Cristiano Ronaldo On The Jonathan Ross Show

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daniel bharath
daniel bharath 4 jam yang lalu
He talks like stitch from Lilo and stitich
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu 13 jam yang lalu
Best and famous athlete
savad iy
savad iy 14 jam yang lalu
Xi JinPing
Xi JinPing 16 jam yang lalu
cwistiano ronaldwo
Jahirul Islam
Jahirul Islam Hari Yang lalu
*I am die hard Messi fan but I didn’t hate Cristiano . Because he respect Messi & Messi also respect him . So why I & you aren’t respect them* .
Jeanette Dias
Jeanette Dias Hari Yang lalu
Ronaldo is a legend, love him, very natural n humble, down to earth. His simplicity, that what makes me admire him, he is a very good father, n son. Like d bond he has with is son, n family. People love n admire him all over d globe. A brilliant sportsman I'm his fan. God bless u n ur family.
thempi khongsai
thempi khongsai Hari Yang lalu
❤️❤️❤️ Cristiano Ronaldo ❤️❤️❤️
Mo jbr
Mo jbr 2 hari yang lalu
I don’t understand what made english language like a holy language , it’s just a language and languages in general are just something to make people communicate nothing more also he speaks now language and he is working on the fourth one in Italy
Yash Talreja
Yash Talreja 2 hari yang lalu
Love this man! A legend par excellence!
17-3A6 Syéd Sálmán
17-3A6 Syéd Sálmán 2 hari yang lalu
13:45 new mom also new siblings :)
Blnd CR7
Blnd CR7 2 hari yang lalu
Cristiano 👑❤
Uche Ama
Uche Ama 3 hari yang lalu
Much respect for this gem! From a football fan
Debasish Nath
Debasish Nath 4 hari yang lalu
This show hosters asks some stupid and personal things that should not be asked or questioned
Marwan Ghoneim
Marwan Ghoneim 4 hari yang lalu
No one cristiano : unbelievable 😂😂
Aimtofflan 4 hari yang lalu
"I respect english people because they are nice and polite" Everyone laughs "No serious" hahahaha
BUDI YONO 5 hari yang lalu
jos gandos kotos kotos,INDONESIA hadir
parampreet singh samra
parampreet singh samra 5 hari yang lalu
for me best person of the world cr7
Rushil Nakhre
Rushil Nakhre 6 hari yang lalu
Great questions from Ross. No pointed questions to trap the celebrity. Just questions to get a good look into CR7s life.
Gabriele Mandel
Gabriele Mandel 8 hari yang lalu
Diese Maske mag ich nicht. Wenn ich bedenke mit welchen Masken wir täglich zu tun haben, dann wird‘ s mir wirklich übel 🤮
Gabriele Mandel
Gabriele Mandel 8 hari yang lalu
Die Bedienung im Clubhaus mit dem Fettanzug ganz 🤮
Gabriele Mandel
Gabriele Mandel 8 hari yang lalu
Man weiß gar nicht mehr woran man ist. Viel schlimmer noch, dass sie sich auch noch lustig darüber machen, da sie nicht erkannt werden. Dreckszeug!!!
NO ONE 8 hari yang lalu
People "I came here because of Cristiano Ronaldo" Me " I came here because of David Tennant😍" Edit " I was clickbaited. I thought David was gonna talk aswell"
baadshah mera naam
baadshah mera naam 9 hari yang lalu
The more im seeing this video the more concentrate im get to. Only for this time, dunno why.. im getting emotional in the part when Jonathan Ross asked him about his childhood life. And it do touched my feeling seeing CR7 reaction by just laughing when asked about the comparation own the car he has now and back then when his dad has none. This guy politeness and positivity just simply special. But it also the Jonathan Ross who knows how to get the best talk session with cristiano simply like sir alex role in this show.
piano0b 10 hari yang lalu
21:08 turn subtitles on... xDDD
Y O U R H E R O 10 hari yang lalu
English ppl are polite...😂😂🤪
Khayinghor Duidang
Khayinghor Duidang 11 hari yang lalu
Wow he is tough n straight forword he is hard working boy
Madhavan Menon
Madhavan Menon 12 hari yang lalu
The dislikes are from the people that are jealous of his language learning ability . And of how good of a player he is of course . -From a Messi fan
Keshav Binani
Keshav Binani 12 hari yang lalu
English football fans don't like Lionel Messi, And no one is ready to have that conversation.
kartonistic boy
kartonistic boy 12 hari yang lalu
5:13....the host tried to make fun of Cristiano he responded it🤣🤣🤣🤣
Riyaj Jr
Riyaj Jr 13 hari yang lalu
10:17 best ans ❤ #LM10
TUNDE TDOT 13 hari yang lalu
I haven't been into anyone like Cristiano Ronaldo. I love his personality, his game, his looks,everything . He is blessed. I am a true fan and I am surprised at myself
Bujok Konyak
Bujok Konyak 14 hari yang lalu
His last part just dump USA,Qutar etc????? am i hearing wrong?
Naga General
Naga General 14 hari yang lalu
His English is better thn U what wasd laughing
Anosh Barekzai786
Anosh Barekzai786 14 hari yang lalu
Rishabh Jindal
Rishabh Jindal 15 hari yang lalu
Anyone who watches football and doesn't compare messi and ronaldo by hating either of one is the real G.O.A.T
Dr Xand
Dr Xand 15 hari yang lalu
Ronaldo is more famous then everyone in the show combined
Farid Ghiles
Farid Ghiles 13 hari yang lalu
Wtf are you talkung about ?
Willy Liem
Willy Liem 16 hari yang lalu
After doing this talk show, ronaldo won many major titles with madrid (3 champions league) and with portugal (1 euro 1 nations league)
Cristiano Biku
Cristiano Biku 17 hari yang lalu
Zippo Locke
Zippo Locke 17 hari yang lalu
Project CR7 baby ;))
Zippo Locke
Zippo Locke 17 hari yang lalu
Best player in the world x x pommm x x x
Jason Brody
Jason Brody 17 hari yang lalu
Who say he's arrogant show them this video.
Cormac Doyle
Cormac Doyle 17 hari yang lalu
I love how they keep panning back to the other guests waiting to come on. Sitting there like peasants in awe of Ronaldo 😂