Life in a Crazy-Small 8m2 Tokyo Apartment

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Living Big In A Tiny House

3 tahun yang lalu

This super tiny Tokyo apartment may just be one of the smallest places we have seen so far, yet at 8 m2 (82 ft2) it still provides a perfect space to allow Emma (originally from Australia) to live a big life in Japan.
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Emma (Tokidoki Traveller) is also a IDshowr and makes films on her travels as well as her life in Japan. You can follow her adventures here:
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KatimaGaming Jam Yang lalu
Still bigger than mine back in the day. I lived in a 6x12 ft apartment for 2 years in Kyoto, for almost 400$ a month. She is living in comfort if you ask me.
Erik Hamre
Erik Hamre 6 jam yang lalu
Very inspirational, she has such a great personality and outlook on life.
Galaxial 7 jam yang lalu
I feel like they’d make a great couple
Western Alliance
Western Alliance 8 jam yang lalu
Why would you live like this just to be in Tokyo? I'll never understand. No city no earth is worthy enough to make me live in a cardbord box.
Glenda Graves
Glenda Graves 10 jam yang lalu
This is such a wonderful program. I would have expected some kind of origami style furniture, some thing the folds out into neet shapes.
Solen Yagihara
Solen Yagihara 10 jam yang lalu
I found a steal lol. Paying ¥15000/mo for a 3 br in tachikawa.
Roz Marie
Roz Marie 10 jam yang lalu
Ok,I’ll never go to Japan
hossein rajabi
hossein rajabi 12 jam yang lalu
it really makes people creative who lives in these small rooms
Rami El Chora
Rami El Chora 15 jam yang lalu
Dono if it's just me, but I feel that she is barely maintaining her positivity and one day it will shatter apart and realize how tight it is. Humans are born to have space with a 360 degree angle
Henry Ryu
Henry Ryu 16 jam yang lalu
Are you crazy? Do not go to RADIOACTIVE japan. Keep Safe your DNA. Remember Fukushima Nuclear Plants Explosions.
Nicole Günther
Nicole Günther 17 jam yang lalu
I‘m currently living on 45 m2. That is small for swiss standards. But i get claustrophic by just watching this video. 😱
Bowser Wandalin
Bowser Wandalin 18 jam yang lalu
Who wears a hat at home
Namik Nam
Namik Nam 18 jam yang lalu
Its like living in a yacht
Amazing Riyaz
Amazing Riyaz 22 jam yang lalu
That bathroom is like in airplane. No offence, Small People, Tiny Houses but big brains and very positive people.
Prabhjot Chahal
Prabhjot Chahal Hari Yang lalu
0:09 he's really talking bout apartment right?
S S Hari Yang lalu
Am I the only one who sensed a little bit of attraction between these two.
Huaiqui Hari Yang lalu
10:02 love that point of view!!
Always Procrastinating
Always Procrastinating Hari Yang lalu
I would happily pay this if it were available in my area so that I can live by myself!!!
matteo belve
matteo belve Hari Yang lalu
most of people dont wanna be in a jail expecially into some asian utopia as japan, some people pay for it like this aussie weirdo. That's all folks.
Papibou Hari Yang lalu
Is this lifestyle somehow related to losing the war? or it has always been something like this. Just wondering.
kricorg Hari Yang lalu
She loves to dance, luckily for her, she's big into pirouetting.
Buckeye Hari Yang lalu
Raccoon in my neighborhood lives a better life than her. Lol
Mufnstuf Hari Yang lalu
The irony is that being in Tokyo if she goes outside and joins the millions of people crammed into the city she'll be even more claustrophobic. I could live in a space like this if I was surrounded by forest and mountains, and could eat dinner and drink coffee in a chair outside, but not surrounded by a people, buildings, noise and concrete.
NarrowAscent Hari Yang lalu
Nope and also Nope
rj Hari Yang lalu
most closets are bigger than that...I would feel absolutely trapped...I don't know her neighborhood, but if there wasn't outdoor space or nature to escape to easily, then that's just unhealthy for a human being to exist without her positive outlook.
J M Hari Yang lalu
Just needs a blue mattress and let out twice a day for your meals
Mitke 420
Mitke 420 Hari Yang lalu
Me 6'7 201cm loves this
Jan Macek
Jan Macek Hari Yang lalu
taking off shoes in home is culture? No, its basic hygienic rule.
Roger Dean
Roger Dean Hari Yang lalu
Really cool.... Less is more
Jorge Martínez
Jorge Martínez Hari Yang lalu
hare un video de cómo vivo como el pico en un cajon
Bobby Badfinger
Bobby Badfinger Hari Yang lalu
I live single in a 1000 sft apartment and i think its small.
Stefan Batrinache
Stefan Batrinache Hari Yang lalu
I wanna marry this women
munky82 Hari Yang lalu
Johannesburg. 2 bedroom apartment, 2 parking bays, unfurnished, 120m2, $550 incl utilities (except Internet, independent Fiber contract is $55). Downside: it is South Africa, and income levels for skills are not on par.
KamoZu Hari Yang lalu
Just casually talks about earthquakes
jigar bhavsar
jigar bhavsar Hari Yang lalu
I feel suffocated by watching this video.
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan Hari Yang lalu
Definitely a low maintenance woman.
Bruno Hari Yang lalu
Being in Japan, in a large city, is the closest westerners get to being on another planet. Everything is very different to what we're used to. That's why she's willing to struggle so much just to be there. And 8 square meters is better than 0. It's definitely manageable.
Bruno Hari Yang lalu
2:17 "Damn it. I should've brought my good socks."
Iyam_ nandu
Iyam_ nandu Hari Yang lalu
You have seen this more than once 😂
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