I would want more windows below. It's a little too dark for me.
charlene romero carbone
charlene romero carbone 3 bulan yang lalu
Well done
Emma Afa
Emma Afa 3 bulan yang lalu
what a great compatible couple, their love shows in their house they made into a home...i love seeing people function as a team whilst living in harmony, what a great achievement for a young and clever couple...all the very best to you both xxoo
Carlos Ford
Carlos Ford 4 bulan yang lalu
of course they got a prius
Evita Skouvita
Evita Skouvita 4 bulan yang lalu
Τhis is a hut not a house.
Lou Molinié
Lou Molinié 4 bulan yang lalu
I am in LOVE with this tiny house , it is the best i have sceen yet
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