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Like the Amish in the US, the Mennonite Christian community shuns the modern world. Most Mennonites live in secluded, self-sufficient colonies. We get a rare glimpse into the life of a devout and isolated community.
The Mennonites embrace isolation, which in their eyes helps protect them from the temptations of the modern world. At first glance, time seems to have stood still in the Mennonite colony in Belize, where people still travel by horse-drawn carriage and do without conveniences such as televisions and electricity. They still speak an old form of the German dialect Plattdeutsch. But modern life is slowly making inroads in Little Belize. Wilhelm, the community’s former doctor, was expelled for owning a mobile phone. Fearing that their community was being tainted, some more traditional members decided to found a new colony in a remote jungle in Peru, where they hope to live according to old customs and religious beliefs. For the first time ever, a camera team was granted access to one of Central and South America’s traditional Mennonite colonies.
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Mctoob YT
Mctoob YT 41 menit yang lalu
Where are the Islam haters? why don’t you ask about the segregation of Genders???? Or you just become dump when you see Islam?
TheUnP0ssible 57 menit yang lalu
seems fine to me.
ABOVE THE LAW Jam Yang lalu
The family that went to the amazon are amazing. Taking it all in their stride.
ABOVE THE LAW 2 jam yang lalu
I admire the independence.
ABOVE THE LAW 2 jam yang lalu
kolo_gaming 2 jam yang lalu
12:27 ?
Little Buck
Little Buck 4 jam yang lalu
Wonderful video
peter gold
peter gold 5 jam yang lalu
bunch of nutters
Glen Coco
Glen Coco 6 jam yang lalu
34:44 venezuelan migrant... we are all over latin america XD
Amber Rose
Amber Rose 6 jam yang lalu
No judgment intended, but what bible are they reading??
Slit Fidget Spinner Dab Bodmod
Slit Fidget Spinner Dab Bodmod 7 jam yang lalu
“Shoo modern world.” *coca cola bottle*
Margaret Jaeger
Margaret Jaeger 7 jam yang lalu
What about jungle creatures?? There's surely a lot of wild creatures in a jungle. And who cleared the jungle for them to have plots of cleared land visible..?
Fiddle Sticks
Fiddle Sticks 10 jam yang lalu
The Mennonites had absolutley no right to venture into the Amazon. Christianiity has some values in human exstence, yes. The Mennonite Christian Community had absolutely no right to venture into the Amazon. Any Human existence needs to study itself, understand itself. It is only after this that the evil human can make any judgement concerning its own existence.
Yvette 10 jam yang lalu
They don't have to keep up with BS like the rest of us. Lmao 😂
Leon Woo
Leon Woo 11 jam yang lalu
Tough people, good candidates for colony on Mars
Dark Fury ML
Dark Fury ML 11 jam yang lalu
You can say "kids these days because its not changing
life sucks
life sucks 12 jam yang lalu
this is child abuse
Afroj Alam
Afroj Alam 15 jam yang lalu
How lucky they are, thy will not see religious fight over there🤔
VIERI Novelo
VIERI Novelo 16 jam yang lalu
To my belizeans.....wach how dem ryd tillet
Mikel Clark
Mikel Clark 19 jam yang lalu
These kids are amazing I hope they don't snap
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker 19 jam yang lalu
Right now if I could be what I am now or blink my eyes and be this and never know what I am now. I would choose this.
J. Cesar.
J. Cesar. 19 jam yang lalu
I'm pretty sure the bible doesn't mention cars.
J. Cesar.
J. Cesar. 19 jam yang lalu
Wait a minute.....wait a doggone minute! Franze is using an electric powered grinder !
J. Cesar.
J. Cesar. 19 jam yang lalu
Is there a Mennonite word for 'fun'?
Gary Hampson
Gary Hampson 21 jam yang lalu
If this is the best way of living life within the Bible then everyone should do it. Instead of looking through social media for attention
Giselecoder HQ
Giselecoder HQ 22 jam yang lalu
I Hope the mans respect woman and Childrens
Great Red Spot
Great Red Spot 22 jam yang lalu
In most sects of the Mennonite community they do not shun people (even old order), this is why the Amish started because the Amish felt the Mennonites were not strict enough. The people in this documentary may call themselves Mennonites but they seem more Amish to me. Their accents blow my mind. I can hear my father, uncles, aunts, and grandma.
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea 22 jam yang lalu
They seem a bit off.. This is what happens when you shun outsiders and you do not deversifyb the gene poo
Freddy Schulp
Freddy Schulp 23 jam yang lalu
How come they're not allowed to use phones but they are allowed to use a plane?
Ordy Horizon rivière du nord
Ordy Horizon rivière du nord Hari Yang lalu
Can link communities together and share feelings and art 🌹🤷‍♂️🙌🤷‍♀️✨🤷‍♀️🙌🤷‍♂️🌹🐱‍🐉💥🎡💥🐱‍🏍
Ker Mac
Ker Mac Hari Yang lalu
11:13 wait did she just call themselves a cult?
markmem1234 Hari Yang lalu
So is any one gonna talk about the old doctors door to his house opens to the outside instead of the inside
Vincent Fleisher
Vincent Fleisher Hari Yang lalu
How can you forbid car when you are using wheels, that is part of the modern world, the clothes they are wearing that is modern thing, wrong interpretation of the bIble
Garrett Fitzgerald
Garrett Fitzgerald Hari Yang lalu
"If people don't obey the church we must shun them", forgetting that Christ himself despised all organised religions, hierarchical structures, rituals, fasting, ceremonies, holy days ad infinitum. Jesus said, "show me the stone which the builders have rejected. That one is the cornerstone. If anyone can go into a church that means there is nothing in there since anyone can go in. Please see the truth, logic and sanity of this.
John Hari Yang lalu
I don’t get it they aren’t supposed to use any kind of technology but get his on planes and cars and trucks and he knows so many languages. How did he learn all that I don’t think living under a rock you can learn how many stuff. I mean if he lived in Belize how did he even know about that place in Peru
Life Throughsound
Life Throughsound Hari Yang lalu
Update: And because they decided to move and set up shop right in the center of cartel land they were never seen again...... The End
Life Throughsound
Life Throughsound Hari Yang lalu
The lady at the airport was like wait what?!? Where'd you say you were going again. 😂😂😂😂
B Hardrada
B Hardrada Hari Yang lalu
Won't be long till meth gets introduced to them by franz😂 just goes to show as soon as some of them start to adopt modern ways the conflict starts, the people making these films always have an agenda.
Alyce GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD Hari Yang lalu
Beautiful sooooooo beautiful I’m a preschool teacher and I teach them to pray, and memorize Bible Scriptures God bless you all I love you all
Thinh Kieuthi
Thinh Kieuthi Hari Yang lalu
Thanks I like them and your video.
Angus Wallis
Angus Wallis Hari Yang lalu
Teaching children to read so you can make them read only the bible as their sole source of education, that should be illegal, this community disgusts me
Jussi M. Konttinen
Jussi M. Konttinen Hari Yang lalu
lol I bet you would be fine with them reading the Quran
Rosario McQuirk
Rosario McQuirk Hari Yang lalu
Jesus said that heart is the source of uncleannes mark 7:20 23
jsherm _
jsherm _ Hari Yang lalu
How is this guy moving to Peru to be more conservative but using tractors and machinery? Make it make sense.
Stubborn Dreams
Stubborn Dreams Hari Yang lalu
is there an update to the video, I would like to see how the are doing and all the progress they have made
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Hari Yang lalu
Hi @Stubborn Dreams, Unfortunately there is no follow up planned but thanks for expressing an interest in finding out more. We appreciate the feedback. Thanks for watching and stay tuned! Best, The DW Documentary Team
Avro Rora
Avro Rora Hari Yang lalu
I don't believe in technology and smartphones are made by satan. But I use electric motor to sharpen my tool.
Steve the dude.
Steve the dude. Hari Yang lalu
Thank the lord for giving the free people freedom of religion.
JCO2002 Jam Yang lalu
There's no freedom in religion, just subservience.
Janie Cox
Janie Cox Hari Yang lalu
I can get down with old fashioned styles of living and trying to stay "innocent" from technology, but doing it in the AMAZON?! HECK NAH. I'M OUT
LIZZ DA QUEEN Hari Yang lalu
I hope to see an updated documentary about them years to come to see how much they have achieved
Ben silver.?
Ben silver.? Hari Yang lalu
What’s the difference between these guys and the Amish
Rylee lindsey
Rylee lindsey Hari Yang lalu
Was that Thomas the train in the water
Do Do
Do Do Hari Yang lalu
When you first see people that’s never ridden a plane and there happy faces makes me happy I don’t know why lol 😝
ThvtSyDneYlyf3th0 2 hari yang lalu
why do white ppl do this?
HomeSlice 8
HomeSlice 8 2 hari yang lalu
shunned the doctor but still use planes and tractors... BRUH
HomeSlice 8
HomeSlice 8 2 hari yang lalu
ugh not them trying to clear out an entire jungle to live their happy little farm life
SerialBull 2 hari yang lalu
I expected them to look like atari sprites
Dawg Bert
Dawg Bert 2 hari yang lalu
based trad life
Kruno HD
Kruno HD 2 hari yang lalu
When you find out God doesn't Exsist 🤣🤣
E180 TEKNO 2 hari yang lalu
I admire abraham's perseverance 41:50 really
Darvinius Berar
Darvinius Berar 2 hari yang lalu
How they fiind the other Mennonites whitout technology, or how they speaked with them whitout a phone? THey are just hipocrits who enforce theyr selfish ways to others. A bouch of idiots to lazy to think for themselfs folowing a greedy all knowing hypochrit..
Leonil Asano
Leonil Asano 2 hari yang lalu
Mark Shoffner Sr
Mark Shoffner Sr 2 hari yang lalu
the doctor got excommunicated for having a phone and then I saw no less than 5 in the church
Blaney Crabbe
Blaney Crabbe 2 hari yang lalu
Watch the movie "King-pin" great movie.
Maria Cicarelli
Maria Cicarelli 2 hari yang lalu
if they had a less rigid learning program i would already converted it into amish
Safzone123 2 hari yang lalu
I didnt like this ........... i didnt even watch ... wtf is this ... which country is this i dont even know anything
space migration
space migration 2 hari yang lalu
i wonder why they all have strong irish accents
CutTheKnot 2 hari yang lalu
INCEST is FORBIDDEN within this culture. Mennonites understand very well the importance of expanding their gene pool well beyond their own. It is ridiculous how so many comments are presumptuous to the negative. If it does not apply to their bible or directly to concepts applied to farming and pollination then it will not jive with them. When one is content and enthusiastic nothing can kill your spirit. These people actually know what it feels like to get even the most minute surge of dopamine from so much less. Their positive attitude is like a natural drug. Early mathematicians received a positive feedback loop from their minds after solving problems, which further attracted them toward solving further and more complicated problems...thinking through problems creates dopamine and enthusiasm. Addiction to video games destroys the motivating value and impetus of dopamine to move one forward - to truly progress or solve pragmatic problems. The mind reward system and attention becomes coopted/sidelined.
WaevPlays 3 hari yang lalu
too much irony in one video.
Dora Tiscareno
Dora Tiscareno 3 hari yang lalu
How do they find a mate? When your not to get together with another is it an abomination ? Do they mate with one another...? Then why not have a car, cell phone have a TV
Dora Tiscareno
Dora Tiscareno 3 hari yang lalu
They are so Lucky for so many reasons... and so sad for so many reasons...
Joseph McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy 3 hari yang lalu
I could bet you, the elders drink whiskey and smoke.
B 3 hari yang lalu
I wish I could own my own land, that will never happen I live in America where land is so expensive America is so bloody greedy.
B 3 hari yang lalu
With a group who knows what they are doing you can build a house in a couple of days.
B 3 hari yang lalu
Temptation, more evil than good from a cellphone
David Zych
David Zych 3 hari yang lalu
Wait a minute technically she cant have glasses she needa take em off
John John F. Webber
John John F. Webber 3 hari yang lalu
It's a German Christian way of life...
shitty mcr vids
shitty mcr vids Hari Yang lalu
As a former german Christian, not really lol
rico brian talisic
rico brian talisic 3 hari yang lalu
Can I be a Mennonite? I just want to live like an old life cause I'm tired of this modern world
Piccadelly 3 hari yang lalu
these people deserve my respect. Building a new life in the middle of the forest, for most of us it would be a nightmare, for these people it is a blessing
-GANDING 3 hari yang lalu
It was a peace cult religion If youre out, no bully, no talk talk, no ones die
Rafaela Scheiwiller
Rafaela Scheiwiller 3 hari yang lalu
Im swiss-german and i speak german obviously. I study history and have tons of old german documents to read. Yet i really don't understand them when they talk xD And to everyone praising this community: that one doctor just bought a phone so he could get a taxi or call real doctors when an accident happened. And they excommunicated him. Sorry but this is a cult. Poor people
Jussi M. Konttinen
Jussi M. Konttinen 3 hari yang lalu
That's the whole point of being a cult that it’s a cult. I drink alcohol, since Christianity does not forbid the consumption of alcohol, otherwise I don’t see anything wrong with a simple lifestyle.
Tolo Tonga
Tolo Tonga 3 hari yang lalu
Just look at what happens when you dont live like them
babysuho 25
babysuho 25 3 hari yang lalu
Im really curious how theyll react when they come to la or any big cities... super culturr shock
R. S.
R. S. 3 hari yang lalu
Honestly the family that separated don’t fit with South America at all! Recently a Mormon family was killed by the cartel. Some leaders just want power.
Do Not Believe
Do Not Believe 3 hari yang lalu
The bible is their only text book. What do they learn at all? That is fundamentalism as well. Dressed like midage, treated like monks. I feel very sorry for the kids.
Iconof Sin
Iconof Sin 3 hari yang lalu
All the pure souls to corrupt !😈
Cyrus The Great
Cyrus The Great 3 hari yang lalu
ISIS of the west.
Cyrus The Great
Cyrus The Great 3 hari yang lalu
There’s no end into superstition.
ManuelPinner 3 hari yang lalu
I Study the Bible and there is nothing about not Have Technology and Living in a 21 Century World, it's Show by God Grace and Love and Mercy We are Saved, Not by Works are Rules Made by Men,
B 3 hari yang lalu
Actually destroying the world with pollution through technology God is against, he is also against it because people worship it like a god, they obsess over it and love it.
weisthor0815 3 hari yang lalu
whatever you think of them or their way of life, i bet they are happier and more satisfied with their lives than 95% of people in the western societies.
Justin Andrews
Justin Andrews 4 hari yang lalu
away from technology.. yet the place is full of it... plastics, machining tools, electricity, a calculator (a computer...)... sigh...
Abcilidef 4 hari yang lalu
Have you noticed that all of those adult have aged very quick. That man said he is 43 but he looks like late 50s or 60s. This is very strange considering they are having fully organic no sugar, no GMO, no carb diet, no cell phone radiation no pop/soda.
hannah cat
hannah cat 4 hari yang lalu
He has the new Satan Galaxy phone
hockeyqueen 4 hari yang lalu
They look miserable eating dinner in silence
Mehmet Doğan Özdemir
Mehmet Doğan Özdemir 4 hari yang lalu
So they don't accept some technologies but accept others? But why? Computer chips are just more complex than a stable, but both are human technologies. What's the logic here? What draws the line?
wootwootwoot32 4 hari yang lalu
@dw you did not go into inbreeding?
wootwootwoot32 4 hari yang lalu
Where does the Bible say to shun modernity? 😁😁😁😏
wootwootwoot32 4 hari yang lalu
Dwayne Schrute family members 😁😁😁👍
maidobala 4 hari yang lalu
''I want to be more conservative and don't belief in modern technology'' But uses tractors and goes on a plane.....sure thing bruh
Haitham Mogherbi
Haitham Mogherbi 4 hari yang lalu
This is a part of their tradition: an independent streak and a refusal of authority. They usually break off into smaller sects but because they breed fast, these sects tend to grow large and then break up again. It is like a self mutating single cell organism
Jorge Falero Mazziotti
Jorge Falero Mazziotti 4 hari yang lalu
So they are using an airplane to go to Peru? Why not just walk?
priya liju
priya liju 4 hari yang lalu
Sad part is that they wont be able to see this documentary about themselves!
chelh karim
chelh karim 4 hari yang lalu
These people are crazy 🤪
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