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From the plethora of centre-backs at Juventus, including the likes of Giorgio Chiellini, Matthijs de Ligt, and Leonardo Bonucci, to Manchester City's incredible depth in central midfield featuring players such as Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, and Ilkay Gundogan, HITC Sevens takes a look at the strongest clubs in each position in world football.

Tshiamo Leipego
Tshiamo Leipego 3 hari yang lalu
Defensive midfield has to go to Chelsea. Kante, Gilmour and Jorginho are all DMs but have vast specialties.
João Correia
João Correia 9 hari yang lalu
I would say Center forward Juve...CR7, Dybala, Higuain (not even honorable mention) :/
Lakshya Mudaliar
Lakshya Mudaliar 13 hari yang lalu
Being a Real Madrid fan, I never expected them to take strikers position in this video
Anthony Neyra
Anthony Neyra 21 hari yang lalu
Madrid at Centre back?! Ramos, Varane, Militao, Nacho, and Vallejo
Anthony Neyra
Anthony Neyra 21 hari yang lalu
Just disregard Real Madrid’s GKs ig smh we have Courtois, Areola, and Lunin
Laith Al-Qudah
Laith Al-Qudah 27 hari yang lalu
Bayern Munich has better and more lb
Shreshth Kaushik
Shreshth Kaushik 29 hari yang lalu
The Centre Forward position choice is pretty damn wrong.
Zack Corey
Zack Corey Bulan Yang lalu
Real Madrid don’t have the best strike force sorry. I’d sooner say Man City w Agüero Jesús and sterling able to play there
Zack Corey
Zack Corey Bulan Yang lalu
I’d put Bayern for left back between Davies, Alaba and Lucas Hernández
Elias Pako J Mothibapula
Elias Pako J Mothibapula Bulan Yang lalu
Did you just say Napoli has good goalkeepers
Nabil Argya Yusuf
Nabil Argya Yusuf Bulan Yang lalu
De vrij, Skriniar, Godin, Bastoni are easily better than Juve's CBs. Bonucci has been shit in a back four and De Ligt is struggling. Inter also conceded the fewest goals last season
Karim Idrissov
Karim Idrissov Bulan Yang lalu
Cb should be real madrid no cap
AbemoNgu Ngullie
AbemoNgu Ngullie 2 bulan yang lalu
I don't agree with da forward
Isaiah Dade
Isaiah Dade 2 bulan yang lalu
Arsenal has the best forwards...all starters.... Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nketiah and some Willian and Pepe play as false 9s...I feel Arsenal were overlooked in this regard
guddu bhaiya
guddu bhaiya 2 bulan yang lalu
Suarez and greizman alome better tha RM strikers
Diarmuid OHalloran
Diarmuid OHalloran 2 bulan yang lalu
Alaba, Hernandez and davis for left back surely
Shaurya Chugh
Shaurya Chugh 2 bulan yang lalu
Juve for St ronaldo, dybala, higuain,
Feanor n
Feanor n 2 bulan yang lalu
This guy really doesnt respect german football...
Harnie Jr.
Harnie Jr. 2 bulan yang lalu
I think you can change this GK decision and give it to Arsenal with quality between the sticks
Evan L
Evan L 2 bulan yang lalu
this list is one of the worst you've done. Napoli at goalkeeper? none of the 3 you listed are really world-class keepers. just cause they have 3 pretty good ones doesn't mean they should be #1. Atletico at right-back was also a head-scratcher. i'd favor 2 players at the position that are world-class over 3 or more that are just squad players. here's my list: GK: Barcelona - Ter-Stegen & Neto RB: Manchester City - Walker & Cancelo CB: Juventus - Chiellini, Bonucci, De Ligt, Rugani, Demiral LB: Bayern Munich - Alaba, Davies, Hernandez DM: Manchester City - Fernandinho, Rodri, Gundogan CM: Bayern Munich - Thiago, Goretzka, Kimmich, Tolisso AM: Manchester City - de Bruyne, David Silva, Foden RW: Barcelona - Messi, Griezmann, Dembele ST: Manchester City - Aguero, Jesus LW: Real Madrid - Hazard, Asensio, Vinicius, Rodrygo i think the only positions i agreed with you were Juventus at centre-back and Manchester City in attacking-midfield. also, i made my choices based on a player's best position. when you list someone like Di Maria as a left-winger it just doesn't make sense because he plays 90% of the time on the right and that's his preferred position.
Anigbogu Chukwuma
Anigbogu Chukwuma 2 bulan yang lalu
Real Madrid out from CF.Atlanta in.
Shamin Mazumder
Shamin Mazumder 3 bulan yang lalu
idk how liverpool was considered for right wing. i mean yeah we got salah and minamino can play rw but apart from them and shaqiri thats really it
Peter Tobiasen
Peter Tobiasen 3 bulan yang lalu
Cf should have been psg and left wing should have been real madrid
Thenoobguy 3 bulan yang lalu
I Feel like Bayern should have gotten one of the wings, they are rly stacked Up front, cl resualts show. Won Every game up untill now
ArEs-.- 3 bulan yang lalu
Real Madrid at Center Forward was the worst pick in this vid
ArEs-.- 3 bulan yang lalu
You could have picked PSG (Mbappe Cavani Icardi) Atalanta(You already said the players they had and their strike force is so much better than Real's) Juve (CR7 Dybala Higuain) Barcelona (Suarez Griezmann) they are better than Real with 1 less player Man City (Aguero Jesus) they are better than Real with 1 less player Arsenal (Aubameyang Laccazette) they are better than Real with 1 less player
Boama Owusu-Ansah
Boama Owusu-Ansah 3 bulan yang lalu
PSG has Cavani, Icardi and Mbappe as ST
Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma 3 bulan yang lalu
Chelsea for CDM maybe ?!!!!!
Miski 3 bulan yang lalu
DuckMilkPie 3 bulan yang lalu
I would say Jan oblak for Goalkeeper
memed bengul
memed bengul 3 bulan yang lalu
Centre-back: Fenerbahçe 😂
Priti Jha
Priti Jha 3 bulan yang lalu
Bayern munich in left back Alaba,davies,Hernandez do you need any more
Nicanoid 3 bulan yang lalu
Center back should be Bayern, they have Süle, Hernandez, Alaba, Boateng, Kouiassi and Mai are good prospects, and even Pavard can play at CB
Debajyoti Bandyopadhyay
Debajyoti Bandyopadhyay 3 bulan yang lalu
Shittiest review video.
Shea Mcgovern
Shea Mcgovern 3 bulan yang lalu
Arsenal have a better 3 I believe than Real Madrid with auba laca and martinelli or nketiah
Mohamed Bayoudhi
Mohamed Bayoudhi 3 bulan yang lalu
the last one makes me laught
Attorre Alessandro
Attorre Alessandro 3 bulan yang lalu
So Napoli keepers are the best, that’s funny😂
GTD 3 bulan yang lalu
Bayern should be 50% of the positions if I´m honest ... terrible List, sorry :(
account No.96
account No.96 3 bulan yang lalu
alexander-arnold,clyne and neco williams are better than malcuit hysaj di lorenzo
Wayne Verhoff
Wayne Verhoff 3 bulan yang lalu
Bale on the left? 😂
Oli Whit
Oli Whit 3 bulan yang lalu
I think city should have won right back just because their walker and cancelo are some of the best right backs in the world
y1521t21b5 4 bulan yang lalu
Overlooking _Bayern_ at LB is the one glaring error in your video. It's not even a close call. 5:07 _Liverpool_ are not in this discussion quite yet, but will likely be next season...
Frank Nue
Frank Nue 4 bulan yang lalu
Alphonso Davis,David Alaba,Hernandez For Bayern will do for me at the left back
Pablo Jaramillo
Pablo Jaramillo 4 bulan yang lalu
Honestly now arsenal should win goalkeeper
Josma Lepi
Josma Lepi 4 bulan yang lalu
Striker and LB real madrid..hahaha haha are you normal Hahahahahha Hahahahah Hahahahah Hahahahha
Rudy Zulkarnaen
Rudy Zulkarnaen 4 bulan yang lalu
The right title is "Best EUROPEAN club for every position".
andy bernard
andy bernard 4 bulan yang lalu
RB:carvajal, hakimi, odrioziola. CB: ramos, varane, nuff said. GK: Cortouis, navas, lunin LB: got that one right. CM: Kross, modric, casemiro, most man city mentions play wing now so. RM/RW: mbappe, di maria, sarabia LW/LM: got that one right ST: got one right as well ST: as much as it hurts as a madrid fan, barca should be mentioned here as well. until messi defends, he cannot be listed as any other position but striker. with him suarez and antoine, the only other team next is arsenal with lacazzette aubameyang and pepe
Sebastian Weinerhall
Sebastian Weinerhall 4 bulan yang lalu
On left back it’s should have bin Bayern Because they have Alaba Davies and Lucas Hernandez
charles erhiano
charles erhiano 4 bulan yang lalu
Left back should be bayern and striking should not be madrid cause if you talk about benzema and jovic there is auba and lacazette in arsenal
Arturo Mansour-Hull
Arturo Mansour-Hull 4 bulan yang lalu
Winger is Barcelona.
Arnaud Nirin
Arnaud Nirin 4 bulan yang lalu
For cb Real Madrid are the best by far the duo Ramos-Varane is deadly
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 4 bulan yang lalu
Id have put Real Madrid on center mid and Bayern for Left back and maybe Real for keeper, they have Courtois, Areola and Altube for 3rd choice
AK Media
AK Media 4 bulan yang lalu
Arsenal: nothing
Cristobal Diaz
Cristobal Diaz 4 bulan yang lalu
Center forwards should've been Tottenham I guess this guy dick rides real Madrid
Surafel Kebede
Surafel Kebede 4 bulan yang lalu
REAL FREAKING MADRID at LB?? my man, ever heard of Alphonso Davies, David Alaba, and Lucas Hernandez??
Radu Cora
Radu Cora 4 bulan yang lalu
While I agree with most of them, CF going to Real Madrid is a joke. At least based on the form of the current season. Benzema has been good but that's it. Jovic is a very talented striker who just doesn't fit there(English or German football suit him soooo much more). Bayern only needs to say Lewandowski to be above Real in CF department. Same goes for Lazio with Immobile for this season. City has Aguero and Jesus. Juventus has Ronaldo, Higuain and Dybala who can play CF. I said Neymar is the best LW because Ronaldo is now a CF, right? Inter has Lukaku and Martinez. And if Real was chosen "because we still know what Jovic can do", then we still know what Griezmann can do along Suarez in CF, and as much as a meme he was, Braithwhite is still better than Mariano IMO.
Nachiket Ayare
Nachiket Ayare 4 bulan yang lalu
Imo, right now Arsenal have one of the best 1st choice GK and probably the best 2nd choice keeper.
Wilda Beast
Wilda Beast 4 bulan yang lalu
no position from bayern lol admin is very biased
Andrew Onuoha
Andrew Onuoha 4 bulan yang lalu
Perotti kluivert Spinazolla Under Perez and Antonucci
Andrew Onuoha
Andrew Onuoha 4 bulan yang lalu
As roma for Left-wingers
sebastian hunter
sebastian hunter 4 bulan yang lalu
Juve defense has been shocking
Pranav Sukumaran
Pranav Sukumaran 4 bulan yang lalu
Left back is totally Bayern Munich territory Alaba, Lucas, Davies, too strong for real, one of the best left back on the planet in Alaba, world cup winning left back in Lucas and let not start talking about how good Davies has proven to be
Lukas Hiebl
Lukas Hiebl 4 bulan yang lalu
for left back or center back i would prefer bayern cb:alaba,boateng,süle,martinez,hernandez,kuassi,pavard lb:alaba,davies,hernandez
Spyros Michas
Spyros Michas 4 bulan yang lalu
Orestis Karnezis hasn't been Greece's first choice keeper since 2014
José Correa
José Correa 4 bulan yang lalu
Goalkeeper: Angry Szczesny and Buffon noises
Kushagra Misra
Kushagra Misra 4 bulan yang lalu
Real Madrid should be for LW
aarav reddy
aarav reddy 4 bulan yang lalu
Chelsea rb
Shushruth L Kumar
Shushruth L Kumar 4 bulan yang lalu
Chelsea could make a strong case for the DM position as they have Kante , Kovacic , Jorginho
Petr Tupitsyn
Petr Tupitsyn 4 bulan yang lalu
No mention of Arsenal for GK?
Alden Michels
Alden Michels 4 bulan yang lalu
Liverpool should have been RW - Salah, Mane, Shaqiri, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Minamino. Like... it shouldn't even be close and instead you put Man City on this list twice? Blatant Disrespect.
Fabian Spröer
Fabian Spröer 4 bulan yang lalu
Wtf RM over Barca (Griezmann Suaréz), Juve (Ronaldo, Higuain, Dybala) and PSG (Mbappé, Icardi, Cavani) ? I know some of them are playing different positions also but all of them are world-class and far better then Jovic and Mariano. I love Real Madrid but come on
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina 4 bulan yang lalu
Barca for right wing
Sarvesh K
Sarvesh K 4 bulan yang lalu
Real Madrid for CF is a joke. Other than Benzema they have noone to score goals. There are other clubs like PSG who have Cavani, Mbappe, Icardi and even Barca who have Suarez, Griezmann, Braithwaite. These two clubs have better options than Real Madrid.
Amy Gilroy
Amy Gilroy 4 bulan yang lalu
Right wing Barcelona should have at least been mentioned with Messi and Dembele
Uvo Ngcukana
Uvo Ngcukana 4 bulan yang lalu
I think Midfield should be real Modric,Kroos,casemiro valverde and Isco are better than any midfielder in City except KDB and not to mention James Rodriguez
Harry Gg
Harry Gg 4 bulan yang lalu
Man city for right back with walker and cancelo
Ebenezer Osaghae
Ebenezer Osaghae 4 bulan yang lalu
de ligt has been good since the bad start
Dr Salt
Dr Salt 4 bulan yang lalu
Right back should be Real
Tinical SKRR
Tinical SKRR 4 bulan yang lalu
Tks is the goat 🐐 no cap
André Silva
André Silva 4 bulan yang lalu
the left i understand in terms of how good they are in the season, but bayern much better in terms of quality and 3 instead of 2 in real.
André Silva
André Silva 4 bulan yang lalu
the video is pretty good man but saying real madrid in front ahahah what a laugth ahahah a serious fun o real that guy (im too) but mariano, jovic ahahahahaahahahahahaahahahah oh my GOD ahahahahah. are you going to compare that to a juventus - ronaldo, dybala and higuain. Or atletico Morata, diego costa e joão felix, or even city with just aguero and gabriel jesus or liverpool with salah, firmino and origi or lautaro, lukaku and alexis from inter. Some of the clubs i mentioned just two of the fowards have more quality (not just fifa status) than jovic and mariano together. 1 aguero = 1 jovic + mariano ahahahah. But the rest amazing. And there are some players in this clubs that i mentioned that can play in a foward postion like sane and sterling, like mané in liverpool, or mbappe, neymar, cavani, icardi and choup-moting in psg
Gerald Koh
Gerald Koh 5 bulan yang lalu
Choosing Napoli for the keeper position is rather odd, ngl
Garrett Henderson
Garrett Henderson 5 bulan yang lalu
This list is shit
Abhay Brar
Abhay Brar 5 bulan yang lalu
Juventus Ronaldo higuain Dybala as best balanced strikers
Fouzia Zaman
Fouzia Zaman 5 bulan yang lalu
What a waist of time
River Stone
River Stone 5 bulan yang lalu
Liverpool RB has Trent, Neco, Ki-Jana and Nathaniel Clyne. Neco and Ki-Jana have been amazing in the cup matches and could deputise for Trent next season onwards.
Giri Prasath
Giri Prasath 5 bulan yang lalu
Actually i would prefer real madrid at rb cos they got carvazal, hakimi and odriozola
ogbu Uchechukwu oji
ogbu Uchechukwu oji 5 bulan yang lalu
I'll prefer Chelsea FC on the Defensive midfield position
adem emre sadıkoğlu
adem emre sadıkoğlu 5 bulan yang lalu
real as stiker is a bad call. if you needed a goal would you take jovic and benzema or ronaldo and higuan. id also take aguero and jesus and haaland and reus over them.
adem emre sadıkoğlu
adem emre sadıkoğlu 5 bulan yang lalu
roma on the right is a good catch
BTCH PLEASE 5 bulan yang lalu
psg for striker
Sai G.
Sai G. 5 bulan yang lalu
"and.....well...... Martin Braithwate"😂😂
Sabareesh 9746008489
Sabareesh 9746008489 5 bulan yang lalu
Lb real is no were near has davies alaba and Hernandez
Iolo Thompson
Iolo Thompson 5 bulan yang lalu
did i just read that right? napoli best goalies
Darren Broderick
Darren Broderick 5 bulan yang lalu
If you don’t have time to watch the hole video here is the starting lineup for the squad 8:06
Juan calderon bustillo
Juan calderon bustillo 5 bulan yang lalu
Real Madrid for center forward? hahahahahahahahahahaha. PSG: Mbappe + Cavani + Icardi.
Raymond Reddington
Raymond Reddington 5 bulan yang lalu
Just say you are a Real Madrid fan
Gurgen Sahakyan
Gurgen Sahakyan 5 bulan yang lalu
cm has to be real madrid, kroos modric fede valverde james isco
Ozgu Ozluk
Ozgu Ozluk 5 bulan yang lalu
Midfielder must be juve (khedira,emre can,ramsey,matuidi,pjanic,rabiot,dybala,bentancur)
Steven Wertyuiooo
Steven Wertyuiooo 5 bulan yang lalu
A great video like always but Karnezis is currently considered 4th choice goalkeeper for Greece because he lacks game time (after Vlachodimos, Pashalakis and Barkas)
Shenpai Shen
Shenpai Shen 5 bulan yang lalu
Honestly rightback should’ve been man city
morkujin irukandji
morkujin irukandji 4 bulan yang lalu
Nope. Definitely atletico
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