Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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2 hari yang lalu

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
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Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
We can choose from the choices you give which is also gov. Choices
Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture
Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture 2 jam yang lalu
Corona is a FEAR PORN TYRANTS dream! 🧎‍♂️🧟‍♂️🤦‍♀️😡 They argue about an invisible enemy,🤷 meaning there is NO ENEMY!!! IT'S A SAFE WASTE OF🕤 TIME🗓️ AND KEEPS THE PUBLIC IN FEAR 😱WHILE THEY WEAPONIZE OR REPUBLIC AGAINST ITS VERY CITIZENS!!! 🇺🇲🚮 WHERE'S THE PEOPLE DROPPING DEAD IN THE STREETS??❗ They knew we were headed for a very very bad flu season and used it to pull off this hoax! 😠 ⚠️❗It's a scam for the chosen ones to pillage and hide their assets in crypto, repay the politician's debts like the banks Trump owed money etc,.. before wrecking the dollar, so THEY maintain wealth💲 the rest of us be dammed carrying all liability, then the IMF and world Bank will move to global crypto currency and global tracking of oh idk... Everything... Like Soviet union Era spying on us even worse! TRUMP WILL USE THE PATRIOT ACT TO TURN THE INNOCENT INTO TERRORISTS TO eliminate anyone standing for freedom by kidnapping them and throwing them in a cage forever, or causing them to lose their rights, like voting, bearing arms, working.... This will be achieved by ignoring it and/or blaming mayors and governors etc. The IMF and world Bank will put China in the lead of the global economy and China will start their authoritarian rule in Africa, opposing them first, slowly moving us all to communism tyranny. The ONLY CANDIDATE 🙋‍♀️who will restore power and freedom to the people has been silenced and FORBIDDEN 🛑 from debates even after TONS OF PEOPLE PLEADING with the debate controllers continually, they still wouldn't allow her! She is on EVERY BALLOT IN EVERY STATE! She should be celebrated for getting this far as a woman! Jo Jorgensen stated she would NEVER FORCE anyone to get any medical treatment, or force anyone to wear masks, she's about personal responsibility and choice for your body and life, including Marijuana. She wants to end the wars, bring troops home, shrink gov big time, stop over taxing us, end the drug war, end gun restrictions, etc. JO Jorgensen is LITERALLY EVERYTHING EVERYONE'S WANTED, gee... I wonder why they're so scared of her! I already spoke with a few people who already voted, they said if they knew about her they would've voted for her! This is a terrible thing and the REAL election interference! TRUMP is not about law and order, he subverts it! ❗😠 He RENEWED THE PATRIOT ACT, HE'S PROTECTING BIDEN, OBAMA CLINTON AND BUSH BY IMPEDING THE ICC HAGUE FROM IT'S INVESTIGATION INTO AFGHANISTAN WAR CRIMES, Trump even threatened the military and citizens on video, threatening US NOT TO COMPLY with the investigation, this is HUGE! WHY IS Biden NOT HITTING Trump with this low hanging fruit attack?? Because the two party scam is the same party! 🐍Trump REPEATEDLY read the 🐍SNAKE🐍 poem telling us EXACTLY WHAT he was!!! 🐍 🙏I BEG EVERY🇺🇸 AMERICAN 🇺🇸TO PLEASE SERIOUSLY CONSIDER VOTING FOR 🔶JO JORGENSEN🔶🙋‍♀️ FOR PRESIDENT 2020!! 🙏 🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶🔶 ❤️PLEASE WATCH : 🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 🇺🇸 I'd rather risk voting imperfect freedom 🦅 than certain tyranny! 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🙋‍♀️ #JoJorgensen2020 #GoJoJo2020 #LetHerSpeak #JoJorgensen #VoteGold #CONSTITUTIONALGOVERNANCE 🇺🇸🦅🪂 @Jorgensen4POTUS #RestoreTheRepublic #Republicans4JoJorgesen #TrumpBetrayedUs #LetHerSpeak
Arlene Dominguez
Arlene Dominguez 2 jam yang lalu
We cant deny the fact that, its true Biden had 8 years nothing changed. I voted for Biden but thats actually true
C J 2 jam yang lalu
BLM now stands for Biden's Laptop Matters
Kathryn Molesa
Kathryn Molesa 2 jam yang lalu
We could use a little Van Halen background music.
MiriamCan01 2 jam yang lalu
#thereis no such thingasfreelunch, Biden said open schools I don't get this debate
madhu venkata subbaraju Penmetsa
madhu venkata subbaraju Penmetsa 2 jam yang lalu
As a outsider, somehow I hate BIDEN always when he speak about carona virus it is a global pandamic/China virus and he is trying to blaim trump always, no doubt he can't manage things better than trump, Biden can talk anything but ground realities are different, China always keep secret about carona virus until last-minute also nos are incorrect always, it is Second thing Green energy is important but not powerful enough to replace existing consumption, why can't he done in the past 8 years of his tenure ? all fancy words. Also he is a rasist checkout his videos on youtube. I saw a clip Key thing: when outsiders hate trump (China , russia or north korea) then americans will elect trump. Bullshit media, always highlights funny public stunts.
Ian 147
Ian 147 2 jam yang lalu
Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
How could he not keep preexisting issues but u can tf
Jdfr idjjsjws
Jdfr idjjsjws 2 jam yang lalu discord server LMFAOOO
Doreen Bond
Doreen Bond 2 jam yang lalu
Yeah JOE! Who built the cages ?
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
That's Kim using his rockets again if Biden gets in calling him a thug so he will act like one stupid man
منتصر اسماعيل سليمان
منتصر اسماعيل سليمان 2 jam yang lalu
What did you tooking
Songword Rail
Songword Rail 2 jam yang lalu
Appreciate it if you checked out my song
Dani Pedrosa
Dani Pedrosa 2 jam yang lalu
Thatleftyjames 2 jam yang lalu
If you watch closely Biden tells more lies than the audience or even Trump and the moderator can realize when watching it live. Watch from 1:42:35 Trump talks about how he worked with a Democrat congress to pass criminal justice reform, and Biden quietly says "you did what we already done", wtf?? Biden is now claiming he passed criminal justice reform, this guy is either a liar or just delusional.
Lexie Pixie
Lexie Pixie 2 jam yang lalu
Biden is already trying to disrupt the peace with other countries! Srry these last few years ive felt pretty safe
MiriamCan01 2 jam yang lalu
How will Biden save the world? He will shut down the virus!!!! Min 38:20 I am amazed
—kate 2 jam yang lalu
5:45 haha, they actually have to mute the microphones, change and explain the rules again, like they’re talking to children.
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
Never been a war under trump wars under Biden history
Zana satori
Zana satori 2 jam yang lalu
I just want to date that moderator!!! Trump and Biden can cheer while i do that
Liesandpolitics 2 jam yang lalu
It really depresses me how many people support Trump.
Stutter O
Stutter O 2 jam yang lalu
Wtf is with this comment section I’ve scrolled down it so much and all it is is people saying trump is easily going to be president and how people are for trump. Like who goin through these and deleting people with joe he’s gunna win 90%.
cameron escatel
cameron escatel 2 jam yang lalu
Nice pfp
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
C'mon lol
Hennah Tried It
Hennah Tried It 2 jam yang lalu
Joe: Those children were separated from their parents its just criminal! ALSO JOE: *We need to legalize FULL TERM ABORTION!*
Liesandpolitics 2 jam yang lalu
There’s no such thing as “full term” abortion. That doesn’t even make sense.
Ajizzle Prodeje
Ajizzle Prodeje 2 jam yang lalu
When she said why would you do that to Biden lol. Bout the oil industry
Alja Alja
Alja Alja 2 jam yang lalu
Biden is gonna loose and he knows it. One can really see how tired he is and probably only waits for the campaign to be finally over so he can retire. Such low energy.
Tim Something
Tim Something 2 jam yang lalu
LmfaoXD fucking joe XD Americans DON’T PANIC...... WHERE THE HELL DID ALL MY DAMN TOILET PAPER GO TO JOE???!?!?!??!!!!
Redin ProBro
Redin ProBro 2 jam yang lalu
Oh damn, I feel like trumps mocked Biden at least 6 times 😂😂
Skylar Martin
Skylar Martin 2 jam yang lalu
I'm Trump supporter 100%!!! This moderator, in my opinion, did a wonderful job. I say well done from this decided voter.
Angel Granados
Angel Granados 2 jam yang lalu
Trump 2020
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
Got nothing in trump this time buddy
Michael Duke
Michael Duke 2 jam yang lalu
Michael Duke
Michael Duke 2 jam yang lalu
@Mikael G exactly he is part of a very dangerous circle and will do things that ate only benefiting the rich
Mikael G
Mikael G 2 jam yang lalu
Exackly ! And he’s with the radical left , in connection to the wicked witch Hillary (killary) Clinton
Mikael G
Mikael G 2 jam yang lalu
Trump 2020 he stands for good future and Christianity ✝️
Marcus Maximus
Marcus Maximus 2 jam yang lalu
Opportunities for women? The American woman is the most privileged species ever to walk the earth & they want more? How about addressing male genocide, male suicide, male disenfranchisement, male unemployment and the real institutional and legal system prejudice MISGAMY
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
Joe still got Mike on
NIMBLE CODM 2 jam yang lalu
So big an America and these are the only choices f
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
And he not denied it
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
Hurting due to stupid politicians in office not because of trump
Le Marmoth
Le Marmoth 2 jam yang lalu
40:11 cheap ass reaction by biden LMFAO
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
Putin sent ruddy stuff
Lexie Pixie
Lexie Pixie 2 jam yang lalu
Uhmmm hello Biden we have as much PPE as we need and people are choosing not to wear/ use them! Trump cant stop it and neither can he. Trump is our best bet.
E=qual 2 jam yang lalu
Yo last one was so much better. this is boring as heck.
Jdub CC
Jdub CC 2 jam yang lalu
Trumps gonna win
Buda Yen
Buda Yen 2 jam yang lalu
What?! A decent debate from Donald Trump? MY BRAIN TREMBLESSSS!!!
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
Lol ok so Russia china are friends hes poking in the eye lol this dude is lost fr
Jay Hill
Jay Hill 2 jam yang lalu
i’m still upset two fully grown men arguing is #1 trending over positions by ariana grandes -_-
strupulf 2 jam yang lalu
How about you let them finish their points and skip the remainding questions when the time runs out. Whats more important?
BOOM BOOM MAX 2 jam yang lalu
100% Work karega tirck Jitna chaho diamond 💎💎 lelo free me
Fan moments
Fan moments 2 jam yang lalu
You can watch fan videos from my channel😂😍
Debra Peterson
Debra Peterson 2 jam yang lalu
At least Trump knows that the people can not afford to be shut down. Joe Biden said that Americans were able to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic because "some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.
TalonTed 2 jam yang lalu
We're doomed.
Mans 567
Mans 567 2 jam yang lalu
I'm glad that there are less interruptions this debate (ofcourse because trump behaved) .But that didn't stop trump from spreading misinformation . He spewed as many lies he did the last debate .
ramah muli
ramah muli 2 jam yang lalu
Global warming is a hoax
rayed yaser
rayed yaser 2 jam yang lalu
He did good relations with rich countries . Biden is not sure to do with it, Trump is better
Edward Bersin
Edward Bersin 2 jam yang lalu
I think Trump is going to win in a landslide. Joe doesn't have answers for his 47 years of inaction. He repeats empty slogans like a broken record. He shows his age and is low energy. The corruption he's currently accused of is icing on the cake.
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
Payed bills for you no trail but found out
Mary Reichard
Mary Reichard 2 jam yang lalu
nobody; joe biden: “c’mon”
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
You got a cut cut cut man we know that
boop poob
boop poob 2 jam yang lalu
All the lib media outlets will cut the part where he says he isn't racist... funny how everybody loved trump until he ran for president then he is suddenly racist. Good job lib media. When will you be held responsible for the damage you have caused???
Manjunath Kampali
Manjunath Kampali 2 jam yang lalu
Joe is all the time saying he will do this that but not telling what he did better in past
tiffany nguyen
tiffany nguyen 2 jam yang lalu
Go president Trump 2020
Ok !
Ok ! 2 jam yang lalu
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
And no politician lies huh Joe, all under oath, lol does he think the American ppl are dumb
Georgianna McKenzie
Georgianna McKenzie 2 jam yang lalu
Vote Trump
Romeo Garcia Ordoñez
Romeo Garcia Ordoñez 2 jam yang lalu
Que hago aquí ?
Count Bout IT
Count Bout IT 2 jam yang lalu
Both sides....what a bunch of bs propaganda....let's have both wives come kiss their man afterwards for solidarity.
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
It's all there writing down Joe it will come out about hunter
王家旺 2 jam yang lalu
rayed yaser
rayed yaser 2 jam yang lalu
He did good relations with rich countries . Biden is not sure to do with it, Trump is better
Roland Gonzalez
Roland Gonzalez 2 jam yang lalu
Trump for prison or bust!!
miroslav dobrijevic
miroslav dobrijevic 2 jam yang lalu
TRUMP 2020
Sized Joker
Sized Joker 2 jam yang lalu
I agree with Trump on the minimum wage
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
Lol so u just said u dont know what he's paying but just before that u stated u knew what he paid which would be illegal so which one is it Joe
ItsReload 2 jam yang lalu
1:38:26 Abe Lincoln was so racist - Joe Biden
Tyler Stiles
Tyler Stiles 2 jam yang lalu
49:26 joe bidens face when trump said biden got 3 and a half million dollars from Russia😂😂😂😂
Mark D
Mark D 2 jam yang lalu
C’mon man
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
Dawn Raven
Dawn Raven 2 jam yang lalu
You can’t say you support equality or racism if you support Trump. How can you not support racism if you’re supporting somebody who doesn’t? It doesn’t make sense at all🤡
beselbic 2 jam yang lalu
Took a shot every time Trump said "China." I'm still hungover.
Flush 123
Flush 123 2 jam yang lalu
Free Kany West
Bananaboy 05
Bananaboy 05 2 jam yang lalu
Trump looks like when you miss the hole on a Capri sun and puncture the bag and Biden looks like a grandpa that takes long breathes between his words.
alex shaw
alex shaw 2 jam yang lalu
Fear mongering
Janice Leighton
Janice Leighton 2 jam yang lalu
Watch Kim start the muscles again if Biden gets in
Ras Sale I
Ras Sale I 2 jam yang lalu
Biden don't know that thousands of scientists and doctors said this is just a flu type. Plandemic.
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker 2 jam yang lalu
22 yrs out of the 40+ you have been in the gov.
Super Nintendo Chalmers
Super Nintendo Chalmers 2 jam yang lalu
Trump WILL win, and unfortunately Hollywood will be no more, and New York will need Snake Plissken. Ouch
Shree CORONA singh Virus
Shree CORONA singh Virus 2 jam yang lalu
I m from India🇮🇳 I Don't know who is best for Americans But I can say if *Joe Biden* becomes President than it will be very bad for India 🇮🇳 But We r ready with our strong PM Modi No one can intervene our national security 😠🔥🔥
ShWeJaPa 2 jam yang lalu
1:43:08, 😆, uh oh The Right Honourable Michelle Rempel would not want to hear a bad plan to make Her province to broke, I suggest.
Jesus Sucgang
Jesus Sucgang 2 jam yang lalu
The Patriot 2020 Donald J Trump President MAGA 12 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!
Cloud Galaxy
Cloud Galaxy 2 jam yang lalu
Lizard people 🦎
Rayboss302 2 jam yang lalu
What a bullshit intro pff
jack denial
jack denial 2 jam yang lalu
LOL..... Moron Trump said he knows more about wind that anyone..... LOL..... LOL>......probably because he is full of fart and s.h.i.t...... LOL.... the difference between the two is one answers in specific form and the orange monkey answers in general terms. LOL... meaning he is full of hot air. Anyone still falls for this bafoon after the longest 4 years term of nothing but fart and gas coming out of the WH, is also a moron and deserved to be called I love the un-educated people by moron Trump.
ItsReload 2 jam yang lalu
Natural Gas and oil are still far more energy efficient than wind or solar
Overt Blowfish
Overt Blowfish 2 jam yang lalu
Trump switched stances this debate
Carl Gibans
Carl Gibans 2 jam yang lalu
The moderator is a joke just like Biden.
thatredhead13 2 jam yang lalu
1:25:27 Are we not going to acknowledge the fact Joe threw Obama under the bus here? That's a major blow to the more moderate left that believe Obama did a good job.
Super Nintendo Chalmers
Super Nintendo Chalmers 2 jam yang lalu
I see A LOT of likes... How accurate are those polls CNN? LMAO!
Diana Duarte
Diana Duarte 2 jam yang lalu
Am I missing something? I got to the part where Biden made the comment with Abe Lincoln, and he said that trump had called himself Abe Lincoln. I rewound, but trump never even said the name, Abe Lincoln. Now granted I haven’t been following much politics before the debate, but when trump said he is one of the only presidents since Abe (paraphrasing) that has done anything. Was that in an article or something? Because during the entire debate- until Biden made the sarcastic comment - Lincoln was never ever mentioned. I am seriously asking, I’m not trying to facetious.
Liesandpolitics 2 jam yang lalu
Yes Trump has at several points said that he has done more for black people than any president since Abe Lincoln, which is ridiculous.
EAGLE MAN S 2 jam yang lalu
Marc Richards
Marc Richards 2 jam yang lalu
Who built the cages Joe?
ItsReload 2 jam yang lalu
Heavenbeetle 2 jam yang lalu
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