7 Dramatic Falls From Grace in Football this Decade

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From former Premier League star and Spanish international Michu to two-time Bundesliga and 2014 World Cup winner Kevin Grosskreutz, HITC Sevens takes a look at a number of players from the world of football / soccer who suffered significant falls from grace since the year 2010 as we approach the end of the decade.

UnfunnyKid 69420
UnfunnyKid 69420 3 hari yang lalu
Julio Cesar
Free speech for the dumb
Free speech for the dumb 4 hari yang lalu
I’ve just shat myself you pricks
James Bryan
James Bryan 6 hari yang lalu
9:04 I'm not looking at Jurgen Klopp the same again.
Matty Filenfish
Matty Filenfish 6 hari yang lalu
Munian from athletic bilboa Isaac cuenca and Christian tello
Kunal Tapadar
Kunal Tapadar 7 hari yang lalu
Football must have a rule that you cannot do sliding tackle
Ashique Akond
Ashique Akond 20 hari yang lalu
please make seven argentines who are underrated.
Ashique Akond
Ashique Akond 20 hari yang lalu
You forgot erik lamela.
Len Weston
Len Weston Bulan Yang lalu
Injuries suck
Grant Hruschka
Grant Hruschka Bulan Yang lalu
Benedict hoewedes
Adamin Bulan Yang lalu
Man I wish Michu kept firing :( He was just so fun to watch
Adder314 Bulan Yang lalu
This guy obviously has a much higher voice but is trying to talk deeper. The end of almost every sentence is just too low for him to be intelligible.
nickcarrottop _
nickcarrottop _ Bulan Yang lalu
hi its- MILES!
hi its- MILES! Bulan Yang lalu
If Ben Arfa's fall from grace was after 2010 then he should've been here.
Qta Bulan Yang lalu
Zieler, Durm, Höwedes, Mustafi (this was all made up by Löw, Mustafi Family and Özil Family to make money), Kramer, Podolski
Qta Bulan Yang lalu
Joe Hart is a good guy.
Qta Bulan Yang lalu
german squad of 2014 is a disgrace to good german footballers, besides the bayern players ofc.
sarthak s
sarthak s 2 bulan yang lalu
Michael Schimming
Michael Schimming 2 bulan yang lalu
Danny Welbeck should be number 1
Lira Mayne
Lira Mayne 2 bulan yang lalu
Christian Benteke
all gravey
all gravey 2 bulan yang lalu
Santa Cruz, Micheal Johnson,
Farid 2 bulan yang lalu
Ryo Miyaichi😔
Alexander R
Alexander R 2 bulan yang lalu
Javier Hernandez... From Guadalajara to ManU to flopping at Real. Now he’s a bench Warmer in the MLS
Michael Sisto
Michael Sisto 2 bulan yang lalu
Giuseppe Rossi has a pretty sad fall from grace. injuries really took away too much talent from the game
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 2 bulan yang lalu
Ravel Morrison is another one that comes to mind, so much hype, yet so disappointing.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 2 bulan yang lalu
Turan was dope to watch, he was just so damn slow.
Blake barone
Blake barone 2 bulan yang lalu
Kristoph Piatek. Has anyone ever lead two different serie a teams in goals?? IN THE SAME SEASON.
Blodhthringa 2 bulan yang lalu
Radamel Falcao. Went from one the world's best strikers to nothing.
Warren Barnes
Warren Barnes 2 bulan yang lalu
What happen to Freddie Ado
semiretired86 2 bulan yang lalu
I'll say that it's a bit unfair to have Rafael Van Der Vaart as an honourble mention his fall is mostly due to his wife Estevana Polman who's the best female handballplayer in the world he just has had to follow his wifewho's playing at Esbjerg in Denmark right now for the record
Robin Thom
Robin Thom 2 bulan yang lalu
No Jese?
Vertical Technologies
Vertical Technologies 2 bulan yang lalu
Sadio Berahino,
Thando Mlangeni
Thando Mlangeni 2 bulan yang lalu
Blunderbusss I
Blunderbusss I 2 bulan yang lalu
I think the best fall from grace was Toto Schillaci but he wasn't from this decade! Top video mate :)
Blunderbusss I
Blunderbusss I 2 bulan yang lalu
Injuries aren't a fall from grace...just unlucky...
SS 2 bulan yang lalu
Edu and Abou Diaby
Satyam Goolzar
Satyam Goolzar 2 bulan yang lalu
Michael Essien?
Dalt-Wan Kenobi
Dalt-Wan Kenobi 2 bulan yang lalu
For what he was Ronaldinho had a pretty big fall from grace.
HMan0199 2 bulan yang lalu
Honestly, to say that Renato Sanches should be more than an (dis)honorable mention is not a stretch. He spent 4 seasons in Bavaria, were be only made 35 apps, never being able to make his place permanent in the lineup. And his loan spell at Swansea City was Godawful, with just 15 apps. Please remember that Joshua Kimmich, who is merely 2 years older, was brought in only a year earlier than Sanches, and he has been able to make his presence known in bought as a midfielder & right back. And an argument could be made that if Renato had shown he was capable of being a world class midfielder, then Leon Goretzka wouldn't have been signed in 2018. One last thing that shows that Sanches has been a flop: Bayern's €35M transfer for him was, at the time, the highest ever paid for a Portuguese player playing in Primeira Liga. I hope that he has a much better spell with Lille than he did in both Bayern & Swansea, but time will tell.
ProA Mc'smackamuss
ProA Mc'smackamuss 2 bulan yang lalu
Owen Vaughan
Owen Vaughan 2 bulan yang lalu
Ollz Ahoy
Ollz Ahoy 2 bulan yang lalu
Benteke and Arshavin
Fur Q
Fur Q 2 bulan yang lalu
Klop looked as if he was inserting a suppositorie into that young man.
Matrix Guy
Matrix Guy 2 bulan yang lalu
Calling Jackson Martinez the biggest flop in football history is a bit much imo
Ignacio 2 bulan yang lalu
Mario balotelli and Gabriel who?
Zuri Mondesir
Zuri Mondesir 3 bulan yang lalu
im so scared cuz im watching this with an ankle injury
AnCaliban 3 bulan yang lalu
No mention for Giannelli IMBULA?
Miro Ø
Miro Ø 3 bulan yang lalu
He is Bojan not Božan
Emilios Powerballer
Emilios Powerballer 3 bulan yang lalu
fabio coentrao????
Dzhordan 5677
Dzhordan 5677 3 bulan yang lalu
Wesley sneijder
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 3 bulan yang lalu
Marko Marin
Sultan Hossen
Sultan Hossen 3 bulan yang lalu
For me Anderson had a decent career at utd, underrated player btw
Android 16
Android 16 3 bulan yang lalu
How about Michael Owen? Went from being a teenage wonder kid and near-national treasure to being Michael "10 most stupid quotes" Owen
Finance Minister
Finance Minister 3 bulan yang lalu
Alexander Pato Benteke Oscar
batulefou 3 bulan yang lalu
Arda Turan hits on a girl, finds out she is married. Regrets it, finds the husband and gives him a gun and asks him to shoot him or forgive him.
Jugal P
Jugal P 3 bulan yang lalu
Torres enga dawww
Darren Ho
Darren Ho 3 bulan yang lalu
Shinji Kagawa. One of the best young attacking midfielders during his time at Borussia Dortmund, only to have his career ruined by Moyes at Manchester United. Still remember the FreeShinji memes...
Kamron Zaheri
Kamron Zaheri 3 bulan yang lalu
Freddy adu nothing
Sarvesh Anandas
Sarvesh Anandas 3 bulan yang lalu
Alexis Sanchez at Man Utd????
Stegosaurus 3 bulan yang lalu
Denislav Dochev
Denislav Dochev 3 bulan yang lalu
Valeri Bojinov! Not only a honorable mention but def should be included in the chart.
Shyban Pt
Shyban Pt 3 bulan yang lalu
Elroy Samuel
Elroy Samuel 3 bulan yang lalu
Anderson was pure class. A visionary at United, just to sad.
jasjit singh
jasjit singh 3 bulan yang lalu
Hatem Ben arfa
Hồ Thị Triều Minh
Hồ Thị Triều Minh 3 bulan yang lalu
what about Andre Schurrle or Fabio Coentrao?
thodoris tof
thodoris tof 3 bulan yang lalu
Turkish football is SHIT
Jonathan Liu
Jonathan Liu 3 bulan yang lalu
players whom only played for 1 club
Patrick Telnoni
Patrick Telnoni 3 bulan yang lalu
Does Andy Carroll meet the category here?
Jason B
Jason B 3 bulan yang lalu
Samir Nasri could have done with a mention
Donavan Schultz
Donavan Schultz 4 bulan yang lalu
The de Silva twins. Specifically Rafael.
chris gooi
chris gooi 4 bulan yang lalu
This list should be full of English,, 'talents'. Almost every emerging young player is a star. But they never fall from grace, never arrived. Its all hype and never realised their potential. If they have any.
Wayne Verhoff
Wayne Verhoff 4 bulan yang lalu
Rosalina Gomes
Rosalina Gomes 4 bulan yang lalu
De uma Lw Q o aqui Aq A a Foi-sei
garibaldilebeau 4 bulan yang lalu
You considered Van Der Vaart? His only “decline” was when he fell out with the powers that be at Real. He then shone for 2 years at Spurs, including in their first CL campaign alongside Bale, before requesting a move home to retire with his hometown club.
Darren Bates
Darren Bates 4 bulan yang lalu
Keith Fahey, won the league cup with Birmingham City and a few years later was playing in the Leinster Senior League with Bluebell United in Dublin.
Forget oboudit
Forget oboudit 4 bulan yang lalu
What about a lot of ex Arsenal players Such as Alex Song, Alex Hleb, Abou Diaby, Emanuelle Eboue & many more
Fernando Raudales
Fernando Raudales 4 bulan yang lalu
cogamers84 4 bulan yang lalu
Bit of a weird one but in 2015 Xavi Simons was dubbed as the next Xavi and a future Barcelona captain but he was stolen by PSG where he is earning more than most adult players. He hasn't impressed at PSG and is struggling to get game time in the U19's squad and is now being linked with a loan move away with some interest from league 2 clubs. I know this sounds stupid coz he's only 17 but some other players his age i.e Cherki, Bellingham, Reyna are starting for their clubs and I think Simons who was once dubbed as the 'next Xavi' should have at least made a first team appearance. Big decline this decade
Ayush Ray
Ayush Ray 4 bulan yang lalu
Where is Oscar?
Tom Chamberlain
Tom Chamberlain 4 bulan yang lalu
Adrian Mutu Edit: Ah THIS decade whoops
Victor K
Victor K 4 bulan yang lalu
I remember Renato Sanchez starting for Portugal at 18 in the euros and being so good. Then the Bayern move stopped his development. He is gonna end up just like James Rodriguez if he doesn't get regular football which I hope he gets at Lille. He he can save his career. This is why I think young talent shouldn't move to big clubs were they won't play. Though I guess those clubs want to take a punt for less money than they would cost later on. The young players also want to secure the bag. This is why I think Bruno fernandes will be awesome for man u. He became a star at sporting before being good enough to start for man u.
Tay Oz
Tay Oz 4 bulan yang lalu
Darian Dalili
Darian Dalili 4 bulan yang lalu
Van de vaart just got old. He had a good career and then he got old and declined. Some players reach peak sooner. Nothing untoward happened really.
Preston Walters
Preston Walters 4 bulan yang lalu
'Badstuber' and 'Breno' both from FC Bayern could have made the 'honourable mentions' list.. 👍🏼
Ana Silva
Ana Silva 4 bulan yang lalu
you should consider adding a banner with the name of the player youre talking about, just a thought, great video btw.
reallyneed2know 4 bulan yang lalu
Jackson martinez was injured, in Porto he did well...im Portimonense as well but he was clearly injured..
Lyn zaC
Lyn zaC 4 bulan yang lalu
every 2 minutes a freakin commercial... enjoy the downvote bro
Danyele Borsellino
Danyele Borsellino 4 bulan yang lalu
9:01 The placement of Jürgen’s hand would indeed suggest Großkreutz was a favourite 🤚
Liam -
Liam - 4 bulan yang lalu
I think a case could be made for several dutch players who were in the 2010 WC final. Stekelenburgs fall from wc final goalkeeper to full time bench goalkeeper came rather quickly as well with the former dutch first goalkeeper with picking up just 104 matchcaps since leaving Ajax in 2011 and nearly half of those caps (49) coming from his time at AS Roma. Whilst one might argue that Stekelenburg has been at top league clubs, if Joe Hart makes the list, Stekelenburg definitely should because Stekelenburg had a higher peak achievement and a quicker fall. Affelay could join the list of great prospects who made big transfers and then fell off the wagon due to injury. Finally Van der Wiel could definitely make this list but his rise and fall were both more gentle.
Jamie Hurst
Jamie Hurst 5 bulan yang lalu
"Capitulated into the spotlight at 17". Have a word.
Wiggo 5 bulan yang lalu
Best XI of players with less than 4 letters in their name
blooneyful 5 bulan yang lalu
I feel bad for the guys who never finished great due to injury. Can't really help that.
Kevin Hanandi
Kevin Hanandi 5 bulan yang lalu
Groskreutz downfall really is dramatic and drastic
WeControlEverything YouSeeAndHear
WeControlEverything YouSeeAndHear 5 bulan yang lalu
From an Aussie perspective; would Archie Thompson qualify for this list? (What do you mean, "who?") ;) Or maybe even Kevin Muscat? His fall from grace was quite spectacular, culminating with that obscenely reckless tackle on Adrian Zahra in an Australian A-League match - which resulted in Muscat (by this stage in his early 30s & having noticeably lost pace) being shown a straight red card & never setting foot on a football pitch as a player ever again...
Dirk B
Dirk B 5 bulan yang lalu
Wilfried Bony. If only he came back to Arnhem to restart his broken carreer 😪
Robin Gronwald
Robin Gronwald 5 bulan yang lalu
Hard thing about Kevin was that he was a really good player who had a lot of potential but he ruined it by his own with too many escalation
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 5 bulan yang lalu
Dazza'dzmarim 5 bulan yang lalu
Milos Krasic, he was solid player...
Maulana Hadarian
Maulana Hadarian 5 bulan yang lalu
Where is michael essien?
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 5 bulan yang lalu
Jack Rodwell??
Dragoiu Bogdan
Dragoiu Bogdan 5 bulan yang lalu
Dorin Rotariu,Gabi Torje
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