K-drama Rewind 2019: Scenes that’ll make you swoon [ENG SUB]

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9 bulan yang lalu

Here’s a roundup of our favorite #SwoonWorthy moments this year! May the swoon be with us all in 2020 ❤️
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Agoh Pro
Agoh Pro Jam Yang lalu
What is the first drama name please tell me I have been looking for the drama for one week now
Jeon Chae-soo
Jeon Chae-soo 23 jam yang lalu
sunho that flirt~
MK ENTERPRISE 2 hari yang lalu
No no all drama names please
MK ENTERPRISE 2 hari yang lalu
3rd drama name please
baba ogu
baba ogu 2 hari yang lalu
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Hatem Mahmoud
Hatem Mahmoud 3 hari yang lalu
What is the first kdrama name
Vanshika Verma
Vanshika Verma 3 hari yang lalu
I should probably die with embarrassment ....rather than feeling this lonely . ಥ‿ಥ
Olivia Coe
Olivia Coe 5 hari yang lalu
I'm sorry but this video kind of made me angry. Most of the actresses and actors I have already shipped with someone else. It's really hard for me to separate person and character.
Dahannes Seremai
Dahannes Seremai 7 hari yang lalu
I'm a college single guy and there's no way I'm going to cry watching this. 2 minutes later find myself crying alone at night under my blanket 😢 😭
Jane Skei
Jane Skei 7 hari yang lalu
Jang Ki Yong......the sexiest man alive. OMG!!!!!!!
Ashlynn Harmon
Ashlynn Harmon 12 hari yang lalu
shorturl.ca/indiasexxxxsh0w148 ෂ මිනිසුන් නොදන්නේ නම්ඔවුන්ට පැවසීමට අවශ්‍ය නැත ඔව්ඔහු එළියට ආවා ඔහු කිහිප වතාවක්ම නිවසට කතා කර ඇති අතර ඔහු පවසන්නේ ඔහු මේ ආකාරයෙන් පැමිණෙන බවයි ඩිග්ස් ඇවිත් ඔහු පුපුරා ගිය දවස අපට කිව්වා
Seher Sheikh
Seher Sheikh 12 hari yang lalu
I think the name of the title should really be "K-drama Rewind 2019: Scenes that’ll make you feel so lonely and single"
Jaycee Flemminge
Jaycee Flemminge 16 hari yang lalu
What's the first one called? I wanna watch it 😂
Anusha 1234
Anusha 1234 16 hari yang lalu
"Why are you so pretty? It makes my heart flutter!" - My heart boom boom.
Nuwang Rongxing
Nuwang Rongxing 17 hari yang lalu
I've never hugged anyone. If it started this way,...
Lei Xu
Lei Xu 20 hari yang lalu
And the shower kiss from Melting Me Softly isn’t included????
Mel Trish
Mel Trish 22 hari yang lalu
Korean guys🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Hy Mia
Hy Mia 23 hari yang lalu
Jimin's Armpit
Jimin's Armpit 23 hari yang lalu
Nobody: My heart at midnight watching this: *bOom BoOm*
ICHI_XCT 2019 24 hari yang lalu
Its samruddhi
Its samruddhi 26 hari yang lalu
4:39 Probably First time ever in kdrama history- Female lead kissing the male lead nd he is shooked🤣
Jeon Leigh
Jeon Leigh 26 hari yang lalu
And this is why I’m still single.
status videos for Ur Status
status videos for Ur Status 27 hari yang lalu
Korean language is so expressive
kyuna yu
kyuna yu 28 hari yang lalu
n look at me even in my 20s I'm between online classes, assignment and exams and a singleass
ADITI YADAV 28 hari yang lalu
Well...i want that😶💜🇮🇳
lin wang
lin wang 28 hari yang lalu
1. 그녀의 사생활 她的私生活 박민영 김재욱 2. 좋아하면 올리는 喜欢的话请响铃김소현 송강 3. 어비스 深渊 박보영 안효섭 4. Vagabond 배가본드流浪者 이승기 배수지 5.호텔 -델루나 德露娜酒店이지은 여진구 6. 알함브라 궁전의 추억阿尔罕布拉宫的回忆현빈 박신혜 7. 봄밤春夜 한지민 정해인 8. 검색어를 입력하세요 www请输入搜索词:www 임수정 장기용 9.로맨스는 별책부록 浪漫是一册副刊이종석 이나영 10. 동백꽃 필 무렵 山茶花开时강하늘 공효진
Florencia Azcurra
Florencia Azcurra Bulan Yang lalu
which drama is the one at 8:29??? they're so cute omg
Jenny Yean
Jenny Yean Bulan Yang lalu
What the name of this drama?
yt 222
yt 222 Bulan Yang lalu
Alsvior Kook
Alsvior Kook Bulan Yang lalu
The hands on the hips never lie
Emna the area 51 guard
Emna the area 51 guard Bulan Yang lalu
You're not lonely You just have high standards
Vanya Gurung
Vanya Gurung Bulan Yang lalu
The 2nd couple really gave me goosebumps
moonsh!ne Bulan Yang lalu
This girl from It's okay to not be okay
ggu café
ggu café Bulan Yang lalu
Mahtab Yoosefyan
Mahtab Yoosefyan Bulan Yang lalu
Ji chang Wook Oppa İ Miss Him So Much
Anwesha Manna
Anwesha Manna Bulan Yang lalu
Now in 2020, I cannot swoon over Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye.... It's become Ri-ri couple now or Bin-Jin after CLOY....😔😳😍
IOTNBO&TONFan Bulan Yang lalu
Aww why not "It's Okay to Not Be Okay"?? Welp, Its okay. Maybe next time i guess.
Aileen Perez
Aileen Perez Bulan Yang lalu
Y’all he was mad slick to say lets stop all the flirting 💕 and get married ✨☺️🤭🥺
Susky Bulan Yang lalu
this makes me spoon
Arushi Chauhan
Arushi Chauhan Bulan Yang lalu
My favorite - Her Private Life 😍😍 And it doesn't even include a kiss ❤️