HIGHLIGHTS | Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds United

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Leonardo Mendoza
Leonardo Mendoza 6 hari yang lalu
0:49 great atack
Angela Coffey
Angela Coffey 16 hari yang lalu
Oh Villa, never change 😂😂
Emir Arnas
Emir Arnas 25 hari yang lalu
looks like we totally given leeds the 2nd and 3rd goal. like it was meant to be goal for leeds, we let that easy. if you know what I mean
James Doyle
James Doyle 25 hari yang lalu
I assume the commentator has villa tendencies
Mc Hugão
Mc Hugão 27 hari yang lalu
idshow.info/watch/SpTDteBIIak/video.html 🎶⚽️😏
Mc Hugão
Mc Hugão 27 hari yang lalu
idshow.info/watch/SpTDteBIIak/video.html 🎶⚽️😏
Lingardinho's Memes
Lingardinho's Memes 28 hari yang lalu
Now Aston Villa Would Rather Bury Bamford
Jonathan Hadley
Jonathan Hadley 28 hari yang lalu
Mr Nicklin
Ardian Pebrianto
Ardian Pebrianto 28 hari yang lalu
Omeid Arsalan Frotan
Omeid Arsalan Frotan 28 hari yang lalu
00:54 What a run by Grealish! What a player! so underrated! so sad that was blocked by keeper!
Arsenio ikhsan
Arsenio ikhsan 28 hari yang lalu
Lol 😭😭😭😭😀😀😀😀 IM fans Liverpool 🔥🔥🔥
Unnamed Shadow
Unnamed Shadow 28 hari yang lalu
i still think Villa could have a good season. They played against another one of the teams that will be a surprise this season.
Matthew Bull
Matthew Bull 29 hari yang lalu
Best of luck for the rest of the season Villa fans. Both of our clubs have been through some hard times in our history. Let's both cause an upset together and take a top 6 spot together come the end of the season.
Luke Cosgrove
Luke Cosgrove 29 hari yang lalu
That was like playing Barcelona made Villa look very average 😳
Jamierm dm
Jamierm dm 29 hari yang lalu
Aston Villa youtube channel commentators on Bamford's second goal: Bamford puts it in the top corner Leeds United youtube channel commentators on Bamford's second goal: OH YES TERRIFIC GOAL FROM PATRICK BAMFORD, HOW ABOUT THAT ONE. WHAT A FLIPPING GOAL THAT IS, THAT'S JUST INCREDIBLE. WOW
Jamshid Karimov
Jamshid Karimov 29 hari yang lalu
I came here because of awesome thumbnail
Joe Woodward
Joe Woodward 29 hari yang lalu
JJ_Realm 29 hari yang lalu
LOL..........you guys thought you were that good after few games. LOL........not so fast
Spookyzoo 29 hari yang lalu
Sound guy!! You got it right last week, what’s happened here! Commentary on left, ambience on the right, jeez, just centre both audio, it’s so easy. Takes just a minute. This sounds unnatural and annoying.
Rahmat H.
Rahmat H. 29 hari yang lalu
Emi are you okay?
Big Badger
Big Badger 29 hari yang lalu
Leeds fan here and I love to look at the comments of opposition fans after a game. In fairness most of the comments on here say it like it was. Villa were not poor at all, they had their chances, but Leeds were just better tonight. For what it's worth I reckon you guys had a great transfer window and look head and shoulders above where you were last season. I reckon both Leeds and Villa will comfortably finish in the top half of the table...
Chrsstyan 14
Chrsstyan 14 29 hari yang lalu
LOL villa
Mark Gaming
Mark Gaming 29 hari yang lalu
My friend was a LFC fan he said something super disrespectful he said that's what u get for thrashing LFC 7 2
Blue Nose 8
Blue Nose 8 Bulan Yang lalu
SP RF8HA3663EW Bulan Yang lalu
Villa simply ripped apart!
Domingos Markes
Domingos Markes Bulan Yang lalu
Joga muito 3 gol laços
OmniXenO Bulan Yang lalu
00:51 Leeds players already know he’s trash and will miss it so they let him go all the way cause they know if anyone touches him, he’s gonna dive and moan like a pathetic little bitch 😝😝🤣🤣😂😂 BC 💙🤍
Lauta Mn
Lauta Mn Bulan Yang lalu
That thumbnail tho
Calum Slater
Calum Slater Bulan Yang lalu
That could have gone either way, very open game.
ChrJahnsen Bulan Yang lalu
Can't win them all. Up until their goal it was pretty even, I think. The trick now is to dust ourselves off and deliver against Southampton.
Ketut Surya
Ketut Surya Bulan Yang lalu
Vila only not lucky , many chance , lets smash again for nextgame
mervyn charter
mervyn charter Bulan Yang lalu
Jacks solo run was great, but should have passed to Watkins and he probably scores, 1-0 Villa different game. Jack should also have buried the shot cleared off the line. These are the margins.
Sunit Shetty
Sunit Shetty Bulan Yang lalu
Surely there was a better thumbnail to choose from
Callum Savage
Callum Savage Bulan Yang lalu
You played dirty that mings needs a red card
jason BlackCountryBoys
jason BlackCountryBoys Bulan Yang lalu
if grealish passed at the end of the solo run watkins would of scored he holds onto the ball too long
jason duggan
jason duggan Bulan Yang lalu
Leeds were good. We had an off day. Just hate the fact bamford gets to score. Dislike him even more now!!! Urv
Harvey Millar
Harvey Millar Bulan Yang lalu
starting to think we need a better left back or targett needs to step his game up
Afonso Salazar
Afonso Salazar Bulan Yang lalu
Hat-trick Bamford
Dayib Ali
Dayib Ali Bulan Yang lalu
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey Bulan Yang lalu
Great goals, Tyrone Mings - where was ya!? 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Snatc !
Snatc ! 29 hari yang lalu
@Beau Brummie Stuey good luck in league one next season
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey 29 hari yang lalu
@Snatc ! a second rate London suburb club living in the shadows of the proper London teams like Chelsea and Spurs! Arsenal?? Ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey 29 hari yang lalu
@Snatc ! the only thing Arsenal is famous for is Robbie Lyle - not for doing anything .... infact I remember cup final 2011. Arsenal v BCFC!! 2-1 to BCFC incase you forgot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Snatc !
Snatc ! 29 hari yang lalu
What do we have here a championsship team 😂😂😂
Bayezid II
Bayezid II Bulan Yang lalu
Cheer up guys , just one lose and 4 wins ! Last season we barely got 4 points in 5 matches sitting on the 17th place and now we have 12 being 2nd in the league UTV !
All In One
All In One Bulan Yang lalu
Well played Leeds, They were on point played as a team. UTV we move on ❤️❤️❤️
Michael John Wicks
Michael John Wicks Bulan Yang lalu
May have been a different result if Bamford had been booked for simulation in the penalty area. He is nothing more than a cheat. He proved that when we played them in the championship. The ref was poor too. Leeds should have had a player sent off & the bad fouls went unpunished. They have always been called DIRTY LEEDS, & now we see why.
Beau Brummie Stuey
Beau Brummie Stuey 29 hari yang lalu
Nobody in the whole football league pyramid is a bigger dive or cheat than greasy Jack Grealish! And his arrogance again probably cost his team again as if he had squared the ball to Watkins May have been a different result but Leeds were far far far superior to Villa that night and Bamford ripped Tyrone Mings to bits! Embarrassing of a defender - seen better at the park on a Sunday- Lol and that’s rich coming from a BCFC fan 🤣. Villa won a few games and suddenly they become arrogant and think they are world beaters! Reality hit home Friday night and Leeds embarrassed them. Well done Leeds 👍😂😂😂😂
Mark Crawfy
Mark Crawfy Bulan Yang lalu
Abdourahamane Fall
Abdourahamane Fall Bulan Yang lalu
DeBuDDi Bulan Yang lalu
ggwp bamford?
Dan Paton
Dan Paton Bulan Yang lalu
1:33 “let’s hope they might tire a little bit” 😂😂😂😂
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson 29 hari yang lalu
@Andy Mason they don't know
Andy Mason
Andy Mason 29 hari yang lalu
I chuckled hearing that as well 😀
Jurmaine Zaidi
Jurmaine Zaidi Bulan Yang lalu
Villa highlights are better than Leeds At least we have won it outside the pitch😊😊
FOOTBALL lover Bulan Yang lalu
Bad luck
Charles Rio
Charles Rio Bulan Yang lalu
relegated this year?
Marc Hogan
Marc Hogan Bulan Yang lalu
Well played Leeds simply better than us last night . Bamfords not a bad player 😄👍
J O Bulan Yang lalu
Aston always aston, & Liverpool always Liverpool 😁
J O Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahahaha.. LoL.. #YNWA
Chef Dimitri Délice Cuisine Grec
Chef Dimitri Délice Cuisine Grec Bulan Yang lalu
Aston Villa 7- Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 0- Leeds 3 ha ha ha ha ha mafia Bookmakers After Barcelona 1- Aston Villa 9 ha ha ha ha big mafia the bookmakers and the players with millions dollars in the Bank
MoodMe UGC user generated content
MoodMe UGC user generated content Bulan Yang lalu
Amazing Leeds
DJ Khalid
DJ Khalid Bulan Yang lalu
Grealish deserved a goal for that run
Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock Bulan Yang lalu
Grelish after that run shud laid it off to watkins oh well Leeds deserved there win and congrats to Bamford also..
Pukay1453 Bulan Yang lalu
Patrick Bamford amazingg
Kaustav Adhikary
Kaustav Adhikary Bulan Yang lalu
Stupid kids don't even know that Leeds and especially Villa are massive clubs with huge support and history. They playing badly and not being up there with arsenal, manUTD and Liverpool these past decade or so is not a normal thing and them being back to fighting for the champions League places is things getting back to normal. These kids think arab oil and Russian oil are big clubs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
john silawe
john silawe Bulan Yang lalu
Super Bamford
john silawe
john silawe Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahahaha... Agbonlahorrggghhhhhh
Villa GAMER 1982
Villa GAMER 1982 Bulan Yang lalu
12 pts out of 15 and were 2nd im quite happy overall we just need to pick our selfes up. And we still have conceded the least goals in the league
leeds united
leeds united Bulan Yang lalu
Haha 😄 going down
Snatc !
Snatc ! 29 hari yang lalu
@leeds united and why not lol
leeds united
leeds united 29 hari yang lalu
@Snatc ! arsenal don't need to act cool
Snatc !
Snatc ! 29 hari yang lalu
Newbies don't need to act cool Leeds United
Unknown Bulan Yang lalu
5 games in calm down
ash unknown
ash unknown Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha ynwa Leeds united.. Hahaha a hahahaha hah3-0 at home.. Back to championship aston villa
ash unknown
ash unknown 27 hari yang lalu
@D'Ascoyne I will be crying if LFC lost im anfield3-0 lol truth is more embrassing to lose a newly promoted team at home then 7-2 away ha ha ha.m lfc lost but still above Aston villa in the table lol
D'Ascoyne 28 hari yang lalu
@ash unknown You know it's not
ash unknown
ash unknown 28 hari yang lalu
@D'Ascoyne hahaha 3-0 more embrassing..Leeds Leeds Leeds haha
D'Ascoyne 29 hari yang lalu
@ash unknown 7-2
ash unknown
ash unknown 29 hari yang lalu
@D'Ascoyne haha,we are not worried about aston villa lol salty Aston,villa,fan hahaha we more aware of Leeds n man,city those played great football lol
jeffthekay kay
jeffthekay kay Bulan Yang lalu
Thumbnail 😂😂😂😂
Villa Vids
Villa Vids Bulan Yang lalu
Disappointing after they scored their first goal. However, we could of been a few goals up had we taken our chances in the 1st and 2nd half. Very good performance by Leeds. Credit to them. We will hopefully learn and grow from this defeat. UTV.
Bamford's memes
Bamford's memes 19 hari yang lalu
@Villa Vids 0.06
Villa Vids
Villa Vids Bulan Yang lalu
@Paul Nutter Lol.
Villa Vids
Villa Vids Bulan Yang lalu
@Arnold Crentist Even until the first goal imo, we had the clear cut chances in the game early on.
Villa Vids
Villa Vids Bulan Yang lalu
@Will Monsarratt Leeds created nothing clear cut in the 1st half, other than getting into some promising positions we defended fairly well in the 1st half.
Paul Nutter
Paul Nutter Bulan Yang lalu
Don't think he saw the game only the badly edited highlights
EthanJH12 Bulan Yang lalu
I mean we got Southampton next should not be too hard
Lions4322 Bulan Yang lalu
With that attitude you’ll be sliced. Not saying Southampton are at the level of Leeds, but they’re finding their rythm
Paul James
Paul James Bulan Yang lalu
Meslier looks like the little kid you made be "goalie " when you played in the street back in the day
cicero2 Bulan Yang lalu
Some kid, Paul!
The Sun State
The Sun State Bulan Yang lalu
I thought Leeds were going to be our toughest prospect so far. Bielsa is a machine! Could have gone either way in the first half though.
Hocane 28 hari yang lalu
They will never keep it up for a full season. Not a chance
opa opat
opa opat Bulan Yang lalu
Aston Villa back on track, welcome back Haha
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin Bulan Yang lalu
Liverpool 4-3 Leeds United Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds United Me: What the hell is going on?
TP76 Ben
TP76 Ben Bulan Yang lalu
The corona virus + global warming effects
6502-Coder Bulan Yang lalu
SALRIZ 76 Bulan Yang lalu
that's called football
Scuzzy_0808 kosher kush
Scuzzy_0808 kosher kush Bulan Yang lalu
Villa emphatically beating a Liverpool side with missing key players, then emphatically lose to a Leeds side that is missing key players
Dhritiman Nandi
Dhritiman Nandi Bulan Yang lalu
Welcome to premier league
Madvi Ramgulam
Madvi Ramgulam Bulan Yang lalu
To prove that you are really strong this season, you have to pass Leeds Acid Test!!
stan Bulan Yang lalu
2:08 reminded of old memories
Prashant 29 hari yang lalu
@Mithun Talukdar that’s meaningless that’s like me saying if Villa took their chances and defended every Leeds chance it would have been 13-0 or something. (since those are the amount of shots they had in the game) Heads dropped after the first goal it’s bad mentality from the villa players they were still in it.
Citadelon Earth
Citadelon Earth Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah, if that went in, I'm sure Villa would've let Leeds score an open goal.
Prashant Bulan Yang lalu
Not our day today this game could have easily went different if we scored first. Heads dropped hard after the 1st goal conceded if grealish scored that or konsa I can see a different scoreline
Dinesh Pratap Singh
Dinesh Pratap Singh Bulan Yang lalu
Patrick bamford - most underrated striker of all time
kuhenga Bulan Yang lalu
Good job Leeds hhhhh
Luigi95 Bulan Yang lalu
If we won Liverpool 7-2 playing 4-2-3-1, why do we change to 4-3-3. McGinn needs to be netx to Douglas, and Barkley behind Watkins.
ash unknown
ash unknown Bulan Yang lalu
Because Aston villa only play 1 dimensions plus that LFC GAM is LFC the one attack n dominated but conceded goals like cause error of defense n goal keeper .. Leeds now has exposed aston villa. . Leeds were excellent .. As,lfc fan now they second best team. Winning n7-2 n losing 3-0 at home is nothing to be proud lol. Hating Liverpool is another things .. Leeds lose to LFC but they respected us .. we Lfc fan respectee them .. Aston villa and hater were saying they are best team lol .hahaha best team ? 3-0 at villa park now go back to where u belong .. I waiting Aston villa to come anfield
ERU EMU Bulan Yang lalu
Great thumbnail
Joey Schlink
Joey Schlink Bulan Yang lalu
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis Bulan Yang lalu
No shame in that loss today. Leeds were just outstanding in every department. They play like machines on the pitch. Just remember this is the team that liverpool barely beat at the beginning of the season and gave city a run for their money.
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson 29 hari yang lalu
Liverpool wouldn't have beaten us if Liam Cooper wasn't injured and we had managed to sign Ben White. Silly mistakes at the back from two second choice centre backs who had never played together cost us that game.
Syahid Bulan Yang lalu
Bamford is a proper glitch in the matrix as suggested by the thumbnail
The Wanderer
The Wanderer Bulan Yang lalu
We lost because we couldn’t get service to Ollie Watkins. Leeds passed and pressed a lot better than us and played at a higher tempo.
faith Action
faith Action Bulan Yang lalu
Villa is slowly going where it belong
Unknown Bulan Yang lalu
5 games in......
Mark _i.c. whale_
Mark _i.c. whale_ Bulan Yang lalu
leeds scored some wondergoals
Jorge dá Alves
Jorge dá Alves Bulan Yang lalu
Bruh Bulan Yang lalu
The defending for the 2nd and 3rd goals were horrible
Farah Hassan
Farah Hassan Bulan Yang lalu
Good job trying
Championship here come Villa..
KJ Killerkid
KJ Killerkid Bulan Yang lalu
@Magic Eleven Twelve that's not relegation m8. Anyway 7th or 8th is higher than I predicted for us
Magic Eleven Twelve
Magic Eleven Twelve Bulan Yang lalu
@KJ Killerkid not for long, possibility for 7th or 8th by the end of the weekend!
KJ Killerkid
KJ Killerkid Bulan Yang lalu
We're still second you mug
Gideon Niaje
Gideon Niaje Bulan Yang lalu
Lenoooo>>> Martinez by Far
Budi Utama
Budi Utama Bulan Yang lalu
The subtitle is hilarious 😂
DY 11
DY 11 Bulan Yang lalu
Arif Setiawan
Arif Setiawan Bulan Yang lalu
We didn't play badly. In fact, we played quite well. We'll be fine. We go again next week. UTV!
ash unknown
ash unknown Bulan Yang lalu
Badly yes over confident yes over hype after 7-2 yes
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin Bulan Yang lalu
leeds had several key players missing through injury and still won at a canter , bielsa is a master tactician
AV4 L 19 hari yang lalu
@Bamford's memes oh yeah true the same decent team we beat 1-0 😆
Bamford's memes
Bamford's memes 19 hari yang lalu
@AV4 L 4 3 to danny ings. Atleast we was playing 1 of the best sides in the league
AV4 L 19 hari yang lalu
@Bamford's memes 4-1 😭😭😭
Bamford's memes
Bamford's memes 19 hari yang lalu
@AV4 L cry more
AV4 L 29 hari yang lalu
@Liam Hainsworth I used to like Leeds but their fans are retards 😂 your still in our shadows so don’t get too happy
ObeONE Bulan Yang lalu
First goal conceded, Tyrone Mings If you trust Martinez, you should watch out for Bamford. I think you can kick it, but you run deep.
Joel Petra
Joel Petra Bulan Yang lalu
Agreed 100%
Maftuh Iksan
Maftuh Iksan Bulan Yang lalu
😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol
Dan Ginn
Dan Ginn Bulan Yang lalu
Great win for us, but I’m really enjoying watching Villa. Both teams will do well.
Poeticmic Bulan Yang lalu
Credit where its due second half Bamford was unplayable. His second was absolute class and his third was magic from nothing. I look forward to the next one
Conversation Classes
Conversation Classes Bulan Yang lalu
The 2nd and 3rd Bamford goals are both Messi-anic. The 3rd goal reminds me of Messi's goal vs Naples in the CL QF.
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson 29 hari yang lalu
Bamford thinks he's Iniesta with all those players round him
Big Badger
Big Badger 29 hari yang lalu
For me the 2nd was a fantastic finish, but the 3rd was something else.
Big Badger
Big Badger 29 hari yang lalu
@doyanbalabala afraid of giving away a penalty for the 3rd...
doyanbalabala 29 hari yang lalu
I wonder why the defenders gave him so much time to adjust and shoot
Conversation Classes
Conversation Classes Bulan Yang lalu
@Tom 1592009 oic. really? i didn't know that. thanks for the info.
NoSacrificeNoVictory Bulan Yang lalu
Gonzalo Chacón
Gonzalo Chacón Bulan Yang lalu
Captain Jack and the Villa Tripulation!
Mamang Hermawan
Mamang Hermawan Bulan Yang lalu
Haha kalah
Doctor Atan
Doctor Atan Bulan Yang lalu
Welcome to the cave lol
Alex Pastrana
Alex Pastrana Bulan Yang lalu
I was a great Match however sometimes You win and sometimes You lose good for the team 👌💜💙
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