Best Nationality For EVERY Position

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From Germany's goalkeeping prowess with Bayern Munich and Barcelona number ones Manuel Neuer and Marc-Andre ter Stegen to England's plethora of talent at right-back with the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Aaron Wan-Bissaka, HITC Sevens takes a look at the strongest nationalities for every position in football.

kurtcoibainjr 4 hari yang lalu
How the hell isn't france there... At striker
Jay Patel
Jay Patel 6 hari yang lalu
Slovenia got handanovic and oblak
Isco Moura
Isco Moura 9 hari yang lalu
bruh you forgot isco HAHAH
Filip 2501
Filip 2501 12 hari yang lalu
Serbia has the best midfield Milinkovic Savic Matic Tadic Milivojevic Gudelj
Bless DaPoet
Bless DaPoet 17 hari yang lalu
Goalkeeper, RB and CF were obvious picks.
Areen Parvez
Areen Parvez 17 hari yang lalu
Why are there 9 players only ? What about 2 more ???
Oliver Badir
Oliver Badir 18 hari yang lalu
love the vid but it was a bit disrespectful to disregard bernd leno as WORLD CLASS
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat 19 hari yang lalu
This is what will happen when aliens challenge humans for football
Rico Utschendorfer
Rico Utschendorfer 22 hari yang lalu
CM goes to Germany kroos Müller goretzka gündogan Kimmich Brandt
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Bulan Yang lalu
CHAN NICHOLAS Bulan Yang lalu
CM no Germany ?
wantage1973 Bulan Yang lalu
Jamie Carragher was clearly wrong when he said "No kid growing up wants to be the next Gary Neville"!
emil Adelöw
emil Adelöw Bulan Yang lalu
For the right back position it should have been Portugal at the first stop. They have so many talented right backs. Cancelo, pereira, Semedo, Andre Almeida. Do I really have to keep on going 🤷‍♂️
guddu bhaiya
guddu bhaiya Bulan Yang lalu
The disrespect to busquets u did u didn't mentioned him in spain's midfeild
Pranay Gawade
Pranay Gawade Bulan Yang lalu
CB is Spain also good
Daniel Crawford
Daniel Crawford Bulan Yang lalu
England have so much depth on the RW/LW also and u didn’t mention them
Sathvik Balaji
Sathvik Balaji Bulan Yang lalu
Central midfield France????? Kante, pogba, matudi, rabiot, sissoko, tolisso?????
harsha n
harsha n Bulan Yang lalu
I can't believe Germany's midfield wasn't mentioned 🙄
Arjun Bharat
Arjun Bharat Bulan Yang lalu
This guy kinda us boring compared to the Irish Guy
Sebastian Tapia
Sebastian Tapia Bulan Yang lalu
all time version please
Born on 15 me
Born on 15 me Bulan Yang lalu
CB Italy are best. I mean Italies defence is best.
Muhammad Ihsan
Muhammad Ihsan Bulan Yang lalu
My Best Teams 4-3-3 GK : Manuel Neuer CB : Raphael Varane CB : Aymeric Laporte LB : Alphonso Davies RB : Trent Alexander Arnold CM : Casemiro CM : Pogba AM : Mesut Ozil LW : Neymar Jr RW : Lionel Messi CF : Cristiano Ronaldo
Muhammad Ihsan
Muhammad Ihsan Bulan Yang lalu
Best Nationality on Every Position GK : GERMANY Loris Karius 😂😂
J.P Morgen
J.P Morgen Bulan Yang lalu
My son plays for India we never reach FIFA
John Peter Nkeragasani
John Peter Nkeragasani Bulan Yang lalu
Argentina 🇦🇷 best gifted in Center forwards is very accurate.
Cautionboss Bulan Yang lalu
I felt Germany should have gotten the CM position
El Shalito
El Shalito Bulan Yang lalu
You forgot Upamecano for france!
Frezent Esen
Frezent Esen Bulan Yang lalu
Actually Brazil and France had the best right backs ever.. Maicon, Dani Alves, Sagnol, Thuram and etc...
Evan L
Evan L Bulan Yang lalu
so what would be the best starting XI you could make with the same national team positions? my choices: GK: Ter-Stegen RB: Alexander-Arnold CB: Varane CB: Laporte LB: Marcelo DM: Fabinho CM: Thiago CM: Saul RW: Mbappe ST: Messi LW: Neymar
Br0kZ 1
Br0kZ 1 Bulan Yang lalu
🇪🇦 🇭🇷 🇺🇲 🇪🇦 🇩🇪 🇨🇵 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇧🇷 🇪🇦
Br0kZ 1
Br0kZ 1 Bulan Yang lalu
Kaden Haslinger
Kaden Haslinger Bulan Yang lalu
Croatia Coach: Who u want in the midfield Other Coach: Idk but his name ends with ic so one of them
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira Bulan Yang lalu
Im surprised that portugal didn’t show up
Luciana Verovic
Luciana Verovic Bulan Yang lalu
I don't see how Casemiro is better than Luka Modrić who has won the ballon d'or
Sohil Sheth
Sohil Sheth Bulan Yang lalu
Shit bout to change with emi for argentina
Testin Jast
Testin Jast Bulan Yang lalu
Basically nations with high populations will win (if they're into football). More people = More talent
Bartol Juraga
Bartol Juraga Bulan Yang lalu
instead of France you should have said Africa
Jona Charquero
Jona Charquero Bulan Yang lalu
Messi cf? Jajajaja you just have to put Him,poland before Uruguay?. Jajajaja
DavidLTube Bulan Yang lalu
I would say Belgium in Middlefield
Shak G-Williams
Shak G-Williams Bulan Yang lalu
Missed Vinicius Jr on the left wing for Brazil, has he ever played?
Gustavo Delfine
Gustavo Delfine Bulan Yang lalu
Against Peru
Gustavo Delfine
Gustavo Delfine Bulan Yang lalu
He played for the main Brazilian once
Shak G-Williams
Shak G-Williams Bulan Yang lalu
We want that all time vid next
Vatican prince
Vatican prince Bulan Yang lalu
What will happen to football if all black football players in the world return to their native countries
khyo tungoe
khyo tungoe 2 bulan yang lalu
Please do a video on best Asian players 11 in Europe
CHINMAY PATEL 2 bulan yang lalu
Idea: Best team for club in which you can add whatever player you like suits the club's playing style.
Botond Hajdú
Botond Hajdú 2 bulan yang lalu
RW could be argentina too with messi, di maria atc
Botond Hajdú
Botond Hajdú 2 bulan yang lalu
i would mesion france for cdm with kante, matuidi atc.
Augusto Gandía
Augusto Gandía 2 bulan yang lalu
Dude, Messi doesnt play in that position...
james roche
james roche 2 bulan yang lalu
Like the channel buddy there always interesting subjects and surprising facts. So iv gone and subscribed. Bring us some good stuff bud
Victor Barros
Victor Barros 2 bulan yang lalu
Alisson the best goalkeeper
DVN_DRA 2 bulan yang lalu
Best Dembeles for every position
Chrono Bound
Chrono Bound 2 bulan yang lalu
I still think Netherlands > France at centre back, idk how you can disagree. De Vrij and Van dijk have to be the best centre back pairing in the world, followed by Van Dijk and De ligt, Blind can play incredibly at centre back, Ake aswell, fuck even Joel Veltman could slot in there, he was a fine player for Ajax for years.
Arnav Shetty
Arnav Shetty 2 bulan yang lalu
I feel England is improving They are having lots of youngsters Really talented ones
Pelesalie Meyase
Pelesalie Meyase 22 hari yang lalu
They always say that
Nandos 26 hari yang lalu
@klampz why u laughing for huh?
klampz Bulan Yang lalu
EpicLedger LLC
EpicLedger LLC 2 bulan yang lalu
hic.... you forgot to mention Loris Karius for Germany keeper... hic....
Isadora Bevilaqua
Isadora Bevilaqua 2 bulan yang lalu
spain midfielders are terrible now
Mario Pezic
Mario Pezic 2 bulan yang lalu
You are dumb...did you ever actualy played real football??
Ricko jay
Ricko jay 2 bulan yang lalu
I knew Argentina was going to take the forward role they have so many A+ attackers its ridiculous
Franek Kimono
Franek Kimono 2 bulan yang lalu
I think thatvPolish goalkeepera deserv honorable mention Szczęsny, Fabiański, Skorupski, Drągowski, Majecki, Boruc, Gikiewicz
Eustachio Martinez
Eustachio Martinez 2 bulan yang lalu
MILAN CHAKRABORTY 2 bulan yang lalu
U must include Spain for goalkeepers
A C E 2 bulan yang lalu
Portugal should be in striking
zakayo mwalongo
zakayo mwalongo 2 bulan yang lalu
France have the best midfield
Hussein Mohammed
Hussein Mohammed 2 bulan yang lalu
Belgium ?! De Bruyne Vitsel Tielemans Poland ?! Zcezny Fabianski
Gold 2 bulan yang lalu
All time version please
its_a_trab 2 bulan yang lalu
like: the netherlands Nathan Ake (signed for city just today for 43M) Daley Blind (ajax’s defensive star and starring in the Champions league over the last 2 seasons) Matthijs de Ligt (currently seen as juve's star defender by most of the italian media Stefan De Vrij (picked as serie a’s best defender) Virgil van dijk (no explanation needed) Comment: france laporte, umtiti, varane, pavard and lenglet, hernandez, kimbempe. Quality over quantity.
Desmond Tenkeu
Desmond Tenkeu 2 bulan yang lalu
Italian defense midfielder eg chelini make sense to me
Flashmanos 2 bulan yang lalu
Yeye nice with france defence but you do realise how incredibly strong a 3 mans defence from the netherlands is? You say france can go a bit better, quantity yes, quality definetly not
Shiju Mathai
Shiju Mathai 2 bulan yang lalu
Ranking every premier league team this season
Sibusiso Radebe
Sibusiso Radebe 2 bulan yang lalu
Nah bro I say England take the wing positions... Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood, Sterling, Grealish, Martial just to mention a few.
Olitorek 2 bulan yang lalu
I Think Poland has Got Good goalkeepers for instance: Szczęsny in Juventus Fabiański in Westham Skorupski in Bologna Drągowski in Fiorentina Gikiewicz in Augsburg Bułka in PSG (maybe not first goalkeeper of this Club) Grabara from Liverpool (maybe nit first too) Some of these Club are really Good and well known! These are my thoughts
Z R 2 bulan yang lalu
CB - France, Netherlands and Italy Midfielders - Croatia, France and Germany
Nutri - Gains
Nutri - Gains 2 bulan yang lalu
De Bruyne plays golf
Fuck Bryce Hall
Fuck Bryce Hall 2 bulan yang lalu
Rob should be Portugal as they have Perreira Semedo Cancelo
ItsMorphieee 2 bulan yang lalu
GK GERMANY CB Italy RB ENGLAND LB BRAZIL MID FRANCE LW Brazil ST Argentina RW Argentina Messi dybala
Bruno Fernandes official
Bruno Fernandes official 2 bulan yang lalu
Pique and ramos
porco in my mind
porco in my mind 2 bulan yang lalu
Spain got goalkeepers too
GTD 2 bulan yang lalu
ZDM is def Germany ... Kimmich and Goretzka alone are ... ye
Harpreet Nagra
Harpreet Nagra 2 bulan yang lalu
Jack Devonport
Jack Devonport 2 bulan yang lalu
Should do the best youngster team or best youngsters in that position for there nationality team
Jack Devonport
Jack Devonport 2 bulan yang lalu
Got to have a England winger as they have sancho Hudson odoi rashford and sterling
Ethan Arkley
Ethan Arkley 2 bulan yang lalu
Argentina =rw
Gutty I
Gutty I 2 bulan yang lalu
I’m a Bayern fan, but Lucas Hernandez sucks! Umtiti also sucks! So Mathieu...well, guess U didn’t think so well your CB choice, didn’t U?
SorryMinati 2 bulan yang lalu
Umm, what about France in midfield. Pogba, Kante, Matuidi, etc :3
amiti deb barman
amiti deb barman 2 bulan yang lalu
You forgot Loris Karius man
Mohammed Sankari
Mohammed Sankari 2 bulan yang lalu
you're so biased, it's annoying, it's obvious that you FC Barcelona fan. like GK ter stigen MID inista and xavi CD umtiti RW Grizman LW Naymar Head attacker you had to mention Messi, though it's not his position this is obviously based on your opinion and only your biased opinion. this is the most biased thing in the world 👎🏻👎🏻
Colm McMahon
Colm McMahon 3 bulan yang lalu
France midfield got dissed
vedant pardeshi
vedant pardeshi 3 bulan yang lalu
Germany's central midfield is superior than spain
Anonymous 123
Anonymous 123 3 bulan yang lalu
Coutinho can also play lw
Clive Dsouza
Clive Dsouza 3 bulan yang lalu
Dayot Upamaneco.
Chris Regklis
Chris Regklis 3 bulan yang lalu
Germany has karius too lolo
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV 3 bulan yang lalu
Thought you were gonna say one nationality and not repeat it at any other positions
Phil Simon
Phil Simon 3 bulan yang lalu
Germany got hosed on midfield
raul araujo
raul araujo 3 bulan yang lalu
portugal have better midfielders then spain only with bruno fernandes wee don´t need more and right wing bernardo silva center forwards andre silva or cr7
Rickey Michael
Rickey Michael 3 bulan yang lalu
spain, france, brazil too dangerous
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez 3 bulan yang lalu
CB Colombia has Mina, Sanchez, Zapata and Murillo.
Simon Baumbach
Simon Baumbach 3 bulan yang lalu
To me midfield has to be Spain or Germany, I mean Reus, Özil, Kroos, Kimmich, Goretzka, Havertz, Brandt, Müller, Gündogan, Can etc. are all high class or world-class midfielders!
Xander Yman
Xander Yman 3 bulan yang lalu
There should be 2 other teams for lesser known nations.
Christopher Gilmartin
Christopher Gilmartin 3 bulan yang lalu
How can you claim even "honourable mentions" when you failed to mention probably the current best left back in the world in Robertson and a hell of a defender in Tierney...once again we Scots are shunned upon and its unfair considering the strength of both defenders despite coming from an unfortunately weak national team as a whole
Z M 3 bulan yang lalu
Altough Eric Dier is English he comes from Sporting Portugal Academy, who made players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Ricardo Quaresma, Cedric Soares, Rui Patricio, William Carvalho, Matheus Pereira, Simao Sabrosa, Joao Moutinho, Jose Fonte...
Caleb Vanderdrift
Caleb Vanderdrift 3 bulan yang lalu
U also forgot to mention Coutinho for Brazil left wing position
Forget oboudit
Forget oboudit 3 bulan yang lalu
What about best positions right now, out of each league, like a vs each league rather than nation's For example, Seria A, Handanovic, Buffon & so on
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