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Blue & Grey · BTS (방탄소년단)
Released on: 2020-11-20
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Marchella Shelikah
Marchella Shelikah 5 jam yang lalu
Marchella Shelikah
Marchella Shelikah 5 jam yang lalu
아요 5 jam yang lalu
개인적으로 진과 뷔 목소리가 이 노래에 너무 잘 어울리네요. 진 솔로 버전으로 듣고 싶다.....
susu le
susu le 5 jam yang lalu
I Like it ♥️♥️♥️
Chim Chim
Chim Chim 5 jam yang lalu
Adem bgt
Sonyde 5 jam yang lalu
I love this song so much! On repeat now
MR Spy
MR Spy 5 jam yang lalu
I'm here all the time but I still managed to click on bighit's link
Ga In Ahn
Ga In Ahn 5 jam yang lalu
Wow trending #15 in my country >.
Deena Yang
Deena Yang 5 jam yang lalu
This was only our 4 days ago and I’ve already cried to it 10+ times
Haily Manuel
Haily Manuel 5 jam yang lalu
Iloveyou 😭
Priya Panwar540
Priya Panwar540 5 jam yang lalu
Don't say its ok Cause its not okay Please dont leave me, its hurt too much -- jimin Why am i crying 🥺
bts taekooktae
bts taekooktae 6 jam yang lalu
Makiyo Aoi
Makiyo Aoi 6 jam yang lalu
I love this song so much. I can hear all vocal line lower register voice. It's so calming. It's a gloomy song but somehow it comfort me 💜💜
Baby MOA
Baby MOA 6 jam yang lalu
Sanat eseri..
nilam sari
nilam sari 6 jam yang lalu
Viphretuonuo Suohu
Viphretuonuo Suohu 6 jam yang lalu
No hate but am I the only one who thinks their music intro sounds like X Japan "Tears"....
Taevi3031 6 jam yang lalu
Mehana Limboo
Mehana Limboo 6 jam yang lalu
”If there's a parallel world around this Univers, I wish there’s another you” TaeTae & BTS💜❤️
Siti Munawaroh
Siti Munawaroh 6 jam yang lalu
The next Spring Day
Alicia cassandra
Alicia cassandra 6 jam yang lalu
Rishitha Reddy
Rishitha Reddy 6 jam yang lalu
His vocals heals everything
Bikash Saha
Bikash Saha 6 jam yang lalu
Nice :)
Mehana Limboo
Mehana Limboo 6 jam yang lalu
Tae’s deep voice is the biggest healing medicine of my inner wounds ❤️💜
Taetae myWorld
Taetae myWorld 6 jam yang lalu
A Proud feeling as a tae stan while listening to this . Blue & Grey Soty
Dead Child
Dead Child 6 jam yang lalu
Who else got goosebumps at 3:10
For Sky
For Sky 6 jam yang lalu
This song sounds thoughtful, I can't smile every time listening to this. :""
Mehana Limboo
Mehana Limboo 6 jam yang lalu
I am not lying but I appreciate Taehyung’s deep voice more than his Perfect Visual.❤️
BTS ARMY 6 jam yang lalu
Blue and grey 💜💜💜💜💜
Jimile Teyze
Jimile Teyze 6 jam yang lalu
ya neredeyse hiç TÜRK yorumu yok neredesiniz Turk!sh Armyler? ~ Turk!sh @rmy - Azerba!jan @rmy~
Babitha B
Babitha B 6 jam yang lalu
Love BTS more and more after every single day 💜
:c 6 jam yang lalu
am I the only one that sings at this part 0:06 nurete kaerouyo sjdhhddj I can't otherwise it's like kawaki wo ameku since I first listened to it I hear thiss
Ma. Christina Maala
Ma. Christina Maala 6 jam yang lalu
Im so happy
Delia Noviyanti
Delia Noviyanti 6 jam yang lalu
Fatima Martins
Fatima Martins 6 jam yang lalu
Essa é uma das músicas mais belas que já escutei na vida.
Siska Rendhiana
Siska Rendhiana 6 jam yang lalu
Suara nya nagih banget 😍
깜찍아산책가니 6 jam yang lalu
We're always love you😭💜 never leave you,,, just forever together
Ashar Ahmed
Ashar Ahmed 6 jam yang lalu
I cant understand a thing sorry
Jimena Ortega
Jimena Ortega 6 jam yang lalu
Hermosa 😍
Johana Canuto
Johana Canuto 6 jam yang lalu
Dicen que cuando escuchas una canción y sientes esa sensación de que antes la escuchaste o te parece familiar es por qué te recuerda a un sentimiento o a un sentir que antes ya tuviste está canción es un claro ejemplo para mí :")
indah arsinta
indah arsinta 6 jam yang lalu
김혜빈 6 jam yang lalu
파란색과 회색이 우울한 상징이라도, 저는 파란색과 회색을 사랑합니다.🤍🎠 김태형오빠는 더.😳😬 항상 응원하고 있어요. 좋은 노래 만들어줘서 고마워요.>
이재하 6 jam yang lalu
My healing song blue & grey...
Pain 6 jam yang lalu
Rm's part's lyrics remind me so much of his mono mixtape. The colour grey and the mentioning of the rain. I find so much comfort in the familiarity. Please check out his mono mixtape, if you like songs like blue and grey.
Ayumy Chan
Ayumy Chan 6 jam yang lalu
beautiful voices
winter bear
winter bear 6 jam yang lalu
Army stream plzzzzzzz
Kittymeg 6 jam yang lalu
I listened to this for the first time whilst reading the translation. Cried my eyes out. 10/10 would not recommend when you’re sad
ChicaKenya Army
ChicaKenya Army 6 jam yang lalu
Esta parte Solo quiero ser más feliz Derretir el frío que hay en mí Ya extendí mis manos un montón de veces Un eco sin color Oh, este suelo parece tan pesado *Estoy cantando solo Solo quiero ser más feliz ¿Será que estoy siendo codicioso? * Cuando caminé por las calles frías, sentí El sonido de mi corazón acelerado respirando Lo siento todavía No digas que está todo bien Porque no está Por favor, no me dejes solo, me duele mucho
vankth1tae kim
vankth1tae kim 6 jam yang lalu
I'm glad this song existed. a song that keeps you warm during cold night or winter season. like a lullaby that helps you sleep at night. it's just so comforting and very healing. Thank you Kim Taehyung. I'm so proud of you. You're very talented. I love you
widya ningrum
widya ningrum 6 jam yang lalu
When i hear your voice, no more blue or grey ... there are colourfull like Dynamite on my heart. Love you my Bangtab
XI SCI C 056 Swarni surve
XI SCI C 056 Swarni surve 6 jam yang lalu
Tae defined purple you and now that we are apart he defined one more word.. We are blue and grey without eachother....
Daniella Fulo
Daniella Fulo 6 jam yang lalu
This music can heal you.
Putri Ziya
Putri Ziya 6 jam yang lalu
XI SCI C 056 Swarni surve
XI SCI C 056 Swarni surve 6 jam yang lalu
I just love this.. No more words so.. Comforting!
Rory ann Reyes
Rory ann Reyes 6 jam yang lalu
this song is on #5 trending,The power of this song holds.
Iis Erlina
Iis Erlina 6 jam yang lalu
i love this song
Rory ann Reyes
Rory ann Reyes 6 jam yang lalu
I'm blue and grey♡
Calleny V.
Calleny V. 6 jam yang lalu
Beautiful ☺️
Anushma 777
Anushma 777 6 jam yang lalu
Its not a song,its a poetry,
Rory ann Reyes
Rory ann Reyes 6 jam yang lalu
My favorite♡
Maryah kim
Maryah kim 6 jam yang lalu
الله يبعص الشركه الله يلعنكم حاطين اعلان ترويجي لجيمين هنا زيا زفوت يا كلاب تدرون ان بلو اند قراي اكثر مشاهدات تجون تروجون له هنا عشان كم فيوز ترتفع له كسم القرف ذا روحوا روجوا له بعيد عن هنا جاتكم القرف
Sri Wahyuni
Sri Wahyuni 6 jam yang lalu
V : "where is my angel???" Me : i'm here taetae wkwkwkwk uppss sorry my #haluwkwkkw
Neneng Komalasari
Neneng Komalasari 6 jam yang lalu
Nur Suraya
Nur Suraya 6 jam yang lalu
Finally. How so beautiful voice.❤ I'm so proud all of you. You all already try hard. Thank you very much. Love from Malaysia. 💜💜
Michael Sylliang
Michael Sylliang 6 jam yang lalu
"I just wanna be happier" You will surely seek happiness saranghae BTS💜💜💜
Alessandra 6 jam yang lalu
The album is so amazing ! Thank you so much BTS
•Jeongguk•디샤• 6 jam yang lalu
"I just wanna be happier, am I being greedy?" No Taehyung, you deserve to be the happiest person😭😭🥺
Sarvashree Mane
Sarvashree Mane 6 jam yang lalu
My life have 7 precious diamond 💜💜all army purple you... BTS 💜💜
Jqi Ong
Jqi Ong 6 jam yang lalu
really thankful for this song... its so sad yet so comforting! "괜찮다고 하지 마 괜찮지 않으니까 제발 혼자 두지 말아 줘 너무 아파"
Suara Rauza
Suara Rauza 6 jam yang lalu
mati gue anjim suaranya v
GABY H. SAMBON 6 jam yang lalu
the music is very comforting and lovely but a little bit mixed with sadness, but i still love it
angel calixto
angel calixto 6 jam yang lalu
I can't count how many times I played this song.
Its Red
Its Red 6 jam yang lalu
Their voice can comfort you
Novia Permatasari
Novia Permatasari 6 jam yang lalu
really love the lyrics and melody ♥️
angel calixto
angel calixto 6 jam yang lalu
I can't count how many times I played this song.
Its Red
Its Red 6 jam yang lalu
I really love this song
Winny Tesalonika
Winny Tesalonika 6 jam yang lalu
Bighit, have you considered putting the lyrics here so those views on lyric mv will decrease ??
eves paradise
eves paradise 6 jam yang lalu
the ground im on feel so much heavier but lets live on coz life goes on thier songs are my rehab and im so glad i found them during this pandemic fighting! and lets all be happy :)
진성parK 6 jam yang lalu
namjoon's verse is so sad yet relatable in many times.....sometimes i find comfort in sadness or melancholic places
Anju rathore
Anju rathore 6 jam yang lalu
Beautiful vocals of V...
Juan Amando
Juan Amando 6 jam yang lalu
Just watched the behind story in how Nive and V made this wonderful song.
დ•방탄소년단_ മ.മ _ army•დ
დ•방탄소년단_ മ.മ _ army•დ 6 jam yang lalu
كيم نامجون كيم سوكجين مين يونغي جونغ هوسوك بارك جيمين كيم تايهيونغ جيون جونغكوك بي تي اسسسس
Chrysanth.Alistair Belamide
Chrysanth.Alistair Belamide 6 jam yang lalu
Kim Taehyung so talented! So love Blue amd Grey, will never get tired listening to this amazing song!
Sara khan
Sara khan 6 jam yang lalu
Best song of BE album
Sara khan
Sara khan 6 jam yang lalu
Afang Galih Permana
Afang Galih Permana 6 jam yang lalu
Lyka Leyba
Lyka Leyba 6 jam yang lalu
never heard a rap sang this soothing and healing
Carrie Evangelista
Carrie Evangelista 6 jam yang lalu
Taehyung’s soulful voice is very relaxing... makes me forget about my life’s problems.
우리 세븐
우리 세븐 6 jam yang lalu
Jin and Jungkook harmonize beautifully together
Yina Ye
Yina Ye 7 jam yang lalu
~I just wanna be happier~
Yina Ye
Yina Ye 7 jam yang lalu
~I just wanna be happier~
Suman Kumari
Suman Kumari 7 jam yang lalu
This song is so soothing
Suci Kartika
Suci Kartika 7 jam yang lalu
I can't stop listening this song, this song is really beautiful💜
S Alwarappan
S Alwarappan 7 jam yang lalu
Where is my angel? Haruye kkeucheul deuriun Someone come and save me, please Jichin haruye hansumppun Saramdeureun da haengbokhanga bwa Can you look at me? 'Cause I am blue and grey Geoure bichin nunmure uimineun Useume gamchweojin naye saekkkal blue and grey [Verse 1: SUGA] Eodiseobuteo jalmottwaetneunji jal moreugesseo Na eoryeoseobuteo meorissogen paransaek mureumpyo Eojjeom geuraeseo chiyeolhage saranneunji moreuji But dwireul doraboni yeogi udugeoni seoni Nareul jipeosamkyeobeorineun jeo seoseul peoreon geurimja Yeojeonhido paransaek mureumpyoneun Gwayeon buraninji uurinji Eojjeom jeongmal huhweye dongmurinji Animyeoneun weroumi naeun nailji Yeojeonhi moreugesseo seoseul peoreon beullu Jamshikdweji ankil barae chajeul geoya chulgu [Chorus: Jin, Jungkook, Jimin & V] I just wanna be happier Chagaun nal nogyeojweo Sueopshi naemin naye son Saekkkal eomneun meari Oh, this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself I just wanna be happier Igeotto keun yokshimilkka [Post-Chorus: Jungkook + Jin & Jimin + V] Chuun gyeoul georireul georeul ttae neukkin Ppallajin shimjange hoheub soril Jigeumdo neukkigon hae Gwaenchantago haji ma Gwaenchanchi aneunikka Jebal honja duji mara jweo neomu apa [Verse 2: j-hope & RM] Neul geonneun gilgwa neul banneun bit But oneureun waenji nasseon scene Mudyeojin geolkka muneojin geolkka Geunde mugeobgin hada i swetteongin Dagaoneun hwesaek koppulso Chojeom eopshi nan deonggeureoni seoisseo Nadabji ana i sungan Geunyang museobjiga ana Nan hwakshiniran shin ttawi an mideo Saekchae gateun mareun ganjireoweo Neolbeun hwesaekjidaega pyeonhae Yeogi sueok gaji pyojeonge grey Biga omyeon nae sesang I doshi wiro chumchunda Malgeun naren angaereul Jeojeun naren hamkke neul Yeogi modeun meonjideul Wihae chukbaereul [Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin, V & Jin] I just wanna be happier Nae sone ongil neukkyeojweo Ttatteuthajiga anaseo nega deouk piryohae Oh, this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself Meon hutnal naega utge dwemyeon Malhalge geuraesseottago [Outro: V] Heogonge tteodoneun mareul mollae juweo damgo nani Ije saebyeokjami deune, goodnight
Yra Alexa
Yra Alexa 7 jam yang lalu
str34m the other tracks too :) there are 8 tracks in the album hehe
진성parK 6 jam yang lalu
shirin shiri
shirin shiri 7 jam yang lalu
LIFE GOES ON - 200M DYNAMITE - 700m ON & BLACK SWAN - 250m Sweet Night - 50M Daechwita - 200m BWL - 1.1B FAKE LOVE - 900M IDOL, MD - 800m FIRE , BST - 700m *FIGHTINGGGGGGG*
paniz tabatabaie
paniz tabatabaie 7 jam yang lalu
I like this song
_losifína Ordi
_losifína Ordi 7 jam yang lalu
kiki slobbe
kiki slobbe 7 jam yang lalu
I just wanna be happier
hanums 7 jam yang lalu
Hai V! How are you today? I hope u will gonna be happy everyday. I know its not okay, but soon, everything will be okay. Thankyou for making us understand about your feeling from this song. Dont worry, you’ll never walk alone.
MJ PEREZ 7 jam yang lalu
Me while listening:😫🥺✊ It was so literally goodd.
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