Breonna Taylor: Who She Was, How She Died, Why Justice Is Overdue | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Here’s the story of Breonna Taylor: who she was, how she was killed, and why justice for her murder is beyond overdue. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BreonnaTaylor
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Johnny Mortel
Johnny Mortel 18 menit yang lalu
Get over it. She was in the way
Michael Pyles
Michael Pyles 44 menit yang lalu
Golden Phoenix
Golden Phoenix 53 menit yang lalu
Neeuq Amilam
Neeuq Amilam 2 jam yang lalu
Yeah Trevor tell this to the people on the yellow bus like Shaq O. Charles B. Candace O. Brandon T. Anthony L. Jesse P., Terence W. and Daniel C the Atty Gen. These people are pathetic they blamed the victim, and all of the information they obtained was from a WS website accept Daniel Cameron who should go to prison for withholding evidence from the investigation. Daniel Cameron obtained evidence from an actual source which would have caused an indictment and prison time for all 4, but Daniel withheld that evidence.
Rocky Mountain HVAC-R
Rocky Mountain HVAC-R 2 jam yang lalu
Hmm... sounds like something that has happened to all races, all over the world! I wonder what the real story is here. I guess we will never truly know.
Nick Karagas
Nick Karagas 2 jam yang lalu
Learn the truth about Breonna, not this crap. There are 5 more parts to this video:
osiris Merck
osiris Merck 3 jam yang lalu
People getting really quiet as the facts roll out
gemini71ize 4 jam yang lalu
Your boyfriend is a drug dealer..
IT is Finish
IT is Finish 4 jam yang lalu
How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the path of sinners,Nor sit in the seat of scoffers!
Eli gr
Eli gr 4 jam yang lalu
I'm just here for the comments from the Europeans from their small ass homogenous countries talking about America like they have any freaking clue. Sorry, no matter how "crappy" this country is, it's still younger and better than yours.
Corgan Thomas
Corgan Thomas 6 jam yang lalu
Don’t want your door bursted through by a no-knock warrant? Don’t run a trap house. Breonna Taylor’s death is a tragedy, but could have easily been avoided by her criminal boyfriend not trafficking drugs.
Loneski255 7 jam yang lalu
Why is the daily show continuing to divide people? Stop posting his nonsense and just lies. She wasn’t murdered she was as bad as her boyfriend. A damn body was found in her rented car at one time. Trevor the respect I once had, is all gone. Sure I know you don’t care but the integrity you may of had is gone.
Walk Tall
Walk Tall 8 jam yang lalu
Get your facts, before you publish.
Level4YouTubePolice 9 jam yang lalu
Things wrong about this video 1. Kenneth Walker (The man with Breonna Taylor) WAS a Drug dealer bonded out after there trap house ( Drug storage house ) was raided. 2. Though true they had a no knock-raid warrant, police DID knock and announce themselves anyways without needing too. This was corroborated by a independent witness. 3. It was the right address for the warrant, as numerous people entered and exited Breonna Taylors home with packages before traveling to known Trap houses. 4. Breonna Taylor KNEW all of this was happening and police confirmed it after a call from Kenneth Walker to Breonna Taylor before the raid to call one of the people operating trap houses in the area and then to bail him out. 5. Kenneth Walker fired first, in a shooting stance facing the officers, not at the ground. Once a officer was hit, the force they retaliated with was acceptable with the probable exception of Officer Hankison, who shot under mysterious circumstances in a dangerous position. All of this information comes from a African American lawyer who takes a objective look on the situation.
Gavin Lin
Gavin Lin 10 jam yang lalu
she wasn't shot in her sleep! She died in her hallway, she was up
James Campbell
James Campbell 10 jam yang lalu
She was in the dope game. Dope and money and dead bodies in her rental car.
Sisekho Tshangela
Sisekho Tshangela 10 jam yang lalu
Cliff Campbell
Cliff Campbell 10 jam yang lalu
Do we have the entire story? Are all the facts in? Personally, I think you are a scumbag for jumping the gun and reacting before all the facts are in just for ratings, but hey, everybody's got to make a buck somehow, right? You just do it off the misery of others and fan the flames of these riots by telling half truths. Has no one told you that "a half truth is a whole lie"?
big kiley Taylor
big kiley Taylor 12 jam yang lalu
Most cops are ex soldiers and it's hard to get a job were you can actually use the skills they were trained in. how to kill. And it's not a very popular job skill...!!
Pj Misley
Pj Misley 12 jam yang lalu
The laws are just the same for everyone Trevor and you should pay attention more if you think otherwise. Police officers are trying to stop criminal behavior they are not going out and wantonly committing criminal behavior
Pj Misley
Pj Misley 12 jam yang lalu
Trevor you are irresponsible.... bogus Intel? Blatantly not giving an eff? You are just as guilty of those things.
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 12 jam yang lalu
These officers are Candidates for court martial and firing squad along with their protectors,judges prosecutors senior officers or what have you so that they too can feel and understand how to survive multiple accidental gunshot wounds inside their innocent bodies!?!?!?😎😨😵😷😇😴THATS HOW MORONIC SOME POLICEMEN BECAME NOWADAYS!?!?!?!?😵😨😴
WO36 12 jam yang lalu
Where is the fact check on this video or the sources used to gain the information portrayed? To my knowledge of the facts this guy is all wrong and is giving out a false narrative!
Mountain Girl
Mountain Girl 12 jam yang lalu
I wonder if you'll ever post the TRUTH about this case and who Breonna Taylor really was? 🤔
Chris Mas
Chris Mas 13 jam yang lalu
A jury with knowledge of facts and evidence or the media spewing rumors and lies. The MSM is no different than the Russian disinformation campaign of 2016.
Steve D
Steve D 13 jam yang lalu
What is the purpose of a no knock warrant???
John Baptiste
John Baptiste 13 jam yang lalu
This guy is a true joke. You guys keep getting played by these media outlets it’s pathetic.
few2many 13 jam yang lalu
She wasn't in bed asleep or an innocent person. She was a drug dealer. Her apartment was a trap house holding drugs and money. She lost her job for having a dead body in the trunk of her rented car. Police knocked and identified, and she refused to answer. They breached the front door and she was standing with her boyfriend, who immediately started shooting at police. Damn celebrities celebrating literal criminals who chose a violent life, and died as a result of that violent life. Quit lying to people.
jimmy brewster
jimmy brewster 14 jam yang lalu
As a parent I will not be proud about my daughter living with a drug addict firing gun to the police... nothing to be proud of except fund raising... As a parent I will not be proud about my daughter living with a drug addict firing gun to the police... nothing to be proud of except fund raising... As a parent I will not be proud about my daughter living with a drug addict firing gun to the police... nothing to be proud of except fund raising...
Isai Caamal
Isai Caamal 14 jam yang lalu
The police had a warrent and the police did knock and identified themselves.
James Holland
James Holland 13 jam yang lalu
Yes and her so called boyfriend just got out of jail for being arrested for dealing drugs
Bob McKelvey
Bob McKelvey 14 jam yang lalu
Look I support the BLM movement but this lady was involved with drug dealers Trevor Noah is funny but this is a sanitized story
Samantha 14 jam yang lalu
Wellllllll.... this didn't age well. Good thing you waited to come our about this until you had the whole story and didn't cause a bunch of racial division and civil unrest. 😐
Matthew Jameson
Matthew Jameson 15 jam yang lalu
LIVE BY THE SWORD.... DIE BY THE SWORD... HER MOTHER HAS OVER 12,000,000 reasons to remember her Daughter, who by all means was not the angel the media and this clown portray her to be..
Thatdude 315
Thatdude 315 17 jam yang lalu
I'll answer your stupid question so you can blame the no knock warrent we're it was signed off by the judge and they did announce themself when they didn't have to and you wasn't bogus info they did find a package and they returned fire not came in guns blazing as you said trevor your sad I'm a g and I won't stand for the miss information your time is coming sir good luck
Thatdude 315
Thatdude 315 17 jam yang lalu
Your a idiot spreading fallse information your time is coming
American Patriot!
American Patriot! 17 jam yang lalu
There is no such thing as racial Injustice what a bunch of f****** morons
Hey You
Hey You 17 jam yang lalu
You're just too woke for me Trevor. I tune in because I completely disagree with most everything that comes out of your mouth. Why am I so addicted to your channel anyway?!
Jerry Helwig keeping it real real
Jerry Helwig keeping it real real 17 jam yang lalu
She was a drug dealer.. you guys always try and make criminals sound like innocent sweet people
Lundz Dames
Lundz Dames 18 jam yang lalu
Wish I could give a thousand likes. How blind can one be not to notice that the American Police are murdering Black people? The whole world can see it. How MANY times must this happen before the System steps in?
Gerzine gerzy
Gerzine gerzy 18 jam yang lalu
They get paid by the bullets 🤨😖