THE ARSENAL INVINCIBLE'S RUN | Full Highlights Reel | 2003/2004 | [HD]

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In the 2003-04 season, Arsenal regained the Premier League without a single defeat. Over the 38 games played, their league record stood at 26 wins, 12 draws and 0 losses.
This is a reel of their goals scored, important saves made, and opposition goals.
Truly, The invincible were a legacy, and a unique one at that, with no other side accomplishing such a feat in English football to date.
I'm a medical student and my hobbies include video editing and film making. This video took over 6 months to make, tedious to find all the clips to be honest. I'm from India. I'm an Arsenal fan.
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Backspace Media
Backspace Media 4 bulan yang lalu
ARSENAL SEASON PROMO 2020/21: Due to copyright reasons, certain matches and goals had to be cut out of the final cut, we are sorry for this inconvenience and hope you enjoy the video.
Skyfall Bulan Yang lalu
What happened in 3:50
Mark Clarke
Mark Clarke Bulan Yang lalu
Darren Agnew
Darren Agnew Hari Yang lalu
From midfield through to the strikers every player was capable of scoring goals but also had the creativeness to provide chances for their teammates . We saw it time and time again and thats why Arsenal were so dangerous ~
Ashcon Beats
Ashcon Beats 2 hari yang lalu
Thiery Henry,Pires and A.Cole down that left was ridiculous! Also Bergkamp’s magic through balls and Viera’s ability to control games. Lehman also made some massive saves this season! Great team, best to watch also! From a United fan!
Victor Zodinmawia
Victor Zodinmawia 3 hari yang lalu
This is all we have now. Wengers gone,The last 'arsenals' are sold/free. With the politics and money laundering, i have a very less reason to support this club now. But still #coyg
Soothing Summer
Soothing Summer 5 hari yang lalu
cẩu thủ giỏi quá
Wilksey75 6 hari yang lalu
This is arsenal and this is what it should be today but we are nowhere near this level,im just glad i saw this era in the flesh and lived it with all the other fellow gooners at the time
Martin pes gamer
Martin pes gamer 6 hari yang lalu
Henry is Arsenal's icon
Revil K
Revil K 6 hari yang lalu
Even aesthetically this was the best era of football
Larsen Lamington
Larsen Lamington 7 hari yang lalu - Arsenals Invincbles
Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno 8 hari yang lalu
Ok its only me who miss wenger ball
Iannis Ahlonsou
Iannis Ahlonsou 9 hari yang lalu
Referee to Henry at 14:46 :You can't score a goal while talking with me Henry: 14:47
PES ADDICTS 11 hari yang lalu
This arsenal will destroy 2020 bayernmunich
Irammaman5k8901 Ammay
Irammaman5k8901 Ammay 11 hari yang lalu
Arsenal were invincibles that season because ruud van nistelrooy missed the penalty against them.
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter 12 hari yang lalu
Winners for diving ....
Hammed Agboluaje
Hammed Agboluaje 12 hari yang lalu
None of our current mandem except a few "TRULY" know the prestige attached to the club and the privilege to play for it, that's why they're playing like this
Terrence Dube
Terrence Dube 12 hari yang lalu
Henry made perfection look very simple.He never seemed to be struggling maybe that’s why he didn’t win the ballon d’or which lm sure most will agree he was deserving especially that season
SimSoccerLive 13 hari yang lalu
This was a great team. Just a joy to watch these guys again
Dylan Bailey
Dylan Bailey 14 hari yang lalu
Little error... Arsenal actually won their last two games of the 0/2 0/3 season against Southampton and Sunderland which were apart of their 49 games unbeaten
Marcus Kemp
Marcus Kemp 15 hari yang lalu
henry is the best premier league forward ever for me, even though he didn't score the most goals. he gets the edge because he could just score from anywhere he got the ball, this video is proof that 9 times out of 10, if henry shot, no matter where from, it would find the net. absolutely unreal player
Alp Abdirahman Ismail
Alp Abdirahman Ismail 15 hari yang lalu
The Arsenal Invisible are Simply the best team ever played in the premier league.
TUBE ALA 15 hari yang lalu
A statue is not enough for Henry
Denny Susilo
Denny Susilo 15 hari yang lalu
1:21 mhm new Arsenal fans? You know this goal? Deja vu :) after 15 years
warambak 16 hari yang lalu
Pires always everywhere
Arjun Ajwani
Arjun Ajwani 4 jam yang lalu
RIP English lol which village did u crawl out off lmao
Blu Bla
Blu Bla 16 hari yang lalu
Sell Emirates and lets play at Highbury
Muhammad Ihsan
Muhammad Ihsan 17 hari yang lalu
20:31 "he's jealous."
Steen Iversen
Steen Iversen 17 hari yang lalu
ferguson bought the referee
Twisted Gooner
Twisted Gooner 17 hari yang lalu
That squad!!! 😍goals in every position and then there was Henry...what a god he was!!! it just installed a confidence in me knowing that Henry would do something that would make him even more of a god then the last game
Wyatt Pride
Wyatt Pride 10 hari yang lalu
Well said 👍
Lyrics & Funny
Lyrics & Funny 17 hari yang lalu
I'm on Instagram as @thomaspartey_5. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.
Clement Frost
Clement Frost 17 hari yang lalu
Who were the commentators though...I miss EPL 2003-2008
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
Some of these goals are missing the axceptional build up and some excpetional goals sadly arent there at all.
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
It was Henry that made the knee slide fashionable... pissing off every groundsman worldwide for decaded to come!
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
14:45 dont even remember that henry quick free kick vs villa (like he did vs chelsea at highbury).
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
You see some cheer moments of bad luck (crespos goal at highbury... he came from off the pitch in an offside position but then you have to have the luck like the Cudicini mistake that comes after).
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
I would play some of these clips to the team & youth with that exact music... I dont believe a lot of them really know.
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
I was there last game of the season.... and the buzz around highbury was magical but no one really knew what we had done!
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
I think i was only 10 years old when that battle at old trafford took place... but i remember my adrenaline going mad & feeling so proud that we had overcome misjustice and enjoyed getting a result with such aggression.. still i watch it now and feel exhilirated.
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
Because we had Viera perhaps the best anchor of all time, Bergkamp the playmaker with Henry in front and 2 exceptional wingers... The defence & keeper get overlooked so easily. (but then the squad players like parlour, Kanu, Edu, Wiltord were/are so easily overlooked)
Realist 19 hari yang lalu
Liverpool raved about.. get battered by Watford before being invincible then beaten 7-2 by Villa.. come off it!
Andrew G
Andrew G 19 hari yang lalu
Why not show the penalty taken by Manchester?
SOFY ZALAZ 19 hari yang lalu
I miss my club i miss my legends i miss you all what happened to us please God bring us back under Arteta London is RED forever #COYG
OleHenry 20 hari yang lalu
Never got to see the Invincibles live, thank you for putting this together. COYG forever
MrWWEHD17 21 hari yang lalu
6:50 if that was not match fixing i dunno what it is.
Muhsin Zahir
Muhsin Zahir 21 hari yang lalu
I was only 8yrs old and my whole family was in love with this team. I admired Henry since I was a kid...this Arsenal is full of memories. I hope we get back to this and even better.🙏
Dara Roth
Dara Roth 22 hari yang lalu
Never repeated! We love you Arsenal!!!! 🙏🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
B. O
B. O 22 hari yang lalu
Swaz was better at 15
EZ 24 hari yang lalu
Какие же пушкари были могучие,великий клуб ,а исполнители легенды.
Hayatdee Idris
Hayatdee Idris 29 hari yang lalu
did they won the league that year
Mahamed Aden
Mahamed Aden 3 hari yang lalu
@Hayatdee Idris 🤡🤡🤡
Hayatdee Idris
Hayatdee Idris 29 hari yang lalu
o yeah they win it... but do they ever win the champions league?
avinash jadhav
avinash jadhav Bulan Yang lalu
i miss this arsenal no one can stop
Rogue 9
Rogue 9 Bulan Yang lalu
Lol..had ruud put away the penalty the giant bullies wouldnt have anything to be proud respect for anyone in that club except henry and bergkamp..lucky invincibles.
NAZISH SHAIK Bulan Yang lalu
Henry everywhere
MMM18092 Bulan Yang lalu
I was in London 2004-2006 and failed to make it to Highbury. So annoyed with myself.
Mesaka Putea
Mesaka Putea Bulan Yang lalu
Hello! It's 2020
MESI TA Bulan Yang lalu
if there is a rebound, there is peres.
dazza944 Bulan Yang lalu
I remember at the start of the 2002/03 Arsene Wenger said his team could go a season unbeaten..... People thought he was mental. Then 2003/04 happened
Davidr Steve
Davidr Steve Bulan Yang lalu
arsene wenger really is masterclass, the only stop him is arsenal dont want to spend big in transfer windows, look at all the player he scout, even messi, cr, ibra, were in his eye..such a wasteful opportunity to not let wenger sign all the player he needed..
George Tanner
George Tanner Bulan Yang lalu
Didn't want to see that penalty anyway tbh
Blu Brin
Blu Brin Bulan Yang lalu
Now all they have is mustafi and sokratis
b James
b James Bulan Yang lalu
United ended arsenals run by cheating
Amit Dutta
Amit Dutta Bulan Yang lalu
00:10 not 28, it was 26! Wrong stats!
masao rusdianto
masao rusdianto Bulan Yang lalu
3:04 how can be viera red card? surely that nistelrooj foul..this game arsenal vs MU and referee..and MU still can't win..
Unpopular opinion: the invincibles were not one of the greatest title winning teams Like cmon a champion doesn’t draw 12 matches Some of the teams better were: Liverpool 19-20 City 17-18 Chelsea 04-05 Man Utd 98-99 To name a few
Roy 19 hari yang lalu
None were unbeaten
jm12 Bulan Yang lalu
That team had players with strong characters from head to toe
jm12 Bulan Yang lalu
Football was sooo beautiful back then
Augustine Maada Gbondo
Augustine Maada Gbondo Bulan Yang lalu
6:34 Karius who?
Hida Root
Hida Root Bulan Yang lalu
I miss Arsenal vs MU high tension game rivalry.
John Ndirangu
John Ndirangu Bulan Yang lalu
The Arabs and Russian billionaires came to destroy English football with their money
SOFY ZALAZ 19 hari yang lalu
@Rhythm he spend fuck all all he do take the club money and build he's stupid 4b stadium in murica
SOFY ZALAZ 19 hari yang lalu
Also the American
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes Bulan Yang lalu
3-1 up or 3-0 down our team will always wear the crown players come and stars will go but you remain loyally so for all our efforts you highly rate us so you're awarded top fan status!!!!! We love you Arsenal! Never doubt it!
aji saputra
aji saputra Bulan Yang lalu
Good content
Augustine Elmquist
Augustine Elmquist Bulan Yang lalu
Arsenal was almost perfect team back those golden era. They were just so unlucky in UCL. Only runner- up and lost against Barca several years later in final..Thats all
AFCfan Bulan Yang lalu
Wenger didn’t have tactics in europe during our golden years. Except our run in ucl 2006 that’s when Wenger improved his tactic
Cicero Bulan Yang lalu
Great moments
Hundred Blades
Hundred Blades Bulan Yang lalu
Just imagine, Liverpool couldn't even reach 100 points even with blatant ref and VAR cheating for them and against all other teams except ManU in 2019.
steve durbin
steve durbin Bulan Yang lalu
if this team was around today they would score 100+.look how many goals are scored now by teams losing the ball 20/30 yards from goal.henry would score 50 with ease today and there was better defenders in those days.
Enigma Conundrum
Enigma Conundrum Bulan Yang lalu
The best premier league team by a long shot tireless efforless world class How good was Pires?!!!! seemed like every goal was a tap in cos he ran half the length of the pitch every time Arsenal had the ball Bergkamp was just phenominal in his touch and pass and when it came toshooting it looked literally effortless. And Henry! well best player in the world to never win the Ballon d'or when it was clear he deserved it more than canavaro in 2006. Imagine having David seaman in that line up OMG! but Lehman was a more than capable replacement. It was clear everyone wanted to score and could and did. I started supporting Arsenal in the early 90s and was old enough to remember Wenger taking over. What a time to be a football fan and Arsenal fan. Good times coming again
Shaun92Official Bulan Yang lalu
Shaun92Official Bulan Yang lalu
Not even arsenal fan but magical season.
godsveryown crazygang
godsveryown crazygang Bulan Yang lalu
Me watching this day's before the new season starts praying Arteta brings the magic this season and challenges for the league.
George O'Carroll
George O'Carroll Bulan Yang lalu
Regardless of Arteta’s coaching Arsenal’s team just isn’t good enough right now-don’t think I would even predict them finishing in the top four
the brown gentleman
the brown gentleman Bulan Yang lalu
Bobby Pires gets really gets less credit bit he was amazing that season
David Rieck 24'eren
David Rieck 24'eren Bulan Yang lalu
4:17 F**K you Arsenal! Van Nistlerooy lives matter!
Azri Azis
Azri Azis Bulan Yang lalu
Bring back the memory... Arsenal 4ever
GQQNER RENQQG Bulan Yang lalu
This team Vs the current Liverpool team. Virgil will learn football with Henry
Mello Akashi
Mello Akashi Bulan Yang lalu
Love Arsenal. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ At the moment we are not SO good But we are Arsenal we are London
Denis Wesley Opio
Denis Wesley Opio Bulan Yang lalu
Watching this as i wait for next weekend, looks too far!! I still think Pires doesn't get that praise he deserves. that dude was a poacher, always at the right spot to kill off. Pires deserves a statue at the club.
Sara Ibrahim
Sara Ibrahim 10 hari yang lalu
100% Correct! He was a SAVIOR many times! Good fan with great memory ! ✌
Wyatt Pride
Wyatt Pride 10 hari yang lalu
Oh yes 🙌
ኤርትራዊ ኢየ።
ኤርትራዊ ኢየ። Bulan Yang lalu
Thery Henry the greatest player of all time in the premier League .
AscoRe14 Bulan Yang lalu
I wasnt born back then I started supporting arsenal during the van persie days Wierd but i like the jersey when i was a kid🤣
Original Herdsman
Original Herdsman Bulan Yang lalu
Wounder what the value of the whole team was worth when the mighty ARSENAL won that Golden PREMIERSHIP cup compared today's prices ??? No club owners now days could ever ever ever have enough money to buy the players to make it happen in a hundred years.
N B Bulan Yang lalu
That Highbury camera angle was so beautiful.
Керим Беров
Керим Беров 2 hari yang lalu
Miss it sooo much... Sad
jm12 Bulan Yang lalu
So true
Yudhi Subyantoro
Yudhi Subyantoro Bulan Yang lalu
I left my heart at Highbury
Hasib Ahmed
Hasib Ahmed Bulan Yang lalu
I feel so broken and helpless when i see this invincible arsenal and nowadays arsenal.Words can not explain how heartbroken i feel like😔
Original Herdsman
Original Herdsman Bulan Yang lalu
We have won more in the last month than the spuds in twenty years !!!! An beat all the top teams at the moment and finished it off in style. Arsenal are on the Rise once again other teams have played above themselves last season . Hopefully we can turn draws into wins this season.
SeanLucas 2 bulan yang lalu
Should of been docked points and relegated after their classless display at Old Trafford.
07feb2008 2 bulan yang lalu
A pack of huge and scary humans with electric pace and supreme talent!
Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd Bulan Yang lalu
Exactly. The Invincibles were physical specimens.
Tare Legend
Tare Legend 2 bulan yang lalu
It makes me sad watching this and seeing that Henry didnt win the Balon d'Or that yr smh..
Weverton. Pereira de Medeiros Silva
Weverton. Pereira de Medeiros Silva 2 bulan yang lalu
Esse time jogava mais bola do que "esse tal de" PSG do Neymarra!!!👍👍👍
ignatius barasa
ignatius barasa 2 bulan yang lalu
make a note of the date.wooow
Con K
Con K 2 bulan yang lalu
Gooners 👀. Petition to pressure board into signing Thomas Partey can't say that I didn't try 🤷‍♂️ 👀✍️ sing da ting please 👍🙏
Gory Gondor
Gory Gondor 2 bulan yang lalu
I never like Arsenal...never...but this is The Best of Arsenal...ever
Warren Yong
Warren Yong 2 bulan yang lalu
van dijk is lucky, he wasn't born 10 years earlier
Reyhan Rasyid Ziddan
Reyhan Rasyid Ziddan 2 bulan yang lalu
im an arsenal fans. also im still wondering why this team can't win the ucl
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny 2 bulan yang lalu
It is very funny that Tim Howard was in the PFA Team of the Year that season and Lehman was not
lucifer hellscream
lucifer hellscream 2 bulan yang lalu
was that game against fulham at the 10 minute mark that i thought that van der sar is daamn good
Taremwa Samuel
Taremwa Samuel 2 bulan yang lalu
notices how most of Pires' goals were scond balls..we need a player that is always supporting the striker
Abbz Gunner4Life
Abbz Gunner4Life 2 bulan yang lalu
Gavin M
Gavin M 2 bulan yang lalu
Just the sheer pride of how much arsenal mean to me got me on this...Arsenal for life
Mạnh Quân Nguyễn
Mạnh Quân Nguyễn 2 bulan yang lalu
Am I wrong to call it Total Football (through not really tactically exact)? Because when one player moves, everyone else moves (and even scores) also.
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