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Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

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Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United? The public loved him, the team loved him and it’s where he won his 1st Ballon d’Or! But clearly that didn’t frighten him for one second… If anything, that motivated him!
After watching this video you’ll no longer wonder why… For Cristiano Ronaldo, leaving Manchester United to sign for Real Madrid was an obvious choice!
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Riyaq Ogl e
Riyaq Ogl e 9 jam yang lalu
Lamela next
Matthew Velez
Matthew Velez 11 jam yang lalu
number 63 @ 1:45 ???
Matthew Velez
Matthew Velez 11 jam yang lalu
Bruh that clip at 0:33 lol
ttexasboy40 Hari Yang lalu
George Lopez
George Lopez 10 hari yang lalu
He left because it was his dream to go play In Real Madrid he made the right decision even though United fans wanted him to stay
mukhtar anwar
mukhtar anwar 13 hari yang lalu
Next time do a video of why Cr7 move to juventus many people still didn't get that answer
King Kuza#23
King Kuza#23 14 hari yang lalu
I heard that his father always wanted him to play for Madrid....so when the opportunity arrived he took it
Fifageak 14 hari yang lalu
Wasnt the biggest reason Ronaldo legt bc he winked at Rooney in euro 2008?????
Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans 15 hari yang lalu
Easy, Man U dive to much
Patrick Star0350
Patrick Star0350 16 hari yang lalu
Damn poor Alex Ferguson
Your Dad FeroNik
Your Dad FeroNik 18 hari yang lalu
Feelings and emotions cant compromise with career and ambition.... He opted for the best and decided to move....and that's why he is the best footballer of all time...
MrMizoks 19 hari yang lalu
Salah needs to take exactly same move, to continue proving his haters wrong, yesterday they called him a one season wander and now they are claiming that he cant perform out of Liverpool .. after all these numbers even liverpool fans are questioning Salah’s quality .. its time to move Salah .. hey Zidane, what are you waiting for? Hazard needs Salah to shine
Farzan Huq
Farzan Huq 20 hari yang lalu
Ronaldo went to la liga, he saw and he conquered breaking almost every record at real madrid
William Dearman
William Dearman 21 hari yang lalu
He probably didn’t like the weather
LORD PHIL JONES 22 hari yang lalu
MCM 22 hari yang lalu
Man U is his home. He said it countless times.
Meme Prankz
Meme Prankz 22 hari yang lalu
I miss him
MrSodaMan 22 hari yang lalu
Now explain why he left Madrid
Luke Texter
Luke Texter 23 hari yang lalu
Ans:Money money money All the Humans dream in the life time is fame money Even for the Pastors( saints) who claim themselves as a follower of Christ
mehsen alnusif
mehsen alnusif 23 hari yang lalu
He left because he didn’t want to be in the shadow of lingardinho😂
Juan Douglas
Juan Douglas 24 hari yang lalu
He was given an offer to stat pad in the Spanish league
Nemzi 24 hari yang lalu
Because Linegard would bench him
Roi Otuteye
Roi Otuteye 25 hari yang lalu
In this diagram, 2 boys are riding bicycles see carefully ☁☁🌞 ☁ ☁ ☁ ✈️ ☁ 🚁 ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ 🏬🏨🏫🏢🏤🏥🏦🏪🏫 🌲/ l🚍\🌳👭 🌳/ 🚘 l 🏃 \🌴 👬 👬 🌴/ l 🚔 \🌲 🌲/ 🚖 l \ 🌳/🚶 | 🚍 \ 🌴🚴🚴 🌴/ | \🌲 *If you have seen them, forward to 2 groups and see the magic.*_The cyclists will change their positions_ *I am also shocked*
ViperSRT10 _
ViperSRT10 _ 25 hari yang lalu
imagine ronaldo wanting to discover laliga and after ronaldinho left barcelona they buy him instead of real madrid and then we see messi and ronaldo in the same team
Mário Afonso
Mário Afonso 26 hari yang lalu
Because he lost the champions to Barcelona and realised he needed Madrid to compete with the little alien.
Mohamed Said
Mohamed Said 26 hari yang lalu
I loved ronaldo hard to see him leave
Kieran YNWA
Kieran YNWA 27 hari yang lalu
He left for the 💴 💴 💴
Pranav Khetan
Pranav Khetan 27 hari yang lalu
For more money
s. 27 hari yang lalu
another page putting together absolute nonsense about a topic they’ve got no clue about. there’s one reason CR went to Madrid and one reason only. he wanted to play for them. he said it for years. the nonsense this channel feeds people is ridiculous. the things pages do for views.
Tony 818
Tony 818 27 hari yang lalu
cristiano one of the best ever! Hope he goes back to Manchester United
R R 28 hari yang lalu
It’s cuz he’s gay. Absorb, contemplate and repeat. Imagine that locker room.🤨
Ahmed Ramadneh
Ahmed Ramadneh 28 hari yang lalu
2020 playing in the calcio, bluffed lol
Johnathan Zuniga
Johnathan Zuniga 28 hari yang lalu
The dude left cause he knew manxhester utd playing wouldn't win shit even though they were great. They were never going to beat someone like Madrid or Barca
Alin Manea
Alin Manea 28 hari yang lalu
Phonemyat Thu
Phonemyat Thu 28 hari yang lalu
3:31 *sad man utd sounds*
allypezz 29 hari yang lalu
Pretty common knowledge that when Real comes knocking on your door it's hard to say no.
Mob Barley
Mob Barley 29 hari yang lalu
CR7 : I stay and left the interviewer suddenly 👁👄👁
HM Sliz
HM Sliz 29 hari yang lalu
CR7 left Man United because Real Madrid was his mum favourite club so he made her dream come true that her son play for Real Madrid
Lunar Skyye
Lunar Skyye Bulan Yang lalu
I remember when he signed for Man United, he was largely unknown. He said in an interview back in the 00's after he signed that one day he'd love to play in Spain. Nobody took much notice though, because Ronaldo was largely unknown to Man United fans.
Darryl Jacobs
Darryl Jacobs 24 hari yang lalu
Before he played for United he was a Real fan always wanted to play there not just because it was la liga
Flying Tiger
Flying Tiger Bulan Yang lalu
One main reason: MONEY that’s why.
TagusMan Bulan Yang lalu
The horse head is annoying. Stop it.
Aanhek Kumar Ray
Aanhek Kumar Ray Bulan Yang lalu
He wanted to play for Real Madrid, it is as simple as that. No need to make a 4 minute video about it.
Fudge Nugget
Fudge Nugget Bulan Yang lalu
This video didn’t have to be made. You can answer the question with one word. *ahem*. Money.
Muammar Zafran
Muammar Zafran Bulan Yang lalu
hathak awal
hathak awal Bulan Yang lalu
Who still doesn’t know why he left :)
Master Gibbs
Master Gibbs Bulan Yang lalu
Every footballer's dream is to play for Real Madrid or FC Barcelona at some point in their career. One club players like Gerrard, Totti are exception.
Mobile Freelancer
Mobile Freelancer Bulan Yang lalu
To be honest it was the right thing to do, as when players get good the prem just want's to push a English player's more, and why wouldn't they its a English league, eventually he would been put on the bench like pogba, so he did the right thing!
Jeremiah Ojan
Jeremiah Ojan Bulan Yang lalu
He left because he wanted to go la liga to prove hes better than messi
Sauban Iqbal
Sauban Iqbal Bulan Yang lalu
All I want is to him to return to play at Old Trafford for us dat wud be my dream
Punisher 777
Punisher 777 Bulan Yang lalu
Hi went to live his dream and hi did at Madrid 4 champions league in Man United hi will not be won nothing and now you won't talk about him as equal with Messi .. his a champion Real Madrid before him was very Shet as well Man United after..
Centrioless Bulan Yang lalu
Nah, ronaldo was not the deciding factor for man uts. Fergie was
Elliot Belliss
Elliot Belliss Bulan Yang lalu
He should have stayed.
Oscar Bulan Yang lalu
All star players want to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. (Man Utd fan)
Jan Beton
Jan Beton Bulan Yang lalu
0:32 he compared his buldge with his own
Sahri Ering
Sahri Ering Bulan Yang lalu
now why he left real madrid for juventus?
Gulaknikov Bulan Yang lalu
This guy won 3 CL titels in a row! If any body from United can go to Real Madrid trust me everybody would go
Alaxmusicnwrestling Bulan Yang lalu
Simply money
Wilhelm Maximus
Wilhelm Maximus Bulan Yang lalu
The answer is easy: he wanted a new challenge. The same answer as well, why did he leave Real Madrid for Juventus? He wanted a new challenge.
Greendofield Bulan Yang lalu
its because english football back than was not improve from tactical issue. its proved by barcelona beat up Man U. And Cristiano might be feel the same, after his leaving Spain's club dominating Champions League
Mo Raashiii
Mo Raashiii Bulan Yang lalu
Ferguson said CR7 did it...... that's all ma boy😎😎😎
Osama YT
Osama YT Bulan Yang lalu
Ronaldo work hard for fame, Messi has fame on his door step
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