Fixing a free lawn tractor

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Andrew Camarata

Andrew Camarata

Bulan Yang lalu

Finding a free Craftsman lawn tractor on the side of the road, cleaning out the engine and getting it running, then testing it.

R Verro
R Verro 5 jam yang lalu
Jesus Christ ! I don't call that being rough, it's more, abusive, don't you think ? EDIT: And your carb needs a tiny adjustment. If you can adjust it.
Dark 12 jam yang lalu
can you make more videos like this
Ryan Aimable
Ryan Aimable 12 jam yang lalu
Myself Maybe
Myself Maybe 12 jam yang lalu
Dirt bag says “This works I just got to fix a few thinks on it”
Myself Maybe
Myself Maybe 12 jam yang lalu
Any guy who can’t drive past free broken crap on the side of the road is a dirtbag hill billy
Myself Maybe
Myself Maybe 13 jam yang lalu
Driving down the road with a boat trailer with nothing better to do, ill i hi picking up broken lawn mower
ronald simmons
ronald simmons 14 jam yang lalu
absolute proof that a 'can do' attitude can achieve almost anything.
Jon Schaffer
Jon Schaffer 18 jam yang lalu
Nice work!!! In this world of throwaway you’re doing a good job!!
Brap 69HD
Brap 69HD 22 jam yang lalu
Tires shouldn't have more then 10 psi bra. Probably just the needle valve
Robert Powers
Robert Powers Hari Yang lalu
ooh that sweet mouse nest smell, eehhh🥵
dale benson
dale benson Hari Yang lalu
Seafoam. it works wonders
Arie Hari Yang lalu
Thats a God damn strong high pressure washer isnt it
Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams Hari Yang lalu
I was dead when he put the lawnmower on that trailer
Steve 2 hari yang lalu
That mouse is living in the castle now I bet lol I friggin hate mice especially the un native species harming eco systems
Darrell Passmore
Darrell Passmore 2 hari yang lalu
Lmao think the deck might need leveled after that hahaha
Jongee Lay
Jongee Lay 2 hari yang lalu
When the mouse popped its head out 😂😂
michael mann
michael mann 2 hari yang lalu
bartle doo
JC_wolf 64
JC_wolf 64 2 hari yang lalu
1:23 the dogs got your strap
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter 2 hari yang lalu
I hope you told them you were taking it and offered them $50 or something rather than being a scab and just ganking it without even a thankyou as it appears.
Jon Schaffer
Jon Schaffer 18 jam yang lalu
It’s said FREE!!
Djdrewplayzroblox 2 hari yang lalu
Another ones trash is another person’s machine
Rowdy Ryan
Rowdy Ryan 2 hari yang lalu
“ let’s see if it’ll start before we do a ton of work to it” Proceeds to tear the whole engine apart before even cranking it 😂
ATV_and_SLED Adventures
ATV_and_SLED Adventures 3 hari yang lalu
I laughed my ass of when he said freee mouse
Larry Ehrlich
Larry Ehrlich 3 hari yang lalu
Your driveway and parking area look great!
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani 3 hari yang lalu
Great job
Rob Wolford
Rob Wolford 4 hari yang lalu
Nice to see a person who gives a REAL performance'; nothing staged here.
Mckenzie Ball
Mckenzie Ball 4 hari yang lalu
u going to flood the engine
thomas brunn
thomas brunn 4 hari yang lalu
swear your the best in the world I never seen a man good in his work bring back stuff from being dead to working like it never missed a day amazing hand and skills you have . andrew
Kenny Sanchez
Kenny Sanchez 4 hari yang lalu
Andrew always prepare for a freebie and a repair along with camera :)
moo_skiller 4 hari yang lalu
Do this in Germany.... u will be fuck by the Tüv... In German we say then " Tüv sagt Nein" Great work men!
Texan Football Houston
Texan Football Houston 4 hari yang lalu
I got one of those🤠
Patrick Currie
Patrick Currie 5 hari yang lalu
The mouse, "Well hello..." All I can say is that is totally awesome, and screw the 826 people who thumbs down this video.
M B 5 hari yang lalu
James Krahn
James Krahn 5 hari yang lalu
I died laughing when he was unloading it
Jon Snell
Jon Snell 5 hari yang lalu
Why are the Americans obsessed with cleaning?
Alexander Aagreen
Alexander Aagreen 5 hari yang lalu
How old is Liva?
Jack Garand
Jack Garand 5 hari yang lalu
That was not a MOUSE; for sure that was a RAT!! Super cute one though.
Bass Rover
Bass Rover 5 hari yang lalu
Погрузчик уровня Бог
Fook Utube
Fook Utube 5 hari yang lalu
Can't wait to see the new road runner,when you fix it
IrishLincoln 6 hari yang lalu
HELLO!!!! 4:56
james bass
james bass 6 hari yang lalu
Haha straight vacuumed up the mouse
Could have gone smoother for sure. But hey it's free...
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 6 hari yang lalu
fixing a free
1944chevytruck 6 hari yang lalu
GOOD JOB FIXING!... thanks 4 video. be kind
Gino Gallegos
Gino Gallegos 6 hari yang lalu
Inbreed. Who uses a boat trailer? He does. Or hes just a typical meth head
Jesse Dean
Jesse Dean 6 hari yang lalu
For a minute there When you were unlto loading the tractor and dropped it I was wondering if you were going to get it up and running,it must be a craftsman because it pulled through. I was wondering what make and model it was good job getting it up and running. Also good to see you get along nice with your dog.
Mark Neilson
Mark Neilson 6 hari yang lalu
Squeaky bum moment cutting along the the lake edge!
xf falcon
xf falcon 6 hari yang lalu
fix it dont break it
Peace Love
Peace Love 6 hari yang lalu
Mustie1 always finds mouse nests, but no mice on video. Andrew finds a mouse, and says: "Free mouse!" Should've given it to Mustie! ROFL!
Muny_Man 6 hari yang lalu
I’m the millionth view 😂 (basically)
Humanoid Player
Humanoid Player 6 hari yang lalu
You and Mustie1 should definitely collab
Brendan Warner
Brendan Warner 6 hari yang lalu
Woke my girl up laughing my ass off when you dropped the mower with the bobcat 🤣
Alan Strong
Alan Strong 7 hari yang lalu
You may have a fine mower when fixed.
Alan Strong
Alan Strong 7 hari yang lalu
Just get a repairman to bring it back to life. Worth the cost.
Scott Scherberger
Scott Scherberger 7 hari yang lalu
I found one the other day I got spark must be carb good job
billy jackson
billy jackson 7 hari yang lalu
hey dumb bell your not suppose to use a jet ski trailer for hauling a riding mower
Chris Yarbrough
Chris Yarbrough 7 hari yang lalu
Sorry, but how effing dumb of you to pick the mower off of the trailer like that. Free or not you just cost yourself a lot more money and time.
Chris Yarbrough
Chris Yarbrough 7 hari yang lalu
I apologize for the comment.
JCBassin 7 hari yang lalu
Awesome fix
John Smith
John Smith 7 hari yang lalu
I have seen some dumbass people in my time but you are now at the top of the list. Who is going to buy that? The new carb. is surging and you no nothing on repairing small engines lol.
Tim H
Tim H 7 hari yang lalu
absolute best channel on youtube. My wife asks me if I go to sleep by it every night. It's not every night, but close!
kingjb82 7 hari yang lalu
Your obviously not a buffoon.. but the buffoonery of loading and un loading got me here lol. That mouse sure moved up in life.. id say be safe but... have fun. Nice shop.
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