Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through IDshow binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.
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Logan King
Logan King 12 menit yang lalu
save this in my watch later for a month,i believe the champion still procrastinating
Kind Ness
Kind Ness 15 menit yang lalu
What country had а history of procrastination? Russia. At one point they were all for Stalin
Josefine 56 menit yang lalu
To be fair, procrastinating throughout my life has thaught me how to get things done fast. Managed to do my entire bachelor thesis in a week. Didn't pass it tho :/
Iste bu
Iste bu Jam Yang lalu
Who intends to get IELTS?
anonomus808 Jam Yang lalu
When you are doing your geometry homework and listen to an ABC crimes documentary video to concentrate and end up watching 5 hours of videos about serial killers.
Txme-_- 2 jam yang lalu Sub to my boyy
posy 2 jam yang lalu
ngl this just sounds like executive dysfunction
BoredStickman Jam Yang lalu
@posy Ok, non peocrastinator
posy Jam Yang lalu
@BoredStickman ?? Procrastination is literally part of executive dysfunction. I was just labeling the problem described in the video
Txme-_- 2 jam yang lalu Sub to my boyy
BoredStickman 2 jam yang lalu
Ok, Non procrastinator
DragonWarpFX 2 jam yang lalu
oohh hey, that's me!
Txme-_- 2 jam yang lalu
Txme-_- 2 jam yang lalu Sub to my boyy
Just Freya
Just Freya 2 jam yang lalu
This guy pretty much summed up my life
Txme-_- 2 jam yang lalu Sub to my boyy
Creativity Subliminal
Creativity Subliminal 3 jam yang lalu
U will LOVE!
Txme-_- 2 jam yang lalu
So will you Sub to my boyy
Gwyneth Wong
Gwyneth Wong 3 jam yang lalu
yea i dont think my panic monster functions anymore
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu Sub to my boyy
Lucas Emanuel
Lucas Emanuel 3 jam yang lalu
My boy just explained Freud's psychanalysis concepts like ID, ego and superego in the funniest way possible
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu Sub to my boyy
Tania Brown
Tania Brown 3 jam yang lalu
How many of you know the work is due the next day and procrastinate all night fall asleep then wake up at 3am of due day pull it out and miraculously work on it while also still having time to get ready for the day and making it to school to finish the end of the work before the first bell rings? Just me?
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu Sub to my boyy
Pineapple beach
Pineapple beach 3 jam yang lalu
This is a sign... I’m in the car with my school computer on my lap but I also have a headache...;~;
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu Sub to my boyy
Malious Karito
Malious Karito 4 jam yang lalu
This is me
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu Sub to my boyy Same :/
supdograinbarff 4 jam yang lalu
Oh, so in my mind
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
Lol Sub to my boyy
Nguyễn Đức Quang
Nguyễn Đức Quang 4 jam yang lalu
I plan to take a nap after this vid. this vid screws my plan
Gilbert Lopez
Gilbert Lopez 4 jam yang lalu
I really need to get back to studying
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu Sub to my boyy Same
Diana Riverjackson
Diana Riverjackson 4 jam yang lalu
This is the best TED talk ever
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
lol Sub to my boyy
Matthew Pfeiffer
Matthew Pfeiffer 5 jam yang lalu
This is literally me ope never mind I’m a straight A student
BoredStickman 2 jam yang lalu
So am I, so are many of my friends and we all procrastinate. You underestimate Panic Monster. Panic monster does anything Panic monster wants
Deeksha Singh
Deeksha Singh 5 jam yang lalu
So technically I am watching this video while writing paper with 6 hr deadline left to see why am I like this
Annabell Woods
Annabell Woods 7 jam yang lalu
Procrastinator's motto: "Just one more episode"
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
Connie Li
Connie Li 8 jam yang lalu
Oh gosh. I’m procrastinating right now. Imma stop watching this video.🤭
Kritika Dhiran
Kritika Dhiran 8 jam yang lalu
Cory 9 jam yang lalu
i have and entire book report to do in one day and i didnt even read the book wish me luck
Donald Pace
Donald Pace 8 jam yang lalu
You got this
FJP TJP 9 jam yang lalu
Me watching this in 2:00 AM instead of doing bunch of school works:😣
sue JesusistheLord
sue JesusistheLord 9 jam yang lalu
Wait till a loved one is fighting cancer and no matter how many signals go off for any reason ...heart and mind boggling to say the least, even paralyzing.
JellybeanInc 9 jam yang lalu
I should have started on a project 2hrs ago.....instead I'm here learning about procrastination.
TaylorTot 10 jam yang lalu
I’m supposed to finish my animation rn and im watching this
TaylorTot Jam Yang lalu
Yeah they stole it and I’m livid
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
bruh so that is where JJBA got it from XD
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
no way you made this...
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
@TaylorTot no way...
TaylorTot Jam Yang lalu
Question sir, why? @Txme-_-
Steve o'Hara
Steve o'Hara 11 jam yang lalu
How good of a TED Talk this would have been, if it just finished at 2:35.
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
Aga Olivander
Aga Olivander 11 jam yang lalu
I am doing my assignment in 1 hour before deadline. Am i professional procrastinator?
Txme-_- Jam Yang lalu
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
Ah, I wish we got paid for procrastinating, wait then I would have procrastinated procrastination
Bluenette 12 jam yang lalu
I come to watch this video when I procrastinate
Samuel Xu
Samuel Xu 12 jam yang lalu
ah yes, i have a essay due the next week. so let's scroll through India for 2 1/2 hours for no reason
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
Actually I'm scrolling through the comments, I have My test tomorrow and I plan to study tomorrow morning
coctodon coctodon aussi
coctodon coctodon aussi 12 jam yang lalu
Ok this was targeted...I reeeeaaaally have to do homework, and i just had a urge to learn about biblical angels and their hierarchy...
yassin amin
yassin amin 12 jam yang lalu
the worst part of procrastination is this situation "oh I have only 10 hours tell the deadline and I haven't started yet, well let's pulling an all-nighter after finishing the series " but the series is 50 episodes.
Claire Mosford
Claire Mosford 12 jam yang lalu
bro how was he even nervous for this he did so well
Mo Betta You - The Health Coach
Mo Betta You - The Health Coach 12 jam yang lalu
Wow! That really put it in perspective for me. Mindblowing ...Boom !!!
J N 13 jam yang lalu
I procrastinated watching this video by pausing it to read the comments.
Xevehn Parel
Xevehn Parel 13 jam yang lalu
Who else procrastinate sometimes with doing something productive like doing the laundry that you've been avoiding for days or cleaning your room and a lot of the time just go on your phone
Xevehn Parel
Xevehn Parel 8 jam yang lalu
@Ei Epix yes and no 😂 like you need to avoid doing that HAHA coming from me
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
I procrastinate my school studies by reading entrepreneurial books, am I great ?
Milica Tadić
Milica Tadić 13 jam yang lalu
I procrastinated watching this video for at least a year
Phil Smith
Phil Smith 14 jam yang lalu
Brilliant and scary
Jim Northland
Jim Northland 15 jam yang lalu
I gave a presentation to hundreds of scholars on a national platform & was still re-writing during the time I was being introduced. Yeah, been there.
Savv 16 jam yang lalu
k cool so how do i fix it mr urban
Yara Abdullah
Yara Abdullah 16 jam yang lalu
I love u😂he's really good and yeah that's exactly me
DavidTheRed // T1RedEyedDragon
DavidTheRed // T1RedEyedDragon 17 jam yang lalu
So uh... What do I do if the panic monster loses its power?
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
Well, Murder the monkey
excuse me
excuse me 17 jam yang lalu
how do i kill the monkey?
Freddie Reid
Freddie Reid 7 jam yang lalu
Show him what a real “dark playground” looks like
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
Feed red bull to the panic monster
anywhoyt 18 jam yang lalu
I believe my procrastination comes from a deep fear of being judged due to the inability to judge my own work as "good enough." Ironically, I feel, I can judge the work of others fairly. Procrastination caused by the fear of producing an unacceptable product is only overcome by the fear of producing no product at all.
David 18 jam yang lalu
everyone gansta till the panic monster comes out
Dewi San
Dewi San 19 jam yang lalu
Amazinggg, I hate panicity 😁
Nathan Lehenbauer
Nathan Lehenbauer 19 jam yang lalu
"This above all: to thine own self be true." Taking those words to heart and adding this to my "Watch Later" queue.
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
😂 Today i hereby announce you as a Professional procrastinator
Salvatore Tessio
Salvatore Tessio 20 jam yang lalu
Watched this 4 years ago so sure I'd get it it's more worse than I could've possibly imagined.
Pradeep Simhan
Pradeep Simhan 20 jam yang lalu
So I put this video in my "Watch Later" list a while ago ...
Vibeaholic 21 jam yang lalu
Literally 99% won't see this but I just lost my job because of the pandemic, so I started a IDshow channel. I'm not giving up💪
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
U tryna get fake subs ?
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
But u join 3 years ago
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
Never Give Up
virall cullture
virall cullture 21 jam yang lalu
tomorrow for sure- eventually- uuuggh- so much later the old narrator quit and they had ti hire a new one.
lizis potato
lizis potato 22 jam yang lalu
Sounds just like my adhd
Khean Baranda
Khean Baranda 22 jam yang lalu
Bruh i have to do a ted style talk thats due later
Beautiful Jackson Hole
Beautiful Jackson Hole 22 jam yang lalu
Oh my goodness You’re talking about me 😅
Alex Serrano
Alex Serrano 22 jam yang lalu
amazing video, i am procrastinating as i am watching this lmao how tf did i end up here anyways i started watching reptilian videos
Kate Alvarez
Kate Alvarez 22 jam yang lalu
But I still get an A with as little time used up at all...So in the end who wins?
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
Panic Monster
Kate Alvarez
Kate Alvarez 23 jam yang lalu
I procrastinated in watching this video. It was in my watch later for a while.
KIRT MARTIN REYES 23 jam yang lalu
The editor made the presentation (presented in screen) procrastinated that he just draw the entire presentation in one day
Theonedrop 1
Theonedrop 1 23 jam yang lalu
It took me 4 years of it being in my recommended to get to this video. I don't think I need the ted talk.
Ethan Staples
Ethan Staples 23 jam yang lalu
Aparently, and I found this out in college, I have an anxiety from due dates... so... i am a huge procrastinator
Ashy Pickle
Ashy Pickle 23 jam yang lalu
It feels like he is calling me out
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar Hari Yang lalu
As a PhD student, i understand this😂
Chip Hari Yang lalu
I just got around to watching this video.
Atul Khatri
Atul Khatri Hari Yang lalu
I had been seeing this video appearing in my feed for last 2 years. I knew I need to watch it but it was always like I'll do it someday when I have time.
Glory o
Glory o Hari Yang lalu
This video is just aimed at me😀
Shrish Tiwari
Shrish Tiwari Hari Yang lalu
Nobody, absolutely nobody: Me: Procrastinating even though i have an apush test tomorrow along with two major grades and yet watching this video for the fifth time straight cuz its funny :I
Ei Epix
Ei Epix 10 jam yang lalu
Sirsh Tiwari : Adding nobody makes my comment funnier
j0eycans Hari Yang lalu
“We’re not in tribal times, we’re in an advanced civilization”. That didn’t age well...
Superricardo40 Hari Yang lalu
Every single mind in online school is like this
Kelly McCarty
Kelly McCarty Hari Yang lalu
Not me using this video to procrastinate....
ByJeck z
ByJeck z Hari Yang lalu
I have to write 2500 words in 12 hours, and I am still watching this
The Good Doctor *Wink Wink*
The Good Doctor *Wink Wink* Hari Yang lalu
I should be writing that paper, reading that book, and preparing that debate. but id rather watch this
emily rodriguez
emily rodriguez Hari Yang lalu
not me procrasinating by watching this rn oop-
Joshua Lukasiewicz
Joshua Lukasiewicz Hari Yang lalu
Well I was researching for a class project.... and then I saw this video pop up
Jean-Francois Joly
Jean-Francois Joly Hari Yang lalu
perfect is the enemy of good
Relaxation Pill
Relaxation Pill Hari Yang lalu
Hello Stranger, Wish you a great life ahead 😍😍
Lisa H
Lisa H Hari Yang lalu
there is literally nothing to procrastinate on.
Victoria Sanchez
Victoria Sanchez Hari Yang lalu
im in class watching this video about procrastinating while procrastinating.....
BrookePage Hari Yang lalu
Why did I procrastinate to watch this video lmfao
Subscribe to ThanPixel Do it Right Now
Subscribe to ThanPixel Do it Right Now Hari Yang lalu
I watched this video to try to get myself to stop procrastinating, then I watched IDshow for like two more hours
M vaz
M vaz Hari Yang lalu
me: well i have plenty of time to finish my work thats why im watching this:) ohhhh yep im a procrastinator
La Campanella
La Campanella Hari Yang lalu
"humans are not supposed to pull two all-nighters" architecture student: we are zombies
Temperance Perez
Temperance Perez Hari Yang lalu
YES I AGREE! coming from a procrastinator.
I like pigs
I like pigs Hari Yang lalu
this is me most of the time. My routine: Go to achieve, read an article, go to questions, choose one answer on question one, watch youtube because it so boring, repeat until deadline
fearreavers Hari Yang lalu
I have a zoo up there.
Autumnly Hari Yang lalu
"Humans are not supposed to pull 2 all-nighters" *This won't stop me, because I can't read.*
The Intrepid Poet
The Intrepid Poet Hari Yang lalu
Truth In A Passion Of Lies
Treysen Eye - RTM Student
Treysen Eye - RTM Student Hari Yang lalu
Literally procrastinating while watching
Piper Bailey
Piper Bailey Hari Yang lalu
Not me pausing the video to go read the wikipedia page on the Tanya Harding scandal
Alex Arango
Alex Arango Hari Yang lalu
I've never felt so represented by a comment section like the one on this video lol
ItsChevnotJeff 2020
ItsChevnotJeff 2020 Hari Yang lalu
I told my parents twice that my brain is being driven by two drivers fighting over the wheel
Bridget Eastman - Class of 2025
Bridget Eastman - Class of 2025 Hari Yang lalu
But then there’s the ADHD brain, where the rational decision maker doesn’t exist and the panic monster likes to appear every 30 minutes for 5 minute intervals so for 4 hours every day no ones at the steering wheel.
Sunne Days
Sunne Days Hari Yang lalu
My teacher made us watch this-
Midnight Rose
Midnight Rose Hari Yang lalu
I am such a procrastinator on almost all my school projects I would wait until the night before it’s due But tbh all the work is really good, and that’s when I can actually focus and get in my state of mind ;-;
ccc310 Hari Yang lalu
Just give me 10 hours for something and I'll be the most productive human in existence. Otherwise I'm a lazy slob haha
Richard Adepah
Richard Adepah Hari Yang lalu
I will watch this later
Infection Spreads
Infection Spreads Hari Yang lalu
As I procrastion getting two homework assignments that is due later today
Cortez Daslayer
Cortez Daslayer Hari Yang lalu
I’ll watch this later
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